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Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
December 18, 2018

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ***** 405-***-****


A highly skilled and experienced SENIOR GEOPHYSICIST. I HAVE COMPILED 25 years’ experience working as a geophysicist with a clear record of accomplishments. Both conventional and unconventional exposure. Prognosed and caused the drilling and completion of over 125 exploration and “develocat” wells, with over 80% success rate for production of commercial rates of oil and gas.

A proven self-starter with experience providing technical evaluation and seismic data interpretation. Is comfortable acting in a technical advisory role to Managers, as well as other geophysicists and geologists for drilling, completion, and AMI offering, etc.). Excellent communication and presentation skills. Both written and oral

Able to work independently with little or no supervision.

Familiar with methods to develop geological concepts in holding acreages.

Ability to rapidly integrate and interpret multiple geologic, petrophysical, and geophysical parameters into a concise earth model. Critical to developing realistic inversion analysis for reservoir characterization of subsurface

Utilize surface and subsurface geotechnical data to generate geologic models through seismic interpretation, Quantitative Interpretation (QI), log correlation, cross-section construction, stratigraphic analysis, basic petrophysical analysis, and advanced mapping techniques

Routinely loads and manages geophysical and geological data and am responsible for analyzing and interpreting. Experience with pre-stack seismic datasets of 50-100 terabytes on a regular basis.

Expands interpretations in existing plays as well as generate new resource play concepts

Effectively utilizes advanced geotechnical software tools in the interpretation process

A good understanding of Wavefield propagation, Digital Signal Processing and Sample Theory.

Proficient computer skills

Advises operations geologists as needed with geologic analysis of drilling wells

Excels in many geoscience technologies and software platforms

A good understanding of Structural and Stratigraphic Geology.

Able to work in collaborative multi-disciplined environment incorporating a wide variety of data from various sources to develop a team driven interpretation

Experience in a variety of unconventional resource plays.


Leverages extensive background in interpreting data to facilitate sound decisions.

A top industry performer with the proven ability to prognose successful drilling operations, vastly improving net company reserves.

A proven record of accomplishment of generating prospects and discovering hydrocarbons. Over 100 prospects prognosed since 1995 with over 80% success rate.

Generated inversion results in Eagle Ford Play in Lavaca County, Texas, which conformed closely to production results from wells already completed.

Similar results in the Mississippian Lime Pay in North Central Oklahoma

Worked on 13 project areas, from Kansas to Rio Grande, encompassing such high-visibility plays as South Texas Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, Anadarko Uplift Granite Wash, Mississippian Lime Play in northern Oklahoma, and MERAMEC “STACK” PLAY, OK.

A total of 30 simultaneous inversions, and many other Post Stack inversions performed.

Core Competencies

Processed Seismic Data

Micro-Seismic Data

Seismic Inversion Analysis


Wavelet Extraction, Well Ties

Subsurface Maps

Fracture Optimization

Reservoir Characterization

Hydraulic Treatment

Integrated Maps

Shale Developments

Survey Design


Potential Methods interp

Geological & geophysical data handling


Hampson Russell

PRO-AZ: Gather analysis for determination of Fracture intensity and prevalent azimuth

PRO-MC: Analysis of P-P and P-S acquired multicomponent data for AVO modeling and Vp/Vs calibration of inversion results

EMERGE multivariate analysis to determine pseudo well logs from internal and external (e.g. inversion) seismic attributes

LITHOSI: Stochastic analysis to convert pre-stack inversion attributes into Lithologic probability data cubes. THIS TECHNIQUE HAS HIGH APPLICABILITY FOR MERAMEC STACK PLAY IN CENTRAL OKLAHOMA

STRATA: Basic workflow for Post Stack and Pre Stack Inversion

IHS Kingdom Suite


2D 3D Pak


Dynamic Depth Conversion




MICROSOFT OFFICE: Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Micro seismic Experience:

2014 Distinguished Instructor Short Course (SEG): MICROSEISMIC IMAGING OF HYDRAULIC FRACTURING by Shawn Maxwell

Working Knowledge of Microseismic Technology from Analysis in Cline Shale Play, Sterling County, Texas



Senior Geophysicist 2013-2015

Served on specialty group (ESS), with responsibility for supplying high-end reservoir characterization products to various business units within company, including post-stack and simultaneous seismic inversion analysis. Performed advanced workflow, utilizing most recent releases of HampsonRussell software. Carried out feasibility analysis prior to undertaking inversion through cross-plotting methodologies, tying requisite well logs, conditioning pre-stack gather volumes for inversion compatibility, and performing wavelet extraction. In addition, performed post-inversion calculations of elastic parameters to petrophysical parameters, such as brittleness, LMR, and TOC, to determine areas of greatest "fracability" in target formation datasets.

Worked on 13 project areas, from Kansas to Rio Grande, encompassing such high-visibility plays as South Texas Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, Anadarko Uplift Granite Wash, and Mississippian Lime Play in northern Oklahoma. RECENT WORK FOCUSSED ON MERAMEC STACK PLAY IN WEST CENTRAL OKLAHOMA

Performed inversion in Pennsylvanian Marchand Sands in Cana area of central Oklahoma, resulting in drilling of three highly productive wells in 2013-2014.

Generated "sweet spot" map of Vp/Vs ratio in Woodford Shale, which conformed closely to pre-existing production results from wells in Mississippian Lime Play in Garfield-Logan County areas of north central Oklahoma.

Generated inversion results in Eagle Ford Play in Lavaca County, Texas, which conformed closely to production results from wells already completed.

STERLING COUNTY, TX: Detailed reservoir characterization of Cline Shale to Spraberry section in Midland Basin on McEntire Ranch 3d survey. Results for Brittleness in Cline Shale “Green Zone” were very sensitive in outcome of JV between Devon and Sumitomo. Images of stratigraphic elements in the Wolf Camp to Spraberry up section emerged in very striking fashion during this overall analysis as well.

Interpreted a total of six other inversion projects in MIDLAND BASIN Business Unit

FUGRO-JASON Houston, Texas

Geophysicist 2011-2012

Worked on pre-stack inversion of project in Granite Wash for Tulsa client, SME, utilizing Jason software for both deterministic and stochastic workflows.


SABCO OIL & GAS Houston, Texas 2006-2011 Senior Geophysicist

Performed seismic interpretation, with emphasis on AVO compatibility on the following:

Pratt County, Kansas

Served as sole interpreter for 85-square-mile 3-D survey acquired in 2009. Utilized HampsonRussell Strata inversion to image acoustic properties in Mississippian, chert-dominated 'CHAT' interval.

Liberty County, Texas

Served as sole interpreter on proprietary 3-D survey acquired in 2007.

Elaine Field Area, Dimmit County, Texas

Utilized high-quality 3-D seismic prognosing drilling schedule of 60 wells for 2011-2012, targeting oil potential in emerging Austin Chalk-Eagle Ford Shale Play.

Encinal Channel, Nueces County, Texas

Oversaw detailed simultaneous inversion study, utilizing HampsonRussell AVO and Strata programs (use of offset well log data enabled prediction of density and water saturation in four “develocat-type” well prognoses, which resulted in over 90% success in ensuing wells).

Maude Traylor Area, Calhoun County, Texas

Prognosed and facilitated drilling of two successful, currently producing Frio wells at depth of 9,000-12,000 feet. Utilized AVO and traditional seismic amplitudes to isolate channel trends on which wells predicated.

DENALI OIL & GAS, Houston, Texas, Senior Geophysicist, 2004-2006.

Carried out continuation, follow up, and intense interpretation of Zapata County, South Texas; Hidalgo County, South Texas; Nueces County, South Texas; Webb County, South Texas; Lavaca County, South Central Texas; Sacramento Basin, California; and Webb-Duval Prospect Areas, South Texas. Performed geophysical workstation interpretation and subsurface integration, leading to construction of prospect maps as part of aggressive program of prospect generation.

TRANSTEXAS GAS CORPORATION, Houston, Texas, Geophysicist, 1994-2002.

Primarily focused on medium to deep onshore gas plays along the South Texas Tertiary Trend. Utilized both 2-D and 3-D seismic databases, as well as sub-surface geology (i.e. well log data), to successfully complete four deep discoveries and continuing development of fields defined by drilling. Responsible for prognosing the locations, plans, and depths of wells drilled by between five and ten rigs owned and operated by TransTexas, as well as interpreting the results geophysically and geologically.

MARATHON OIL COMPANY, Casper, Wyoming, Geophysicist, 1981-1986 (Concurrent).

Interpreted seismic, magnetic, gravity, magnetotelluric, and drilling data, leading to recommendations for lease acquisition, further data collection, and eventual hydrocarbon prospect generation for up to 50 areas in the mid-continent region of U.S. (including Williston Basin, Wind River Basin, and Basin/Range of Nevada).

CONOCO, INC., Houston, Texas, Geophysicist, 1978-1986.

Interpreted 2-D offshore (both shelf and deepwater) seismic databases for maps of structure and HCI, presenting to management preparatory to generate bids for Conoco and partners for offshore federal lease sales.



M.S., Geophysics

B.A., Geology


Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Geological Society


Devon Technology Conference, 2014, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma “Simultaneous Inversion Used to Drill Three Successful Wells in Marchand Sands”

Presentation for Major JVP Meeting, Devon: Simultaneous Inversion Analysis of Cline Shale, Midland Basin, Texas

Master’s Thesis, University of Iowa: “Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation of a Subsurface Geophysical Anomaly near Randalia, NE Iowa

GOM Mad Dog

BHP Billiton 460 reviews - Houston, TX

BHP Billiton is a leading global resources company. Our purpose is to create long-term shareholder value through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources. Across our global operations, we are committed to working in ways that are true to Our BHP Billiton Charter values of Sustainability, Integrity, Respect, Performance, Simplicity and Accountability.


The Mad Dog field in DWGOM, is an exciting field with existing production, planned development and several growth opportunities.

The Senior Geophysicist on the Mad Dog Subsurface Team will be an experienced, proven professional, responsible for completing complex geophysical assignments. Tasks include the interpretation of multiple seismic datasets and their integration with other data including well results and reservoir performance. This work will guide important development decisions especially well locations and timing. This position will be also responsible for the oversight of planning and execution of advanced seismic acquisition and processing.

The Geophysicist will be capable of completing work independently, while working in a multidisciplinary team and with Functional support teams.


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