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VoIP, SDWAN, IPSec, Routing, Switching, Automation

Wimberley, Texas, United States
April 23, 2019

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Alan Basinger

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Wimberley, Texas 78676



Dedicated employee with understanding that in order to succeed you help others succeed by finding, hiring, training, and developing other team members.

Experience in all levels of IP networking such as planning, designing, troubleshooting and managing network architecture and hardware.

Extensive experience in sales, sales training, event planning, social media advertising, content creation, website and social media site dev.


JabCo Ecom LLC: Wimberley, Texas – 2018-Present

Responsible for training customers how to manage and automate multiple facets of online marketing, online customer service, and online advertising. Responsible for developing processes for production assets in manufacturing and operations and looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies using new technologies. Training customers on content developement for manufacturing facilities. Leveraging content for marketing and sales channels. Developing web site automation strategies and tools to help reduce manual tasks and reduce errors. Producing training video series for manufacturing company. How to leverage Social Media for Customer Service and LeadGen in high ticket sales.

Ecom Inner Circle: Houston, Texas – 2016-2017

Developed new business revenue in the millions for an international logistics company; which included new product developement, event planning, and customer training. The events specialized in taking customers internationally to meet with potential manufacturers, logistic companies, sourcing agents, etc. Responsible for developing content for web sites, digital marketing, sales webinars, training events, and social media advertising. Responsible for running social media campaigns using hootsuite, mailchimp, clickfunnels, google analytics, and pre and post event webinars to further provide training and guidance. Keynote speaker at events in China, Thailand, Taiwan, HongKong, Mexico, and the US.

GDW Companies Inc.: Houston, Texas — 2007-2017

Responsible for developing systems, processes, and teams to handle daily responsibilities of an international shipping, manufacturing, and commerce company. Responsible for sales, systems integration and designing IT systems to automate sales, customer service, and multi-channel integrations into inventory management. Was able to hit targets while keeping staff to a minimum. Defined network standards, automation systems, and processes for managing and maintaining all facets of the network. Was able to do it on a very limited budget and constrained timeline that added huge value to the company.

My understanding of the complete business case helps in positive working relationships with subordinates, peers, and management and the ability to communicate the goals of the team and vision of the company.

Voila IP Communications Inc.; Houston, Texas — 2005-2007

Provided strategic direction for VoIP startup. Defined all network standards and hardware standards with company goals and customer satisfaction in mind. Communicated our network value proposition to investors and partners to ensure value was understood over competition. Worked with industry partners on current and future technology and planned for rollouts on existing network or needed upgrades to help futureproof the designs. Continually optimized the network for highly sensitive voice and video with data. Worked with customer service, sales, and business leadership to confirm company was aligned with goals and customers from a technological perspective.

Responsible for interviewing and hiring my team of Engineers, and NOC team members. Developed excellent working relationships and insured we were all working towards a single goal. Managed multiple projects for this network simultaneously.

Developed automated systems for network operations to simplify national rollout, updates, and troubleshooting using off the shelf NOC software and in house developed systems, reducing tickets, ticket response time, and network uptime with fewer on-staff systems engineers and technicians.

Worked with large scale customers like Igloo Products on designing and rolling out a zero-downtime network design, developing disaster recovery plans, that are in use today and a network that has stood up against two hurricanes with zero downtime for the voice, data, website, and email systems.

Responsible for national network architecture rollout for voice and video conferencing systems for Voila, while directing teams to build a national VoIP company. Developed NOC Systems, automation, and hand-off hardware rollout applications. Created test beds, processes, and hired teams to execute vision of leadership. Worked with hardware partners on inter-operability, customer systems demos, and inter-operability of systems, management, automation, and network design and rollout.

Worked on and negotiated vendor contracts for fiber, data center, equipment, and transport to meet the needs of the company.

SBC Communications (AT&T); Houston, Texas — 2001-2005

Customer facing network architect with a specialty on Routing and Switching for Voice and Video products. Technical consultant for sales teams that worked with Government and Education as well as international customers like Exxon, Shell Oil, City of Houston, Ford Motor Company, TXDOT, U of H, TAMU, Igloo Products, and many more.

Consistently exceeded all quotas, won multiple awards, and quickly grew within the company by growing trust within teams and customers by delivering consistently and worked as a consulting engineer that could take complex solutions and communicate them to non-technical staff and customers. Won Excellence in Engineering Awards for demonstrating leadership and success in designing complex IP Network solutions for customers. Worked on large government, education, and international company projects from 50 million to 250 million dollars with long term sales cycles, all the way down to mid-level companies with shorter sales cycles. Part of the team of engineers designing VoIP network systems for future rollout in the SBC Network. Worked with customers on complete systems and interoperability, not just selling the latest whiz-bang endeared customers and allowed me to have trusted long-term relationships as a technical consultant.

Was offered Bell Labs position to work on future routing and switching technology in the Bell Network, and offered an engineering teaching position at Cisco Systems for my ability to not only understand the tech, but train technicians how to use it and why.



Accredited by Amazon for Sponsored Ads, Certified Direct Mail Marketing, Hootsuite Digital Marketer.

Jefferson Community College— Drafting/Mechanical Engineering


Sales, team building, systems design, business management, private pilot, public speaker, sales trainer.

Detail oriented, organized, with ability to clearly communicate, work with others, and keep stakeholders apprised of project progress or issues.

Ability to research issues, new technologies and effectively communicate findings.

Autonomous in nature with the ability to propose new ideas

Knowledge and hands on experience with the following methods, aps, and protocols.

Knowledge of Cisco networking (eg. switching & routing), SSL VPN connections using Cisco’s Anyconnect.

Knowledge of servers such as Dell, HP and Cisco UCS.

Knowledge of SBC for voice and video

Knowledge of Netflow, syslog, SNMP configurations, and AAA Radius/LDAP authentication management.

Knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory, and DNS, VMware.

Extensive hand on production experience with the following

Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity VM and Cisco Call Center UC in a multi-site scenario

Cisco, Polycom, and Grandstream endpoints

Acme Packets Session Boarder Controllers

Broadsoft Broadworks AS, NS, MS, XSP

Asterisk, Freeswitch, OpenSIP IP PBX

Cisco ASA firewalls

Cisco switches & routers all series

Adtran 9XX series AID

PRI, T1, T3, Metro Ethernet, DSL, Fiber

Unified Communications and Call Center design, management, and implementation

VPC’s, VLAN’s, and LAG’s.

Wifi managing multiple SSID’s and VLAN’s

Internal & External routing protocols (eg. static routes, EIGRP, OSPF & BGP, route redistribution and more)

Layer 2 & 3 connections (eg. MPLS, IPSEC tunnels)

Managing and configuring ACL’s/NAT rules.

Work with Managed Service Providers to submit network change requests as needed

VMware ESX hosts and VMs as needed

Experience with Global Enterprise, Multi Campus, and Datacenter network designs and High Availability.

Designing and implementing network operation centers with specific emphasis on high availability and QOS on public networks.

Design implementation and management of 802.1X

IP address design, management, IP routing, and VLAN planning.

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