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Engineer Manager

Katy, Texas, United States
April 24, 2019

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Abel Salazar

*** ******** **.

Katy, Texas *****


*/**** – present Hilcorp Energy

Reservoir Engineer – Houston, Tx. Working as a reservoir engineer to assist in the implementation, management, and surveillance of the West Ranch field in Jackson County, Tx which is Hilcorp Energy’s first and only CO2 project. Also worked on conventional properties in South Texas to look for production improvement opportunities such as recompletions, drill wells, and stimulations.

1/2013 – 3/2014 Denbury Resources

Reservoir Engineering Technical Expert – Plano, Tx. Transferred back to Plano during a reorganization to be the Reservoir Engineer over the largest CO2 flood in Denbury (West Hastings Unit) near Houston, Tx. Experience was needed for the implementation and expansion stages. Work consisted of reserve determination, economic evaluations, forecasting, workover recommendations, pattern and well reviews, and reservoir management and surveillance.

4/2009 – 12/2012 Denbury Resources

District Manager – Gulf Coast District – Houston, Tx. Transferred to Houston to take over as District Manager for a new district (West Region). Responsible for expenses and supervising production, completions and construction personnel to ensure safe delivery of production targets for Texas and Louisiana operations. Managed over 140 employees.

4/2008 – 4/2009 Denbury Resources

Reservoir Engineering Manager Plano, Tx. Promoted to Reservoir Engineering Manager and was responsible for the management and supervision of 8 Reservoir Engineers and 3 technicians.

8/06 – 4/2008 Denbury Resources

Senior Reservoir Advisor (8/06) – Plano, Tx. Worked as a reservoir/surveillance engineer for CO2 floods in Mississippi. Work consisted of reserve determination, economic evaluations, capital and production forecasting, pattern and well reviews, and surveillance and management of CO2 floods. Made numerous recommendations on Mallalieu and Little Creek Fields in regard to reservoir management. Increased production by over 2000 bopd due to improving conformance in injection wells.

Introduced the concept of reservoir management and surveillance which was new to Denbury as well as better forecasting techniques. Initiated a massive injection profile program to Denbury that improved performance in all the CO2 floods.

5/97 – 8/06 Occidental / Altura

Reservoir Engineer (5/01 – 8/06) – Houston, Texas. Worked as a reservoir engineer for properties in Lea County, New Mexico. Responsible for the implementation, management and surveillance of waterflood and CO2 projects in the North Hobbs Unit. Work included pattern analysis, data surveillance, reserve determination, recommendation of capital programs (drill wells, conversions, etc) and work overs. Published article “CO2 Flooding Revitalizes Old Giant Field” in Oil & Gas Journal.

Reservoir Engineer (5/97 – 4/01), Altura – Houston, Texas. Worked as a reservoir and production engineer for properties in Gaines and Andrews County, Texas and Lea County, New Mexico. Responsible for the implementation, management and surveillance of waterflood and CO2 projects in these areas. Work includes pattern analysis, data surveillance, reserve determination, recommendation of capital programs (drill wells, conversions, etc) and workovers.

5/79 – 4/97 Mobil

Reservoir/Surveillance Engineer (2/94-4/97) – Midland, Texas. Served as Team Leader, Coordinator, and Reservoir Engineer for the Oil Recovery Process Team which was responsible for reservoir and production engineering for the Salt Creek Field Unit. This team was responsible for the surveillance and managing of the reservoir as well as preparing workover procedures for the Salt Creek Field Unit.

Production increased from 24000 bopd to 28000 bopd during this time.

Implemented second phase of CO2 project in the Salt Creek Field Unit which is Mobil’s largest CO2 and waterflood project.

Senior Staff Reservoir Engineer (4/89 – 1/94) – Midland, Texas. Responsible for surveillance of waterflood and CO2 projects. Work consists of pattern analysis, injection profile analysis, reserve determination, reservoir modeling, economic evaluations, evaluation of potential drilling locations, and evaluation of potential conversion candidates for an overall attempt to optimize flood efficiency and ultimate recovery. Worked on Mobil’s largest CO2 project for operations improvement and optimum flood management.

Helped implement first phase of CO2 project at the Salt Creek Field Unit.

Wrote SPE paper #23958 titled “Case Histories of Step Rate Tests in Injection Wells”.

Production increased from 19000 bopd to 30000 bopd.

Staff Reservoir Engineer, Planning Group (3/87 – 4/89) – Midland, Texas. Coordinated the capital budget for the Midland Division, coordinated the Annual Reserve Survey, assisted in the 5-year objectives planning, strategy inventory study, post drill analysis, presentation preparations, and other special projects.

Senior Production Foreman (12/85 – 2/87) – Pegasus Area. Assisted in achieving the profit plan in assigned area, supervised maintenance of all wells and equipment, assisted in maintaining secondary recovery operations and supervised field personnel in achieving results.

Staff Reservoir Engineer (2/85 – 1/85) – Midland, Texas. Worked on Improved Recovery and Development Drilling Programs. Led two reservoir management teams in initiating a water and CO2 flood in Yoakum County, Texas. Led another reservoir management team in initiating waterflood and CO2 improvement studies and in implementing the programs. Provided support to operations and property consolidation group.

Senior Reservoir Engineer (10/82 – 1/85) – Houston, Texas. Worked on improved recovery and development drilling programs. Led reservoir management teams in conducting waterflood improvement studies, new flood designs, reservoir descriptions, reservoir surveillance, new development drilling programs, and provided support to various departments as needed.

Senior Operations Engineer (7/81 – 9/82) – Offshore Freeport. Supervised completions on offshore rigs, implemented gas lift system on production platforms where needed, conducted deliverability test, performed drill stem tests, conducted workovers, and responsible for production from wells in assigned area.

Operations Engineer (5/79 – 6/81) – South Texas – La Gloria Area. Responsible for production from wells in assigned area. Recommended and initiated workovers to improve production. Work consisted of stimulations (acid and frac jobs), recompletions, new gas lift designs, installation of pumping units, swabbing, cleanouts, and well reconditioning. Worked closely with Production Supt. And Production Foremen and provided engineering assistance for day-to-day problems in field producing operations. Maintained continuous surveillance, from engineering standpoint, of primary leases to maintain optimum operating conditions.

B.S., 1979 in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University

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