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Developer Project

Toledo, Ohio, United States
December 11, 2018

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Experienced .Net professional with 12 years of development experience, including strong skills in database administration, and team leadership. He is proficient in SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) including design using tools such as Visio, UML and Smart Draw from Wireframe. He is extremely well versed in OOP and OOD methodologies for software development (web based and desktop applications). He has worked in an Agile environment, most recently with Cedar Fair where he worked alongside a certified Scrum Master. Vijay has excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. Perusing Microsoft certification in reference to MCSA BI Reporting, Cloud Platform, Data Engineering in AZURE and SQL Database Development


Additional work:



Working on complete life cycle project (Waterfall methodology) to developed inventory/ Logistic project with use of Motorola scanner MC67 which includes following functions:

Analysis and design software includes Microsoft Visual studio 2014 with C# Win apps as front end and SQL Server 2014 as a back end with utilization of TFS as version control along with SSIS, SSRS as ETL process

Research on how to integrate features that meet the user requirements for receiving and shipping department

Analyze user needs and provide recommendations as needed

Create an appropriate solution for the task at hand

Ensure that solutions are in line with the user's expectations

First Merit Bank / Strategic staffing Solution

October 2014 – Dec 2016

328 Saginaw Road, Flint, MI

Programmer Analyst, SQl Server Developer, .NET Developer with MVC, AZURE or Cloud base Database and SSRS and web Application,

Team Foundation server(Version control)

•Responsible to convert .NET web application from .NET 3.0 to 4.5

•Utilize Ajax Control Tool Kit for Design conversion project

• Worked with MVC (Model View Controller 5.0) to improve functionality over .NET 3.0

•Worked with .NET Charting in project to implement click event to retrieve data from SQL Database

•Utilize Spreadsheet Gear to generate Spread sheet (XLS) data

•Worked with Telerik control for Designing new web site

•Worked with SSIS to convert Database views from one database to Tables in another Database

•Worked with LINQ to generate Database Schema and populate Data Grid

•Work with SSAS, SSIS, SSRS on Business Intelligent tool with SQL server 2014

•Work with cloud (Microsoft AZURE) to support existing Database and application with understanding of BACPAC in SQL Server and creating SSRS, SSAS Packages and SSIS Package

•Developer Window mobile app with, SQL server, Web services

ProMedica July 2013 -September 2014

Software Developer

1901 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, Ohio 43537

July 2013 – October 2014

•Responsible for developing a set of standard software engineering processes utilized by agencies.

•Develop data standards, data exchange, XML data standard or data sharing model.

Provide technical XML services to the management and support staff.

Handle the queries regarding XML and troubleshoot problems.

•Work with oracle and PowerShell to insert delete and update the data

working on the different phases of the life cycle like analysis, designing, development and maintenance and maintained operational documentation.

• Creation of csv (flat file) file from Database and upload flat file into sql developer(oracle)

•Worked with Win and Web forms with help of Visual Studio 2012 to create software which link to SSRS web site and utilize Win form to create same project.

•Built WIMs, task sequences, package and collection architecture, oracle and SQL queries and report

•Implemented PowerShell remoting and script execution and perform ETL in PowerShell script.

•Configured PowerShell in DDMG, In-Three, DDMAIL and DDI domains for script execution and remoting

•Worked with ICD-9 and ICD-10 codding and create script to write data in CSV file with help of PowerShell

And there after perform automation to send it to perspective end user

•Worked with Service Now to retrieve the assignment and worked with documentation to justify all the work done. Prior to Service Now Worked on FOGBUGS to perform same functionality.

•Worked with Federal mandated health care project to rewrite Oracle query and converted into XML file to load into HP FARM

•Worked with Tortoises for Version control for retrieving assignment and there after commit changes to existing program.

•Worked with SSRS web site with backend of Oracle and sql server 2012

•Worked with Sql developer and SQL Server with DBMS activity mentioned below:

•Installation, Administration and Maintenance of SQL Server Instances.

•Setup Test, Dev, Staging and Production Environments with capacity of more than 5 terabyte size of Database

•Create Users and assign permissions based on the level of database access the user would need.

•Maintain, Create, Delete and Alter Database security as required to prevent threat against any situation

•Create Linked Servers to SQL Servers and other databases such as Oracle, Access etc.

•Involved in Source Data Analysis, analysis and designing mappings for data extraction also responsible for Design and Development of SSIS Packages to load the Data from various Databases and Files.

•Involved in ETL Process with help of SQL server Analysis services, Integration services, and Reporting services to capture Claim, Member data and convert into XLs, PDF, CSV and in another format

•Involved in development of Cubes, Dimension, Business critical KPIs using SQL Server Analysis service representing aggregation in several different way by using custom grouping and hierarchy and involved in creating MDX query in accordance to business requirement.

•Worked with SSRS subscription and data driven subscription for report automation to send report by email or saved in window directory

• Design database Backup and Restoration Strategy. Once created the database Backups, monitor those backups are being performed regularly. From time to time recover the databases to a specific point of time, as per the requests. Setup High-Availability as part Disaster Recovery Strategy for the Databases. Troubleshoot various problems that arise in a day-to-day work and fix the issues.

•To analyze long running slow queries and tune the same to optimize application and system performance.

•Configure Hardware requirement for Database server (Win 2008 server)

•Monitoring and Performance Tuning; Physical Server Level, Database level and query tuning

•Documenting major changes to the SQL Servers.

•Apply Service Packs

Avtron Manufacturing, Independence, OH June 2011 – July 2013

Software Engineer

•Responsible for converting C++ Applications to C#.

•Developed win Form in MFC environment.

•Worked on PLC with C++, AC drive, DC Drive and Data Acquisition

• Main purpose to build PLC (machine control computer) to read digital and analog inputs from various sensors from ADAPT (Computer or Server control) in Aerospace industries, Steel industries.

•Created Dll for the project to interact with Window 2000, XP and latest one with window 7 on 32 and 64-bit application on C# (.NET version 3.5)

•Worked on with Access database to connect front end of C# which bring log in information and product registration tables.

•Utilized Install Pro to make package of WIN and MFC project.

Environment: C++,, Access, C#, Install Pro, Agile, C#, .NET 3.5

Cedar Fair LLP, Sandusky, OH Jun 08 – Jun 11

Senior Programmer Analyst/SQL Report Writer

•Developed web-based Reporting (SSRS) site to support HR, Finance, and operation department

•Developed SQL Reports utilizing SSRS, MS Visual Studio and .NET framework 2.0

•Served as developer for the SSIS project

•Developed DTS/SSIS packages, created Link Servers, and utilized T-SQL

•Performed upgrade from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005

•Performed back-ups, restores, scheduling, and maintenance and disaster recovery planning for SQL Server

•Create Database schema with UML (Visio, Wire Frame)

•Involved in performance tuning and indexes (Cluster and Non-Clustered)

•Worked on Win and Web forms with help of C# in .NET Framework 2.0

•Administered SQL Server including back up / recovery, creation of user, indexing (Cluster and Non-Cluster) for normalization

•Worked with Red Gate to perform: Link server, Source Control, Data Compare, SQL Multi Script

•Performed role as a security specialist in JD Edwards Enterprise One 8.12. ERP Project

•Provided 24/7 coverage on-site and off-side of SQL 2005 databases

•Performed security updates and patches for all user types

•Designed diagrams for all the databases

•Developed plans and managed and executed complex technical efforts

•Developed stored procedures, views, and triggers

•Performed database storage migration

•Developed documentation for all databases

Environment: SSRS, C#, Visio, SQL Server, Red Gate, UML, T-SQL, SSIS, DTS

Merillat Industries, Adrian, MI Dec 07 – Apr 08

SQL DBA/Senior .NET Developer/Lead Programmer Analyst

•Developed web applications with Visual Studio 6.0 (Visual Interdev, Visual Basic, ASP and SQL Server 2000, 2003, 2005)

•Maintained and recommended changes in existing web application utilizing Visual Basic, Visual Interdev, SQL Server 2000, Active Reports, COM and DB2 (QMF)

•Interfaced with JDE (ERP) solution to auto creates the product and non-product order (service order) in a web-based application called Service Auto maintenance (SAM)

•Created, altered and deleted tables, views and store procedures in SQL Server 2000 and AS400 (which eventually connects to JDE (ERP Solution)

•Created flat files from Access and SQL Server 2000 database tables as needed

•Created DTS packages, SSIS, SSRS

•Worked efficiently in and around the ADO, DAO and RDO

•Documented all transactions and weekly status reports with MS Office Suite

•Created Exe files with Visual Basic 6.0 and Active Report to generate the reports

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Medical Mutual of Ohio, Cleveland, OH May 06 – Oct 07

Senior DB2 and .NET Developer/Lead Programmer Analyst

(Web Based Application)

•Worked as a DB2 developer in MMO subsidiary named Antares Solutions. The application consisted of (a) medical coverage, (b) dental coverage with capability to edit, delete and update the information of doctor and patient (customer) as required

•Rewrote the code for exporting the data in XLS, Microsoft Word and Crystal Report to allow the information to save or open

•Rewrote the user control in corporate with twelve different web pages to elevate from testing stage to development to QA environment to deploy in production

Progressive Insurance, Mayfield Village, OH Jan 06 – Apr 06

Senior .NET developer/Senior Consultant, Programmer/Analyst

SQL and DB2 Developer (Window and Web Based Application)

•Worked as a SQL developer on an insurance application module includes Auto, RV and Marine, with the capability to edit, remove and update the information

•Migrated database with DTS package. Administered database by performing duties such as (1) database tuning, (2) backups and recovery, (3) database design, (4) creation of entity relationship, (5) creation of tables, view, store procedure and indexes

•Developed the Window and Web based application with help of Visual Studio.NET includes C# with Microsoft SQL server 2000 database to incorporate with ADO.NET (creation of Store Procedure, Tables and Triggers) and ASP.NET

•Performed the integration and unit test to verify any errors and conclude at software usability evaluations by perform following methods (1) user -based, (2) expert-based, (3) model-based

•Migrated Smalltalk software application from IBM mainframe to Microsoft arena for editing and retrieving of insurance policy in reference to Customers, Vehicles with help of three tire application and taking care of business layer (includes rules and reference used in IBM based application) data access layer, security layer, document all the changes

•Created SQL script to run a trace and run a UNIT test for the proper retrieval of data, importing the data from Excel(.XLS) into SQL database (DTS package)

•Performed duties as SQL DBA for entire projects. This included creation of table, store procedure synonyms, trigger, performance tuning, backups, replication using OLAP, reporting, DTS package etc.

Marathon Ashland Pipeline LLC, Findlay, OH Oct 04 – Aug 05

Senior .NET developer/Senior MS SQL Server 2000 Developer/

DBA Senior Consultant (Web and Window Based Application

Developer with Migrating different software from VB 6.0 to

VB.NET and C#)

•Developed Window and Web based application. Named info tracking project with help of Visual Studio.NET and its language such as VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET (IIS 5.0 and 6.0), ADO.NET (database from MSSQL 2000 and Oracle 8i with creation of table, view, store procedure, OLEDB (Allow oracle or other database to connect to front end of C# or VB.NET)), with tools like data grid, dropdown list, List box, Command button, User Control, Validation controls etc., Wise Installshield was applied on Window based (desktop) application. Java and VB scripting involved in Wise Installation

•Migrated software from VB 6.0 to .NET for technical department for intranet and window application. Involved in development of intranet web site to capture information for the engineering department to view, edit, update and delete the information. Connect from database with store procedure, view, tables with creation of dataset, connection string and data connection. Performed import and export data from Excel spreadsheet to MS SQL server. Administrated IIS v 6.0 and VSS to capture or save the entire project. Involved in designing database with help of VISIO as well as Smart Draw from Wire Frame (designing tool to create schema, web design, and different presentation for project). Involved in web services like XML, XSL, and XSLT

•Created tables, stored procedure synonyms, triggers, views and database optimization, performance monitoring and tuning, database maintenance, backup/recovery, data consistence check, security administration and data cleanse. Furthermore, responsible to design and implement enterprise databases etc. (act and perform duty as MS DBA) and worked with cluster management

•After completion of window-based application utilized packaging software like Installshield associates with .NET tools is J# and C++ and Wise Installshield

•Developed email form to send feedback to engineering department with help of SMTP server and VB script and eleven web pages with developing report (READ ONLY) with Crystal Report

•Developed web security to control web pages to administer the login info for end user who has the responsibility to develop and maintain the application and database. This allows the Administer to control the security around the software. Security was built in user control with web config file which has no chances to get into certain databases

•Created user control to include ten web pages and debug the application for the smooth operation of the software (includes database, compilation errors etc.). Performed the integration and unit test to verify any errors and conclude at software usability evaluations by perform following methods(1) user -based, (2) expert-based, (3)model based

Ecological Services, Toledo, OH Jul 01 – Jan 06

Senior .NET developer/Senior SQL Developer/DBA Senior

Consultant and Team Lead/System Admin/Programmer


•Web and window-based application developer with migrating different software from VB 6.0 to VB.NET and C# and performed duty as MS SQL DBA with 7.0/ 2000. Also acted as project administrator

•Developed web based and window based (desktop) application with Visual Studio 6.0 (Visual Basic 6.0 and C++) and migrated the project in January 2002 into Visual Basic.NET, as well as C# forms and project with Oracle and MS SQL Server 7.0/2000 ODBC and afterward wrote and managed multiple reports into Crystal Report 7.0 to 9i and applied it on the internet with the help of Crystal enterprise and Seagate Info. Experience building analysis and posting it to the internet as add on to reports generated from ORACLE, MS SQL SERVER and ACCESS

•Involved in PowerPoint presentation as well as Visio diagram to provide meeting agenda, web page design and another clip art to mention in slide show

•Developed web site and client server project for ecological services dealing in consulting business

•Applied Visual Interdev for testing the ODBC for Oracle and MS SQL 7.0 (Includes creation of tables, view, Stored Procedures and Synonyms), perform Database Performance Tuning, SQL PLUS, SQL LOADER, SQL worksheet. Administer Database (but NOT DBA) Access into window and web application, Application of Visio for Database Connectivity Diagram and Configuration of chain of command. Project Design includes performing relational database design and conversion or transfer Or DTS package (Import and Export Database and its files and folders) from Documented to Oracle 8i. and Utilized SQL Loader to perform Data Transfer. Visio was designing tool to implement database structure and web designing.

•Developed and maintained window-based application and Website for with help of technology like HTML. And also was involved in set up of LAN/WAN (internet connection) Network all the computer with Servers and printers and other components. Developed full life cycle software for traveling company to track customer tickets for Different part of country and world. And applications of Wise Installshield for Software install and uninstall Creation of Database includes Tables, View, and Stored Procedures, Trigger and entity Relationship diagram with Visio. Worked on relational database.

•Knowledge and 55+ months hands-on experience with VB.NET and C# associates with ADO.NET, ASP.NET and other aspect of .NET framework Component used were Radio Button, Text Box, Drop down List Box, Date Time Picker, Etc). Developed Full life cycle web sites applying technology like Visual Basic,

HTML/ASP/FrontPage/Access/Visual Interdev/IIS, MTS, MSSQL, ORACLE and ADO for Company's Intranet web site with help of Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise version 8.5

•Developed User interface for company to capture information about their Client, Project Candidates (Employees, Training and Payroll etc with tools like SS tab, Dropdown list, Radio Button, Text, labels, etc.

•Developed Window based apps with C# and back end or MS SQL 7.0/2000 to capture info for client By Bank teller for Fifth third bank.

•Developed Visual frameworks and some of Communication protocol associated With FTP. Proficient in Software Distribution (Includes Advertisement and Sales) as well as Tech Support. Developed, designed (Includes Business process, Architect, Implementation), Debug the application for smooth operation of the software. (Includes (Database, Compilation errors etc), coded, Documented and tested the software (includes QA testing). Perform The integration and Unit test to verify any errors and Conclude at software usability evaluations by perform following methods(1) User -based, (2) Expert-based, (3)Model based

•Developed and maintained web and window based application to synchronize in handheld Device like Palm Pilot to eliminate carrying laptop application includes 8 forms connected to SQL Server 2000 and blend with Crystal report 8.0 to 9.0 Allow the project Manager to obtain all the information regarding future Project, Employees, other requirement (Experience from February 2005 till now)

•Administered Database (MS SQL7.0/2000 and ORACLE 8i) and IIS for proper operation with keep in minds the security.

•Developed Web based application for internal client on following technology tools: JSK1.4.0, J2EE, JSP Web Sphere Servlets, XML, ASP, Cold fusion, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server

•Designed MS SQL server and Oracle to keep in mind following aspect of Info Tracking project: (1) Creation of tables, views, store procedure, triggers, Index, (2) backups/ recovery plans, (2) data consistence check, security administration, and data cleanse. Furthermore, responsible to design and implement enterprise databases.

•Designed web, database ER diagram, Presentation of project in format of PPT with Smart Draw from wire frame, Visio or UML

•Developed Computer system specification for proposed solution to information system problem according to SDLC for following project includes Project planning, feasibility study, Systems analysis, requirements definition, Systems design, Implementation, Integration and testing, Acceptance, installation, deployment, Maintenance

Merrill Lynch, New York, NY Jul 00 – Jul 01

Oracle and SQL Developer and DBA/Project Lead and

Senior Consultant and Programmer/Analyst

(Windows and Web Based)

•Worked as a Team Lead as well as Sr. Developer For Merrill Lynch IBK Global Financial Project Investment Banking for web and window Includes Architect, designing, Implementation as well as complete lifecycle software applying various technology like C++, Visual Basic, DCOM, COM, COM+, IIS, MTS, Visual Interdev and Microsoft PowerPoint Macros, Java, EJB, Apache Tomcat which includes Docbank is a web based Pitch Book Development and collaboration system for Investment Banking Division of Merrill Lynch (Includes On line Banking with client share, stock, interest Calculation, 401k Administration). This enables the bankers to create and manage the pitch book creation and sharing it across their global divisions. This solution supports the entire standard document management functionalities. 0n addition, this system also comprises of a job track system that implements a workflow for publishing services. This is a global system that is deployed at multiple locations i.e. New York, London, India, Japan and Hong Kong. It is a J2EE compliant solution

•Performed In-house projects in Window based application by applying Technology like Visual Basic/Oracle/ODBC/Crystal Reports/Visual Interdev company information management application to track details about the company's clients, employees and Employee training needs. Developed, designed, coded, documented and tested the software (includes QA testing) Worked on Updating company's web site with help of IIS*, as well as HTML, Front Page and MTS technology, XML Worked in OOPS and OOD environment to enhance the performance in IT department

•Applied Visual Interdev for testing the ODBC for Oracle and MS SQL 7.0 (Includes Creation of tables, view, Store

Procedure and Synonyms), Access into web application,

•Application of UML and Visio for Database Connectivity Diagram and Configuration of chain of command and Project Design includes relational database and convert or transfer (Import and Export Database and its files and folders) from Documentum to Oracle 8i.

•Prepared Documentation to support the software and Mentoring junior staff in Java technology for new project as well as in Visual Basic and Oracle ODBC (ADODB, ADO, and DAO) and Crystal Report.

•Administered database (MS SQL7.0/2000 and ORACLE 8i) and IIS for proper operations with keep in mind the security and helpful to HELPDESK for controlling the entire USER interaction for login info with window and all the application related to project.

•Managed the team of 15 consultants for various project within organization from Project Scope to Maintenance includes Scope, Analysis/Software Requirements, Design, Development, Testing: (1) Unit Testing and (2) Integration Testing, Training, Documentation, Pilot, Deployment, Post Implementation Review

•Developed computer system specification for proposed solution to information system problem according to SDLC for following project. Includes Project planning, feasibility study, Systems analysis, requirements definition, Systems design, Implementation, Integration and testing, Acceptance, installation, deployment, Maintenance, Documentation


Diploma in Automobile Engineering

R.I.Trade shop School (National Educational Center) Providence, RI


•Certified Microsoft.NET developer in associates with C#, VB.NET (MCAD, MCSD,) ASP.NET, ADO.NET and MCAD Exam 70-305 and 70-315

•Certified in MCDBA in association with MS SQL Server 2000

•Certified with Window 2000 Server, Window NT, Window 2003 Server (MCSE)

•A+ certified with Network cert


•COMP-U-LEARNUS, Southfield, MI 9/1997 to 7/1998

•Certification in Concepts of computer, Introduction to Internet, Web Authoring Using

•HTML, Window 95/98/NT operating systems, Concepts of NETWORKING, Unix, C/C++ Programming, Business Modeling, Oracle 8.0, PL/SQL, SQL, Developer 2000 (Forms4.5 & Report 2.5), Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 (Crystal Reports), MS Access, Active Server Pages (ASP)

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