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Software Engineer

Chicago, Illinois, United States
April 25, 2019

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Prachi Tiwari

Location: Chicago, IL

Phone: 630-***-****



Continuous learning and use of already gained experience to grow and help grow. EDUCATION:

● Master of Software Engineering in Computer Science, December 2014 Loyola University, Chicago, IL.

GPA 3.80/4.0

● Master of Science in Computer Science, December 2010 Bradley University, Peoria, IL.

GPA 3.81/4.0

● Bachelor of Computer Engineering, May 2008

CVR College of Engineering and Technology, JNT University, India. TECHINCAL SKILLS:

● Programming Languages – .NET, C#, VB.NET, C, C++, JAVA, PHP, HTML, XML, VB .NET.

● Databases – Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Azure.

● Applications – IBM Rational Rose, ER Studio, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, Smart draw.

● Operating Systems – Linux, Unix, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 10. EXPERIENCE:

Company: Peddinghaus Corp. January 2017 to Present Senior Software Engineer.

Description: Worked as a leader, supervisor, and developer for improving efficiency of the growing software department and customer base. Worked with a team for 3 developers. The project was accomplished in multiple stages and the work is still in progress – efficient installer, efficient software download, efficient software upgrade, efficient licensing process, efficient sales process, efficient bug tracking system, and efficient integration. Below is detailed explanation:-

● Efficient installer – The product needed quite a bit of pre-install software like SQL, .Net framework, Open cascade, etc. An installation software in .NET C# using WIX was created and tested in various environments.

● Efficient Software download – A website was designed for the customer to register and get the software installer and update logs.

● Efficient Software upgrade – Option from within the application to look for updated, download, and install was added. This included SQL table, stored procedure, and view upgrading scripts too.

● Efficient licensing process – An application to use the 3rd party licensing API to generate licenses was made. All the existing licenses and future licenses are stored in Azure now.

● Efficient sales process – An application (.NET C#) which takes few inputs to generate quote for software sale.

● Efficient bug tracking system – Bugzilla set up with different authorizations for company service, software department service, and software engineers. Bugs, as well as customer requests are tracked in it. This replaced Excel.

● Efficient integration – API optimization and documentation for our in-house software Raptor so other software partners could use our API.

Automation of production and centralized data: Current project as a developer is to be able to store the production information (both pre-production and post-production) in a centralized location so the machine line with multiple machines can be run from a central location and the processed material can be sorted and dispatched accordingly. Late generate reports based on the production data.

Environment: .Net, C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows XP, Windows 10, Open Cascade, Siemens control, ASP

.NET, Azure, Bugzilla, SVN, Could Forge, WIX, Crypto Licensing, Excel, HTTP, REST. Company: Peddinghaus Corp. June 2012 to October 2016 Advanced Software Engineer.

Description: Worked on a 3-D in-house CAM software – Raptor. It is a windows application which runs on Windows PC and Siemens Windows controls. Peddinghaus Corporation makes machines for structural steel fabrication. The application is used to design steel construction parts and / or import the parts from other prominent design software (using their API and file standards) and then generate machine readable code (CNC) to process the steel parts in machines made by the company. Worked on this project with other 8 software engineers on planning, execution, testing, monthly and half yearly scrum release cycles, source code management, code review, installer, presentations in shows, etc. Summary:

● Planning the software with UML diagrams and documentation of already existing software.

● Worked on user interface to design new parts with interactive images and data grids.

● Worked on user interface to import parts from industry standard software (using their API) with customized options.

● Worked on user interface to import parts from file industry standards, and all the options while importing.

● Worked on export of parts in our own XML standard – user interface, export, and testing.

● Worked on SQL to save the parts created and imported – Relational database table design, SQL queries from windows application, SQL views, SQL stored procedures, using views and stored procedures from windows application.

● Worked on generating machine readable code (CNC) to run various drilling, scribing, marking and cutting machines.

● Worked on design and implementation of user interface to specify the setup for each machine.

● Worked on option to import and export settings in XML format and the user interface for the same.

● Testing and bug fixing for all the above.

● Was involved in code reviews, testing locally, testing at customers, demo of software, training of new software engineers as the department grew, training of software trainers and service personnel, etc. Environment: .Net, C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows XP, Windows 10, Open Cascade, Siemens control, VB

.NET, Tekla API.

Company: Peddinghaus Corp. April 2011 to May 2012

Software Engineer.

Description: Worked on a production tracking software – PeddiTrack. This software is installed and ran on all the steel construction machines made by the company. The software tracked when the processing started, when did it end, what all steps were taken while processing, how long did each step took, what was the down time while processing, list of features processed in a part, and integration of other industry production tracking software. In a team of 3, worked on this project from planning, execution, testing locally, installation, testing at customers, and marketing. Summary:

● Worked on planning the software by use of UML diagrams.

● Wrote the module to track when the production started and when it ended.

● Wrote the module to track each operation made while processing.

● Designed standard reports with graphs to analyze the data.

● Interaction with other industry standard software using XML, SQL database, and other industry standard files.

● Tested the application locally.

● Installer using WIX.

● Tested the software at customer, in production environment and helped them set up the interaction with other industry software.

● Worked with marketing team to make marketing material and in occasions showed demo of the product.

● Coordinated with our service department for help documentation and videos. Environment: .Net, C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows XP, Windows 10, Siemens control, XML, Excel. Internship: Tata Consultancy Services August 2008 to May 2009 Software Developer, Database Developer.

Description: To design a central database and user interface, which could be accessed by the client (Motorola) and the developer doing testing (Tata Consultancy Services). Summary:

● Designed MySQL database for Motorola Testing.

● Designed the front end GUI using HTML and used PHP to interact with the database.

● Tested the project in various environments.

Environment: HTML, PHP and MySQL.

Graduate Assistant: Computer Science Department Jan 2009 to May 2010 Graduate School of Bradley University, Peoria, IL. Description: Worked with students in undergrad lab and graded the tests for Java and C++. GRADUATE PROGRAM PROJECTS:

Role: Assistant to the professor, researcher and developer. Project: Programmed the robot NAO for human like activities. Purpose: To program NAO to do a dance routine, and walk around the room to figure out the route. Used: C++ API provided with the robot.

● Role: Team lead, Android App Developer.

Project: Design Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Purpose: To make an excellent game which can beat the user. Used: Android studio and Java.

● Role: Database Developer.

Project: Design a database to collect feedback for Jazz Institute of Chicago. Purpose: To design database, normalize it and generate reports. Used: HTML, PHP and MySQL.

● Role: Developer Project: Student Evaluation System. Purpose: An authenticated user could register for courses, evaluate courses, plan program of study. Used: ASP.Net, C#, MySQL.

● Role: Web developer.

Project: Designing a website for an online book store. Purpose: An authenticated user could buy and sell books. Used: ASP.Net, C#, MySQL.

● Role: Web developer.

Project: Designing a website for a wine store.

Purpose: An authenticated user could search, update, delete and insert wines into our wine store database. Used: HTML, PHP and MySQL.

● Role: Database design and data warehousing.

Project: Information from 10 national tree reserves in USA was stored centrally and analysis was automated. Purpose: Scientists all over the country could access data and the different analysis options for studies. Used: MySQL, HTML, PHP.

● Role: Software Engineer.

Project: Construction of a Compiler for C minus language. Purpose: To learn the different phases of compiler construction. Used: Lex, Yacc and Bison.

Recommendations: Will be provided when requested.

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