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Veterinary Surgeon

United Arab Emirates
December 17, 2018

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University of Constantine Mentouri Brothers, The National Institute of Veterinary Medicine. (1990 – 1996) Constantine, Algeria.

Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine

The National Center for Artificial Insemination and Genetic Improvement 2003 Algiers, Algeria

Artificial Insemination and Bovine Reproduction Certificate. .

High School Diploma (1987 – 1990) Sedrata, Algeria

Ben Dada High School





I am an accomplished, sympathetic and caring veterinary surgeon. I have an extensive practical experience working in my small mixed practice services clinic for both large and small animals for over 22 years. I am experienced in diagnosing and managing a variety of diseases and conditions, performing a broad range of surgeries, using specialist medical equipment and computer programs to effectively perform my duties. I am very passionate about animal welfare, and I always work hard to provide the highest care to animals I treat.






Veterinary Surgeon at my Private practice services for small and large animals. Boumerdes, Algeria 2007 - present

Diagnose, treat and medicate animals suffering from disease, injury or infection and create recovery plans for patients which increased revenue through customer satisfaction and a high number of successful treatment cases.

Perform routine surgery, including managing anesthesia.

Educate animal owners regarding feeding, general care medical conditions and treatment options.

Monitor daily routine preventative medicine, examinations, reproductive examination and artificial insemination, field surgeries and dental procedures on various livestock species in a primary mobile practice.

Carryout volunteer participation in vaccination campaigns to support the breeders and insure healthier animals.

Involved with annual and seasonal disease investigation, epidemiology surveillance research and coordinate national disease control programs with the Algerian Ministry of Agriculture.

Supervise a poultry farm in Ouled Moussa, Algeria by providing basic routine examinations, vaccinations, nutrition recommendations, treatment, etc.

Acted as managing veterinarian of a small animal private practice (self-employed) Sedrata (rural area),Algeria 1996–2007

Worked with herd and flock owners to help them meet breeding and production goals.

Maintained specialist skills to assist with surgery, medicine, epidemiology and pharmacology for the welfare of animals.

Diagnosed and treated numerous conditions of small and large animals including acute injuries and diseases, initial diagnosis and maintenance of chronic conditions (endocrine, skin diseases,etc)

Performing surgeries including but not limited to: castrations, removal of skin tumors, mastectomy, dewclaw removal, biopsy of lymph nodes, hind limb amputation, gastrostomy, spay and neuter, etc.

Volunteer and community outreach experience through vaccination campaigns which resulted in an increase in animal immunization.

Monitoring the reproductive health of the breeding stock, performing artificial insemination, assisting with problem births and conducting pre-purchase exams.

Conduct training programs for interns and new veterinarians.


Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

Problem solving.

Excellent diagnostic skills and ability to implement effective treatment plans for quick and economic recoveries.

Ability to work quickly and effectively under pressure.

Ability to work independently or in a team work.

Positive attitude.

Employability and resilience.

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