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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
December 11, 2018

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(hands-on architect - software craftsman - agile evangelist)


(Certified SOA Architect)


** ***** ** ******** **********, strong innovative and technical background.

6+ years of experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with deep expertise in AWS’s cloud offerings.

6+ years of hands-on architecture experience with focus on digital transformation, data center migration, cloud computing, containerization, big data, and analytics.

3+ years of experience in preparing architectural roadmaps, technology standards, and target operation models (TOM).

12+ years of experience in SDLC of web/mobile/core development using Java, Scala, Python, JavaScript and frameworks such as Spring MVC, Angular, and ReactJS

10+ years of experience in capturing business requirements, agile testing methodologies, clean/pragmatic coding practices, and software design patterns.

6+ years of hands on experience in ReST/SOAP API design and implementation of the enterprise integration patterns.

6+ years of experience in software/network/infrastructure security with excellent understanding of industry standards and compliance.

8+ years of team management and leadership experience for large enterprises such as HSBC, Discover, Alcatel-Lucent, RedHat, Thomson Reuters, and DLG with Scrum, Lean and Kanban methodologies.


EDF Energy, Oct 2017 – Oct 2018 (Senior Cloud Architect)

Worked on EDF Energy’s Cloud Adoption Program as a senior cloud architect for the design and implementation of a number of container-based microservices, serverless, real-time, public/private APIs, data science and big data related projects

Roles and Responsibilities in this role included:

Provided expert oversight in designing, building, managing, and presenting software development, data center migration and native cloud solutions.

Hands-on development of PoCs and spikes

Prepared high-level designs & documentation of projects and presented demos to senior stakeholders, architects and end-users.

Provided of a roadmap to migrate legacy monolithic applications into microservices architecture on AWS

Designed and implemented multi-account AWS account structure, network and infrastructure with full automation with the “infrastructure as code” principles.

Migrated EDFs gross margin and financial settlements application from a legacy infrastructure to AWS, reducing calculation time from two weeks to just under ninety minutes.

Managed cost of cloud services and setup of several monitoring tools with a focus on cost reduction and optimization.

Designed a big data project and using Kinesis, Redshift, Tableau, R, Anaconda, and Alteryx

Run requirement capturing sessions with data scientists, user groups and business stakeholders and helped Scrum masters to record epics, stories, tasks as well as estimations

Optimized performance of business-critical queries running on Redshift, RDS, and Aurora

Designed & implemented the cloud security patterns/ best practices, IAM policies, and security monitoring for resources such as data, AMIs, network, infrastructure and web applications

Designed a several public APIs and their backend components in microservices/serverless fashion using Python, NodeJS and Java

Designed a pipeline for AMI hardening, monitoring and recycling

Helped to enforce the principle of the least privilege to the cloud

Dockerized a number legacy application to AWS ECS

Transformed legacy SOAPful services into RESTful ones and prepared data modelling for the new services.

Governed AWS Service Catalogue items for commonly used architectural patterns

Designed and CI/CD automation for application deployment and infrastructure;

Managed, trained and mentored a number of multiple engineering teams, offshore and on site, by providing hands-on support & workshops;

Conducted code reviews, set the standards for coding and testing

Tools and technologies used: API Gateway, Cloudfront, Redshift, Aurora, REST, Lambda, Java, NodeJS, Kinesis, IOT, Python, R, Anaconda, Tableau, Alteryx, Docker, Swagger, YAML, Jenkins, Cloudformation, Apptio, Ansible and Packer

HSBC, July 2016 – October 2017 (Senior Solutions Architect)

Hired to setup and manage HSBC’s AWS devops team of twenty highly skilled engineers for a major digital transformation program including a several high-profile cloud-based applications such as UK public banking, French public banking, Open Banking API, ConnectedMoney, Grid Computing, and DTP(big data & analytics)

Roles and Responsibilities in this role included:

Participated in development of a architectural roadmap to migrate legacy monolithic applications into microservices and serverless architecture on AWS.

Recruited and managed over thirty of software developers, devops, architects and scrum masters.

Defined and governed a set of AWS best practices, coding standards, devops tools, software development practices.

Hands-on development of PoCs and spikes

Helped to established connection via DirectConnect between HSBC’s existing data centers and the cloud and helped to setup proxies, routing, network protocols, access, and security

Optimized existing VPCs, EC2s and account structures for a leaner and cleaner cloud environment.

Designed and setup QA, UAT, preproduction and production environments in AWS

Successfully migrated the French and UK public banking applications from on premise to the cloud.

Actively participated into HSBC’s DDOS prevention and mitigation team and establishment of DDOS protection for the cloud hosted applications

Helped HSBC’s grid computing project (HPC), provided consultation on autoscaling, load balancing and EC2 optimization

Played a major role in designing and implementing of the RESTful Open Banking API in Java/Spring Boot/Lambda and API Gateway

Helped to design and implementation of HSBC’s Big Data and Data Science project using S3, Lambda, Redshift, EMR(Spark) and Kinesis

Helped to design a several backend microservices in Spring Boot/Java and NodeJS with Lambdas

Enforced and governed the principle of the least privilege to the cloud

Reviewed more than sixty AWS accounts and AMIs; plus, management of fixes for the vulnerabilities.

Designed and implemented HSBC’s Kubernetes infrastructure running on the cloud using Tectonic

Helped to implement HSBC’s common services such as NTP, Cloud HSM, Squid proxies, GIT, Nexus, Jenkins, and Active Directory

Prepared comparison reports on automation tools, cloud technologies, monitoring tools, operating systems, and software and made selections

Establishment of AWS Service Catalogue for commonly used scripts

Tools and technologies used: AWS, Kinesis, EMR(Spark), Pivotal, Python; NodeJS; Jenkins; Serverless, Lambda, Microservices; REST, Swagger, Netflix Simian Army/OSS, Cloud Custodian, Dome9, Java, Spring boot, Terraform; Ansible; Packer; Kubernetes; Docker Swarm; Tectonic and Quay

DWP, Oct 2015 – Jul 2016 (Senior Software Architect)

Hired as a Senior Software architect to design and the development of a cloud-based appointment, KPI management and SMS messaging applications in NodeJS and Java hosted on AWS for job centers.

Roles and Responsibilities in this role included

Recruitment of engineers, devops, and scrum masters

Design of the cloud infrastructure, networks, routing and instances

CI/CD pipeline for code deployment, build, and hardening scripts for AMIs

Hands on development of services in NodeJS and Java

Demos and workshops for the senior stakeholders, end users, and technical architects

Liaison with third party suppliers, vendors and engineers

Tools and technologies used: AWS, Java, Spring, NodeJS, Javascript, RDS, Mongodb, REST, microservices

DLG, Sept 2014 – Oct 2015 (Senior Software Architect / Engineering Manager)

Hired as a software architect to lead DLG’s AWS based digital/agile transformation project for its Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege and Greenflag brands.

Roles and Responsibilities in this role included

Definition of the cloud security and development standards

Spikes/PoC and presenting them to senior stakeholders;

Design & development of REST based APIs for UI for the cloud interface

Design & development of SOAP based APIs for the legacy backend;

Design & implementation of infrastructure for QA, UAT and production environments in AWS and Rackspace

Design of both mobile and web portals for all the four major brands

Execution of builds and major and daily releases

Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Delivery with Chef, Docker and Jenkins pipelines

Implementation of development tools such as, GIT, Saucelabs, Browserstack, Applitools, Blazemeter, Testingbot, and Twilio

Training developers in software best practices, including PCI, BDD, and Mobile First principles;

Implementation of analytics platform with Adabe sitecat and Ijento with Hadoop

Tools and technologies used: AWS, Java, JavaScript, Webservices, UML, IBM DataPower, Adobe Analytics, Sitecat, Rackspace, Saucelabs, Applitools, Browserstack, Blazemeter, AngularJS, Spring framework, BDD, Java 8, CucumberJVM, TDD, and BDD


Thomson Reuters, October 2013 – July 2014 (Principle Java/Scala Developer)

Capgemini, March 2011 – May 2012 (Principle Engineer)

Discover Financials/Diners Club, May 2012 – October 2013 (Team Leader)

Red Hat Inc, October 2009 – March 2012 (Java Developer)

Alcatel-Lucent, May 2007 – October 2009 (Java Developer)

Mips Media Inc., March 2004- February 2006 (Java Developer)

Enrolnet Inc., November 2000 - February 2004 (Java Developer)


University of Oxford (U.K)

Blockchain Strategy Program (due completion in February 2019)

University of Bedfordshire (U.K)

MSc. with Distinction, E-Business, 2005-2006

Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)

Business Administration / MIS, 2003-2005.

N.A.I.T(Edmonton, Canada)

Computer Science with Honors, 1998 – 2001

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