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Engineer Manager

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
April 08, 2019

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An innovative Digital Engineering Professional, with over 20 years’ experience in designing and developing Computer/Embedded Systems and Telecommunications Equipment, seek a position for utilizing my knowledge and experience


Excellent analytical skills to identify and resolve issues and recommend viable solutions

Expert in planning and managing large scale development projects

Proven expertise in IT product development from concept to production

Extensive experience in computer/embedded systems design

Advanced skills in hardware design with microprocessor, FPGA/CPLD and Verilog/VHDL

Core competency in applying leading edge technologies to develop products required to drive business processes

Excellent in Product Architecture definition, DFR, DFT and DFM

Demonstrated adaptability to new technology

Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering and MSc in Computer Science





Intel(80x86), TI (DSP 5409), Motorola(68K, MPC860), ARM(ARM7TDMI, ARM9), ATMEL(T89C51, AT91 series)), Microchip(PIC series), Phillips(MFRC500)

Analog Line interface


Mitel, Silabs, Connexant, Analog Devices, CML

Hardware Tools



Programmable Logic



Device Drivers


Windows, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, U-Boot

Software/Firmware Development


C, C++, MS Visual Studio, IAR, Assembly Language

Communication Technology


TCP/IP. Ethernet, RF wireless, USB, PCI, MPI, SPI, I2C, SDIO, UART

Project Management


MS Office tool (Project, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio)

Computer System Area


Multiprocessor system, Interconnection Architecture

Special Area


VOIP(SIP, H.323), DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), DVB-H, ISDB-T, RFID, Wireless Headset, Security Access System, Video streaming(MPEG II, MPEG III, H.264)


Digital Engineer

Fujifilm VisualSonics, Toronto

2009. 11. - Present

Developed firmware unit test program for the Control board of Ultrasound Transceiver

Revised U-Boot program for MC8548E Power Quick III – 1GHz ~ 1.2GHz & up to 2GB memory

Design verification Test of channel board for ultra-sonic transceiver

Completed system tuning for the best performance

Vice President of Engineering

IPware Co. Ltd., Korea


Planned scope, schedule, risks, resources and costs of Proxy Server development project from initiation to project close-out to meet client requirement

Managed a project, budgeted at US$ 1.5M, to develop a Proxy Server for Internet Phone service, running on SUN V440 including registrar, prepaid server, LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), provisioning, and management agent utilizing Radvision SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) stack

Completed a high-level design of a Load-balancer for multiple proxies to handle millions of concurrent calls

Assessed the budget on a continual basis to meet the expense limits

Archived the history of application change controls for system maintenance

Vice President of Engineering

Ubibro Technologies Inc., Korea


Coordinated and oversaw project, valued at US$3M, to develop a Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) receiver in USB type and utility software to display on laptop screen

Established cross-functional teams with 7 engineers including hardware, software and industrial designer to design USB type DMB receiver

Composed USB DMB receiver with AT91RM9200 and embedded RT Linux for compact design

Crated the technical specifications and managed a contract with ASIC Design House to develop and deliver a USB/SDIO Interface ASIC with DMB chipset

Tested and coordinated production at contract manufacturer

Project Manager /

Technical Consultant

Securetech Co. Ltd., Korea


Designed and developed hardware circuit for VOIP Terminal Adaptor with 4 telephony interface, based on PowerPC MPC860 for main controller, TMS320C5409 DSP for voice CODEC(G711, G723.1, G726 and G729) and FPGA EP1K30(Altera) for PCM codec interface

Developed TDM FPGA in Verilog for FPGA EP1K30(Altera)

Formulated device drivers under VxWorks for DSP interface

Exploited a reader of Philips’ Mifare RFID(13.56MHz) tag for product line-up

Devised a prototype of 900MHz RF cordless headset

Initiated research projects to identify emerging embedded technologies that could be used to enhance proposed system development

Acted as a Technical Consult for the project team on Access Security System Integration project to facilitate site installation

Senior Engineering

Project Manager

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Korea


Administered a team of 35 design engineers to design the enhanced motherboard for the Alpha

processor 21264 to increase speed from 500MHz to 1GHz for on-system testing of the Alpha processor fabricated at Semiconductor Division

Solved signal integrity issues for the PCB design holding high speed signals to make ALPHA processor running on higher speed

Formulated a new system kernel for the new computer configuration of the Alpha processor test-bed

Built on-system test procedure of the Alpha processor for better yield rate

Conferred with Industry leaders to share information on new technologies

Senior Engineering

Project Manager

Hyundai Electronics(Hynix) Company, Korea


Managed a National Project, funded by the government, budgeted at US$2M, to develop a prototype of clustered MPP(Massively Parallel Processing System) with 16 nodes of Intel Pentium processor

Communicated with engineers from NCR and Samsung Electronics to develop a complex supercomputer for clustered MPP System utilizing BYNET multistage interconnection network

Research Member

Center for Artificial Intelligence Research, Korea


Finalized a research project on the Interconnection Architecture of computer system for Artificial Intelligence / Multimedia Personal Computer for better throughputs

Designed and developed prototype of High Performance Parallel computer system utilizing the message passing recursive circulant interconnection architecture with 8 node of Intel 80386 processor

Drafted an architecture of memory/cache consistency model for Massively Parallel Processing System using multistage interconnection network with crossbar switch

Guided the research direction of junior members

Senior Engineer

ARA System Co., Korea


Senior Engineer

QNIX Computer Co. Ltd., Korea


Conceptualized, drafted and produced hardware and firmware for ASIC for Korean character display

Formulated Korean character monochrome display adapter for IBM-PC utilizing two-byte coded character set displaying technology

Engineered a VGA card capable of Korean character display for higher resolution display

Consulted with outside suppliers for the quality and delivery of components

Principal Engineer

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Korea


Modeled and constructed IBM-PC compatible machine for the first time in Korea

Performed the standard engineering duties: surveying electronic components, searching design examples, and executing given design tasks

Ported MS-DOS on the computer system developed internally utilizing Intel 8086 microprocessor


Master Degree in

Computer Science

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

“Direct Execution Processor

– A High Level Language Computer Architecture”


Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering

Seoul National University, Korea

“Discrete design and implementation of a basic CRTC”


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