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Technician Service

San Bruno, California, United States
April 24, 2019

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. 15+ years Electronic Engineering Technology experience, in semiconductor, magnetic recording,

analytical instrumentation, television and home electronics repair.

. Extensive experience in product development, enhancement and documentation.

. Skilled in troubleshooting, using a wide variety of laboratory equipment and instruments.

. Skilled in conducting prototype product performance tests.

. Positions have demanded analytical, organizational, and communication skills. Production

oriented and customer friendly. Attentive to detail. Completes projects on time and on budget.



Client Site: Apple Computer Sunnyvale, CA

. Ran tests using complex semi – automated test equipment that requires

focus and consistency.

Test Line equipment operator for semi- automated testing of IOS devices.

Ran verification tests on test fixtures.

Assisted Technicians on troubleshooting test fixtures.


Client Site: Lam Research Fremont, CA

. Specialty Gas and Chemical equipment preventative maintenance troubleshooting and repair.

Maintain and Operate Gas and Chemical delivery equipment, Calibrate analytical equipment, Change

out and handling of Gas and chemical containers, Perform Daily rounds for verifying set points and

recording readings including site survey of equipment operation, Support and maintain Life Safety

Monitoring Systems, Monitor and manage inventories of gases and chemicals.

2014 – 2015 Enterprise Holdings, Burlingame, CA


. Coordinate and pickup and deliver Rideshare vans from customer site to service facility in Burlingame. Address and define customer service issues to service

technicians. Deliver and pickup in warranty and recall rental vehicles from local

dealers. Assist predelivery inspection of new rental vehicles from factory. Assist

in updating registration of rental vehicles. Assist with onsite recall campaigns on

rental vehicles. Cooridinate and assist in lot assignment of service vehicles at the

service center and predelivery inspection lots.

2012 – 2014 Sears Roebuck, San Bruno, CA

SHIPPING AND RECEIVING ASSOCIATE – Material Support Services . Unload storestock and customer ordered items from semi trailers. Process

received merchandise for both store display and stocking. Load customer

merchandise onto customer vehicles at merchandise pick up. Support and process customer dotcom and UPS orders. Provide other material support as needed.

2007 – 2012 Took personal time off from work environment to provide

primary child care from birth to four years old.


2006 – 2007 A&D Weighing, Milpitas, CA

SERVICE TECHNICIAN – Product Repair Services

. Troubleshoot, repair and calibrate various different precision balances and scales and controllers used in laboratories and various commercial and industrial applications.

2005 – 2006 Sears Roebuck, San Jose, CA

FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN – Product Repair Services

. Troubleshoot and repair to component level liquid crystal, plasma and direct view televisions and home entertainment systems from various different manufactures. Performed system performance evaluations and preventative maintenance to assure peak system operation.

2002 – 2005 Sears Roebuck, San Bruno, CA


. Provided customer advice and sold flat screen, projection and direct view televisions, also sold home audio systems, home entertainment systems, telephones, automobile stereo equipment. Provided advice and sold miscellaneous cables and accessories for enhanced customer enjoyment of home audio systems and entertainment systems.

2000 – 2001 West Valley Engineering - LABORATORY TECHNICIAN – RTP Lamp Engineering

Client Site: Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA

. As a two team member, performed performance and life testing on various

Different Lamp designs on custom manufactured test platforms used to simulate production

characterization tests on custom configured test instrumentation. Prepared recorded test data in varied different formats for each specific test configuration and assisted in data trend analysis. Efforts resulted in new design improvements in vendor supplied lamps and in quality control verification.

1999 - 2000 West Valley Engineering- TEST TECHNICIAN – LPCVD

Client Site: Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA

. Performed electrical, mechanical and thermal testing of different revisions of SiNgen dual zone heaters on a custom manufactured test platform. Prepared recorded test data in varied different formats for each heater and assisted in data trend analysis. Efforts resulted in design improvements, which led to improved wafer process uniformity and a vendor’s product being successfully integrated into the SiNgen chamber on the Centura platform.

1999 - 1999 Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, Sunnyvale, CA


. Performed electrical, mechanical and thermal material preparations and assisted in environmental systems tests support of acoustic vibration and thermal/vacuum acceptance tests on commercial communication satellites. Participated in recording control instrument installation and electrical testing, pneumatic systems testing, troubleshot test set – ups.


1995 -1999 GasSonics International, San Jose, CA

ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN – Advanced Process Technology Group

. Recommended and installed numerous product design and development enhancement engineering changes for modification to prototype products such as the successful integration of RF source into the L-3400 R&D Asher test platform. Performed results testing using laboratory instruments including Thermawave Optiprobe, Nanospectrometer, and Tencor Prometrix. Recorded multiple experimental characteristics and results and assisted in data trend analysis. Efforts resulted in the demonstration of accelerated ash rates and equipment performance potential as well as continuation of engineering projects

with associated product demos to meet customer’s current and future needs.

. As PEP 3600 (Performance Enhanced Platform) new source team member, participated in the project testing and characterization of both full and half wave sources. Incorporated modifications and enhancements to the original design. As a result a new product was developed which allowed the control of forward RF power settings from the main PEP

system controller and the display of both forward and reflected power on the user touch

screen. This new product demonstrates enhanced etch rates.

. Integrated the Verity End of Process (EOP) Detector into both the Strata and PEP. Incorporated modifications and enhancements to the original design.

Efforts resulted in the successful integration of the vendor’s product into the Gasonics Etch platforms for both end – of – process control and enhanced visual display on the user touch screen and also allowed the incorporation of the Etch process event recording/tracking of each silicon wafer in a lot.

1991 –95 Kobe Steel Research Laboratories, USA, Palo Alto, CA


. Member of team which successfully started up this research laboratory.

. Designed and installed the Sycon crystal thickness monitor STM-100/MF into the ULVAC SIH – 100 sputtering machine. Efforts resulted in effective control of sputter deposition rates.

. Designed sputter masks used on glass substrates. Efforts resulted in effective.

Measurement of film thickness of different sputtered materials.

. Designed new deposition shielding which was used in the ULVAC SIH – S100 sputtering

machine to prevent excessive target material deposition inside of the main chamber. This

reduced preventative maintenance time by 30%.

Designed peroxide cleaning system and Tergitol final rinse system. Efforts resulted in

bacterial control on aluminum and carbon substrates.

. Troubleshot, repaired, calibrated and maintained sputtering machine, physical profilometer, vibrating magnetometer, residual gas analyzer, rinser drier, and other laboratory equipment. Efforts contributed to a smooth progression of projects with an equipment uptime of 98%.

. Trained researchers in operations of laboratory equipment. Ran experiments and performed tests on experimental samples. Created equipment maintenance and experiment result data bases. Coordinated with outside contractors in modifying and upgrading laboratory facilities.


1988 – 91 Varian Associates, Palo Alto, CA

ELECTRONIC TEST TECHNICIAN – Semiconductor Equipment Group

. Troubleshot, tested, and calibrated 3180, XM-90, 3290 and M-2000 cassette-to-cassette thin film vacuum coater sputtering systems. Performed final system process evaluation and customer in – house acceptance demos.

. Interfaced with design engineers, manufacturing engineers and final assembly supervisors for custom product improvements and correction of system manufacturing problems.

. Trained final test technicians.

1987 – 88 Varian Associates, Palo Alto, CA

REPAIR TECHNICIAN – Night Vision Device Group

. Troubleshot, Repaired, and calibrated custom – manufactured batch coaters, vacuum process equipment and vacuum stations. Team member in custom manufacture and testing of process stations. Repaired environmental test chambers.

1984 – 87 Varian Associates, Sunnyvale, CA


. Troubleshot, repaired, and calibrated gas chromatographs, auto samplers and recorders. Interacted extensively with customers.

MILITARY US AIR FORCE, Radar Technician (1976 – 80)

. Troubleshot, repaired, and calibrated fixed FPS – 90 and mobile TPS-43E ground based aircraft control and warning radars.

INSTRUMENTS Oscilloscopes, voltmeters, signal generators, vacuum leak detectors, residual gas analyzers,

& EQUIPMENT surface profilometers, gas chromatographs, and spectrum analyzers. Macintosh and Windows platform computers.

EDUCATION County College of Morris, Randolph, New Jersey

ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE – Electronic Engineering Technology

American Vacuum Society

. Magnetic Materials & Recording . Ultra High Vacuum Design

. Sputter Deposition & Ion Beam. . Plasma Etching & RIE Basics

TRAINING . L – 3510 Asher Maintenance / Ops . Vacuum Coater Systems Repair

. PEP Etcher, Asher Maintenance / Ops . Radar Technology

. Leak Detector Maintenance / Ops . Gas Chromatographs Repair

. High Definition LCD and Plasma Television Repair



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