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Personal Oracle

New Caney, Texas, 77357, United States
April 23, 2019

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Deniece Church




I am a Professional Psychic Medium, Empath, Life Coach, Tarot Oracle, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive,

Ordained Minister. I have been in private practice for 27 years and I started my own business 7 years



* I am a contributin author for Pendlecraft Magazine in Europe

* International client base

* Honored in 2016 with induction into the Library of Congress

* Honored in 2019 with second induction into the Library of Congress

* Recognized by P O W E R ( an organization of Professional Women) in 2019 as a Woman of


* Honored in 2016 by Oxford’s Who;s Who with the highest professional distinction award. The Tier

of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award

* Ordained Minister


I incorporate the Tarot with my psychic abilities in order to give my clients the most thorough and

accurate reading possible.

As a Life Coach I give guidance and advice based on a lifetime of personal experience and experience

working with clients from all backgrounds

Being an Empath helps me connect emotionally as well as psychically with my clients whether its face

to face or through email readings and phone readings.

I believe my clients deserve the very best I can do for them because I am sincerely honored that they

would entrust me with things that are so very private and personal. My goal is to help in every way I

can to help my clients find the answers they are seeking.

Technique:I work through Skype, email, phone.


As well as being an Empath I also have the gifts of:

*Clairsentience – The ability to sense or feel the presence of spirits

*Claircognizant – The ability to “know” things before they occur

*Clairaudient – The art of hearing either in a physical sense or with my minds inner hearing

*Clairvoyance - The ability of “seeing” what is not usually percieved with traditional sight

*Clair-empathy – The ability to “feel” other’s emotions

*Intuitive – A gut feeling about something which may incorporate all the other six senses.

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