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Assistant Part Time

Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
December 16, 2018

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King Salman Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, PO box 56773, 11564 Riyadh, KSA

Contact: +966*********, Email:




Over 16 years of International Experience as Neurosurgeon & familiar with varied neurosurgical procedures such as brain, vascular, paediatric and spinal interventions.

Former Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Supervisor of Doctoral theses in Neurosurgery

Well informed about changes, research and advances in the field of medicine

Exhibits an honest work ethic with the ability to excel in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments. Cogent written and verbal communications skills. Sincere, diligent and committed with strong analytical and reasoning skills.



-Brain and cervical spine trauma interventions, all kinds of hematomas, depressed skull fractures, cranial base repair, cervical spine fractures and dislocations, etc


-Tumors: meningiomas, gliomas, craniopharyngiomas, pituitary adenomas

-Cranial base surgery (tumors, CSF rhinorrhea)

-Arteriovenous malformations

-Craniovertebral decompression for Chiari malformations

-Posterior fossa surgery

-Cerebellopontine angle surgery: acoustic neuromas and microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia.


-Cervical disc herniations (discectomy, corporectomy, arthrodesis and osteosynthesis)

-Cervical laminectomiy and laminoplasty for canal stenosis (posterior approach)

-Endoscopic surgery for disc prolapses

-Craniovertebral junction fixation

-Lumbar disc herniations, lumbar laminectomy,

-Spinal cord tumors

-Spinal AVMs

-Syringomyelia surgery


-Ventriculoperitoneal shunts

-Neural tube defects and spinal dysraphism: Meningomyeloceles, encephaloceles, tethered cord.

-Brain endoscopy

-Surgery for Moya Moya disease


-Neuronavigation, Microsurgery


King Salman Hospital, Riyadh, KSA Since 2010 to present

Consultant, Head of Department

King Salman Hospital is JCI accredited.

Responsible for Patient management and surgical interventions with Expertise in Brain and spine interventions.

Dexterity in Tumors - meningiomas, gliomas, craniopharyngiomas, pituitary adenomas, Cranial base surgery (tumors, CSF rhinorrhea), Arteriovenous malformations, Craniovertebral decompression for Chiari malformations, Posterior fossa surgery, Cerebellopontine angle surgery: acoustic neuromas and microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia.

Handling Cervical disc herniations (discectomy, corporectomy, arthrodesis and osteosynthesis/ anterior approach), Cervical laminectomy and laminoplasty for canal stenosis (posterior approach), Craniovertebral junction fixation, Lumbar disc herniations, lumbar laminectomy, Spinal tumors (extra-axial, intramedullary), Spinal AVMs & Syringomyelia surgery

Imam Abdulrahman Alfaisal Hospital, Riyadh

Since February 2015 to present

Consultant Neurosurgeon, Part Time contract

Bicêtre Hospital, Paris, France 2009-2010


Responsible for Patient management and surgical interventions with expertise in Syringomyelia Management.

Al Alya Clinic, Sfax, Tunisia 2006-2008

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Responsible for Neurosurgical interventions with expertise in Spine and Brain surgery.

Sfax University Hospital, Tunisia 2002-2005

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Responsible for Neurosurgical interventions, academic training for residents, supervision of doctoral theses with expertise in Trigeminal Neuralgia surgery along with other spinal and brain surgery for adults and children.

Local and International scientific publications.

Purpan Hospital, Toulouse, France 2000-2001

Fellowship, postgraduate

Responsible for Patient management and surgical interventions with expertise in Acoustic Neuromas surgery & Retrosigmoid approach.


Professional Accreditation as Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Sfax Faculty of Medicine in Oct’02

Certificate of postgraduate Fully qualified Specialist of Neurosurgery in Mar’00 from Tunisia (dataflow verified)

Degree of Doctor of Medicine in Feb’00


Completed postgraduate fellowship in France at Purpan hospital, Toulouse, France (Pr TREMOULET) in 2001

Residency in Neurosurgery (Tunisia) 1995 – 1999

Department of Neurosurgery, National Institute of Neuroscience, Tunis (Pr. Moncef. KHALDI).

Department of Neurosurgery, H. Bourguiba University Hospital, Sfax.

Department of Neurosurgery, Sahloul University Hospital, Sousse.


Scientific Publications

Surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, a propos of 30 cases (doctoral thesis), admitted Very honorable with the examining board's utmost praise

Supervisor of doctoral theses like “surgical treatment of frontoethmoidal mucoceles” & “Central Neurocytoma: a propos of 11 cases”.

International Publications:

Cavernous sinus tuberculoma: diagnostic difficulties in a personal case. Surg Neurol. 2001 Jun;55(6):372-5.

Where an unusual lesion is treated aggressively. Spine J. 2005 Sep-Oct;5(5):579-80

Costo-vertebral collection complicating multifocal echinococcosis: surgical drainage via an anterior approach. Rev Mal Respir. 2005 Sep; 22(4):673-6. French.

Cervical Ewing's sarcoma presenting as neurinoma. Pan Arab J. Neurosurgery 2006; 10 (1): 66-69

Attended local and international neurosurgical meetings, mainly the annual meeting of French speaking neurosurgeons.

Academic Research

Medical training and education of young neurosurgeons, neurosurgical teaching in the SFAX University of Medicine & Scientific Publications as an Assistant Professor.

Date of Birth: 25th May 1968

Nationality: Tunisian

Languages Known: Arabic, French & English (IELTS, Academic)

References: Available on Request

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