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Kent, Washington, United States
April 25, 2019

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YunLong Zhu

Computer Languages/Tools: QualityCenter (WinRunner, TestDirector), LoadTest, SiteManager, SilkTest, HTML/HTML5 / CSS, PhotoShop, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, WAS Tool

PowerPoint, SharePoint, Quick Test Professional, Diva, TUX, C++, Selenium WebDriver, Charles Proxy, Adobe Analytics, ObservePoint, Postman, ALM, JIRA, TestRail

OS: WindowsXP, WindowsNT, Windows7, Windows8, Window10, MacOS/8, MacOSX, iOS, SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), WordPress (CMS)

Database: MS SQL, Access,Web Server, WinOOB databases

Areas of Excellence:

Web QA, Mobile Devices Testing - iOS, Android, Window Phone, Software QA, Professional Graphic Design, Web Design, SQL QA, After Effects, Bugzilla, Jira, TestRail, White box and black box


B.S. in Materials Science & Computer Automation Information System Technology

1986, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China

Degree in Fine Arts / Graphic Design

1984, TsingHua University, the Academy of Arts & Design, Beijing, China

Former Member of World Fashion Color Association (1980- 1994)

Professional Experience:

Oct.4th 2018 ~ 2019 ~ Seagull Scientific for Bartender project QAE Team

•Tested BarTender features on Oracle VM VirtualBox

•Installed build with clean image to refresh test environment

•Manage administration Console for all BarTender' services which include: History Explorer /Librarian /Logging /Electronic Signatures /Integration Builder /Print Station /Printer Maestro Administer Action /Reprint Console

•Encryption features (include-Document/Key/Machine/Dialog, etc.)

•Create new users and Administer to access the service and application

•Tested Data Source/Data Type/Transform features that related Test/Number/Currency/Binary etc.

•Verified Transforms for Character Filter/Truncation/Number of Character/Search and Replace/VB Script/Serialization/Character Template etc.

•Bartender System Database Setup/Customize connection setting/Server connection

•Create Database Integration/Connection Setup/Deploy/Run/Record...etc.

•Tested SW via tools - ALM, JIRA, Charles Proxy etc.

•Reporting and maintaining defects in Jira

Nov 1st 2017 ~June 30th 2018 Chimera/Thanos/Surface3/Mobile Device Microsoft, Redmond WA

•Tested hardware for Cobalt Chimera/Thanos/Surface3 and Windows, Phone,

•Tested MS Web Games/ media apps for Microsoft Web Store’s and others, etc.

•Verified and tested multiple web sites issue on devices

•Tested entirely Microsoft web online store apps.

•Install and de-installation latest “LKG” BSP and rs3/rs4/rs5_release_svc_analog_cobalt build to Devices

•Tested Apps via AppLibrary on devices

•Installed driver for both devices via Applib

•Have tested video’s voice/sound/image and other behaviors

•Tested Video Streaming Video for Netflix, Hulu and other web online videos.

•Verified Streaming via Browser,Chromecast,Playstation,Android mobile,Amazon TV,etc

•Tested networks which are WiFi, LAN,NETGEAR and others.

•Compare and trace the Driver information before and after installation app

•Tested games for Nexon Game Manager/TengCent WebGame/The Sims 2/Company of Heroes 2/Call of Duty Black Ops 2

•Tested most games via Steam, Tencent

•Tested and compared apps on Windows phone and Chimera/Surface 3

•Compare functionality and performance to Surface /Chimera/Thanos/ Mobile

•Localization Testing on the devices

•Tested video streaming on connected Chimera/Surface 3/Thanos/Mobile devices and Audio

•Tested games for FPS (Frames Per Second)

March 27th 2017 ~ Oct 2017 Lead – Alexa / Knight / Echo Mobile Team Amazon, Seattle, WA

•Installing build and Alexa App on device

•Analyzing, diagnosing and proposing solutions to Alexa user problems


•Setting and configuring for Alexa Video / Audio / Image / Graphics and Camera

•Tested devices/carrier which include Android, iOS,Samsung Galaxy,Balckberry,LGE,Motorola,ATT,TMO, Sprint

•Verified Alexa App call Knight device (Intra HomeGroup)/ App to App/ Knight to App

•Verified incoming and outgoing call for Intra / Inter groups (internal and external)

•Tested Drop-in video calls via App > Knight > App

•Tested video call over cell using SIM card for 4GLTE/3G/2G

•Monitoring incomplete video/audio calls for Cancel/reject/un-answer calls procedures

•Tested incoming and outgoing calls via Alexa App / Knight / Doppler / Dot devices

•Performance testing and Monitoring Doppler and Dot device during call procedures

•Tested Enable and Disable Privacy mode on Knight device

•Tested voice calling via Doppler and Dot devices

•Run video and audio on the devices for movie and music

•Monitoring long duration Video calls across Alexa App to Knight / App to App and Knight to App

•File and track bugs via JIRA system

Nov 2 2015 ~ March 20th 2017 Sr. QAE - Android Mobile / Chrome Web Enterprise Team Google, Kirkland, WA

•As Web Analyst / QA Engineer, designed and Tested for Google Play For Education (gpfe) cases which include US and UK client’s web sites – /

•Tested web browsers for company’s sites which were (Chrome/Firefox/IE)

•Tested UAT and Finsky for purchase from Google Chrome Web Store site

•Performance testing and Working independent validation for android projects

•Tested Phonesky for Login and verified student policy

•Tested kiosk platforms setting system to verify customer settings

•Verified test devices for Chrome book / Android (phones, tablets, emulators etc.)

•Side load build / Apply for flags for student and teacher devices

•Tested DM Server on CPanel settings for Device Management / Apps Management / Chrome / User / Public Session / Device Settings

•Re-image for test devices and verify policies from different domains which are / cros_usersettings@ / cros_devicesettings@ / apps@ / udm@ / devicedetails@

•Applied for extension apps / Pin apps / Force to load apps

•Tested Selenium WebDriver for Chrome web store

•Download and install builds on devices

•Provision / De-Provision / Disable the devices

•Bumping the devices and tested Harness run on the lab

•Tested Chrome Web Enterprise API for CPanel

•Tested online games for the company

•Analyst for Google web online store and gpfe sites

•Helped design some pages using html / css

•Modified pages using JavaScript

•Designed and Tested web pages that related html / css and JavaScript

•Tested HW for devices

•Tested Web accessibility for Google online site

•Used tools include Test Rail and others

Feb 28 2015 ~ Oct 15 2015 Window 10 Mobiles Camera Images /Web Team -- Microsoft Redmond WA

•Install build via fbl_apps_photos / TH2 - \\Winbuild\release\ to test WinPhone for Photo/ Images and Camera Apps / Videos &

•Side load build on PC/Window Phone via \\photostfs01\dailydrops\photosAppDaily_PC & Phone

•Testing 3G/4G for Windows Phone / Mobile Android / iPod / iOS / BlackBerry / Samsung / HuaWei Mobile / Tablets

•Tested launch PhotoApp and Camera app on PC and Window Phone and Tested photo/video from repositories

•Tested images for Photo and Video apps

•Tested Sensor / Exposure / Noise and sharpness

•Verified daily scenarios through Photo collection on PC and Window Phone

•Accessing timeline preserved data from cloud storage via

•Tested Edit>Crop>Rotation>Trim>Effects the video via photoApp collection

•Debug the PhotoApp via Administrator Command / PowerShell

•Capturing & previewing the photos using inbuilt-Camera / Webcam/ external devices

•Tested performing/Sharing via mails and social network

•Helped for Mobile UI design and Verified Apps functionalities

•Worked for configuring mobile systems and cloud-based platforms (O365)

•Tested Apps from Window Phone Appstore

•Tested mail app and web mailbox

•Tested automation that team provided

•Worked in Agile software development environment

June 2014 - Jan 20 2015 QAE / Web Analytics - EOP Data CoreMigration Team -- Microsoft Redmond, WA

•Using cmdlet to Restart / Resume migration Data from FOPE14 to O365 EOP15

•Run migration script from Virtual machines.

•Automation testing for frameworks and processes procedure

•Using SQL query and ViewPoint to check the data

•Verifying and debugging the log for error

•Run internal-exchange-Hygiene-Migration and bootstrap tool to process data.

•Using Visual Studio / WTT and TFS / SharePoint to verified and report the bug’s issues.

•Investigating run failure and fixing each run error as web base analytics engineer

Jan 30 - April 25 2014 Data Server Test Execution Team (STEX) -- Microsoft WA

•Launching new build from TRex for new Monthly Test Pass (MTP)

•Clean Virtual / Physical machines WinSE / Win8 and WinBlue Server and back to available pool

•Revert Nabula machine and reconnect to the server for new test run

•Using TRex / WTT / Bugger to verify test run / Investigating run failure and fixing each run error

•Bring dead machine back to new Heartbeat and Monitor new test pass run

•Using remote Win7 machine to monitor new DTP/MTP run

July 16 2012 – Dec 6 2013 Mobile Test in Entertainment Zephyr Team (Ford Cars GPS )-- Microsoft WA

•Provision / De-provision/ Flash VnModuleSim Device and Tested Mobile device related Hardware

•Testing MyGlobal Staging Build Continuous Test Pass(CTP)

•Testing 3G/4G for Windows Phone / Mobile Android / iPod / iOS / BlackBerry / Samsung / LG / AT&T devices

•Tested Application Programming Interface (API) for Asia market GPS system

•Create test plan and test cases using DIVA tool

•Verified Audio media device via satellite (A/V),AM/ FM/ Sirius / CD/ USB/ Bluetooth wireless connection, Sync / Autoplay and System

•Using Diva and Tux Automation tools and run scripts on Window CE to capture device images and result scripting.

•Using WTT (Windows Test Technologies) / Tera Term / Vehicle Network Module Simulator / Microsoft Visual Studio 8 to verify Zephyr Sync2 Device cases

•Supported Develop team for Zephyr / Zodiac / Sync2 and tested / verified bugs also on new version device

•Validation and QA for the Ford Car Entertainment Devices which are Audio / GPS / Mobile.

•Tested GPS field testing and video/audio/map etc.,

•Filed bugs and tracked bugs using Visual Studio 2008 / 2010 / TFS

•Using Visual Studio / WTT and TFS to verified and report the bug’s issues.

•Using after effects for videos

•Tested Accessibility features for company

•Tested online games for the company

Dec. 2010 – Jan. 2012 QA Lead - Windows 8 Web Browser QA Team - IE versions Compat CSG– Microsoft WA

•Using Product Studio (Dev box) to verify the globe web issues

•As Web Analyst, help to improve the user experience and drive the revenue for the company

•UI testing on Windows 8 / Mobile devices and Configuring and using Windows 7, 8 / Using ImageCompare system to verify web and UI issues

•To help narrow down the web bugs / UI issues and switch sites between new code and old code

•Testing IE9/IE10 Web browser against FireFox / Chrome Explorer / Mobile devices.

•Testing IE8 against Window7- Testing IE9 against Window8 and Testing IE10 against Window9

•Testing the globe web site’s across different languages and tracking bugs using Bugger system

•Run validation and cross browser compatibility tests and Bug isolation and Integrate web solution

•Helped to establish process and web quality guidelines to ensure quality levels of clients sites

•Maintain meticulous reporting and tracking, present findings to internal and external scripts.

•Investigating web and UI issues using IE Feedback Bugs and WinOOB databases

•Helped to design web pages for the site using html/CSS/JavaScript / Testing code and site design which are HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Flash,Video,

•Worked cross-functionally to find out communicate errors, perceived errors and web improvements in various types of the global site.

•Globalization and localization testing on web based and Resolves a bug

•Tested UAT on web/mobile

•Designed pages and images for the company sites

June 2008 – Dec. 2010 Web Designer in QA Engineer -- NW Territorial Mint Auburn, WA

•Create test plan and test cases for / /

•Heled to design web pages for the sites using html/CSS/JavaScript / Designed flash banner /Ads for the company on Amazon site.

•Use automation /stress testing tool to execute script for the site / Modified web pages and adjust color system for the products on web sites

•Monitor test coverage for software development, also include gray box, integration, regression, function, stress and load testing

•Perform web/mobile testing to verify feature functionality before deploying to the staging server

•Defined a QA process to developing automation test to ensure the reliability and scalability

•Designed site’s pages and created images for: -

•Update WordPress (content management system)

January 2007 – June 2008 Web Designer in Testing – Huaxia World Kent, WA

•Create test plan and test cases for the site

•Defined a QA process to developing automation test to ensure the reliability, deployment, scalability & performance for server product.

•Coding scripts and helped design flash banners for the site

•Deploy Apps and images on the vdeck using file manager

Oct. 2006 – Dec. 2006 Software QA / Web Testing – Etelos System Inc Renton, WA

•Create test plan and test cases for Telos system testing

•Perform software testing to verify feature functionality before deployment for the apps

•Deploy Apps on the Cdev and Stert servers

•Create scripts using Etelos Script Helper to testing system functions

•Define a new QA process to developing automation test to ensure the reliability, deployment, scalability and performance for server product

More Working History:

Dec. 2004 – Oct. 2006 Software QA / Web Testing -- Consortio Inc Bellevue, WA

June 2004 – Nov 2004 Web Design inQA -- -- City of Seattle

Nov.2003 – June 2004 Software QA -- Concur Technologies, Redmond, WA

April 2000 – Nov.2003 Web QA- Comforce IT -- Comforce IT Solutions, Redmond, WA

Dec.1996 -- April 2000 Software QA / Web Dev -- Network Solutions, Shanghai, China

Aug.1993 – Nov.1996 Game QA Engineer -- Nintendo of America Inc, Redmond, WA

Former Member of World Fashion Color Association (1980- 1994)

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