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Compliance Professional

Lancaster, Texas, United States
December 08, 2018

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**** ***** ***** *****, *********, Texas 75146 H: 972-***-**** C: 214-***-**** PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

Seasoned Compliance Manager well-versed in policy development, training management and reporting. Well- organized and systematic with excellent communication and planning abilities. Looking for a challenging posi- tion in a fast-paced environment and embrace the opportunity to travel as necessary to meet client and project demand. Quality-driven professional familiar with tracking, documentation and reporting requirements. Able to assess work, materials and procedures to recommend adjustments that maintain compliance. Offering fifteen years' experience and a motivated, energetic mindset. SKILLS

• Capable of managing autonomy to achieve

client goals and maintain superior customer


• Mitigate risk and customize honed organiza-

tional skills to clearly confer findings and op-

tions as executed during partnership with

OpExNow and Consolidated Analytics during

contracted period focusing on employee re-


• Expertise in underwriting, FHA loans and fi-

nancial transactions to include experience with

investors such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,

VA, USDA and Assets loans.

• Strong knowledge and application of banking

laws and ethics with history of ensuring corpo-

ration compliance with regulations as required

by the Bank Secrecy Act, Anti Money Launder-

ing, OFAC, USA Patriot Act, Privacy Act and

Community Reinvestment Act.

• Equipped complex problem solver and inde-

pendent worker.

• Positive attitude and adaptable team player

• Superior organization skills and meticulous at-

tention to detail as necessary to ensure proper

documentation of personal work processes to

ensure client understanding and plan execution.

• Interpersonal skills, due-dilligence and regula- tory compliance combined with high level of

accuracy when reviewing Affidavits of Indebt-

edness (AOI).

• Strong with derivatives, excellent time man-

agement and self-directed mindset when part-

nered with firms to research, review and inves-

tigate land ownership, liens and history of sale.


Dealer Services Executive Resolution Specialist / Executive, 03/2017 to Current Wells Fargo Auto – Irving, TX

• Execute independent authority to asses a client issues and determine appropriate resolution while working within the regulatory requirements as outlined.

• Closely research to mitigate risk for the organization and recognize all systemic issues that could have a broader reach into the organization.

• Act as a liaison between dealerships, production teams, customers, complaint organizations and agencies regarding risk associated with the customer's engagements with the dealerships.

• Front line of defense for customer's and their issues, focusing on building client rapport while still giving value to their experience and expectations.

• Use discernment and easily digested feedback when having to confront issues with individuals about im- proper or poor performance.

• Process specialized knowledge in the areas of Compliance, Quality Control, Foreclosure and Risk Analysis to properly execute plan of action.

Quality Control Analyst, 03/2016 to 07/2016

OpExNow and Consolidated Analytics – Dallas, TX

• This contracted position required a daily review of the work performed by the financial institution's em- ployees.

• Reviews were done on files to determine if all steps were followed as outlined by the particular investor, which included; Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, USDA and Assets loans.

• Completed an exhaustive review, it was determined if approval could be given for the file to proceed for- ward, and communication would continue on with the homeowner.

• Determined if a file was denied from moving forward.

• Addressed investor issues and determined if proper bank codes were used.

• Decisively noted if set timelines were met.

• Verified that letters being sent out were proper and complete in their content, comprehension, and gram- matical correctness.

• Provided daily reports were given to upper management to inform them of my findings.

• Participated in occasional conference calls to inform corporation management about areas that needed training and immediate improvement.

• Originated, reviewed, processed, closed and administered customer loan proposals.

• Recommended loan approvals and denials based on customer loan application reviews.

• Compiled database of loan applicants' credit histories, corporate financial statements and other financial information.

• Submitted loan applications to the underwriter for verification and recommendations.

• Reviewed and edited loan agreements to ensure accuracy.

• Complied with regulatory requirements, including the Bank Secrecy Act, Anti Money Laundering, OFAC, USA Patriot Act, Privacy Act and Community Reinvestment Act. Document Control Representative, 06/2015 to 03/2016 Nationstar Mortgage – Coppell, TX

• Analyzed, researched and resolved intricate document and land records issues impeding servicing and compliance with regulatory governance.

• Partnered with management across all Lines of Business, Attorney firms, In-house Legal Counsel, Custodi- ans and Investors to complete tasks as needed.

• Originated, reviewed, processed, closed and administered customer loan proposals. Compliance Specialist Loan Officer, 12/2013 to 09/2014 Boston Portfolio Advisors Inc. – Coppell, TX

• In this contracted position I tested Data provided to ensure the financial Institution followed OCC Regula- tory Compliance Specifications.

• Used data sourced completely from the population of the Financial Institutions homeowners.

• During tenure, the Institution was tested to determine their levels of proficiency, along with their weakness.

• Examined cases to determine if HMDA reporting requirements were followed.

• Reviewed affidavit of Indebtedness (AOI) to ensure accuracy and completeness.

• Ensured that foreclosure action was suspended when the (AOI) is inaccurate.

• Affirmed who the legal holder of the mortgage and note were.

• Audited loan documentation, to determine if processes and documentation were in compliance.

• Assessed borrower complaints, inquires and requests for loan modification.

• Analyzed force placed insurance and dual tracking procedures along with mortgage servicing practices which include post-acquisition entity, robot signing document execution and accuracy of documentation.

• Concluded reviews by providing an overview report to the in-house management staff that included an analysis of methods in handling the files, determined their timelines in communicating with third party re- porting entities and the report was finalized with suggestions of actions the Financial Institution could take to improve their internal and external performance opportunities. Compliance & Foreclosure Reviewer, 01/2012 to 01/2013 The Solomon Edwards Group – Dallas, TX

• Traveled to and resided in Charlotte, NC during portion of this contracted partnership.

• Reviewed files that had already gone through the foreclosure process and proceeded to the foreclosure sale. Such files were reviewed in several areas to determine if the financial institution followed proper steps in their compliance regulations in handling due diligence. Legal requirements were outlined in the Hudson Cooke Manuel.

• Analyzed the date and determined whether proper steps were taken to insure care and consideration was offered to the homeowner. To include whether the homeowner was offered a modification, Short Sale or a Deed in Lieu, be it internal or governmental or if verbal and written attempts made to the homeowner in a timely manner, prior to escalated actions being taken against them. Finally, I assessed if homeowners were given the opportunity to respond.

• In regard to homeowner communication, I evaluated If homeowners did respond, how did the financial in- stitution handled such communication and provided advisory oversight on in-house quality and other con- trol functions.

• Shared with corporation managers some opportunities for improvement and communicated the finding of issues needing to be addressed.

• Discussed the challenges in moving about in their technical systems, the population that we worked with in our assessment of their review, and the method used in selecting the sample provided to us for testing.

• During testing, ensured that it Included program content, scope of populations to be sampled, the report formats, corrective actions needed and how they handled their data management.

• Prepared management presentation to identify the financial and representational risk to the institution if improvements were not made, the need to pay close attention to the borrower's escalated issues, and their employee's performance levels and priorities with the overall goal of casting a vision on how they could excel in their overall management skills.

Compliance & Foreclosure Reviewer, 09/2011 to 12/2011 Newbold Advisors – Dallas, TX

• Contracted position as a mortgage consultant during which tenure duties included origination, reviewing, processing, closing and administering customer loan proposals.

• Compiled database of loan applicants' credit histories, corporate financial statements and other financial information.

• Reviewed and edited loan agreements to ensure accuracy.

• Complied with regulatory requirements, including the Bank Secrecy Act, Anti Money Laundering, OFAC, USA Patriot Act, Privacy Act and Community Reinvestment Act.

• Reviewed accounts where the property had already gone through the foreclosure process.

• Followed strict processes to determine if the bank followed compliance regulations, along with of the state required steps before the actual foreclosure was processed.

• Participated in weekly reports with the financial institution's management team.

• Communicated with them the results of our findings, making recommendations for improvements.

• Addressed if compliance regulations were followed as established by state and federal guideline.

• Discussed specific details of instances where they failed to adhere to compliance guidelines. Solution Center Specialist, 08/2010 to 08/2011

Fannie Mae – Dallas, TX

• In this contracted position I daily handled escalated calls and emails from the Office of the Treasury, the Presidential cabinet, POTUS, SIG TARP and Congressional offices across the United States.

• Analyzed data, research issues, sent reports to office managers with detailed resolutions.

• Partnered with Fannie Mae loans, Non-GSE and GSE loans.

• Help regulate how mortgage companies worked within the guidelines of the supplemental directives estab- lished by the Office of the Treasury.

• Focused on improving and updating the processes used by the HAMP solution center. Loss Mitigation Specialist, 05/2008 to 06/2010

Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Services-MGIC – Dallas, TX

• As a contracted onsite consultant I did some underwriting, Reviewed and approved files submitted to MGIC by the Bank for review.

• Worked closely with the banks mortgage representatives and completed daily reviews files submitted, re- questing loan modifications, Deed in Lieu and Short Sales.

• Collaborated with bank management teams.

• Determined when cash contributions were needed when selling.

• Calculated the figures when promissory notes were written up.

• Partnered with Fannie Mae consultants on files that are handled by both Fannie Mae and MGIC.

• Selected to work on MGIC audit teams on special projects, weekly conference calls to give updates and conducted trainings both in-person and via webinar live feeds.

• Traveled to other sites to provide training when needed to Milwaukee, WI. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science: Psychology and Counseling, 2019 Oral Roberts University - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Associate of Arts: Theology and Counseling, 1989

Christ for the Nations Institute - Dallas, Texas


While at Christ For the Nations Institute (CFNI), I sang with and toured for two years with a group called "Liv- ing Praise". During which time, we traveled to 40 states and Western Canada. After CFNI, I auditioned to sing with the Dallas Symphony Chorus (First Tenor). Which allowed for the follow- ing opportunities:

• Performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City five times and at the Bravo Music Festival in Vail Colorado.

• Toured Europe (Munich, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary.

• Featured on several recordings with the Dallas Symphony Chorus (DSC), from which I retired in 2015 Since leaving the DSC, I've had the privilege to be:

• Selected to sing with the Opera Orchestra of New York City at Carnegie Hall.

• Travel and perform as a soloist to Europe again (Prague, Czech Republic, Salzburg & Vienna Austria).

• Perform at the New Texas Festival in Austin, TX.

• Requested to perform with the Austin Choral Union and the Austin Chamber Singers.

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