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December 16, 2018

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Zamfir Mariana

No **, Ap. 4, Neagoe Voda street, Bacau, 600210, Romania

+40-334****** +40-740******

Sex Female Date of birth 14/11/1980 Nationality Romanian

Marital Status: Married with two children






Health and Safety at Work, Fire prevention


2013 – present

2011 - 2013

2004 - 2011

Engineer and Administrator at Zamfir Family Company V. Marius Ciprian, Bacau (CAEN Code 7120 - Technical Analysis Testing Activities).

Preparation and updating of the database (contracts in progress);

Writing of simple correspondence and other documents necessary for the activity of the department (contracts, addresses of non-conformities, offers regarding services, instructions, notifications); Updates permanently the database (contracts in term, terminated contracts, offers, contracts terminated by law, the due date of the performance of services rendered by Emergency Situations) data of the contracts with the beneficiaries, the customer database, for which it is responsible, teaches the daily activity report, keeps track of offers and potential customers; Inserts the value of the invoices issued to the beneficiaries and keeps track of outstanding and unpaid balances;

Verify the endowment from the point of view of the Emergency Situations and Safety and Health at Work of the unit and recommend the necessary equipment from this point of view, according to the legislation in force;

Participates in the weekly meetings organized within the company;

Provide assistance to customers regarding the products and services that the company sells and / or provide; Operate and correctly execute service tasks, respecting the discipline of work; Performs civilized in dealing with customers, service colleagues, and control bodies;

Comply with the internal regulations; Keeping cleanliness and hygiene at work.

Organization of fire protection activities;

Establishment of structures with attributions in the field of fire protection;

Drawing up the authority documents (decisions, orders, decisions, etc.) by which they are established responsibilities on the line of fire protection;

Drawing up and disseminating specific defense work against fires (lists, situations, instructions, graphs, plans;

Ensuring the endowment with posters, normative acts, individual training sheets, brochures, instructions, etc. necessary in the training process at the request of the beneficiary.

Achieving employee training (training in fire prevention and extinguishing and training in civil protection;

Elaboration of documentation in the field of health and safety at work:

a) Developing the themes for all phases of training and establishing the periodicity appropriate for each job; b) Development of the training-test program; c) Elaboration of decisions on employee training and internal instructions; d) Preparation of materials on general introductory and in-service training; e) Prepare first-aid measures according to the risks for each job;

f) Elaboration of the prevention and protection plan;

g) Elaboration of the internal list of sanitary materials;

h) Drawing up the annex to the job description with the duties and responsibilities of each worker in the the field of safety and health at work, corresponding to the functions exercised;

i) Identification of the individual protective equipment required for the work from the unit and the preparation of the equipment to equip the workers individual protection, according to the provisions of the Government Decision no requirements minimum safety and health requirements for the use of equipment by workers individual protection at the workplace;

j) Elaborate its own instructions for completing and / or applying the regulations

safety and health at work, taking into account the particularities of the activities and of the society, as well as employment ; k) Drawing up the obligations of the employer and the workers;

l) Elaboration of fire extinguishing and extinguishing measures.

Assessing injury risks for workstations (METHOD.)

Organizing training of employees in the field of security and health in work and the training of employees;

Services in the field. in accordance with the:

- Laws on the safe operation of pressure equipment, lifting appliances and fuel-consuming appliances;

Engineer at S.C. Zammaci S.R.L., Bacau (CAEN code 7120 - technical analysis testing activities;

Same activities as at Zamfir Family Company V. Marius Ciprian

- library at "SC Glissando SRL";

Orders, billing, sales reports, statistics


1999 - 2004

Engineer degree

Technical University "Gh. Asachi" Iasi, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry,

Economic Engineering,


Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)






Spoken interaction

Spoken production







Communication skills

Good communication skills gained through the interaction with the employees of the companies who have been training their employees in the fields of safety and health at work and fire prevention

Organisational / managerial skills

good organizer due to the position of administrator who assumes the responsibility of negotiating and signing the contracts, organizing the budget, expenses and drawing up the balance sheet

Job-related skills

Knowledge of Technical, Economic with Applications and in Marketing and Management Due to the Library Function (Sell Books in Physical and On-line Libraries)

Digital skills


Information processing


Content creation


Problem solving

Independent User

Independent User

Independent User

Independent User

Independent User

good command of office suite (word processor, spread sheet, presentation software)

good command of photo editing software gained as an amateur photographer

Hardware - system assemblies;

Software - software installations and drivers;

Knowledge in using: - Windows operating systems;

- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point);

- Corell Draw;

- Internet - administration, analysis.

Driving licence



Certificate "Technical framework with attributions in the field of fire protection" - 2015;

Certificate "Occupational Safety and Health Specialist" - 2015;

Courses in Psychology of Education, Pedagogy, Psychopedagogy, Methodology of teaching, 1999 - 2002;

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