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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
December 13, 2018

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Experience Summary

Strong Design and development with 13+ years of experience in Banking Domain with Oracle – SQL, PL/SQL technology.

Having 7+ years of rich experience in Pro*C, UNIX.

Basic Knowledge in Core Java, JSP, HTML, MS-SQL Server 2008

Worked in Client location BMO – Toronto Canada.

Experience in gathering of business requirements, interacting with users, identifying functional and technical gaps, estimating work, designing, programming, sizing, scheduling, reviewing and tracking.

Expertise in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Release Management and change management process, QA & UAT Management, Production L2 Support.

Expertise in writing, debugging, bug fixing PL/SQL stored procedures, stored functions, and packages, SQL script development and tuning .

Experience in implementing Wallet and Data Pump Import, Export features as part of Oracle 12C Migration.

Experience in Core Banking (CITI India), Prepaid cards system (VPS), Acquirer, Merchant funding solution and designed solution for many maintenance projects .

Ensure required training is available & utilized by team members.

Analytical problem-solver, able to anticipate issues and improve the efficiency.


Bachelor of Technology (IT) from Arasu Engineering College,

Kumbakonam with 74% [March-2005]

Domain Skills

Banking, Pre Paid Card Systems, Debit Card Processing,

Reconciliation, Payment System – Acquiring and Merchant Funding,

Technical Skills

Languages C, Pro*C, JAVA

Operating System Windows, MS-DOS, UNIX

Database Oracle 9i,11g,12 C ( SQL,PL/SQL)

Tool Skills

SQL Developer, TOAD,Connect Direct – File Transfer.

Change management Tools – JIRA, Remedy

Defect Tracking and management- ALM

Version Control – SVN, VSS,GIT,GERRIT

Tivoli Scheduler – Basics

Touch Paper – Change Management Tool

Internal Wiki – Confluence


ITIL Foundation certificate in IT Service Management

Honors And Awards

GEM Award ( Going Extra Mile)

DU Head – Polaris Software Lab Ltd.,

JAN 2011

Delivery R & R: Live Wire

SDU Head - VISA Engagement HCL Technologies

OND 2013

SPOT Award

SDU Head - VISA Engagement HCL Technologies

JAN 2014

Delivery R & R: Live Wire

SDU Head – LBG Engagement HCL Technologies

JAS 2015

O2 League Award

Experience Summary




First Data Corporation, India

Senior Application Analyst

Mar 2018 to Till date

HCL Technologies., India

Senior Technical Lead

July 2012 to Feb 2018

Polaris Software Lab Ltd., India


March 2008 to July 2012

Sunbeam Systems, India

Software Programmer

August 2005 to Mar 2008



OMNIPAY – CITIC Sponsor Bank


Senior Application Analyst


Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting


OmniPay is First Data's multi-currency, multi-country acquiring technology of choice for payment processing

Omnipay provides support across Clearing,Billing&funding, Settlement,Data Reporting & Management and performs auth support for directly connected merchant and gateways.


Leading offshore IT Service, App Support team.

Design, Scheduling and tracking OA’s and Vendors

Supporting Data Center Move – Migrating Data Center from Dublin to Germany Frankfurt.

Involved in New two new Sponsor Bank Setup for acquiring services to their merchants.

Developed new Receipting script for the new 80 byte and Auth log file ( Transaction & Authorization Details ).

Created new Funding file for HK CITIC client

Coding, Code Review, QA/UAT/Production Support.


Bank Of Montreal – Commission Accounting System


Senior Technical Lead : June 2017 to Feb 2018


Visual studio 2013, sql server 2008, Crystal Reports


CAS is a commission accounting system proprietary to NESBITT Burns Financial Accounting Department. CAS was developed in the early 1980s designed to run on PDP11. It was developed originally using Visual Basic 6.0 with Sql Server as a database manager and was converted to .net. It receives information from various sources and also sends output to various sources. ADP,RIS,Wealthware are example of some inbound data while Payroll, Hyperion are examples of some outbound . Night Cycle Process is a part of CAS System. It loads the data into the CAS System. The commission payout calculation process is the single most component of CAS.

There are various reports generated with CAS System. Gross Commission, Sales Report, Investment Advisor Reports are some of them.

The report fall under the below category:

Standard Reports, Accrual Reports, BMO Referral Reports, Discount Month End

Quick,Trading and IA reports


Conducting regular meeting with development teams.

Assign the task to team members and tracking it as per the project plan.

Finalizing the Design approach for the new change request.

Code Review.



Bank Of Montreal – RIS


Senior Technical Lead : Jan 2016 to June 2018





RIS (Retail information system) is a Backend system which is used by IA’s (Investment Advisor) to perform some Business functions like Trades, Marketing, Reports, Calculating & Displaying client Holdings. IA’s will access RIS Application to create and maintain client’s portfolio. RIS is a Bi-lingual (English & French) Application. It Organizes, manages, and stores a wide range of information about each of NB’s clients and their respective holdings.

And Allows IAs to manage clients and entire portfolios rather than individual accounts and investments. Permits online trading and processing of equities, mutual fund, and fixed income securities. Tracks original purchases, average costs, account balances, prices, yields, and positions in various currencies.

Oracle Security :

Corporate Audit has identified the need for enterprise wide Information Systems security improvements at the database level. PCIS must comply with recent Corporate Audit recommendations and corporate security objectives.


Identify users having "Any" privilege on RIS DB and revoke from the unauthorized users.

Identify the objects that are having "Public" Privilege and make to private or grants to Roles.

Identify users those grants with "User Related Action- Create User, Alter User, Modify User” and revoke from all the user except DBA and Admin Users.

Modify the legacy export & import to Data pump - Export & Import (Expdp,Impdp)

Ensure passwords are not stored as clear text in files or in DB.

Identify the programs and change the connection descriptor to wallet connection.

Ensure Alter System and Create procedure are not granted to unauthorized Users. And revoke from the unauthorized.

Help the team on PL SQL, tuning of Query.

Provided the solution to implement Data pump in RIS application without affecting the existing functionality.


LBG- BOE Compliance 2016


Senior Technical Lead : May’ 2015 – Jan 2016




Bank of England Statistical Reporting Compliance Programme to enable the LBG entities that have a banking license to be able to meet the changing regulatory demands made on them by the Bank of England (BoE) in respect of statistical reporting. The changes are mandated by the BoE directive under section 17 of the 1998 BoE Banking Act. The BoE has a rolling 5 year programme where it makes significant changes to the data and reporting it collects from banking firms. These changes, in the majority require to be delivered as part of the normal reporting from periods from 1 January 2016, with the final change (relating to embedded financial institutions) being optional until January 2017 – and being met under a separate project.


Handled a team of 25 members.

Preparing WO for BOE Compliance project.

Defined the scope of the project in collaboration with senior management.

Developed a schedule for project completion that effectively allocates the resources to the activities.

Reviewed of WBS plan for all the tracks.

Managed project staff according to the established policies and practices of the organization.

Executed the project according to the project plan.

Reviewed the quality of the work completed with the project team on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the project standards.

Supported Aptitude Team with ETL processing of loading and evaluating of data’s.

Ensured that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality.

Evaluated the outcomes of the project as established during the planning phase.

Weekly Status Meeting with client.




Project Lead : July 2012 –May-2015


Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Pro*C


VPS is processing service part of Visa Inc., providing services in travel card multi-currency product to different clients across the world. The services are Card management processing (Card generation, embossing file generation and SFTP to bank embossing vendor to process the physical cards), UAM module for bank in order to follow the super admin, branch admin, organization admin & users for card inventory, card issuance, branch stocks, product creation managements, Transaction authorization & settlement processing based on VISA & MASTERCARD interchanges rules.

Implementation of DE-DUP Logic for ICICI Legacy & Multi Currency System.

Implementation of DE-DUP Logic for HDFC Legacy & Multi Currency System.

Daily Transaction limits Check implementation on ICICI Legacy & Multi Currency System.

UCIC Implementation for HDFC & ICICI.


Conducting regular meeting with development teams.

Assign the task to team members and tracking it as per the project plan.

Finalizing the Design approach for the new change request.

Code Review.

Analyzing the skill gap and provide the training whenever required for the project engineers.


Cheque book stock issuance and Instrument type automation - CITIBANK


Consultant : Mar 2011 –June 2012


UNIX, Pro*C, NAPT, Oracle 9i


Instrument type is used to identify the physical stationary of the cheque leaf in which the details needs to be printed. The instrument type will be differentiated based on the type of account. Stock is the leaf range allocated to each instrument type. In the earlier system, cheque book request will not be processed if the earlier allocated stock reached its maximum for an instrument type. OPS User has to do a set of process to issue additional stock or if the stock reached its maximum, it will be switched to the next instrument type. This tedious process where we have the high risk of manual errors got removed in the new system. Whenever the stock is going to lapse, the system will automatically switch to the next instrument type and provides hands off to the set of tables/process where the same will be referred during the cheque clearing process. For the system through which the bulk cheque book issuance is done (like for corporate), different process of automation is done.


Studying the existing manual set of process which the OPS is doing

Designing & coding the new system by interacting with the corresponding operations unit with no more manual intervention.


Corporate to Retail conversion – CITIBANK


Consultant : Jan 2010 –Feb 2011


UNIX, Pro*C, NAPT, Oracle 9i


Corporate salary accounts will be converted to retail accounts if salary hasn’t got credited for continuous three months. Corporate account is a zero balance account and for retail accounts, minimum balance has to be maintained. The duration of conversion will differ based on many parameters. The conversion process was done manually through standalone conversion programs based on the dump provided by the product team in the earlier system. This process is automated for the accounts for which salary credit was not happened and also based on the docs submitted by the customer. There are only few documents which can be considered for having the corporate accounts. The process involves sending appropriate communication to the customer on 60th, 90th & 120th day (day difference from the last salary credit date). The conversion will take place at any point of time in the above mentioned period based on the document submitted by the customer and also based on the Net Relationship Value (NRV) the customer is holding with the bank. Customer will be communicated once his account got converted into retail.


Analyzing the existing process

Coding the entire enhancement


ATM Euronet settlement reconciliation revamp - CITIBANK


Associate Consultant : Mar 2008 –Jan 2010


UNIX, Pro*C, NAPT, Oracle 9i


Whenever other bank customer transacts in CITIBANK ATM or CITIBANK customer transacts in other bank’s ATM, the settlement will be done through Euronet network. Other bank’s card will be identified by the card BIN number (which is the first 6 digit of the card number). Electronic Journal (EJ) and customer Finance are the proofs for offus customer and onus customer respectively from bank side. Euronet will provide a file for the transactions happened by the onus customer in offus ATM and offus customer in onus ATM. Each entries of the file will be validated against the EJ for the customer finance and if they tally both will be knocked off and settlement will be done to Euronet. The exceptions will be thrown for user intervention to figure out the reason for the exception and those will be sent back to the Euronet for re-verification and re-validation and the process continues until the transaction amount is settled.


Designing the new approach for Automation.

Interacted with Euronet team to identify the gaps and finalizing the file structures.

Sole responsibility to close all milestones and deliver the project on time.

Taken care of all the reconciliation and settlement and exceptions issues

Provide the resolution entries which were required for other reconciliation.

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