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Structural Engineer

North Andover, Massachusetts, United States
December 11, 2018

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781-***-**** Keith Xu Ph.D., P.E., C.S.


Professional Engineer Structural,

Massachusetts, No.38815

Member, American Institute of Steel

Construction (AISC)

Linear and Non linear Finite Element Modeling

and Analysis

Earthquake Engineering and Design

Vibration Analyses and Blast Evaluation

Structural Mechanics Evaluations

Soil Structure Interaction (SSI) Analysis

Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structural


Equipment Seismic Qualification

Seismic Fragility Analysis

Plant Seismic Walkdown

Pipe Stress and Pipe Support Analysis and


Software Developer


University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and M.S. in Civil Engineering Nanjing Institute of Technology, B.S. in Civil Engineering PUBLICATIONS

Chunjian Xu, "Analytical Model for Reinforced Concrete under Cyclic Loading", Ph.D. Dissertation, May 1991. Chunjian Xu and W. C. Schnobrich, "Computation of Reinforced Concrete Wall Response", National Science Foundation Workshop on Wall Behavior under Cyclic Loads, University of Houston, January 1991. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE /HIGHLIGHTS

Jensen Hughes, Wakefield MA May 1997 to June 2018 Design Basis Reconstitution of Containment Internal Structure and Auxiliary Building & Modification Design Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station

PROJECT MANAGER/TECHNICAL LEAD (1) Static and dynamic finite element analyses of Containment Internal Structure and Auxiliary Building, (2) New steel design of the reactor vessel head stand for seismic loads. To reduce horizontal seismic loads, a special sliding plate design concept was used, and (3) Design of structural modification to the existing floor system, using two steel posts. Special design consideration was given to temperature loads due to different responses of concrete and steel to sudden temperature rise. Analysis and Design of New Pipe Supports and Structural Modification for Hard Pipe Vent Reroute Monticello Nuclear Power Station

TECHNICAL LEAD (1) Structural analysis of steel superstructure for tornado loads, (2) Modification of existing steel members supporting Hard Pipe Vent, and (3) Design of new pipe supports. Seismic Margin Assessment of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Nuclear Power Plants Taiwan Power Company Page 2

CHIEF ANALYST carried out soil structure interaction analyses, developed for all the three nuclear power plants floor response spectra, including the effects of soil structure interaction. The developed floor response spectra are used for the seismic margin assessment of structures, systems, and components. The design basis stick models were either converted to a different computer program or re generated due to incomplete documentation of the models. WALKDOWN TEAM LEADER accomplished walkdown at the 1st and 2nd Nuclear Power Plants, with the walkdown information used for the seismic margin assessment. Reanalysis and Modification of Main Steam Piping Lines with New Damper Supports Cooper Nuclear Power Plant PROJECT MANAGER/TECHNICAL LEAD (1) Check of static and dynamic pipe stress analyses of Main Steam Piping Lines with new damper supports, (2) Design of new pipe supports for dampers, and (3) Design of various modification to overstressed existing pipe supports. This project involves installation of damper supports on the pipe lines to reduce flow induced vibration.

Feedwater Pump and Motor Foundation Project Monticello Nuclear Power Plant PROJECT MANAGER supervised and designed Feed water Pump and Motor Concrete Foundations, with an expedited schedule for the installation of the pumps and motors on concrete cured less than 28 days, so the plant could be restarted without extending a normal outage time. To meet the project specific requirement of cast in place anchors not projecting above the top of foundation concrete, a special anchorage design was custom made. Salt Water Processing Facility, Savannah River Site Parsons Infrastructure & Technology Group Inc. PROJECT MANAGER completed concrete structure analysis and design of the Central Processing Plant of the Salt Water Processing Facility (SWPF). GT STRUDL software was used to develop sub models, one for each of the chosen walls or slabs containing major penetrations or a group of small penetrations. Based on sub model analyses of typical penetrations, rules were developed for simplifying evaluation of effects of penetrations on shear wall design. Polar Crane Walkway Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station PROJECT MANAGER revised a GT STRUDL finite element model of the Polar Crane and its walkway, developed by engineers at Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station. The original client GT STRUDL model showed overstress in the crane girders and required costly modification to the walkway, which must be implemented in the air. By incorporating important construction details in the original GT STRUDL model, I demonstrated that the Polar Crane and its walkway are acceptable as is, thus avoiding the planned modification which was costly and dangerous to implement.

MOX Project Shaw/Areva Mox Services, LLC

STRUCTURAL CONSULTANT developed guidelines to account for effects of penetrations on the design of shear walls approximately. Instead of relying on costly finite element analysis around each major penetration, caveats are used to judge whether the effect of a major penetration on a shear wall design is acceptable. A scheme for detailing rebar around a penetration is proposed so that a finite element analysis can be eliminated as long as the detailing requirements are met.

PROJECT MANAGER supervised and performed detailed ANSYS finite element analyses of radioactive containing slab tanks for the MOX facility project. Responsibilities included stress and deformation analysis of tanks and their support structures to qualify the tanks for seismic, thermal, nozzle, dead weight, anchorage and transportation loadings.

Page 3

PROJECT ENGINEER accomplished seismic qualification of glove boxes, using sophisticated ANSYS finite element models.

Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) Project Nexus Technical Services Corporation SENIOR CONSULTANT prepared structural design criteria for evaluating ANL site structures, systems, and components for Natural Phenomena Hazard (NPH) loads, developed stick models of selected buildings for generation of floor response spectra, and performed code check of building structures subjected to NPH loads in accordance with DOE Std 1020 02.

SAIC Umatilla and Anniston US Army Depots

PROJECT ENGINEER built the 3D computer models and carried out the seismic analyses of the chemical demilitarization facilities on both sites. The analyses qualified the site buildings on both sites for the seismic event. SSI analysis was used for both sites to develop the impedance functions for use in the ADINA program for calculating dynamic response and qualifying building components. DC Cook American Electric Power

PROJECT ENGINEER completed detailed nonlinear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete steam generator enclosure (inside containment) for pressurization blowdown loads due to pipe rupture. Also executed step wise linear incremental analyses of same enclosure to validate load re distribution assumptions. Palisades Consumers Power Company

PROJECT ENGINEER performed finite element analysis of containment reactor coolant pump reinforced concrete floor laydown area for additional loads not originally considered in plant design criteria. Two concerns were addresses: laydown floor loads and supporting steel truss buckling capacity (stability). Millstone 2 Northeast Utilities

SENIOR ENGINEER worked on various structural and engineering tasks as follows: (1) Accomplished seismic qualification of equipment, for MP2 Civil/Structural group, (2) Did detailed analyses using GTSTRUDL, (3) Maintained significant knowledge of MP2 EWR’s and A/R’s, and (4) Prepared NU calculations, DCN’s and technical evaluations. Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant Wisconsin Public Service Corp SENIOR ENGINEER carried out seismic evaluation of the refueling water storage tank. The tank is 26 ft in diameter and 70 feet tall, anchored to the concrete foundation by 8 anchor bolts. The tank is supported laterally at four elevations. Because of 1/8 inch gaps between the tank and the lateral supports, and flexibility of the lateral support system, a step by step non linear analysis was executed, including the material non linearity of the anchor bolts and the geometric non linearity of the gaps.

Millstone Nuclear Power Plant, Unit I NUSCO

SENIOR ENGINEER checked the dynamic model of the unit 1 intake structure. A 3 D stick model was developed to represent the shear wall type structure with torsional effects properly accounted for. Floor response spectra were generated for the seismic qualification of equipment. Page 4

STONE & WEBSTER ENGINEERING CORP., BOSTON, MA August 1991 to May 1997 Millstone Nuclear Power Plant, Unit III NUSCO

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER (1) Analyzing pipe supports, (2) carrying out non linear base plate analyses including up lifting effects due to seismic loads, (3) Developing a computer program which determines direction cosines of base plates on the dome of the reaction containment building relative to the global coordinate system, and (4) Conducting porous concrete study for Unit III reactor containment building mat foundation. Chemical Demilitarization Pilot Plant U. S. Army Program Manager STRUCTURAL ENGINEER laid out steel and concrete structures and completed analysis and design of structures including beams, columns, bracing, walls, footings and mats. Impulsive and convective forces due to earthquake in the fluid tanks supported on the mat were evaluated. The behavior of the mat was analyzed by using a finite element model in which a subgrade reaction modulus was used to account for the effects of soil mat interaction. Bellefonte Reactor Auxiliary Control Building Tennessee Valley Authority STRUCTURAL ENGINEER generated floor response spectra, including the effects of flexible floors, in the Containment Building and in the Auxiliary Building, and developing software to calculate the variation of floor response spectra with equipment mass.

New Production Modular High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Department of Energy STRUCTURAL ENGINEER developed floor response spectra, including soil structure interaction effects, in the Containment Building and in the Auxiliary Building. The tasks included development of stick models, generation of artificial time histories from the site specific earthquake ground response spectra, and dynamic analyses in the frequency domain.


Malden Mill Project Malden Mill

Two 300MW Masinloc Coal Fired Thermal Power Project National Power Corporation, Republic of the Philippines PRT Test Track Guideway Raytheon

Study of Working Stress Design versus Load Resistant Factor Design Civil Structure Div. Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation

IP & L Petersburg Generating Station, Units 1 & 2 Indianapolis Power & Light Company Connecticut Yankee Spent Fuel Pool Re racking Nusco Shoreham Dryer/Separator Cavity Cask Impact LILCO/SHOREHAM North Anna Steam Generator Access Platforms Virginia Power Maine Yankee Spent Fuel Pool with Re racking Yankee Atomic Electric Company

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