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Software Electrical Engineer

Los Altos, California, United States
April 26, 2019

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EXECUTIVE/ PROFESSIONAL OPERATION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT Strategic Planning • Administrative & Technical Services • Product / Process Coordinating & Development & Management • Global Operations Accomplish executive with experience in strategic and operational governance processes, P&L oversight, software product & system evaluation, planning the development and customization, software service outsourcing coordinating, technical administrative financial & operational processes support involving start- up and growth organization as well as government environment. Research, analyze, assessment and document, coordinate/lead to design, develop and execute security data exchange in complied with HIPAA and ISO 9001 processes. Involve various web sites builder and web-applications to serve B2B, B2C as well as public community usage of services and system products. Results-oriented, decisive leader with proven success incumbent the new market, new methodology process, upcoming technology identification and product development. Track record of team building, vendors & contractors coordinating to project administrative management in growing and meeting the business goal while spearheading operational process improvements to drive productivity to end users delivery and reduce costs. Excel in dynamic, demanding agile environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. CORE COMPETENCIES

• Visionary Leadership • Key Partnership Development • Organizational Restructuring

• Risk Management • Forecast/ Budget/ Expense Control • HIPAA/ ISO Quality Processes

• Agile Project Management

• Project Technical Design & Coordinate Development/ Customization & Administrative Technical Support PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Alameda County Public Health Department, Oakland CA 06/ 2014 – current q Information System Analyst

Hand-on work including research, organize planning and conducting interviews to obtain an overall understanding and evaluate the efficiency of various programs, services, and activities within various units in divisions and information systems - included Public Health Nurse, Family Health Services, Community Health Services, Division of Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention, Community Assessment Planning & Education, Administrative & Finance, and Information System (IS) divisions. Analyze, evaluate, report and present the final recommended modification the current structure, methodology process flows of existed software applications tools & systems, data collections and exchange methods with record filling procedure, including systems integration, in which together serves the community through county and state programs directed towards HealthCare, Finance, Emergency Alertness and Information System support.

Conduct 25 focus programs initiative, one-on-one meeting with individual executives, management, team member and third-party software vendors.

Recommend changes to the technology architecture and structure to enhance the efficiency of program activities in order continuing quality improvement, centralize the system for ease of use, and scale for grow with manageable maintenance and support.

Lead and recommend the overall restructured plan of the Result-Based Accountability (RBA) system supporting Department Quality Improvement Initiative program. Promote and engage the plan of strategic relationships between the healthcare network’s IS resources and external entities, including government, vendors, and partner organization. Assess and make recommendations on the improvement or re-engineering of the IS functions to best align with current and Hung N. Nguyen Page 2

future operations. Identify opportunities for the appropriate and cost-effective investment of financial resources in IS and resources, including sourcing, purchasing, and in-house development. Review and recommend improvement of current system recovery plan in the event of power failure, natural disaster and major damage to system. Evaluate all back-up and disaster recovery procedures and plans. Key Achievements:

> Plan, lead, coordinate and administrative technical support to redesign and develop the internal finance system infrastructure with web service technology to track and control departmental programs’ funds, budgets, revenues and expenses. Coordinate, introduce, document, train and support new application in deploying, integrating and expanding its modular functions usage to various divisions/ units in the department. Serve as technical liaison from Public Health to Environmental Health, Behavioral Health, and Healthcare Service Agency.

> Evaluate, recommend and lead to support database/ system architecture and process flow design during the developing a new Vital Registration web-based application to replace the paper manual order/ receipt processes. Align service goals, practices and train mortuary home representatives on the new online ordering and payment processes.

> Facilitate and manage the team to architect, implement and customize update the SB12

(Physician Reimbursement Program) application with new automated e-billing, e-auditing processes.

Technical administrative support the new integrated and automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) claiming of patient data and processes. Promoting more efficient online auditing processes to manual claims while validating claim transactions. Secure patients’ information and database within networks operating in accordance with internal standards, external accrediting agency standards, agencies regulatory as well as HIPAA requirements. Act as project technical focal point of contact and support during the transitional period while deploying the new system.

> Lead to prototype the web-based fax engine to replace the current eFax business modeling. Prepare policies and procedures included training material from transport to deploy to assign faxing number to users of new faxing provider service and tools.

> Lead to architect and design the e-documents and e-signs internal structure engine – API bundles usable by the rest of new Web-based applications

> Analyze and recommend new methodology of Services Helpdesk system by customize JIRA application replacing the limited functions of old technology of internal Request Tracking System. Technical consultant to organize meetings for requirements collection, document the business and services goal, monitor phases of implementation: from prototype to deploy the application. Career Element Inc./ Validity Inc., Palo Alto, CA 2008 – 2014 q COO

In charge of Business Operations including Admin & Human Resources, Business Development of a startup social networking platform – collaboration between Jobseekers and Recruiter Agents and Freelancers – Manage customer relations and support system – Supervise recruitment, development, retention, and organization of all technical staff in accordance with corporate forecast/ budgetary objectives and personnel policies. Define and communicate corporate policies, and standards for acquiring, implementing, and operating to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs.

q CTO - Engineering

Lead to design, develop, deploy and support the social networking web application on cloud computing server. Build / customize a collaborative platform and process flow to connect jobseekers and agents to land a job.

Architect/ design/ develop web social application as Craigslist meet Video – PHP with MySQL and noSQL databases – Java Engine in Big data, Hadoop platform. Responsible for the management of multiple information and communication systems and projects, including voice, data, imaging and office automation.

Provide consultation/presentation to company stakeholders to define business and systems requirement for new technology implementations.

Intelligent Data Technologies Inc., San Jose, CA 2000 - 2008 q COO/ Head of Engineering and Customer Services

Hung N. Nguyen Page 3

Lead operations and product development consulting with full responsibility for quality on-time product (SaaS) delivery by a young growth excellent talent team, including short & long range planning, global product management, and software development processes. Manage and direct working with various vendor groups augmented to the product features list. Establish information system (IS) departmental policy, goals, objectives and operating procedures. Provide cross- functional management, lead operational planning to achieve business goals by fostering innovation, prioritizing IS initiatives, coordinate the evaluation, deployment and management of IS across the organization. Direct all operations for design/ development ISO automation software product to release package and customer services installation. Manage customer services and processes. Lead the development and implementation of user-training programs. Evaluate the effectiveness of the training cycle.

Key Achievements:

> Build, train, lead and coach a young talent team in multi culture and disciplines

> Substantially improve productivity while reducing staffing and operational cost by 30% introducing internal design automated processes

> Develop and introduce successful new product for international markets

> Manage outsourcing vendors to speed up the extension features in product demand, on time quality delivery with lower cost

> Achieve ISO9001-2000 and CMMI level 4 certification q CFO

In charge of company financing including budget & forecast - Work with investors/ stockholders on capital investments - Drive the yearly stockholders meeting and report. Approve, coordinate and manage all projects related to selection, acquisition, development and installation of major information systems. Provide advice on evaluation, selection, implementation and maintenance of information system in support of business goals and objectives, ensuring appropriate investment in strategic and operational systems.

Key Achievements:

> Author the company policy, procedure and working ethic/ culture including reward system

> Achieve 1st round investment and series A funding to get next level team execution Mentor Graphics Corp., San Jose, CA 1988 – 2000

q R & D Director

• Build and mentor the engineering PCB (Printed Circuit Board) physical layout design team targeting on new technology product. Driving the sub-contract business operations and technical support the sunset products.

• Key Technologist and Architect to advise team in designing, developing and supporting the PCB Physical Design System. Master and Founder of Fablink package (MGC PCB Manufacturing Design Output.

• Establish core development standards, policies and procedures and maintain administrative records. Leverage cutting-edge technology resources to drive research, analysis, and strategic planning; prioritize daily activities to maximize staff productivity and meet team goals and organization objectives.

• Manage R&D team with various discipline functions included: Development, Product Test, Quality Assurance and Integration functions.

q Lead Engineering

• Manage the physical layout group of 20 development engineers – Design, Implement, Test, Support Library Management System, Place and Route System, Manufacturing and Verification.

• Design and introduce new software packages – Physical Test Manager Sites (DFT: Design for Test; DFM: Design for Manufacturing; DFA: Design for Assembly). q Software Engineer

• Research and develop new PCB Electronics Design Automation Software package (Board Station)

• Core team to design and develop Physical Layout Database for IC layout functions included: schematic capture, cell libraries, place and route and manufacturing tape out data. Hung N. Nguyen Page 4

Key Achievements:

> Effective oversee diverse team in software development and QA. Consistently meet all critical deadlines and successfully deliver quality product on time

> Spearhead new division & product (PCB Manufacturing) and deliver First Customer Ship product resulted of tenth of million dollars revenue within a year

> Earn Top-Performance Achievement Awards (in many years) as result of outstanding contributions


BS Electrical Engineer and Computer Science – University of California, Berkeley

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