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Financial Sales

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
December 09, 2018

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Name : Mohammed Sobhy Darwish Mustafa

Address : hayel street - Jeddah

Telephone : 009************

Qualification : Bachelor of commerce 2003 _ Ain Shams University Date of Birth : 16/4/1981

Social Situation : Married and reliable

Certifications : Preparing cma certification exam2018 Ima no, 000001162356-0

key skills: -

Perform and control Internal audit full cycle

evaluation of Internal controls

International Financial Reporting Standards

familiar with ERP systems

financial analysis

decision making analysis

working capital management

work experience: -


Position: senior internal auditor :


1. Perform and control the full audit cycle including risk management and control management over operations' effectiveness, financial reliability and compliance with all applicable directives and regulations.

2. perform the planning, fieldwork, of Internal Audit to deliver audit coverage in line with department objectives, quality standards and timelines.

3. Deliver a high quality internal audit reports that contain all observations, along with proposed internal audit recommendations. 4. create and develop audit programs for individual departments. 5. Deploy “Data Analytics” on the ERP data through his internal audit reviews, to highlight the process risks.

6. Ensures compliance with established internal control procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation 7. Verifies assets and liabilities by comparing items to documentation. 8. Completes audit work papers by documenting audit tests and findings. 9. Prepares special audit and control reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing operating information and trends.

10.Conduct exit meetings with process owners to discuss and validate internal audit reports and obtain management action plans and responses.

11.Conduct regular follow-up exercises to obtain an update over the status on the implantation of the agreed action plans and provide assurance over the implemented internal controls.

12.Supervise and develop a team of Internal Auditors by setting goals, monitoring performance, providing feedback and reviewing their deliverables

13.Provide objective and systematic evaluations and solutions for internal control risks, risk management gaps, and governance/compliance requirements.

14.Provide advisory upon need, through the process of developing the Company’s Policies & Procedures.

15- investigates, about incompliance and suggesting corrections

16-Audit business processing and make report about performance

17-controlling receivables and collection, following up the bad debit and provisions after investigates.

18-investigate and resolve customer queries

19-Supervising Prepares financial statements and other reports and interpret current and projected company financial position.

20-Work with external auditors during financial audits and zakat calculation.

21-Report, analyze, and ensure integrity of all financial information.

22-General control of all departments of the company to detect deviations and manipulations by develop procedures that prevent the occurrence

- Protection, Contracting Company

Position: Internal Auditor

For the period from 15/6/2009 to 27/9/2010

Work assigned to him:

1-Participate in the development and control implementation of financial regulations and company internal control procedure of all company activities 2. evaluate the effectiveness of the company's internal controls; 3. Audit of purchasing and local suppliers and other creditors 4. audit and follow-up to the fixed assets registration and annual depreciation 5. audit and monitor customer accounts collection activity 6. audit and monitor cost of sites and make monthly reports 7. audit daily casher transaction

8. audit employee custody

9. audit monthly wages and salaries

10. audit bank accounts

11. audit L.G accounts

12. Participate in development programs

13. Development and activation of the cycle of the stores 14. Development and activation of the cycle of the purchasing 15. Participate in the preparation of financial statements

- Habitat Egypt furnishings company

Position: Internal Auditor

from 2006 – 2009

1. Responsibilities Audit of purchasing and local suppliers and other creditors 2. The audit of l.c and foreign suppliers

3. audit and follow-up to the fixed asset register and annual depreciation 4. help in development of the company's costing system 5. audit and follow-up customer accounts

6. audit and follow-up branches accounts

7. Participate in the matches with the branches and sister companies 8. audit sales commissions and distribution of various categories of sales 9. Audit the accounts of contracting.

10. Follow-up other allowances

11. audit monthly wages and salaries

12. audit employee custody

13. audit over time expenses and transportation

14. Participate in the preparation of financial statements 15. Participate in development programs and solving the problems of proposals

16. Development and activation of the cycle of the stores

- Fife brothers company:

Position: accountant

From 2005 - 2006

1. Responsibilities follow-up customer accounts receivable and collection 2. The work of the General journal day by day

3. The work of the bank operations & reconciliation 4. The work of payroll

5. Adoption of the work of vat monthly

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