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Beaverton, Oregon, United States
December 11, 2018

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Alexander Vassilevski

Beaverton, OR, *****,USA, 925-***-****,

Projects/Freelance (2015-now):

- added user login layer to gekko bots ( ) for client (2018)

- added BeeKash support to WP WooCommerce for client ( 2018 ) - code available on request

- wrote multithreaded Apache logstats software and made source available @ (2017)

- wrote Google analytics based visits counter Wordpress plugin for client (2016)

- wrote user login system for client (2016)

- wrote map and region selection mechanism for real estate ad site Work Experience (2009-2017):

Mar 2015 - Nov 2017 Sysadmin/Developer@GoDaddy/Host Europe Group ( Sofia, Bulgaria+Slough, UK ):

- I fine tuned and deployed two large Elasticsearch clusters ( using puppet for configuration management ) that can handle more than 500 million apache and mail log lines/day with 30 days history that is currently used for generating access log stats for the company's cloud hosting services

- I wrote the ”Cloudstats” software (API in node/Angular 1.7/Bootstrap 3) which analyzes and reduces short term and stores long-term per-user stats and allows users to graphically compare their sites' stats for different time periods. API was self-documenting and complete with unit tests in mocha.js.

- I wrote an anti-hacking PHP patch in C to prevent code execution outside of allowed directories, which was used as part of builds for custom client PHP binaries

- I created DNS provisioning module for billing control panel ( PHP7:Laravel,PHPUnit) to auto provision DNS records for users after they pay for a hosting service.

- I wrote an internal “mailtrace” tool in PHP/Bootstrap/jquery to do search mail logs inserted in the elasticsearch mail cluster I created which tool was used our support staff in daily work to trace the path of a particular mail

- I created an multi-browser+multi-OS frontend testing pipeline to do sanity tests for cloudstats using Jenkins, Windows 7 and Linux VM launchers for running networked Selenium webdriver tests on all major browsers and two major OSes via nightwatch.js tests.

- I created an internal ( for research purposes ) 3 node openstack cluster with the limitation of having only 1 physical network interface on each node ( controller+compute+storage, 2x compute+storage ) on a single VLAN and managed to get virtual machines on different compute nodes to ping each other over their internal VXLAN network via OVS. Mar 2014 - Feb 2015 Sysadmin/Developer@9sharp ( Sofia, Bulgaria ):

- I set up small server room as the hosting infrastructure for the company, installed and configured all the physical and virtual server infrastructure, VMs and worked closely with electricians, ISP, static caching/DNS providers to set up 9sharp's infrastructure, dev machines and public facing site.

- I wrote node.js code for database connection, middleware, search layer, custom schema logic and the neo4j,orientdb and redis engine layers of company's lead product (9sharp social network) API . This included writing comments for documentation and maintaining, fixing and writing unit tests for each part of the api for which I was responsible.

- I wrote Java code to implement business logic as custom schemas used in the neo4j extension used by the database for the company’s lead product

- I wrote improvements and bug fixes to the static content generator ( creates HTML, CSS, javascript code necessary for the frontend from templates, and schema definitions ) used for the company’s lead product

- I wrote code to insert fixtures data into the neo4j database which would ensure the same start data for running reliable tests

- I wrote scripts to run update SVN, build/generate the site's data and run tests which improved the speed of development by removing commonly repeated actions by developers

- I wrote complete documentation of our network setup, our development and production environment (which services are run, their configuration files, etc) and created diagrams for this Oct 2012 - Jan 2014 Sysadmin/Developer@AXSMarine ( Sofia, Bulgaria ):

- I wrote internal tool ( ExtJS 3, PHP5, MySQL, Google Maps API JSv3, Bing Maps API Ajax ) to display geo events data

( ships arriving and leaving ports ) used by database team to correct automatically generated events

- I wrote scripts ( in perl and bash ) for apache logs statistics (most popular requests, slowest execution time with modlogslow etc)

- I maintained and improved legacy PHP gearman code for generating more accurate shipping events data from AIS shipping locations data

- I wrote system scripts for mysql logs monitoring ( slow queries and i/o statistics ), backup scripts in BASH to backup to our NAS through ISCSI layer

- I promoted the use of source revision and and Gitlab in specific, wrote training material and trained developers to use GIT for their coding, as this had not been a practice in the company up until that point Sep 2009 - Oct 2012 Sysadmin/Developer/Support@Attractsoft GmbH ( Sofia, Bulgaria ):

- I wrote trackable invitation mails/tweets/fb posts software so users could recommend service to friends ( via openinviter, twitter and facebook API’s ) and then both could get discounts or free disk space on hosting products.

- I wrote FTP accounts module and database accounts module (add/delete/convert/migrate accounts/db’s functionality) for the SOAP2 based hosting control panel, rewriting older PHP4 functions to PHP5 module/controller style OOP code.

- Tickets duties often meant installation/troubleshooting of open source and proprietary software running on a LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ) stack. They also often boiled down to troubleshooting skills down the whole LAMP stack (php.ini,

.htaccess, mysql connection issues, server configuration issues for VPS clients,etc)

- I was promoted from doing L1 web hosting support to doing last point of escalation sysadmin duties for all servers Education:

2000-2004: California High School ( San Ramon, CA, USA )- completed high school diploma with high GPA 2007-2012: University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy ( Sofia, Bulgaria ):- completed 141 credits towards unfinished masters degree in Geodesy, including all math and CS courses required for degree Skills: Linux admin(7 years), PHP (4 years), javascript (4 years), node.js (3 years), BASH (2 years), C/C++ (< 1 year), Java (< 1 year)

Certifications: LPI101,LPI102 (2011, now expired), LPI201,LPI202 (2012, now expired) Languages:English (fluent), Bulgarian (fluent)

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