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Assistant Plant

April 24, 2019

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Aleksandr (Borisovich) Roginskiy, a lawful permanent resident Green Card holder, and have SSN

213811, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev Region, Bobruisk city, Ulianovskaya Street, flat 624

+375 (044-***-**-** (Velcom)

School #30 of the Bobruisk, June 22d, 2001;

Belarusian State University, Faculty of International Affairs, 2007, 160 credits, Linguistics and regional Studies (China), so I must be a diplomacy personal trained to duty in the China, and one year at the Military Faculty of the Belarusian State University, a diploma of the graduation is А 0530430;

Belarusian National Techniques University, Faculty of Economy, 40-hours procurement professional specific qualification increasing training purposed to the heads of the procurement/supply departments used to be a suitable one for the Eurasian Economic Integration Union’s market, a certificate of the graduation is 2881924;

Been a lawful immigrant to the US and a Green Card holder, since December 2013 until October 2017 was wasted my time and spent the money of the US New York state government and the money of my young brother, Dimitry Roginskiy, to get an US education, finally, aimed a goal to find an official job; so, I was a successful loser at the LIU College, at the Queens College, and at the Baruch College. It is a fact (nothing personal)!

ALGAS-PLUS, Bobruisk, a 30% co-foundator, an assistant to the Director and to the employed personal;

TECHNOREMAKE TRADE, Minsk, a procurement personal;

Grodno State University of Yanka Kupala, Grodno, a Chinese and English beginning language skills teacher;

Minsk Automobile Plant, Minsk, a two weeks contract (Department of Protocol Procedure);

BELTECHPROM, Minsk, International Trade Procurement Department, a production line and merchandise supplier;

RAMOS-TRAID, Minsk, International Trade Procurement Department, a merchandise supplier;

JSC ATLANT, Minsk, International Trade Procurement Department, a plant conveyer supplier;

BelStarterGroup, Minsk, International Trade Procurement Department, a merchandise and production supplier.

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