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Management Plant

Ames, Iowa, United States
$14-$20 hour $25-$40,000 a year
December 13, 2018

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David McMenamin

*** * * * ** Unit * Madrid, Iowa 50156

T: 515-***-**** E:

Education South Hamilton High School: 2015 - 2016


Experience Summer 2015

Seiser Detasseling, Blairsburg, Iowa

Summers 2012 - 2014

Wonders Detasseling, Oskaloosa, Iowa

*Demonstrated ability to follow a top-down management structure with respect.

*Made quick and accurate on-the-spot judgement calls to determine plant-yield readiness.

*Worked as a team, and independently to get the job done right in an efficient manner.

G6 PowerSolution

Winter 2017 - 2018

● Good at problems solving.

● Everyday task of lifting heavy objects into buildings and assembling them.

● Not afraid of heights.

● Good with hands on activities and power tools.

North Star At Construction

● Being able to lift more than your body weight is very vital in everyday tasks.

● Good communication skills.

● Learned the rules and hazards of lifting trusses.

● Waking up early and get off late.

● Not one to screw around much.

● Very precarious.

● Fast learning skills and very motivated.

Hickory Park

Fall of 2018

● Fast learning skills with hands on activities .

● Learning of communication skills are advanced than the past.

● Ability to multitask.

● Willing to help others in need of a task if other fall behind. Professional Spring 2015

Related Business Law course

Coursework *Currently learning on how criminals are prosecuted.

*Learning about felonies and other charges.

*Reading and presenting mock trials.

Certifications 2015


Additional Skills *Reliable employee

*Balanced time management

*Adapt to others when needed

*Assertive when there are problems and can resolve them quickly and peacefully if needed.

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