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Assistant Project Coordinator

Orlando, Florida, United States
April 25, 2019

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A. Elizabeth Tobin Kurtz

Production/Post Production / Camera Operator / Editor / Graphic Designer

Orlando, FL 32837


DIGITAL CONTENT CREATOR / VIDEO PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR / EDITOR: VIDEO, SOUND and GRAPHICS Production Services: Owner / Operator SONY FS5 4K Prosumer Video Camera / Sound, Light and Edit Systems

FINE ARTIST: Sculpt, Sketch, Painter, Scenic Design, EDITOR: Film, Video, Sound & Video Graphics DEVELOPMENT SERVICES: Creative Design, Script Writing, Script Breakdown, Creative Notes, Sound Design PROJECTS: Commercial, Corporate, Events, Artist Promotion, Social Media Campaigns, Fundraising, Press Packages

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience


Independent - Montgomery, AL January 2019 to Present

"Daddy Flew"

Feature Documentary focusing on the missions of Maurice Vernon Tobin USAF

VIDEO Producer / Director / Researcher / Cinematographer

Make Our Schools Safe 501 c3 - Parkland, FL April 2018 to Present

Content: Social Media & Event Content: Scriptwriter, Production Designer, Cinematographer, Editor "MAKE OUR SCHOOLS SAFE" for Lori Alhadeff, mother of Alyssa-14 who died in the Parkland School Shooting. x

FILM Short - Awareness Creator

MAKE OUR SCHOOLS SAFE 501c3 - Parkland, FL March 2018 to Present

ads, headers, banners, icons, logos, web graphics, charts Infographics Content Creator Social Media Campaign: Your Voice is you POWER!

FEATURE FILM Producer / Director / Researcher / Cinematographer

RESILIENT: Docu-Series - Parkland, FL February 2018 to Present

Production Design and Development, Set / Scenic Design, Logistics Coordinator, Editor, Graphics, Titles, Press Liaison, Operations: camera, light and sound,

DOCU-JOURNALIST Producer / Director / Researcher / Cinematographer

Independent - Orlando, FL

January 2005 to Present

I find stories not covered in the mainstream media.

Own/Operate Sony FS5 4K Video Rig, DSLR, GOPRO, Lighting and Sound Recording Kits Cover: Local and National

Activism: March For Our Lives, Moms Demand Action

School Board Election

Current Events

Make Our Schools Safe (Digital Platform) Producer/Director/ Editor/ Graphics 2/2018 to 3/2019 SWAT NBC (Digital Platform Ad Campaign) Producer / Writer 2/2019

Lock The Gate ( Short ) Producer/Director/ Editor/ Graphics 8/2018

Our Story ( Short ) Producer/Director/ Editor/ Graphics 7/2018

DC March ( Short ) Producer/Director/ Editor/ Graphics 3/2018

MUSIC VIDEO Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Independent - Nashville, TN March 2018 to 2019

"Over My Head" Music Video: Johnny Bulford / Robert Arther "She's Coming Unwrapped" Music Video: Razzy Bailey

VIDEOGRAPHER - Corporate Producer / Director / Researcher / Cinematographer

Freelance - Orlando, FL

2012 to 2019

Moms Demand Action Videographer - 4/2019

Lori Alhadeff (Digital Platform Ad Campaign) Producer/Director/ Editor/ Graphics 8/2018 Women's Health Physician Biography (Corporate Digital Platform Ad Campaign) 2/2018 Backyard Flock (Digital Platform Ad) Writer/ Production Coordinator 8 /2016

Aerosim (Digital Platform Ad) Post Production Sound 7/2016

HBIF 25 Anniversary Video Presentation (Corporate Video) 5/2016

SHORT FILM Producer / Director / Editor

Elizabeth Tobin Kurtz - Nationwide January 2010 to 2019

Sound Recovery ( Documentary Short ) Producer/Director/ Editor/ Graphics 10/2017 Bullied ( Documentary Short ) Producer/Director/ Editor/ Graphics 5/2017

MEDIA Researcher

Independent - Worldwide May 1990 to January 2006

Film Researcher

National Archives search and pull

Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight - historical flight from experimental through wwII

Baseball Café Tokyo, (History of baseball film / still), Stations Casino Fountain Show( historical movie clips), Warner Rocks – Six Flags Theme Park (historical rock music film footage)



January 2003 to January 2004

Creative Director for all aspects of media material including:

direct mail, website, theme song, promotional video and promotional material Developed and produced special events

Created and executed educational student service learning projects Developed public awareness campaign

Developed community relationships – individual, corporate and foundation Maintained donor education and support materials


VALENCIA COLLEGE - Orlando, FL 2000 to 2004

Entertainment Technology: Film Studies

Classroom and Individual instruction

COURSES: History of Film, Post Production: Editing, Sound Design, Foley Arts

FILM DEPARTMENT COORDINATOR / Assistant to Dean of Film Production Technology

Valencia College - Orlando, FL

2000 to 2004

Assistant to Ralph Clemente - Dean of Film Production Technology Associate in Science program. Coordinate adjunct instructors

Oversee the execution of student film projects to completion

My role also included post production facility design and foley room build

out. As such, I was involved with purchasing, creation of bid documentation.

PROJECT COORDINATOR Pre production, Production and Post Production: Film, Video, Theme Park


1993 to 1995

Project Coordinator to the Vice President I coordinated film, video and multimedia project from concept to completion


scheduling, budget and bids creating better practices in workflow


Responsible for obtaining music, video and film licensing Responsible for talent recruiting, casting and coordination


Baseball Cafe (Special Venue) The Idea Company, Tokyo Japan - Film Historian

TERMINATOR 2 - 3D (Theme Park Attraction) MCA/Universal, Orlando FL - Post Production Project Coordinator

DIVE! (Theme Park Attraction) Idle Time Network, Inc./Las Vegas, NV Post Production Project Coordinator

Sunsation (Special Venue)at Atlantis Major Productions/Paradise Island, Bahamas Post Production Project Coordinator

Jurassic Tour (Theme Park Attraction) Shirahama, Japan Post Production Project Coordinator Seafari(Special Venue) Wakayama, Japan Post Production Project Coordinator

Blockbuster Block Party(Special Venue) Itec Production/Albuquerque and Indianapolis Post Production Project Coordinator

Fantasy of Flight (Theme Park Attraction) Weeks Air Museum/ Haines City, FL Film Historial / Post Production Project Coordinator

Dino Island (Theme Park Attraction) Iwerks Entertainment/ Burbank, CA Post Production Project Coordinator

Dinosaur Adventure (Theme Park Attraction) Iwerks Entertainment/Burbank, CA Post Production Project Coordinator

Fly With the Blue Angels (Theme Park Attraction) Iwerks Entertainment/ Burbank, CA Post Production Project Coordinator

Warner Rock Concert (Theme Park Attraction) Totally Fun Co./ Arlington & St. Louis, MO Post Production Project Coordinator

Space Cops (Theme Park Attraction) McFadden Systems, Los Angeles, CA

Post Production Project Coordinator

Virtual Vacation (Theme Park Attraction)Iwerks Entertainment/ Burbank, CA Post Production Project Coordinator

Loch Ness Adventure (Theme Park Attraction) Iwerks, Entertainment/Burbank, CA Post Production Project Coordinator

FEATURE FILM Assistant Sound Editor

Soundelux - Los Angeles, CA 1992 to 1995

Credits include Assistant Sound Editor : Braveheart Academy Award Winning Sound Design Team

FEATURE FILM CREDITS INCLUDE: Pocahontas (Feature Film) Eric Goldberg Walt Disney Co. Assistant Sound Editor

Braveheart* (Feature Film) Mel Gibson Icon Assistant Sound Editor

Outbreak (Feature Film) Wolfgang Petersen Warner Bros. Assistant Sound Editor

Sudden Death (Feature Film) Peter Hyams Universal Assistant Sound Editor

The Cure (Feature Film) Peter Horton/Universal Assistant Sound Editor

Fair Game (Feature Film) Andrew Swipes Universal Assistant Sound Editor

The Specialist (Feature Film) Luis Llosa/Weintraub Productions Assistant Sound Editor Time Cop (Feature Film) Peter Hyams/Largo Entertainment Assistant Sound Editor Terminal Velocity (Feature Film) Daren Sarafian Buena Vista Pictures Assistant Sound Editor Jason’s Lyric (Feature Film) Doug McHenry/Gramercy Pictures Assistant Sound Editor The Crow (Feature Film) Alex Proyas/Paramount Pictures Assistant Sound Editor

Road Killers (Feature Film) Daren Sarafian/Miramax Assistant Sound Editor

Miami Rhapsody (Feature Film) Barry Jossen/Hollywood Pictures Assistant Sound Editor Chasers Dennis (Feature Film) Hopper Morgan Creek Assistant Sound Editor

Heaven and Earth (Feature Film) Oliver Stone/Ixtlan Assistant Sound Editor

They Showtime (Feature Film) Viacom X Assistant Sound Editor

Grumpy Old Men(Feature Film) Donald Petrie/Warner Bros. Assistant Sound Editor

FEATURE FILM Department Manager/ Assistant and Intern Division

SOUNDELUX, FLORIDA - Orlando, FL 1991 to 1995

Department Manager duties included designing team workflow, schedule, budget vs time allocations, hiring and oversaw design work.

Developed and headed Project Coordinator Department

Headed departmental training

Directed internship program

SPECIALIZED SKILLS: Talent Casting and Logistics, Vendor Liaison Sound Design, Creation of Audio and Video Assets, Production Support, Library Manager: I was responsible to maintain metadata, logging, coding and system information catalogue

ENTERTAINER / Stage / Parade / Dancer and Puppeteer

Walt Disney World "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" - Orlando, FL February 1991 to August 1994

Cast Lead, Featured Performer, Puppeteer


WALT DISNEY WORLD - Orlando, FL June 1990 to September 1991

LIVE SHOW Puppeteer

Jim Henson's "Here Come the Muppets" and "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" 1990 to 1991

"Here Come the Muppets" Live Stage Show at Walt Disney World Resort Performer / Cast Lead / Puppeteer


DISNEY MGM STUDIOS - Orlando, FL February 1989 to August 1989


Walt Disney World Resort 1989 to 1989


Bachelor's in Digital Cinematography

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

August 2016 to August 2018

SKILLS: Cinematographer, Field Reporter, Researcher, Cinematographer, Edit. Graphic Design Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign Videography Sony FS5 / Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Photography -DSLR editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Web Design - UI design for websites Branding logo and brand identity Animation After Effects (6 years), Photography, After Effects, Video Editing, Adobe Premiere, Premiere, Social Media Marketing, Adobe



Full Sail University

Art Design Course Director Award

August 2018

Full Sail University

Field Recording Course Director Award

August 2018

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