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Data Engineer

Chicago, Illinois, United States
December 07, 2018

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Charlotte, NC


Senior data architect with over 20 years of diverse experience in Data Architecture, Database Design, Enterprise Reporting, Data Quality, and Leadership in Education, Insurance, Consulting, Technology, Retail, and Manufacturing industries.

Database Architecture / Design

Data Modeling

Database Development

Database Conversion / Migration

Training / Mentoring

Standards Definition

Schema Release Management

Data Quality Designs and Implementation

Data Profiling

Metadata Design and Maintenance


Database Design / Architecture

Design and build complex relational databases and data warehouses.

Work with development teams and users to acquire a requirement basis for designs.

Provide leadership and me ntor data architects.

Provide in-depth expertise with schema management and data definition.

Define enterprise-level standards (naming, architectural, data design).

Design data quality solutions.

Design data profiling solutions.

Development Implementations

Perform database modeling tasks related to the full life-cycle of development of software.

Develop data information architectures for enterprise reporting purposes.

Plan, analyze data and requirements, and design for application and reporting solutions. Knowledge and experience with Windows and Unix platforms using SQL (T-SQL, Informix, and others).

Develop ELT (Extract Load and Transform) solutions.

Manage schema design and releases.

Maintain and manage affected schemas for database engine upgrades.

Develop profiling solutions to support data quality.

Develop data quality standards system.

Develop data model automations for custom data architecture efficiencies.


Data Analyst, Randstad, Charlotte, NC

2/2018 – Present

SQL backend development work.

Production support SQL work.

Tools: Microsoft SQLServer, T-SQL, Mgmt Studio, RedGate, and PowerShell

Data Architect, TeamSoft and ACC

2/2017 – 9/2017

Wrote a PowerShell impact analysis tool.

Modeled SOA databases on SQLServer.

Tools: Microsoft SQLServer, T-SQL, ERStudio, Mgmt Studio, PowerShell

Data Architect, Randstad, Madison, WI

6/2016 – 12/2016

Production support data modeling.

ERWin automation using PowerShell.

Tools: Microsoft SQLServer, T-SQL, ERWin, Mgmt Studio, PowerShell

Data Architect, Carthage College

6/2013 – 4/2016

Developed a comprehensive data quality program for the ERP system using Google sheets and python.

Developing an ERP temporal datastore solution to support enterprise reporting.

Developed a constituent profile solution to support further data quality and data analysis.

Tools: Microsoft SQLServer, T-SQL, Python, ERWin, Gdata, Mgmt Studio, SQLLines, Unix, Informix, Visio

Data Architect, Sentry Insurance

5/2004 – 12/2012

Responsible for all project data design perspectives which included data architecture, data movement, and other data services.

Designed a database that stored internet usage summaries.

Maintained largest database in the company, a claims database, and all the interfacing databases which included an operational datastore (ODS) and the respective stage environment.

Maintained all schema releases for this project throughout a major conversion effort of legacy data. Releases occurred on a weekly basis and were coordinated with the application development team(s).

Designed and supported ETL sourcing.

Developed and maintained a system that managed changes to data coding and respective descriptions.

Developed a data slicing and obfuscation program using t-sql for generating small non-production test data sets based on data relationships which obfuscated all sensitive data.

Designed many interface databases for this major corporate database.

Mentored all data architects in the company and worked closely with the DBA staff.

Developed a 40,000 line ER/Studio macro using SAX-Basic to automate and customize project schema release process. This was was used company-wide.

Tools: Microsoft SQLServer, T-SQL, Embarcadero ER/Studio 8.5, Mgmt Studio, SSIS, Informatica 7.1, TFS, Ralph Kimball ETL Design, Visual Studio,


EDUCATION B.S. in Applied Computer Science, May 1989

University of Wisconsin - Parkside, Kenosha, Wisconsin


Senior Programmer Analyst, Racine Unified School District

3/2003 – 6/2003

Responsible for project application development using Oracle and Progress databases using the Visual Basic programming language.

Tools: Oracle, Progress, Visual Studio,

Senior Application Specialist, Greenbriar & Russel, Inc

8/2002 – 12/2002

Data Warehouse Consultant. I worked on a data warehouse project using Oracle, Excel, and CRM for a major retailer.

Work at a medical claims service company with IBM UDB.

Tools: Oracle, IBM UDB, Excel, CRM

IT Consultant, The Dial Corporation

11/2001 – 7/2002

Support and developed the corporate manufacturing data mart.

Supported batch ETL.

Developed Unix scripts.

Tools: Oracle 8i, Unix, Unix scripting, Visio

Data Administration Specialist, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

11/2000 – 7/2001

Designed and developed a PeopleSoft data mart for academic modules.

Supported batch ETL.

Developed Unix scripts and project metadata.

Tools: Oracle 8i, Unix, Unix scripting, PeopleSoft, Informatica 1.6

Technical Analyst, Kohl's Department Stores

6/1998 – 11/1999

System support and development of a retail corporate data warehouse having several hundred production users.

Tools: IBM UDB, Unix, Unix scripting, MicroStrategy, Ralph Kimball Design

Business System Engineer, The Marcus Corporation

8/1997 – 6/1998

Maintain and develop a sales interface application to PeopleSoft Financials.

Tools: PeopleSoft, SQLServer, Unix

Application Specialist, Greenbriar & Russel and Independent Consultant

9/1994 – 2/1997

System support and development of a corporate object respository for application development.

Developed sales management system for North American dealerships of construction equipment.

Tools: PowerBuilder (Certified Developer), Sybase, Oracle, Windows NT

Systems Analyst, Liturgical Publications

1/1994 – 9/1994

Developed a client/server prototype to replace IBM S/36 systems.

Tools: IBM S/36, Macintosh, Windows.

Systems Analyst, Western Publishing

2/1992 – 1/1994

Responsible for choosing new client/server tools.

Maintenance and development of an EDI solution interface to Brock, a sales and marketing software package.

Developed an online help documentation project using Windows helpfile development tools.

Tools: IBM Informix, Brock, Unix, System V, RoboHelp.

Systems Analyst, JC Penny

Developed a client/server executive reporting solution.

Tools: IBM Mainframe, Windows.

Business Systems Engineer, Motorola


Supported and maintained an electronic blueprint imaging system.

Tools: Unix, C.

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