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Mohali, Punjab, India
April 23, 2019

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Marketing Key Points

•I would firstly recommend you to visit carefully both the Muzmatch and Muslima websites,they are very much user-friendly.

• Considering Muzmatch,due to its some of its features,it is unique in its own way.They have displayed that features on the first page of the website thus gaining users attention.The features are like :

-Complete Privacy

Keep your photos hidden and use a nickname to remain anonymous to friends and family.

-Selfie Verification™

Others have a spam problem. We don’t. With all profiles being verified manually using Selfie Verification, SMS confirmation, and GPS location checks, you’re safe.


We welcome Chaperones. Users can include a chaperone (known as a Wali) in their conversations for extra peace of mind.

-Community Rated

Good behaviour is rewarded. Men and women can earn profile badges for the positive feedback they receive.

-Behaviour filtering feature

Any offensive language used by members in their messages will be automatically deleted. Inappropriate conversations can be reported to the Muzmatch team. Members who receive notices for inappropriate conduct will be penalised – their profiles will not be widely circulated, and also carry a warning indicative of the wrong conduct.

-Other features:

-there are limits on the number of profiles a user can swipe through in a 12 hour period (although users can also pay to remove the cap); and people can also go back and revisit profiles they previously passed on, or rematch with people they previously unmatched if they change their mind later.

-rematch feature

•They have a Blog page on their website,which mostly consists of true Successful stories which actually is attracting and impacting the people.Also they include advice and suggestions for a Successful Relationships.

•The website’s SEO is tremendously good.

•They went From a website to an app.

•They have included a Download App click button on Facebook Profile.

•Muzmatch "Hello" by Muzmatch-Muzmatch "Hello" by Muzmatch - Campaign

They started a Hello campaign- They makes reference to a couple of well-known hits from Lionel Richie and Adele in this display campaign.

See the image below:

•They are running the campaign locally as well such as it is running on the London Underground and on buses in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

•They have maintained their Social Profiles very strongly.They are not sticked to same kind of postings.They put images,videos,True stories of people who got successful meeting their partners through the app.

•The business after it graduated from Y Combinator in San Francisco( one of the world’s most prestigious tech accelerators),had climbed to another level of success.

•They have used a tag line ''halal dating'',they have pressed the right nerve of the Muslim Community.

•They set certain goals and plan their strategy according to that.I didn’t get anything clear but I just got this point from a Interview.Here it is,

That means Shahzad’s’ goal for 2018 is to not only grow the app’s users, brand, and awareness, but also to enrich the app even further by adding features and making it even sleeker and user-friendly.Shahzad noted that the app has grown almost totally organically, and it’s the first Muslim-centric company to ever be backed by Y Combinator, a popular seed accelerator in Silicon Valley. Despite its successes, Shahzad said it’s important to him, and part of the company’s social responsibility, to keep the app free.“We’re a premium product and all of the additional features are paid for, but one thing we’ve tried to do from day one is have a really capable, really high-quality free app so essentially people can use our app to match, chat, message someone, and get married without paying a penny,” Shahzad said. “We want to make sure we’re the best service out there for Muslims trying to find a partner.”

•They have used another AD tag line- Muzmatch-Where single Muslims meet (Halal,Free and Fun.)

•They went through Interview Calls :

-Slator interview-13 july 2018 by Eden Estopace (

-Bdaily news interview-29 may 2018 by Richard Bell


-The National Interview-April 16 2018 by Noor Nanji


-STANDARD.CO.UK interview- 30 jan 2018 by Laura Onita


-TECH CRUNCH interview- 3 aug 2018 by Natasha Lomas


I would recommend you to please take out time and go through these Interviews surely.

•The project is running in 190 countries across the world.

•The application exists in 12 languages- French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Bengali, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Indonesian and Malay,thus making it diverse.(they launched it on the moment of Eid-al-Fitr on June 14, 2018)

•Muzmatch is having a Youtube Channel also.So they are getting traffic from there also.


•I would recommend you that firstly completely analyze their website and application-check each corner of it. Keep up with the new functionalities they add and see what kind of traction they may be getting. If you are in the floral business, for example, being familiar with your competitors' websites will allow you to track what information they are offering customers and what trends in floral design, party planning and flower selection they are following.

•Also Sign up for Google alerts-Just insert your competitors' names into the search query and select what results you want to be notified of -- including news, blogs, video and discussion. You can have those notifications sent to you as they happen, every day or weekly.

•Connect with competitors on social media(Personal accounts)-"Like" and "follow" your competition on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. Make sure you track both the brand and its key leaders to get a sense of what they are doing. For example, as a restaurant owner, you may want to follow the names of restaurants you compete with as well as the chefs and restaurateurs to get a full picture of their activity.

•Enroll in your competition's mailings and promotions-Sign up for your competitors' e-mail and direct marketing campaigns, commonly known as Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) programs. Become a regular "customer" and you'll quickly see what kind of offers they provide and how they stack up to yours.

•I would recommend you Including your app in your site.I mean sectioning off a part of your site exclusively for the app. Such as the corner of the screen or towards the middle of the web page. While this method can bring in more downloads I recommend taking an alternate approach. Instead of placing it solely on your site, have a pop-up page display whenever someone visits your site.This way, the app is the first thing your viewers see. The pop-up page is simply a gentle reminder that you have an app and your customers are given either the option to download the app or continue to your mobile site.

•I would suggest you to start up a Blog.In addition to including your app on your website, include it in your regularly scheduled blog post is another promotion strategy you can leverage. You may do so by creating a complete blog post solely about your app or including a call to action at the end of every blog post to invite your viewers to download the app.

•Feature the App in Your Emails as well.You can include Application link to your Email signature with an image as well.

•We can create a Demo Video and leverage it to your social media and other platforms to promote your app. Your demo video can be included in your blog post, Instagram and Youtube channels.

•We can start a Youtube Channel.

•We can go for Paid Campaigning as well.

•Do not rely only on Google Play & App Store; there are various other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app.These are some very good app stores that you should consider:



-Opera Mobile Store


-Amazon Appstore


•We should give preference to App Store Optimization.

•Muzmatch has mostly used PRESS to market their Website/App and it really yielded Results.

•Promote the App through A Promo Video.

•We should Recruit Customers Locally.

•We should start Blog Commenting like Take a look at blogs in the space that are relevant to your mobile app. Identify the opportunity to add value by commenting on relevant blogs that makes sense. Be sure to provide valuable insight and also link to your mobile app or to your mobile app landing page.

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