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Data Analyst Assistant

Halethorpe, Maryland, United States
April 26, 2019

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Data Analyst with four years of professional experience in Business Intelligence domain and a wide range of progressive experience in data manipulation, analytics, writing advanced SQL queries for reports and visualizing it for various sectors such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare and Education for finding and solving the business problems. TECHNICAL SKILLS


Web Development



Machine Learning

Data Analytical Tools

Reporting Tools

Public Cloud


: SQL, PL/SQL, Python, C/C++

: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XML

: Oracle DB, MySQL

: Linux-Ubuntu, Windows-All versions, Unix

: Regression, KNN, Time Series, Random Forest, Decision Tree, SVM

: Weka, MS Excel, Qliksense/Qlikview, Google studio, Google Analytics

: Tableau 10.3, Oracle OBIEE 11g, (Answers/Dashboards, RPD), BI Publisher

: AWS – S3, EC2, Dynamo DB

: SVN, GITHUB, JIRA, OSI Layers & protocols, File system, Mounting, Runlevel Management WORK EXPERIENCE

Graduate Research Assistant UMBC, Maryland, USA Aug 2018 - Present

• BigData – Applying a different Granger causality methods called VAR and Pairwise by predicting and forecasting the Granger causal of IOT sensor reading(Time serious) in big data platforms.

• Implementing spark based parallelization for pairwise causality with different variable pair combination.

• Simultaneously, assisting students with assignments and projects for a Database Management systems course.

• Correcting assignments and guiding students in final report documentation and grading. Data Analyst & Report Developer Freelance Jan 2016 - Present

• Creating patient intake questionnaires and converting responses to PDFs using content template matching algorithm for two different health care organizations to control their manual entries.

• Using Google studio, creating an interactive dashboard for the health care organization to visualize their current performance and reporting it to the client to increase their profit by 8%. Environment: Google Studio, Google Publisher, MS excel Business Intelligence & Data Analyst Index Analytics, LLC, USA May 2018 - Dec 2018

• Complied a large number of data in preparation for analysis and maintain reporting system, including the creation of interactive dashboards and presenting it in the team meetings.

• Analyzed and visualized a different set of a real-time data set that describes the drug involvement to control and prevent from death in healthcare sector using the data analysis and visualization tool called Qliksense/Qlikview.

• Maintained JIRA for the bug fix and to provide clarity to the road-map. Environment: Qliksense/Qliview, JIRA

Data Analyst - Intern Sparksoft Corporation, USA May 2018 - Aug 2018

• Worked as a team, analyzed the reporting requirements and participated in the documentation of Business Requirements.

• Developed interactive Dashboards and Reports in Tableau as per the reporting specifications.

• Used Filters and implemented Prompts appropriately to make interactive reports and to avoid unnecessary data showing up on Reports.

• Attended weekly meetings for project status with team lead and project manager. Data Analyst Dynasoft Synergy, Inc, Chennai, India June 2014 - Dec 2015

• Two years of experience in Business intelligence domain, Analyzed a large amount of data and migrated multiple reports and data models into the different environment using data analysis and reporting tools such as OBIEE answers, BI publishers, Tableau, Cognos for the most important sectors such as education, banking, and healthcare.

• Created various interactive strategical dashboards and visualized the report into charts, graphs and pivot tables that describes a business solution used by clients to monitor the status of key performance indicators(KPIs).

• Utilized features like narrative views; dashboard prompts to create interactive analytical dashboards including advanced BI features like drill-down, filters, and ad-hoc querying to investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights of the company which helps to increase their performance in future.

• Identified the aggregate levels for each source and created dimension sources for each level of Business Model development with Dimensions, Hierarchies, Measures, Aggregation.

• Proficient in SQL query language, created advanced SQL query in OBIEE answers such as joins, triggers, and procedures to achieve client’s requirement which cannot be issued by the tool.

• Analyzed unstructured variables including numbers and converted into metrics for the report creation.

• Created and presented POC reports in RTF layouts to give awareness of it and got the opportunity to lead two new projects parallelly which increased 12% of the company revenue.

• Performed multi-task such as data modeling and maintaining the database on the client’s requirement, proactively communicate issues to the team to troubleshoot errors and perform validation procedures to reduce keying errors.

• Maintained JIRA for log, bug fix and used SVN for multiple iteration and update of the daily work.

• Got an opportunity to understand ETL tools to facilitate Extraction Transformation and data Load from OLTP systems to OLAP systems.

Environment: OBIEE Answers, BI publishers, Tableau, SQL, JIRA, SVN EDUCATION

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Maryland Master of Science in Information Systems, GPA: 3.57 May 2019

California University of Management and Science, Virginia. Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, GPA: 3.8 Jan 2016 - June 2017


Sentimental Analysis on Amazon Fine Food Review Oct 2018 Applied various Machine learning techniques including Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machines on the Amazon fine food review data set to predict and economic trends using 10 most important variables, 568,454 food reviews and the language used to implement is python.

House Price Prediction based on Historical Sales Data April 2018 Developed a prediction model and applied advanced regression techniques which can predict house price in US metro area. This model evaluated and weighed several relational attributes of real estate property for predictions. Used Data Analytical tool WEKA and R language.

Heart Disease Prediction April 2018

Applied Logistic regression and used features from Cleveland heart disease study on the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository to predict heart disease using python language by analyzing the features relationship. Vacation Home Rental Systems Dec 2017

Designed a relational database for a vacation home rental company, each features implemented as one or more Oracle PL/SQL procedures and functions. Applied some technique like triggers and indexing to speed up the query. Competitive Strategy of Netflix Dec 2017

Analyzed the problem and gave recommendations for Netflix using porter’s 5 and SWOT Analysis model

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