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Software Engineer Project

Milpitas, California, United States
December 08, 2018

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San Jose, CA ***** +1-408-***-**** EDUCATION:

Master of Science, Software Engineering, San Jose State University Jan ‘17 - Dec ‘18 Coursework: Enterprise Application Development, Enterprise Distributed Systems, Cloud Technologies, Object Oriented Programming with Java, UML Diagrams, Big Data, Large Scale Analytics, Data Structures & Algorithms EXPERIENCE:

Software Engineer Intern, Illumina, SF Bay Area, CA Oct ‘18 - Present

● Programmed in J2EE with restful architecture, used Solr to index, search, categorize, tag, filter the biomedical data in the complex system. Implement logging for apps running on tomcat. Deploy solutions on AWS. Software Engineer Intern, Lam Research, SF Bay Area, CA Jun ‘18 - Aug ‘18

● Building a big data performance-monitoring system that ingests and processes machine logs and generates intuitive visualizations at real time.

● Ingest data in Solr, ElasticSearch after structuring it using pre-processing engine, customize the dataflow with throughput formula. Visualize the data using charts over the time after parsing the dataflow at run time.

● Generate rules dynamically and apply rules for states of the machine. Predicts defects in the machine using Spark MLlib. Very useful and intuitive tool for the workers to visualize processing of their machine. Such tools can be used in the wide range of industries.

Software Engineer Intern, Devcool Inc., SF Bay Area, CA Apr ‘18- May ‘18

● Develop microservices for complex insurance products in spring boot, relational database with Agile SDLC Research Assistant (Project), SJSU, Lam Research Aug ‘17 – May’18 Software Engineer, iBASEt India Software, Ahmedabad, India Aug ‘14 - Dec ‘16

● Programmed in J2EE and implemented functionalities in a very complex product-Solumina with numerous scenarios, which is used in Engineering Production-Aerospace, defense, nuclear, medical to reduce paperwork

● Used tools and techniques such as Test Driven Development, GIT, Agile SDLC, Eclipse IDE, Maven, Jenkins

● Performed clean coding with simplification of old code and bugs fix and Best Clean Code submission award SKILLS:

Technologies: Java, Spring boot, JPA, Hibernate, AOP, Node js, Express js, Python, Flask Data Processing: Spark, Scala, Play, Machine Learning Algorithms Database: MySQL, Oracle, Sql Server, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Solr, Mongodb, Cassandra Cloud: Amazon Web Services-AWS, Heroku, Docker, Kong API Gateway, Docker Web & UI Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular js, d3 js, plotly RESTful Web Services, Shell scripting, Tomcat, RabbitMQ MOM, Drools Rule Engine, Ansible, Terraform, Ant PROJECTS:

Online Railway Ticket Booking System, SJSU, Group Project Aug - Dec ‘17

- Developed Online ticket booking system for California Ultra-Speed Rail web application.

- Used spring boot, JPA, Java, AOP, REST APIs, MySQL to implement various complex functionalities App Deployer, SJSU, Group Project Jan - May ‘17

- Developed a Python based app for deploying git code on IOT devices automatically.

- Implemented pub-sub model with REST API in Python, MySQL database, Shell Scripting, deployment on cloud Chatbot for Android Assistance, SJSU, Group Project Feb ‘18 - In Progress

- Chatbot for android developers & users to find their answers.

- Using Dialog Flow, Lambda, Mongodb, Node, stackexchange dataset to answer hard closed domain questions.

Shopping-Elf App, SJSU, Group Project Jan - May ‘17

- An android application which uses AI to auto-generates personalized shopping list.

- Used Pytesseract for Image Processing, REST API in Python to get text from bills. Breakout Game, SJSU, Group Project Aug - Dec ‘17

- Created a web based game in javascript using Phaser JS engine and motive was to various design patterns.

- Implemented many design patterns and followed Kanban and Scrum throughout the development process. Cloud Computing Group Hackathon, SJSU, Group Project Jan - May ‘17

- Created a Cloud solution for users to order from different stores via KONG API Gateway.

- Implemented API gateway with Cassandra cluster to route requests from store and front end server in nodejs.

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