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Developer Project

Bucharest, Romania
December 07, 2018

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Babă Victor Petrișor

I am an enthusiast frontend developer with a working background that covers most of important areas like: Fast Food Industry, Toys Industry, Banks, Auto Industry and Online Stores. My journey started around my 20s when curiosity met passion and resulted in a career path which I am working every day with joy.

I am continuous learner and I aim to develop unique connection between the user and software I am developing.



Position: Frontend Developer

Employer: MVP Factory

Website :

Period: Feb 2018 – Present

Experience: The first project that I worked on was an admin platform for a marketing company on which I have been using the following technologies React, Redux, Sass, Rest Api, React Final Form, React Router.

From May 2018 I am working on the MVP Factory admin platform where I am using React, Apollo, GraphQl, Glamorous (Css in JavaScript), React Final Form, React Router. Position: Frontend Developer

Employer: Deloitte Digital

Period: Oct 2016 – Nov 2017

Experience: Developed an internet banking application for Addiko Bank (UK) using React.js, React Router for app routes and Glamour (Css in Javascript) for styling. In addition, I developed and maintain two Online Stores:

• for I worked with Flight.js and Sass for styling.

• for I worked with jQuery.js and Sass for styling. Position: Frontend Developer

Employer: Lego System A/S powered by Arnia Software Period: Nov 2017 – June 2018

Experience: Created a kids playground developed by a server-side rendering app made from scratch with Next.js (using React.js), Redux for state management, create the dynamic routes with Express and use Sass to style the components for Lego System A/S. Position: Frontend Developer

Employer: RINF Tech

Period: Jul 2016 – Oct 2016

Experience: Developed an Admin Panel for the City Hall of Barcelona. The purpose of this app was to manage the info received from all the parking pay stations in the city. To create this app I used the following technologies : React.js, React Router, Rest API and jsx-style (Css in JavaScript). Project based contract.

Position: Frontend Developer - internship

Employer: Hollo Marketing Solutions

Period: Mar 2015 – May 2015

Experience: Learned about web technologies and how to use them to create a simple website.

Position: Frontend Developer

Employer: BPM Wave International AG

Period: Aug 2015 – Oct 2015

Experience: Develop a Bank Prototype Application using Vanilla JavaScript, Html and Css. Project based contract.

Position: Frontend Developer

Employer: BMBC Premium Solutions

Period: Jun 2015 – Aug 2015

Experience: Maintain Toasted2Go Online Store with Jquery, Html, Css. Project based contract.

Position: Frontend Developer

Employer: Kalon Global Group, Inc.

Period: Oct 2015 – Jul 2016

Experience: Develop and maintain one of the most successful fast food app for McDonald’s US with React.js, Redux.js, Rest API and Sass.

University : The Nicolae Titulescu University of Bucharest Period of study : 2012 - 2016

•JavaScript ES6, ES2017


•Apollo Client & Server



•Dynamic React Forms

• Server-Side Rendering

with React.js using


• React Router

• Css in JavaScript

• Sass






Web Development Course Jul 2014 - Oct 2014

I attended the lessons of the institute S.C. Avantaj Consulting in Bucharest which is accredited by the Ministry of National Education of Romania. This course was divided into two modules:

Module 1 : basic level of Html, Css, JavaScript

Module 2 : medium - advanced level of Html, Css, JavaScript EDUCATION



•English: Advanced


•Telephone: +40-755-***-***

•Marital Status: Unmarried

•Birthday: 28-06-1993

•Nationality: Romanian

•Hometown: Bucharest



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