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Elk Grove, California, United States
200K / yr + benefits
December 16, 2018

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Technical Skills

* 21 years of experiences on J2EE & Portlet Full-stack development. Expertise on Java 7-10, Portlet JSR168/286, Portlet Experience, GO, Python, Ruby-and-Rail (ROR), Hibernate/JPA/Marshmallow (ORM), Web-service (SOAP/Restful), Swagger, Microservice, API, Web-socket. Frameworks used include SpringMVC, SpringData, SpringBoot, Spring DM, Spring Cloud, Struts, Web-Object, Rails, Faces, Flask, Tornado. Unit testing: Junit, JNock, TestNG, Slenium, Postman, PyTest. Code Versions & Tracking: SVN, Git, Github, JIRA, VersionOne. DevOps: NPM, Maven, Gradle, Travis, Jenkin, CircleCI, Docker, Swarm, Docker Hub, Docker Cloud, Kubernetes, Mesos-DCOS, AWS ECS.

* 10+ years of experiences on Enterprise Architecture design and implementation. Best practice on multiple design-patterns. Expertise on design and implement IaaS/PaaS/SaaS on Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud platform using CloudFoundary/Heroku/AWS, Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), Event-Driven-Architecture (EDA), Business-Intelligence (BI), Micro-service & Containerize Architecture, Web-service APIs, Web-Service-Remote-Portal (WSRP), Ecommerce B2C & B2B, Cloud-based and SaaS Application architecture, Security architecture with Role-Base-Access-Management (RBAC), Single-Sign-On (SSO), OAuth, SAML, OWSAP, SSL, Cryptography, HIPAA, Identity Access Management (IBM TIM-TAM, AWS IAM), Elastic Search/Lucene-SOLR, Agile and Test-Driven-Development (TDD), RDBMS & NoSQL Database, Data Modeling & Tools (MS Visio, Lucichart, Rational, SQL Workbench, SQL Developer, ERWin), Asyn/Synch Performance Monitoring using Prometheus API, New Relic

* 3 years of Architecture Design and hand-on IoT development using AWS IoT Platform, Azure IoT Hub, protocols: MQTT, D2D, XMPP, java 8, SDKs, Big Event Data Acquisition & Processing infrastructure (ETL, Hadoop Map?Reduce, Kafka, Zookepper/Eureka, Spark, ELK stack - Elastic Search, Logstash & Kibana), IoT for Anonymous Driving System used in Electronic Vehicle (EV) industry.

* Languages: C, C++, Java 7 & 8, Portlet Factory/Experience, Perl, GO, Python with Flask/ Tornado, Unix shell-scripts, Node.js, Object Javascript, Typescript, RubyOnRails (ROR), AngularJS, ReactJS-Redux (SPA), D3, Boostrap (Reponsive-design), HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, JQuery, XML, XSD, JAXB, JSON, YAML, Web 2.0, OWASP 10, SANS 25, SOX, HIPAA, Checkmarx & Jsoup.

* Hand-on automated performance architecture design, performance monitoring & tuning for large-scale Web/E-commerce application. Tools used; LoadRunner, WebRunner, Heap Analyzer, PMD, Find Bugs, JProfiler, YourKit, JMeter, Blaze Meter, Seige, Selenium, IBM Wily Introscope, Dynatrace, Prometheus, New Relics.

* 8 years experiencing on Technical/Project Manager and Engagement Manager with customer facing, project coordination, sizing, capacity planning and cost control, team building/coaching/training & management, project management including scrum master, progress/bug tracking, reporting, build cut-off & release, risk/change management. Tools used include MS Project, Jira, VersionOne, Rally, Git in Agile & Scrum methodology.

* Databases: DB2, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra/Datastax, Solr/Lucence, ElasticSearch, AWS Auora/DynamoDB.

* Hand-on experience on WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 8.5 (WAS-ND), WebSphere Portal V.6,7,8, WebSphere Content Management V.6.1 (WCM), Apache HTTP, Nginx, LDAP, Websphere Edges, WebSeal, Tivoli Identity and Access Manager (TIM, TAM, TPS, TDI, TDS), AWS IAM, WAS Single-Sign-On (SSO), e-Community (ECSSO), Tomcat, JBoss. Deep knowledge on LifeRay, and BackBase Portals.

* Development tools: Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite (STS), Aptana, JDeveloper, Rational Application Development (RAD), IBM Portlet Experience Factory, Atom, Visual Studio Code (VSC), PyCharm, Golang, UML 2.0, DB2 Toolkits, MySQL Workbench, Ant & Maven, Gradle..

* IBM Code Management & Version Control (CMVC), Rational ClearQuest/ClearCase, Subversion (SVN), Git, GitHub, JIRA, VersionOne.

* Platforms: IBM AIX, Linux RedHat/Suse, Window Servers 2008/2012, MacOSX.

Professional Experiences

* Sr. API Platform & Microservice Architect at NIO (Contractor) (04/2018 – Present)

- Design API platform following micro-services and containerize architecture that serves for Anonymous Driving system to manage driving data in multi-formats LIDAR, ROS, etc. from control system and database to the endpoint sensors in cars. Also design to an extend to promote cloud capability of elastic scaling to create a custom cloud base used across the organization with greatly cost reduction. Technical stacks include: Java, Kafka, Hadoop, GO, Python, Tornado, Marshmallow, Swagger, NGINX for cache, load balancer and API Gateway, Postgres, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Vagrant (VM), Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos-DCOS, Jenkin, GitHub, Selenium, Postman, PyTest and JMeter for automated testing, Confluence, Swagger for documenting.

- Lead design and development of API common platform and microservices bundle.

- Architect asyn/sync performance monitoring & dashboard using Prometheus API and New Relic

- Working with DevOp team to align the CI/CD requirements and guidance, using Jenkin, Docker, Kubernetes cluster for service containers, and Mesos-DCOS for database containers.

- Migrating Mongo & ElasticSearch data across cluster environments. Tools used are Studio 3T, ElasticDump, and JSon-tools.

- Conduct research and POC on PortWorx and Artificial Intelligence (AI) add-on architecture.

* Director & Sr. Technical Architect at VestBox Consultant (06/2016 – 03/2018)

- Manage IoT backend improvement project to bring the current capability of processing big data into large scale (from 75K devices closed to 3 mils devices) to adapt the rapid growth of SleepIQ system.

Adopt modern data platform architecture using Kafka/Kinesis, Spark, MongoDB.

Development micro-services to handle sensor’s data and event processing through the pipeline, using SpringBoot, Spring Data, Docker, Docker cloud, and AWS Container Service (ECS).

Re-infrastructure BI system to utilize the combination of open-source and AWS services including EC2, RDS, API Gateway, IAM, Cognito, Athena/Aurora, DynamoDB/Redshift, Kinesis-Firehose/Data Pipeline, EBS/S3/Glacier, Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, SQS, SNS, and CloudFormation.

- Architect and leading the implementation for Risk-Assessment Analysis Tool application. This is a Pharmaceutical Research SaaS-application to manage Clinical Trials used by multiple external Client-Divisions of MediData. Design in micro-service architecture with full features (Microservice APIs, AWS IAM and Cognito, AWS API Gateway as Service Discovery, Data backup & recovery). Develop performance benchmark & stress testing for the application deployed on AWS cloud environment. Technical stack includes: Ruby-on-Rail, React JS (ES 6 base), Redux, Webpack, Babel, Karma, Sinon, Enzyme, HTML5, CSS3, LESS/SCSS, Git, Jira, Travis, RSpec, RoboCorp, Reek, SimpleCove, Bullet, New Relic, Python scripting & Jmeter/Blazemeter.

- Design architecture and lead development team on Mortgage Lending multi-channel Portal project for DRB Bank. Technology stack: React JS, Redux, babel, webpack, Git, Node JS, Java 8, micro-service architecture with SpringBoot, Docker, Swarm/Kubernetes on Heroku cloud platform, Postgres 9.5, OWASP, Checkmarx & Jsoup. Git, Rally.

- Manage and architect the “BlogIt!” project that provides cold-marketing and friend-made platform for the public. Technical stack used include: HTML 5, CSS3, ReactJS, Bootstrap & w3.css for responsive design, Python 3.5, Flask 0.10, MySQL 5.6, MongoDB 3.5, Apache Webserver and OpenID.

- Design Platform Architecture for SmartHome project of VERIK System, Inc. using XMPP, DDS, MQTT, AMQP, Event messaging via Kafka, and Spark as central BI application data. Develop Device-Gateway prototype on NetBeast for device communication on wireless devices.

* Sr. Solution Architect (Contractor) at Hewlett-Packard (02/2015 – 05/2016)

Palo Alto, California

- Assist on re-architecting set of Digital Marketing applications structures and flows to fit into the new company’s IT infrastructure and providing remote service for other part of HP (Enterprise) after the company splitting in-half.

- Refractor java code of Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Marketing applications to improve application health.

- Develop 4 micro-service modules to handle digital data on max-scale in AWS cloud platform. Technology stacks: Java 8, JSON, Mongo DB 3.5, Oracle 12c, SpringBoot, SpringData, Spacedog, AWS API Gateway, VPC, Lambda.

- Develop POC for Product Marketing API service, using Angular.js & SpringBoot.

- Design Hybrid cloud strategy and working with AWS on pricing and options to maximize ROI. Using AWS VPC, S3, EC2, RBS, CloudFront, EBS, Lambda, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Beantalk

- Prototype Containerized architecture for CI/CD, using Docker, Docker Hub, Docker Cloud, Kubermetes, Git, Jenkin..

- Prototype cloud-based SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) on Digital Marketing applications used for various business clients.

- Design Stream Data platform to enable real-time and shared data using Apache Kafka & Zookeepers. Delivery also includes revision for unified data model across applications.

- Research and provide recommendation on mobility strategy (based on HTML,CSS, JQuery Mobile) to enrich customer experience through selected services, in addition to multi-channel marketing web-platform using responsive design.

* Sr. Performance Architect (Contractor) at Nike

Beaverton, Oregon (01/2014 – 01/2015)

- Review architecture design of the B2B Ecommerce application for performance and scalability improvement.

- Legacy Code Refactoring using Java 8, Oracle 12c, MongoDB 3.4, Solr 6.0

- Responsible for all performance criteria of both the core application and integrated components (web-services, analytics in-front of stakeholders

- Lead an agile performance-tuning team to troubleshoot and analysis performance bottle-neck, using JProfiler, Seige, BlazeMeter

- Write Performance Test Cases & Suites for next coming release and setting various component benchmarks

- Develop performance automation test plan (Python, Nose automation framework) and lead the integration of test automation into build process.

- Implement Performance Monitoring Dashboard, using Node.JS, HTML 5, CSS3, Ajax

- Additional Tools used include Jmeter, Blazemeter, JProfiler, YourKit, HeapAnalyzer, MongoDB,

MongoDex, SQLDeveloper, Sharding and Replica Sets.

Oracle Enterprise Management (OEM)

* Sr. Solution Architect (Contractor) at General Electric CTO Office

San Ramon, California (03/2013 – 12/2013)

- Research & design Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) used for GE rapid SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) development. Responsible for architecting Portal component that includes customization, personalization and Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM) capabilities.

- Coding prototype cloud-application for monitoring Oil & Gas pipeline to utilize PaaS API

Using Java SpringBoot, REST, Hibernate, Oracle

- Coding unit test, design test plan and procedure to establish the average API performance benchmark. Tools used: JProfiler, JMeter, Junit, JMock and Java.

*Sr. Solution Architect & Project Manager (Contractor) at Wipro

Cupertino, California (06/2012 - 02/2013)

- Manage & lead team on performance tuning for a large-scale E-commerce application at Apple. In charge of project deliveries that includes performance bottleneck identification (using LoadRunner, JProfiler, JMeter), code profiling analysis (using PMD, Firebugs), changes implementation, metric and verification. In addition, debating the die-hard of WebObject (business-managed multithreading) framework in large scale environment, creating POC and providing recommendations.

- Design e-commerce architecture for Row44, a video-streaming service company, using Hybris solution to achieve new business strategy and goal with maximum reusability of current infrastructure and resources.

- Manage BI project on Healthcare Analytics for Veteran Administration Medical Research Center. Develop data-model, design ETL flow & Data-mining architecture, guarantee compliances (HIPAA Technology stack: Java 8, Oracle 12c & Informatica.

*Sr. Solution Architect & Sr. Project Manager at Infosys

Fremont, California (02/2010 - 06/2012)

- Role in Engagement Manager to lead an architecture team from discovery phase to initiate new client account, (ROW44) whose business is to serve video-streaming on air-planes. Help client to implement Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), replace content management system, and enhance digital-marketing features. Also responsible for customer point-of-contact, project coordination and cost and release management.

- Architect a completed Portal infrastructure and eco-system, plus implementation of Security Architecture, Authentication, Role-Based-Access (RBAC) and Single-Sign-On (SSO) for Canadian Pacific Railways in Canada. This portal-based application provides central control/admin operations and interfacing with online customer in subscribers business-model. Technology stack: WAS 8, WPS 7, WebSeal, TIM, TAM, Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) and MS Active Directory, JSR 286, Web-service API via WSRP, and IBM IIB (ESB) in SOA architecture.

- Leading development of Business-Intelligent (BI) Dashboard Portal project for a large-scale Analytic system in Telecom industry, hand-on java portlet coding on portlet-communication and search modules. Technology stack: WebSphere Portal 7, WAS 8, JSR 286, JSF and PrimeFaces, RAD 7.5, Maven, Agile methodology.

- Consult and develop project roadmap to help client upgrading Oracle 9i to 10g with major changes and enhancements (at KRAFT FOODS). In addition, perform security architecture review on RBAC and e-community SSO implementation across business domains. Utilize Active-Directory, LDAP, SAML, Esurf and Protected System pattern.

- Revise existing RBAC architecture to enhance dynamic permission assignment into client authorization system that was manually developed by client with external RBAC database structure and java coding modules.

- Design architecture solution and hand-on implementation of security mechanism and e-community single-sign-on for a large-scale Portal & legacy J2EE applications system at Canada government agency. Require to unify security, governance for both systems operated in different user-domains. Technology stack includes Webseal, TIM, TAM, Policy server, TDS, Active Directory, and Apache, Agile methodology.

- Design and implementation Role-Base-Access-Management (RBAC) for a new Enterprise Portal system, including working with business end-users to define role, operations and resources, working with role engineer and admin team on implementation. Technology stack includes WAS, Web seal, TIM, TAM, SSO, SAML, TDI, TDS.

- Re-design database security architecture for Well-Link project (at BAKER HUGHES) to provide entitlements of wells data access to various stakeholders of an Oil Drilling company in Houston, Texas. Utilize the PPDM Data Model, ADF Framework, Oracle 11g and WebLogic 11gR1. Manage updates, release, risks, bugs and change requests using MS Project and VersionOne.

- Performance tuning and troubleshoot 7 J2EE applications in client environment via re-evaluation of pre-designed application architecture, changing servers configuration and recommendation on various code changes. Tools used include IBM Wily Introscope, GWT console, DynaTrace, Firebugs, and IBM Heap Analyzer

- Fully design the architecture and lead agile team to implement of Vendor Evaluation tool for an Ecommerce client (SEARS HOLDING). This is a machine-learning analytic application that develops a generic web-mining algorithm without any knowledge about web-structures of thousands target vendors. The application recursively trains itself on the fly in order to detect critical information on target websites for analysis and evaluation. Discuss and contribute to scoring definition and formula based on various features, including Assessment, Assortment, Pricing Index, Locator, Support, Web-quality, Delivery and Popularity. Leading and manage development team. Technology stack included IBM Nutch, Lucene Solr, Perl, Java 6, Hibernate, JQuery, Ajax and Agile development methodology.

* Researcher at NASA AMES - UARC

MountainView, California (08/2008 – 02/2010)

- Conduct research, modeling and coding simulation programs on next generation concept of Dynamic Space Configuration. Languages: Perl, Python and Java multi-threading on CyberPro framework.

- Develop grid-cell partition algorithms to improve data-mining methodology for processing huge real-time flight data

- Develop Merge and Diverge Clustering Simulation, a java multi-thread application, to detect Flight Structure Network Pattern & Vibration.

* Sr. Portal Architect & Manager at SF State University

SanFrancisco, California (06/2006– 07/2008)

- Evaluate pros & cons between Websphere Portal, LifeRay and BackBase Portals to make final design decision and demo to business partners.

- Fully architect and develop a new Portal and portlet infrastructure from scratch to replace the old thin web-system of the university and convert old applications into portlets. Coordinate various stake-holders, school-departments who own the applications for agreements and supports along the process. The new Portal platform utilizes WAS 6.1, WebSphere Portal 6.1, WCM 6.1, TIM, TAM, LDAP, SSO, WebSeal and Oracle 10g products, based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in High-Availability (HA) & cluster environment.

- Lead and mentor agile team to develop Graduation Planner (GP) portlet application. It helps student successfully schedule and complete on-time their 4-year academic program.

- Lead and mentor team to develop Official Transcript Request (OTR) portlet application to provide online transcript request, payment and delivery encrypted transcript via download or email.

- Lead and mentor agile team to develop Financial Aid Online (FAO) portlet application to provide online Financial Aid system, included filling application, verification, submitting, processing and recording.

- Operate on-site Portal Training Program for administrators, developers, end-users and related parties.

* Sr. Software Architect at IBM

San Jose, California (07/1997 - 05/2006)

- Design Architecture & Lead the conversion of “Channel”, a CRM application from J2EE to Portlet JSR 168 and deploy it on IBM Global Business Partner Info portal. Fully convert the Servlet and JSP front-end pages. Technology stack included Portlet Factory 6, WAS 6.1, WebSphere Portal Server 6.1 and DB2 9.1, Spiral methodology.

- Re-design the architecture & lead the team to implement a new Web-based Contact Center for Websphere Message Broker (WMB) product support, using SpringMVC, JMS, WAS 6.1, DB2 9.1, and Web 2.0.

- Lead development of "Price Management" J2EE application used by local Marketing Dept. to manage product pricing, business partner discount/promotion and synchronize manufacturing inventory status of various IBM products. Use SpringMVC, JSP, Hibernate, Was 6.1, DB2 9.1, Water-Fall methodology.

- Leading development of "Schedules", a J2EE application used to schedule shipping/handling and tracking of various IBM products according to product availability, store-locators & destination world-wide. Use Struts2, Hibernate, JSP, Was 6.1, DB2.

- Lead invention and development of "Single-Sign-On" (SSO) technology to automatically log-in user into various IBM web/application servers via single unique log-in ID and password, plus managing user secured level and entitlements using Tivoli Policy-Director (early TIM+TAM). SSO won US patent in April, 2002 and embedded into WAS as configurable service. SSO use LTPA cookie mechanism to transfer user base-auth from application to application in the same cluster/domain, Water-Fall methodology.

- Develop the front-end of "Global Partner Info" application, using JSP, Object JavaScript, DOM and XHTML. This is a 3-tiers e-Business application that connects IBM Business Partners into a shared supporting channels & marketing lines operated by IBM.

- Develop Manufacturing Remote Control System (MRCS) in C++ to monitor, transfer real-time control message in/out manufacturing floors via TCP/IP protocol.

- Develop automated controller for manufacturing robots using Programmable-Logic-Control (PLC), Dynamic C, and C++ programming language.

Other Professional Experiences

* Java Instructor (06/1998 - 07/2000)

Duty of teaching Advanced Java Programming courses at Silicon Valley Training College.

* High-school Physics Teacher, in Saigon city, Vietnam (09/1987 - 12/1990)

Duty of teaching Physics Science for eleventh & twelfth grades

IBM Awards

* US Patent Holder & Money Package award on Single-Sign-On (SSO) technology (US20030195970) (05/2002)


* Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering, UC Davis, 1997

* Bachelor of Physics Science, Saigon city, Vietnam 1987

Professional Development/Certification

IBM Certifications

* Advanced Object Oriented Analysis & Design methodologies

* WebSphere Application Server & Network Deployment

* WebSphere Portal Server & Security

* Advanced Portlet Application Development JSR 168, 286

* Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Principle and Design

* Web-Service Remote Portal (WSRP)

* Tivoli Identity & Access Manager (TIM/TAM/WebSeal)

Harvard Business School Mater of Business Administration (MBA) Certifications

* Leading & Motivating & Coaching

* Business Case & Plan Development

* Project & Change & Time Management

* Budget Planning

* Finance & Marketing Essentials

* Presentation Skill

* Customer Focus

* Global Collaboration & Virtual Team

* Strategic Thinking & Execution

* Innovation Implementation

Business Licenses

* Real Estate Broker License since 2009 – Lic# 01867061

* Life Insurance Agent License since 2015 – Lic.# 0L05409

Personal US Citizen

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