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Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
December 14, 2018

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Kuldeep Bhadoria

Contact: 650-***-****

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Valid H1B Visa

Profile Summary

Accomplished, versatile, goal-oriented IT professional having over 6+ years of rich and insightful continuous hands-on experience in the development of Embedded Firmware and Application Development.

Development and Working Experience in Wireless Communication (WI-FI, ZigBee, Thread, GPRS and GSM).

Experience in IOT (Internet of Things) end-to-end application development with Artik Cloud and using data protocols like MQTT, COAP and Web-sockets.

Developed Solutions using Simplicity Studio of Silicon lab.

Experience in Thread Border-Router with Samsung Artik platform and Raspberry-pi.

Development of software’s on Linux using Eclipse.

Developed application using Artik030 ZigBee and Artik 710/530.

Developed Solution for reading Data from HA ZigBee sensors over ZigBee and sending data using Artik 710 Gateway to Artik Cloud.

Efficient with respect to programming in C, C++, Python.

Developed CMRI (Common Meter Reading Instrument) software for serial port downloading and uploading using C and C++. Also created logics to save data in to file using the file system on C.

Developed software for communication on serial port RS232.

Very good understanding of I2C Protocol and SPI Protocol.

Developed data saving logic for External 16Mbitflash with bit banking and SPI Protocol.

Developed wireless communication firmware using GSM/GPRS based modules SIMCOM, Quectel, Telit and all AT Commands.

Developed logics to save and delete files on FTP server using AT (Command set for modules) commands of File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Development on Android, Good in Android layout designing and coding using SQLite-3 database.

Hands on experience in the front end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Angular JS.

Experience of SQL for Database handling.

Developed Boot-Loader Program to upgrade Firmware of device using X-modem protocol .Also for upgrading Modem Firmware in production as well in fields.

Good understanding of Schematics of hardware.

Experience in developing protocols over Serial/Parallel Interfaces.

Good in developing Windows Applications for testing of Embedded Systems.

Worked with the website development team to decide final view of the website for product demonstration and testing.

As a developer and tester performed Static Analysis, Code Review.

Tested OTA functionality on Thread based project with Artik cloud Device management.

Performed live testing on ZigBee and Thread.

Performed Validation on Artik E2E IOT solutions.

Good in Unit Testing and best coding practices for application robustness.

Defined Testing Specifications and Requirements by coordinating with technical staff.

Developed test cases, performed analysis of test results, maintained records of defects in Defect Tracking System (JIRA).

Good in Analysing & Understanding Requirements.

Tier-1 Customer support on Thread/ZigBee based project.

Experience in Sales-force and Zendesk for Technical Support.

Generated technical contents and provided support to various customers in wireless protocols like ZigBee and Thread.

Responsible for Product Demonstration.

Worked on Agile/Scrum Methodology.

Technical Skills

Embedded Platforms:

Microcontrollers 8/16/32 bit, Renesas R8C2B group,

Arm Cortex(AM335X series processor), Samsung ARTIK

Operating Systems:

Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora), Android


C, C++, Java

Front End Technologies:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


SQLite3, Oracle 10g

Scripting Tool:

Linux Scripts, Python Scripts

Other Tools:

Docklite ( GUI tool for serial port communication), Serial Port Monitor, Hercules(GUI tool for Static IP communication), Hyper Terminal, RS232 Analyzer(GUI tool for Serial communication), Schematics and data sheets, JTAG debugger, MS-Office, Excel, Notepad++, CRO, Multi-meter, Sniffer(To check ZigBee communication),Wireshark for Thread, ZigBee and Wi-Fi, Ubiqua etc.

Version control:


Development Tool:

Eclipse, Simplicity studio, GCC compiler, Make-file, Android Development Studio, Net Beans, IAR Embedded Workbench, vision 2/3 KEIL compiler with debugging tools, High-Performance Embedded Workbench.


MQTT, COAP, Lwm2m Serial bus (SPI, I2C, UART), X-modem, FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Cellular protocol (GSM/GRPS, Wi-Fi), IP protocol (TCP/IP).

Professional Experience

Researched/Participated/Technically Managed/Architected multiple Projects on windows as well as Linux platform involving Serial Communication Software’s and Wireless Protocols like ZigBee, Thread, GPRS. Good Experience with IOT end-to-end application development using Samsung Artik end to end IOT solution. Also Developed Firmware for Data Concentrator unit for downloading data by using GPRS, GSM, ZIGBEE protocols for uploading and downloading meter data. The following projects are a snapshot of experience:

Samsung Semiconductor Nov. 2017 to till date

Firmware Applications Engineer


Programming in C, C++.

Developed Application Note ZigBee Gateway Application using ARTIK and Silab's stack:-

oThis App note is based on Silab's stack ZigBee 3.0 with some third party HA ZigBee sensors (LMHT, Motion, Door) and ZigBee light (Cree and Philips hue).

oIntegrated this with Artik cloud and Implemented Artik cloud onboarding of the sensors when sensors are joining. This Application supports MQTT for publishing the ZigBee Topics.

oImplemented web sockets using Artik C SDK and performed the ZigBee sensors data reading. With this, I could send actions to control Philips color light and control ZigBee light using Alexa app.

oThis will be used as reference app note for customers who want to use Silabs ZigBee stack with Artik 710/530 using Artik cloud.

Debugging Testing and Validation:-Tier-1 Customer Support on Thread based Project:

oValidated E2E release for the Tier-1 customer, Created valuable JIRA tickets according to the user experience.

oPerformed Validation of E2E and Edge Node Manager testing including OTA.

oPerformed Thread Mesh and Range Testing, Thread Network Analyzation, Thread Border Router configuration etc.

oWorked on Edge Node Manager User guide and updated the guide according to new releases every time.

oPerformed Debugging and reproduced the issues and provided the workaround to customers before the final release.

oEnhanced productivity by communicating effectively with Korea and France team regarding all issues of customers. Provided feedback on each release.

Salesforce/Zendesk Ticketing Support:-

oPerformed Debugging of customer issues/queries related to 020,030, ZigBee, Thread and Gateway etc.

oRecreated the customer issues. Coordinated with the development team for solutions implementation and testing.

oProvided Technical Workarounds (Software, Connectivity, etc.) to the Customers.

oCreated valuable and explanative Jira’s Tickets as and according to issues received from users.

oMetrics Reporting-Tracked metrics around customer satisfaction and throughput.

Pre-Sales Field Support

oProvided technical support to win new business.

oEscalated support from FAE/field, Customer visits, Live and Virtual Demos.

Post-Sales Support

oEnsured customer success and a quick path to production release of customer product, quick resolution of issues, manage cases in a timely fashion.

oCreated user-friendly videos for customers so that they could understand and follow the steps easily. Did my best for 100% customer satisfaction.

oKept track of all tickets and issues of customers in order to ensure that all current issues are resolved and closed completely.

Onsite Support for Tier-1 Customers

oWent to Philadelphia for onsite support to Tier-1 customers multiple times.

oGot appreciation from the customer as well as by my manager on account for my excellent technical support and making my visit successful.

oPerformed Thread Network Analyzer setup and demonstration.

oPerformed Thread Mesh demonstration.

oPerformed Thread Range demonstration with the packet loss results.

oResolved and demonstrated the right process to do OTA.


oCreated Technical Contents and useful videos for customers related to connectivity like ZigBee and Thread. These were also very useful for reference by the internal team.

FW Technical Collateral/Documentation

oDeveloped overall documentation plan and implementation plan for Samsung Artik website

oCreated/cross-checked new technical documents and website for Thread.

oCreated new Technical Documents for Thread using ENM and Thread Network Sniffing.

oCreated contents for Signed/Unsigned OTA of Gateway and Thread Endnodes030.

oCreated eddy-stone beacon, example for Artik 020 using GCC.

oCreated Efficient Videos by capturing various screens for better understanding by the various support users. These also prove to be helpful for further reference anytime by our internal team.

I have been appreciated by customers for providing them with timely and excellent support every time and even in critical situations.

Environment: C, C++, GCC, IAR, ARM, Wireshark, Ubiqua, Thread/ZigBee Network analyzer using Simplicity studio,

Orbit Systems Inc. Dec. 2016 to Nov. 2017

Programmer Analyst


FW Technical Collateral

oGenerated Datasheet

Features/ Characteristics.

Performance specs for wireless connectivity.

oUser Guide

Application notes for end users.

Network analyzer user guides.

oDeveloped overall documentation plan and implementation plan.

Performed Debugging, Testing and Validation, Salesforce/Zendesk Ticketing Support, Tier-1 customer support.

Provided Pre and Post Sales Field Support, Onsite Customer Support and Training.

Design and development of technical specifications.

Designed test cases.

Developed modules like configuration module, create the module and developed routing files for routing each and every page.

Modified Rich user interface using HTML5, Bootstrap 3and CSS3 and configured all necessary jar files in local Apache Tomcat 7 application server.

Tested and debugged the code during development using developer tools and wrote scripts to perform automation testing on the application.

Utilized HTML5 Form Validation, Type and Attributes Restrictions to validate the user inputs, Developed dropdown multi-select.

I have also worked with client testing team and helped them in developing test cases for functionality testing and Client side Compatibility.

Environment: C, C++, Eclipse IDE, ARM Cortex 8processor, Simplicity studio, IAR, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

HPL Electric and Power Ltd. (India) April 2011-Aug. 2016

R&D Engineer

Project Title #1: Data Concentrator Unit on Linux Platform

Project Description:

In DCU there is a ZigBee module with RF communication based on ZigBee (2.4 GHz) protocol. DCU is used for downloading, storing, pushing meter data to the FTP server. There are multiple meters with one coordinator over a single network. All other meters are commissioned with that coordinator as a router. At scheduling time DCU joins that network as arouter, downloads the network meters and saves that data on DCU memory. It then sends that data as text format on FTP server.


Firmware Writing and Verification according to Tender Requirements.

Developed logics for FTP file and developed protocol for Filesystems.

Developed Structure of data text file at FTP.

Implemented logic for schedule based data downloading and uploading.

Developed Logic for on-demand data downloads using SMS gateway.

Designed different SMS format for on-demand download, on-demand transparent connection and on-demand file sending on FTP.

Used Static IP- TCP IP connection for transparent data exchange between TCP server and Device.

Involved in Debugging and testing of the application.

Developed Firmware of meter downloading logic and data uploading logic.

Responsible for Product demonstration to Power Grid Corporation India.

Responsible to change the product platform from the controller to Linux.

Development of end to end downloading software with the software team.

Created logic for remote OTA (Over The air) Firmware up-gradation of DCU.

Database Management and Configuration protocol designing.

Test Planning, Testing, Debugging.

Collected information and documents needed to make tests for new features.

Environment: C, Linux, ZigBee (Texas Instrument chipset), Eclipse, GSM/GPRS, TCP/IP, AT commands, TI cross compiler, ARM Cortex.

Project Title#2: CMRI (Common Meter Reading Instrument)

Project description: This DOS based CMRI application is used for displaying and downloading Data of Electronic Energy Meter connected with RS232/Optical communication.


Created Executable Files in C, C++using Turbo C. These meter reading instruments are able to connect with the meter through RS232 port and optical port. Performed downloading and uploading of Meter Data.

Designed data text file format for uploading data to BCS.

Developed protocol for uploading the data text file to PC via serial port.

Developed Protocol for Authentication of CMRI by BCS (Base computer station).

Developed logic for fast data uploading to BCS (Base computer station).

Created Test mode to calculate the difference of energy of meter for a specific time.

Created executable files to send token data to prepaid meters.

Bug Fixing according to feedback given by the testing team

Used Agile-Scrum methodology for software development.

Environment: Turbo C, C++, Notepad++, Rs232 Analyzer, Serial Port Monitor, Docklite.

Project Title#3: GSM/GRPS Modem

Project Description: A modem with GSM cum GPRS with SIM-card is connected with meter through RS232 port. We connect this modem with data call or TCP/IP transparent connection with a static IP for downloading data by our downloading software from any place.


Firmware Development according to Tender Requirements.

Developed Boot-Loader for upgrading controller firmware by a hex file.

Responsible for on-time delivery of the product to the marketing team.

Development of end to end downloading software with the software team.

Set up long-term tests, stress tests, range tests, and did some noise testing.

Written Documentation of the project.

Environment: C++, C, Hercules, TCP/IP, GPRS, FTP AT commands, High-Performance Embedded Workbench, Renesas R8c2B group Controller.

Project Title#4: Wi-Fi-Based Modem

Project Description: There are one WI-FI master router and multiple WIFI based Modems which connect with Static IP by AT command set and download Meter Data remotely.


Firmware development and debugging.

Scheme Designing, Test Planner, Testing, Debugging.

Wrote edited and maintained manual test base.

Development of end to end downloading software with the software team.

Environment: C, High-Performance Embedded Workbench, Hercules, and Serial Port Monitor, WI-FI(WT8266-s1).

Project Title#5: ANDROID App for Prepaid Electronic Energy Meter

Project description: This Android Application was developed to Download, Display, Save Prepaid Electronic Energy Meter data in Android Phone and Android Tablets. The Communication medium between Prepaid Electronic Energy Meter and Android Device is Bluetooth instead of physical wire.

The user can see Energy consumption of his Prepaid Electronic Energy Meter. The user needs to Register and Login into his account in the application. He can Check his Balance amount and recharge the Meter accordingly through this android application. He can also check his previous and current Energy consumption. It is a very user-friendly application.


Responsible for developing the code, ensuring the coding standards and architectural are met. Assisting the offshore developers.

Designed UI Layouts.

Developed Software for communication with BLE.

Developed logic for Bluetooth connection sharing between two activities.

Developed Protocol for Recharging as well as reading Energy Meters.

Developed User interfaces.

Involved in Android App Integration with Web Service.

Designed Database in SQLite-3.

Handled SQLite-3 database schema, tables, and functions.

Handled the request for change/modifications in the application.

Handled the service request that includes bug fixes, investigation and enhancement.

Conducted code reviews against coding standards and made sure the best practices are maintained in the development process.

Involved in Code review, Unit testing and bug fixing.

Used Agile - SCRUM for software development

Environment: Core Java, Android Development Studio, Microchip BM70BLE.

Project Title#6: Linux Based HHU software

Project description: This Linux based HHU application is used for displaying and downloading data of Electronic Energy Meter connected via ZigBee (2.4 GHz)/Optical communication. It then saves the data into the inbuilt SQLite-3 database. Finally, the data is uploaded to the FTP server. Data can also be uploaded to PC by USB directly.


Developed software in Linux (Ubuntu) using Eclipse IDE for this Linux (ARM AM335X series) based HHU (Hand-held unit).

Developed application in C, C++ languages for an HHU using Eclipse IDE. These meter reading instruments are able to connect with the meter via optical port and ZigBee. This executable program enables the communication between the meter and HHU.

Designed database (SQLite-3) for saving data of multiple meters.

Developed software for commissioning/de-commissioning of a mesh network using HHU.

Developed logic for uploading Meter Data to FTP server using AT commands.

Designed format of data text files which is uploaded to the FTP server.

Developed software supporting different kinds of communication Baud rates.

Developed Protocol for Authentication of CMRI by BCS (Base computer station).

Developed Authentication based settings of programmable parameters.

Testing and debugging data communication between CMRI and Meter.

Bug Fixing with team and development according to tenders.

Part of the AGILE team. Attending daily scrum meetings. Have a good view of scrum engagements.

Environment: Turbo C, C++, Eclipse IDE, ARM Processor, AT commands, SSH (Secure shell commands for remote login), Notepad++, Serial Port Monitor, Docklite.


Linux Application development

JAVA(Core Java and J2EE-JSP,Servlets)

Key Strengths

Research Capabilities

Product Development & Project Management

Communication Protocol Development

Expert in Debugging and Bug Fixing

Team Development & Leadership

Problem Analysis, Architecting & Prototyping


B. Tech (Electronics Instrumentation & Control) (Hons) from Govt. Engineering College Bikaner, 2010.

B.Sc. in 2007.

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