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Engineer Manager

Frisco, Texas, United States
December 11, 2018

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Ousainou Demba, MBA


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Senior RF Engineer experienced with both design and optimization. Over Fifteen years’ experience in engineering, design cellular network for AMPS, TDMA and CDMA for both CDMA 850 and PCs 1900; includes 8 years’ experience in LTE, GSM and UMTS optimization.


CONSULTING ASSIGNMENTS Data Analysis Engineer (RF Deployment)

T-Mobile, Frisco Texas October 1st, 2018 – Present

Create Micro Soft Power BI for the RF Construction team

Provide assistance to Construction Budget team to track PO

Provide Final Reports to the Construction Director

CONSULTING ASSIGNMENTS RF Design & Optimization (RF Deployment)

T-Mobile, Frisco Texas March 3rd, 2017 – September 31st, 2018

Create and Review RFDS with reference to the plumbing diagram

Create and review RFDS for 5G

Verify existing RF radio using BTS Site Manager

Review lease application with reference to the RFDS/Configuration

Review CDs

Create Port Matrix with reference to the RFDS (Design Configuration)

Create RF Configuration in regards to POR and Tower loading of sites

Customize RFDS for non-standard design/Configuration

Coordinate with Site Development for lease validation and design verification

T-Mobile, Austin Texas October 3rd, 2016 – March 2017

Create and Review RFDS with reference to the plumbing diagram

Verify existing RF radio using BTS Site Manager

Validate new site integration using NetAct and BTS Site Manager

Create sites in ASSET and SORT

Validate ASSET site configuration with CIQ information

GMLC and SAS provisioning and site validation

Review CDs and NTPs

Verify Radio module assignment on Nokia RAS/FASA & FASB antennas

Review Portmatrix with reference to the RFDS (Design Configuration)

Create RF Configuration in regards to POR and Tower loading of sites

Review CIQ for final deployment

CONSULTING ASSIGNMENTS RF Design & Optimization ( RF Deployment)

T-Mobile, Beltsville Maryland January 11th, 2016 – September 2016

Cell Site Design visit for L1900 Overlay (Capacity Sites)

Create Design Visit Site package to use for CD review

Identify Potential DAS sites

Design Outdoor & Indoor DAS for Coverage & Capacity Need

Design review for LTE & UMTS using ASSET & ActiveOne

Complete EME study for GSM, UMTS, and LTE sites

Use ASSET to create coverage prediction for Work Orders

Update the site database using SPOT tool

Create Neighbors with New Neighbor Generation Tool for PSC & PCI request

Create and Review RFDS

Build RFDS to the online RFDS Tool

Create CIQ for the LTE modernization project

Verify all the Golden parameters for the new site deployment

Conduct Pre-Lunch drive test for the new site deployment

Optimize the existing sites with the deployment of the new site

ERICSSON, PLANO TX 2010 - 2015

Sprint LTE 2ND Carrier Deployment : July 2015 – November 2015

RF Troubleshooting & Optimization team lead

Optimization and Troubleshooting for Sprint ( Missouri, East Texas, Kansas, Kentucky Markets)

Ensuring LTE/VoLTE site performance degradation after site visit are fixed

Complete a pre/post parameter checks and also GS audit to ensure all parameters are aligned

Ensure carrier aggregation feature is enable and activated and traffic load is fairly balanced between the various carriers

Troubleshoot cause of MIMO degradation and provide improvement recommendations

Perform root cause analysis to improve VoLTE Accessibility, Retainability and Mobility for QCI 1; Optimizing VoLTE sites to reduce drops, improving SRVCC Handover

Troubleshoot cause of LTE Accessibility, Retainability and Mobility degradation and provide recommendations to improve performance

Review and audit parameters for the 2nd carrier sites

Run ENIQ & RF Synch tools to generate performance report for the KPIs

Troubleshoot sites that does not meet the pre-deployment KPIs

Run OSS commands to verify key parameter settings, alarms, etc

Generate No Harm report and submit to customer

Sprint Multi-Band optimization : November 2014 – July 2015

Post launch Activity for Sprint ( Missouri, Markets)

Managed optimization team (12 Engineers and 3 drive teams) and served as interface between Ericsson (RNAM) and the Sprint local RF team

Manage/ Coach 12 engineers (4 contractors, 5 GSC, and 3 OEM) with 6 drive testers

Evaluated every engineer and assigned them with task of their strength ( LTE, CDMA, EVDO, NSN, Reporting, Windcatcher analysis, ENIQ, Cockpit etc)

Schedule the drive testers for the clusters drive (30 clusters)

Trained the GSC engineers to get them up to speed for LTE optimization (Most of them have only CDMA background)

Bridge the team with local Sprint RF team including the RF manager

Communicated every proposed network changes to the Sprint local RF team for both approval and non -approval request/task

Work/support with the Solution Architect to implement all the parameter trails and generate performance report

Schedule weekly meetings with local RF team to provide updates for all our optimization activities

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Ericsson, Plano TX January 2013 to November 2014

LTE Lead RF Engineer for (LTE Tuning & Post Launch Optimization for Sprint Network Vision Project Dallas Market)

Reviewed final RF design and the initial data fill for any discrepancies

Performed parameter audits using Bulk CM export from ERTT

Set-up tuning KPIs with reference to design KPIs

Created exclusion zones with the customer approval

Prepared drive routes for cluster drives, co-ordinated and supervised Drive Test Engineers for effective cluster drive to meet customer expectations

Verified MTU settings of laptop and backhaul for the testing

Performed site shakedown using TEMs Investigation and DRT scanner

Collected drive data to verify handover between sectors

Analyzed drive test data using TEMS discovery to verify Throughput (DL, UL, connections Setup time and Handover success)

Reviewed daily eUtran alarm reports, evaluated site performance using ENIQ, and troubleshot degrading site performance using OSS Amos commands

Troubleshot accessibility, retainability and handover related issues

Performed cluster tuning by ensuring areas of poor RSRP, RSRQ,CINR, and throughputs are optimized

Troubleshot VSWR,PCI Collision, Interference issues

Sprint NASCAR 2013

Lead the LTE deployment and Performance Optimization for the Sprint NASCAR Cows providing coverage for the events.

Ericsson, Plano TX June 2011 to January 2012

RAN Engineering (LTE Tuning)

Reviewing final RF design and the initial data fill for any discrepancies

Set-up tuning KPIs with reference to design KPIs

Created exclusion zones with the customer approval

Created drive route for cluster drive

Verified MTU settings of laptop and backhaul for the testing

Performed site shakedown using TEMs Investigation and DRT scanner

Analyzed drive test data using TEMS discovery and Windcatcher to verify Throughput (DL, UL, and Handover success)

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Ericsson, Plano TX October 2010 _ May 2011

RAN Engineering (LTE Design)

Reviewed Atoll parameter settings using Ericsson Link Curve and Atoll standard

Used ATOLL to run Simulation for Baseline project

Created ACP from the Baseline ATOLL project

Ran ACP for initial KPIs of the Baseline Project

Ran RSRP analysis to review the project/market coverage overview

Selected antenna type, Down-Tilt, Azimuth, and Rad Center to meet the required KPIs

Ran Simulation for RSRQ and SINR

Optimized and designed to meet the require KPIs

Created PICD for final project presentation/review


LCC Consultant for Huawei Chantilly, VA September 13th – October 22nd, 2010

Performing ATOLL Model Tuning for Nextel International in Mexico.

Verifying CW drive test data and convert it to UTM Zones

Import CW drive test data into Atoll

Filter the clutter using filtering assistant in Atoll

Calibrate the K value within the Forsk Atoll recommended ranges

LCC Consultant for AT&T Wireless, Pittsburgh, PA June 16th – August 9th, 2010

Sr. RF Engineer Work on CGSA project filing for FCC license

Extensive use of ATOLL & 850 Engineering Data Reporting Toolkit

Verifying the contours of the existing license and the new extension agreement using Atoll

Create coverage plots for Extension Agreement using Atoll

Identify all the down-tilt of the sectors included on the Extension Agreement.

Create FCC Contours for the New CGSA using ATOLL

ZTE, Kansas, KS May 10th – June 14th, 2010

RF Design Engineer

Responsible for Sprint CDMA RFP design for Raleigh/Durham using Planet EV

Create Rapid Planning, Traffic map, and Monte Carlo for the RFP

AT&T GSM and UMTS Network (Contractor), Hanover, MD Feb 2009 – May 7th 2010

RF Performance Engineer

Responsible for the GSM and UMTS network in Washington and Baltimore areas

Resolved customer complaint, regarding drops, no service, or slow connectivity

Involve collecting drive test data using Tems

Processed and Analyzed data in Actix

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Monitored site in OSS for traffic, drop, and T1 issue using AT&T MML tool

Create Trident for future sites using ATOLL, Trident Tool, and Topo Map

Perform 911 test during switch upgrade and new site integration

Conduct training for newly hired drive testers


CRICKET COMMUNICATIONS, CDMA EVDO & Voice Network Raleigh, NC Apr 2007 – Jan 2009

RF Design & Performance Engineer

Managed, and support general contractors for the Raleigh and Burlington Networks build

Attend antenna and line sweeps to verify proper connection

Involve in the 2007 Cricket Raleigh market launch

Conduct network baseline drive test and analyze the data for network optimization using Windcatcher

Analyze daily network Statistic using Schema mentor tool

Performance RF optimization analysis and change of parameter (MCTA, Handoff, PTO(power)) base on drive test and site stats reports

Provide daily and weekly report to management of the network performance

Resolve customer complaint, regarding drops, no service, or site issue

Developed PN offset plan for Raleigh market

Daily update Siterra database with cell site information

Monitor daily network statistics for dropped calls, ineffective attempts, fail hand down, and hard handoff

Attend weekly meeting with regional manager

Provide quarterly marketing maps to Sales & Marketing team

US Cellular 2000 – 2007

RF Design Engineer

Involve in site design using Planet EV propagation tool

Performed candidate analysis, site selection, field site visit, inspected construction drawings

Calculated link budget for power balance

Designing and optimizing new and existing cell sites in Washington and Oregon markets

Projects include capacity forecasting, carrier deployment, capital budgeting, managing the construction of new cell sites

Design and optimization of CDMA repeater sites in coverage hole areas

Design MW line of sight using PathLoss tool for rural sites with no T1 available

Measure the distance and Freznel zone to the select the MW radio frequency

Performed neighbor list tuning array (NLTA) using CSVS logs

Drive test analysis, propagation modeling, and site candidate Selection

Performed CDMA RF optimization in rural and suburban morphologies

Performed propagation model tuning for different morphologies

Ousainou Demba Page 5

Performed capacity planning exercise to ensure effective resource allocation

Performed FAA aeronautical obstruction clearance, FCC AM interference analysis and RF emissions health and safety analysis

Developed frequency plan and PN offset for WA4 RSA

Designed and Optimized CDMA overlay of Idaho 5 and 6 RSA TDMA and AMPS networks

Led USCC NW engineering team for E-911 implementation process


Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), emphasis in General management, City University, Bellevue WA

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, emphasis in Wireless Communication, Washington State University, Pullman WA


PMI PMP Certification on going ( Project Certification 1/2016)

Ericsson Customer Project Management Certification (CPM)

Ericsson VOLTE Technology Certification

Ericsson LTE Technology Certification

Ericsson IP Technology Certification (Routing & Switching)

Ericsson LTE L11B Performance Management, Tuning and Optimization

Ericsson LTE L11B Configuration and Functionality

Windcatcher Plus

Nortel CDMA Capacity & Traffic Engineering Course 1204

Nortel CDMA Handoff Principles Course 1203

Nortel CDMA design & optimization Course 1202

Nortel CDMA Technology & IS-95 technology Course 1201

Agilent CDMA Planning & Design Issues

Agilent Drive test gear

ZK Sam drive test gear

Mentum Planet EV propagation model design tool

Map Info, Unix, Exel, Microsoft Project

Actix – Drive test data analysis tool

Exceed - Windcatcher drive test analysis tool

Nokia UMTS technology

Ericsson – TEMs DriveTester CDMA V1.1

US Cellular – Ethical Awareness and Decision

Fred Pryor Seminars – How to deal with negativity in the workplace

Fred Pryor Seminars – How to Handle People With Tact and Skill

Fred Pryor Seminars – How to Be a Better Communicator

Sitesafe – RF Hazard Awareness & Safety Training

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