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housekeeping/ Mig weder

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
20per hrs
April 05, 2019

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*** ****** ******

Toronto,Ontario M3H 1S8

Cell phone # 647-***-****

Summary: Knowledgeable welding skilled in reading and interpreting

blueprint, diagrams and drawings.


Welding safety precautions

Initiative to work independently

Crane/hoist training

Strategic thinker

Reading drawings models and blueprints

Sheet metal fabrication

Pipe welding etc.

Quality assurance

Available to work extended hours


Meet company standard times and individual productivity goals.

Contributed to percentages % increase in the productivity though improvements in operations, quality, safety and administration.


Assistant Superintendent: October 10 to 3 December 2015

Check Daily Boiler seven day a week

Acknowledge all tenant complainant report shown by the work order from management

Do daily day accomplishment report

UNICEL Co.: February 2014 to March 2015

(Fitter/Welder truck)

Hino,FORD,GMC (Costumes Truck Fabrication)

Prepare parts laid out truck frame tacking and weld, Weld stainless door frames and weld galvanizing bumper, install and full weld hydraulic lift gate

Knowledge of metallurgy and instruction book requirements to produce quality work.

Inspected grooves, angles and gap allowances with micrometer, caliper and precision measuring instruments.

Heated, formed and dressed metal parts with hand tools, torch and portable Plasma Cutting equipment.

Prepared broken parts for welding by properly grooving and scarfing surfaces.

Positioned and clamped work pieces together and properly assembled them in jigs and fixtures.

Precision cutting with power saws, hand shears and chipping knives.

Monitored the fitting, burning and welding processes to avoid overheating parts, warping, shrinking, distortion and expansion of materials.

Laid out, positioned, aligned and secured parts and assemblies with straightedges and combination square

Adjusted functional parts of equipment and control instruments.

Completed minor torch ups with MIG welders.

Adjusted the weld machines to the correct settings prior to weld applications.

Cleaned and degreased weld joints and work pieces efficiently.

Inspected chains, hammers and other tools for damage or wear to prevent injuries and accidents.

JLG Office Installation Contractor: September 2013 to February 2014

OFFICE INSTALLER FURNATURE: Partition, divider, surface table, cabinet ect.

Prepare to dis assembly all office walls partitions and furniture’s shown to blueprint or directive for superior

Loading and unloading all office furniture’s, office panels or parts ect.

Build and installed accordingly to the office structural’s blueprint

Matcor Fabrication Company: November 2002 to December 2010



Consulted welding chart specifications to select appropriate type and thickness of metal.

Fitting,Grinding,Tacking Parts, Grouching welding

Prepare parts to the jig shown to specification of the blueprint.

Tacking and full weld depend to the specification of the blue print.

Apply Quality Vision before send to the QA.

Developed production tracking and quality control systems, analyzing production, quality control, maintenance and other operational reports, to detect production problems.

Helped achieve company goals by supporting production workers.

Adhered to all applicable regulations, policies and procedures for health, safety and environmental compliance.

Coordinated inventory and cost control programs.

Sutton Place Hotel: June 2002 to November 2003 –


(Sutton Place Hotel)

Hand dusted and wiped clean Removed finger marks and smudges from vertical surfaces, including doors, frames and glass partitions. Furniture, fixtures and window sills.

Swept and damp-mopped private stairways and hallways.

Cleaned the exterior surfaces of lighting fixtures, including glass and plastic enclosures.

Dusted ceiling air conditioning diffusers and ventilation systems.

Stripped floors using electrical cleaning equipment.

Emptied and cleaned all waste receptacles.

Stocked toilet tissue and paper towels, as well as other restroom supplies

Kept utility sink rooms in clean, neat and orderly condition.

Supplied guests with extra towels and toiletries when requested.

Replenished guest supplies and amenities.

Removed trash and dirty linens from room attendant carts.

Swept and vacuumed floors, hallways and stairwells.

Replenished hotel amenities such as drinking glasses and writing supplies.

Cleaned rooms to the satisfaction of all clients.


June 2002 – Health and Safety Member (Matcor Co.

July 2003 - Hobart Brothers of Canada (Matcor Co.)

August 2003 - Certificate Basic Life Support (CPR) and First Aid

September 2003 - Certificate Training Inc. (GMAW)

Weld standard A.W.S D14.3/D1.1

November 2005 - Certificate Overhead Crane and Rigging Course

EDUCATIONAL: Diploma (Electronics Communication Technician) EST

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