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Manager Projects

Lexington, Kentucky, United States
April 27, 2019

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ROSE MARIE CHISHOLM **** Lake Park Rd. Unit# ****. Lexington, KY 40502 United States

Mobile: 502-***-****, Email:


Construction Rebuild Project Management, Business Development & Continuity, Disaster Damage Assessment


20 years Commercial real estate evaluations, acquisitions, renovations, estimator

16 years Supply Chain including sourcing, negotiations, contracts, vendor performance, logistics.

12 years Integrated use of financial tools: cost accounting, cost vs benefit analysis, budget and forecasting,

11 years Officer in the Washington Army National Guard

8 years Commercial Property Construction Re-Build Project Management

6 years Facility Portfolio Manager.

4 years Liability claims investigation administrator.

2 years Claims Adjuster, Field Inspector, Loss Control Survey

1year Xactimate Diagram/Estimate, Salesforce CRM for insurance and disaster grant applicant records management.


INTERMITTENT CONSTRUCTION ANALYST 11/2017- 01/2018,10/2018-01/2019. Small Business Administration (SBA ODA-Office Disaster Assistance, DVC-Damage Verification Center): Verify claimant-loss policy-coverage, location, damages, financials on-site or through remote interviews, accessing Google PRO and legal records such as county assessments, recorded titles and utility statements. Inspect and assess extent of the damage. Use Google Earth PRO or inspect on-site, assessment extent of the damage, cost of repairs or replacement. Rising water, hurricane force wind / rain, flying debris, electrical grid failure residential claims. Investigate client federal-disaster location and losses for real estate / personal / vehicle damage due to hurricane in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Recognized as a high production analyst

1099 CLAIMS FIELD ADJUSTER 11/2015 - present. Chisholm Solutions Lexington, KY 40502.

Insurance claims from wind, water and or fire. Inspect, scope, policy coverage interpretation, interview, research, document, Inspect, scope, policy coverage interpretation, interview, research, document, estimate. Appraise losses for repair, restoration, reconstruction and/or replacement costs. Settlement. On-site loss repair and replacements identification, construction requirements, replacement costing and work completion verification Closing report. High case closure-rate, fast turn. Effective even in degraded, stress-filled environments. Evaluated, estimated, reported to client set processing and procedural standards.

1099 COMMERCIAL UNDERWRITER SURVEY SPECIALIST 05/2017 - present. Chisholm Solutions

If business interruption, include a review of all relevant operation documents, contracts, and financials. Observe upkeep, safety practices, vendor contracts for roofs, siding, energy, plumbing and elevator systems. Walk interior / exterior including storage, production areas, shipping docks, garages, kitchen, pubic areas, parking lots, equipment and vehicles. Engage with stakeholders (claimant, witnesses, vendors, mortgage officers, insurance carriers, fire departments, city planning, and others as appropriate) when complex claim or high loss commercial asset.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR. New York Life Insurance. 02/2016-10/2017. 9300 Shelbyville Rd, Ste1250. Louisville, KY 40222 800-***-****.

Collaborate with stakeholders (prospects, clients, advisors, consultant teams) to develop a strong, protected financial foundation on which to build client’s accumulation of wealth in years prior to retirement. Analyze quantitative and qualitative information to develop investment strategy solutions. Advise appropriate protection (from economic downturn, income change, needs-change, disability, death) products and suitable equity growth investments specific to client’s unique circumstances to maintain financial security throughout lifetime.

LIABILITY CLAIMS ADMINISTRATOR 02/2012 -11/2015. Chisholm Investigations Fall City, WA. 98024. Administrate casualty and fraud cases. Process relevant details from documentation, witness interviews, fraud / SIU/ other pre-litigation liability investigations including records, reports, legal documents and accident scene reports.

PROGRAMS MANAGER 01/1987-02/2012. BPS 96 Front St N, Issaquah, WA 98024 425-***-****. Formulate mission. Develop Projects. Oversee 44 employee company’s business development projects. Include stakeholders (employees, financiers, consultants, CPA, legal and vendors) in annual reviews, long-term planning, investment strategies and performance outcome reviews.

RETAIL PROJECTS MANAGER: Formulated, executed company expansion project to grow company from 1 to 6 retail stores in three years, converted from brick & mortar into 24/7 online service, expanded into local fulfillment and delivery operations for national companies. Negotiated global sourcing and production line operations. Generated revenue increases of 20% for three consecutive years by introducing ‘non-standard services. Introduced LEAN quality tools resulting in complaint to compliment conversion by 50%.

CONSTRUCTION REBUILD PROJECT MANAGER: Appraise property acquisitions, conduct feasibility studies, and development plans. Project manager on remodeling and system upgrade projects for hotel, multi-family, retail strip, warehouse and office buildings. Determine project scope and value. Utilized structured PM including statements of work, negotiated procurement and service contracts to include vendor performance, quality control, regulatory adherence, code enforcement. Oversee construction meetings from pre-construction meetings to completing project closeout documents. Confirmed performance with site inspections. Engaged with bank officers, insurance carriers, fire departments, city planning, and other agencies to ensure protection and compliance with codes and regulations. Continuous reviews of budgeted job costing versus actual field costs, schedule adherence, communications effectiveness, quality control, work change controls, lessons learned, correct closing.

FACILITIES MANAGER: Directed inhouse maintenance /repair team and service subcontractors (landscape, exterior, signage, roofing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC, elevator, renovation contractors).

ANALYST May1984 – December 1986 BOEING COMPUTER SYSTEMS Tukwila, WA 98134

DATA COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS: Stress test software for internal data network loads.

ANALOG NETWORK LOAD: Optimize between-nodes phones lines for private national network.


Captain. WA ARMY NG, Camp Murray, WA 98498 06/1980 - 08/1991. Award: ARCOM (Army Commendation Medal).

Specialization: Aviation, Telecommunications, Transportation, Training, Mobilization, Disaster Assistance

Troop Command HQ.CO.CDR. 11/20/1989 Boat Battalion, CO C CDR - Landing Craft preparedness, mobilization.

81st INF BDE HDQTR Communications PLTN LDR, Lieutenant. Field communications-electronics support.


BS Griffin College. Seattle, WA United States. 2/1982-6/1984. GPA: 3.8 of 4.

Major: Computer Programming (DOS, COBOL, FORTRAN). Minor: Accounting.

MS University of Washington (in progress) Seattle, WA. United States. 06/2014-5/2019, 12 of 36 credits completed. GPA: 3.6 of 4.

School of Built Environments – Urban Studies: Master of Science Infrastructure Planning & Management: MIPM

Best practices in government infrastructure financing, private-public partnerships, climate change adaptation, EPA regulation policy implementation analysis, hazard mitigation planning, and risk management. Sustainability analysis of energy, water, transportation, communications and supply chain. Routine Maintenance and Capital Investment Projects, Mitigation and Recovery.

Certificate. Purdue University Lean Principles, Lafayette, IN 47097 USA 07/2013 Continuous process improvement.

Software Knowledge: Microsoft Office365, OneDrive, Word, Excel, Publisher, Project, Exchange, SharePoint. SALESFORCE, ADOBE, CRMs, XACTIMATE, GIS.

Licenses-KY DOI (Dept. of Insurance) #899417 and FINRA. NPN#17783168 Previous Agent Producer: Property & Casualty (inactive), Life, Health (including Long-term Care, Worker’s Comp, Medicare), Disability, Annuity, Registered Representative for Variable Investments / Mutual Funds / rollovers (non-appointed). Retirement Specialist, AARP partnered.

CLAIMS ADJUSTER: AK, AL, AR, FL, GA, IN, LA, MI, MN, MS, NC, NM, OK, OR, SC, TX, WA, WV. Loss claims inspection, verification, cost estimate, vendor identification and evaluation,

TPA trained in State Farm Auto (Audatex) / Fire / Liability, Policy, Estimatics, File-Trac, LCPIC, USAA, Tower Hill, TWIA/T, Liberty Mutual – Safeco policies and procedures.

Professional Skill Base:

CONSTRUCTION: General Contractor for residential, commercial building maintenance, renovations and development projects. Administration, appraisals, costing, coordination, specifications, technician, service contractor, subcontractor oversight. RFPs. Vendor performance, cost controls, work orders, local codes, green options. Collaborate with specialty consultants, engineers, and architects. Knowledge of the principles, methods, procedures, and standards for facility care and maintenance.

FINANCIAL: GAAP, Financial Statements, ROI, budgets, forecasting, cost variances, margins, revenue and profit growth, lending, seasonal fluctuations, industry trends, economic conditions. Interpret data on price, yield, stability, future investment-risk trends, variable investments, and modeling. Business and commercial real estate valuations. Government funding for capital improvements. Non-profit fundraising, public-private partnerships, and public disclosures. Fund acquisitions for development, commercial real estate acquisitions, seasonal fluctuations and growth. Leverage capabilities through partner resources

LEGAL: Contracts, compliance, RFPs, Negotiations, Real Estate Law, Performance, Lawsuits, Local Codes, Labor / Consumer Law (EEO, PII, HIPAA), Regulatory Agencies (FDA, EPA, FTC, OSHA). Risk Identification, Mitigation, Buy / Sell / Lease. RFPs. Franchises. Tax regulations, compliance, labor law, PII, HIPPA, EEO,

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Prepare structured mission-based, project-scope. Formalized data collection, analysis, and statistical quantification of results provided by clients (supporting organization) with impact insights and early identification of contract performance concerns and loss potential. Ensure budget discipline, blueprint adherence, proper bid process, vendor accountability, performance standards, QA, safety, progress schedules, lessons learned, determination of project effectiveness and clean closure. Responsible for stakeholder identification and inclusion (outside subject-professionals, in-house experts, key client & company management officials, regulatory agents, investor, banker, Q team, legal, local government, and community), collaborative communications with timely feedback exchanges. KPIs, LEAN methodology

NETWORKING: Grow contacts, extensive networking, shape dialogue, develop productive relationships, collaborate and motivate. Influence, collaborate, network, compromise, and improvise. Maintain ethical, inclusive environment.

RISK MANAGEMENT / LOSS CONTROL: Identify applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, codes and company compliance rules are followed. Responsible for security, loss control analysis, fraud investigation, PII, HIPPA, insurance and government requirements, worker’s comp, safety measures, hazmat containment, sanitation, pollution control, waste storage inventory storage standards, exception and non-conformance rules. Identify and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices in the client’s workplace through inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices. Participate in safety walks & audits, provide positive correction advice to employees working at risk.

SUPPLY CHAIN: Responsible for all purchases, discounts, procurement, inventory, distribution planning, control and efficiencies, vendor vetting, negotiation, out-sourcing, and sustainability. Oversee purchases, shipping, inventory, distribution, reconciliations and emergency preparedness. Develop supply chain and services to meet 24/7 just-in-time and seasonal variances company strategies. Knowledge of the principles, methods, procedures, and standards for facility care and maintenance.

SUSTAINABILITY: Emphasize transparency, diversity and inclusivity. Green integration. Social and economic resilience., LEEDS building codes, disaster preparedness, mitigation, business continuity.

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