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Accounts Payable Accounting

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
December 06, 2018

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Cellular: 403-***-****


An accomplished and talented accounting professional with more than 20 years of experience in senior accounts payable role and Openlnvoice administrator. Highly organized and dedicated self-started who meets deadlines, while performing multiple tasks within fast paced environments.

Experienced with Q-byte system and OpenInvoice


Reduce cost of set up fees per user, recommended generic accounts for departments that did not have a high volume of invoice processing, reducing the cost of set-up fees by at least $50,000-$75,000.

Worked closely with the specialist for field power to build an upload that consisted over 1000 lines of coding, eliminating manual entry and reducing any chance of errors.

Acted as a liaison between the Accounts Payable team and the IT partners to mediate information and requirements needed to develop or upgrade the reconciliation report to be more efficient by creating new rules to ensure that invoices not meeting those rules of coding would fail prior to exporting to our financial system. This process reduced the daily reconciliation error report by 80%.



General Accounting Analyst

OpenInvoice Administrator October 2014- July 2018

Processed all OpenInvoice and manual invoices for Drilling department, Southern and Northern Alberta field ensuring they met Pengrowth billing requirements with correct coding and verified approval for payment processing.

Executed weekly cheque runs such as trades, early pay, contractors and miscellaneous quick pays such as consolidated power bills, Surface, Mineral, Freehold and Mineral tax invoices to meet payment schedule.

Accurately processed journal entries for corrections and performed reversal offsets

Managed Accounts Payable Inbox by printing invoices, answering vendor queries and insuring invoices met company billing requirements prior to submitting for scanning to be uploaded to OpenInvoice.

Handling all operated cheque requisitions and scanning of Surface and Mineral invoices.

Analyzed and documented monthly Duplicate Invoice and Stale Dated Cheques reports and reported findings to Accounts Payable Manager.

Distribution of invoices via OpenInvoice AP-Vendor Invoice Mailbox to the appropriate business units for processing.

Prepared and reviewed daily OpenInvoice reconciliation of exported invoices from OI to our financial system Q-byte.

Reviewed coding errors and performed corrections within OpenInvoice.

Vendor enabling in OpenInvoice for vendor invoice submission, reviewed company name changes.

Performed weekly mass invoice batch approvals.

Early Pay enabling request and Early Pay Approval Reminders/Report,

OpenInvoice vendor support, and monthly Aging report, weekly reconciliation of scanned invoices from Kofax program to OpenInvoice ensuring all invoices scanned where reconciled.

Review failed invoices in scanning process such as duplicates, large invoices or possible discrepancy such as future dates, credits or incorrect dollar amounts.


Openlnvoice Administrator

Accounts Payable Accountant June 2000 – January 2014

In charge of the Openlnvoice system ensuring all updates such as new users, approval authorization, terminations, GL codes, new departments were done on a timely basis, reconciliation of systems export balanced daily.

Updated and created new vendor master requests in Openlnvoice. Quarterly Sox Audits reports in the approval authorization within Openlnvoice and Qbyte reporting back to IT Security team.

Liaison between Accounts Payable team and IT developers to provide details and requirements to ensure all areas of our process were covered, such as taxes to each province, credit invoices, duplication of invoice alert etc. Understanding the implications of our needs based on the structure and guideline of our department to be able to create a functional, in-house elnvoice program, allowing our group to index vendor invoices prior to sending these to a third party vendor for scanning, batching and upload to Openlnvoice.

Involved in detailing the requirements to build a report for reconciliation purposes of the elnvoice in-house system, ensuring the correct information such as vendor name, invoice number, department, date, date batched, short description of error, was reflected in the report for a faster turnaround of locating the error for correction.

Selected to oversee the department as a leader in the supervisor's absence.

Senior accounts payable duties included verifying and approving all manual vouchers, new vendor set-up for all peers in the department, ensuring proper approval and entry was done prior to posting their vouchers.

Newest role added to my desk was corporate accounting, which involved coding and processing all corporate invoices, consultants, and expenses on a weekly basis.

Managed all accounts payable invoices, and related accounting duties such as journal entries, vendor inquiries, suspense reconciliation, cancel cheques, stop payments, credit memos, accounts reconciliations etc. for all vendors commencing with the following letters N-O-P plus Telus Communication, Telus Mobility, Valeo Power. Ensuring accuracy, proficiency in accordance to the company's practices.

Clean up of all the Telus bills researching coding discrepancies and allocation, performed corrections in preparation to reconcile all invoices for all field offices and head office bills to one a month, created uploads to ensure coding was also allocated correctly and consistently every month allowing an accurate and a more precise allocation of accrual for the monthly expenses. This also allowed a more timely payment and a better relation with landline and cell phone providers.

Participated and provided information to the supervisor on process changes ensuring it was documented, tested prior to introducing to the accounts payable team, allowing the group to be more consistent and a guideline for the whole department to follow ensuring if we all processed invoices, journal entries, comments, etc. in the same manner, we reduced duplication of entries, double payment of invoices, a better audit trail, due to a standardized process.


Introduction to Accounting and Micro-Computer

Accounting and Administrative Secretarial Certificate

General High School Diploma



Volunteer 2013-Present

Volunteered through various cultural functions to promote cultural awareness and fundraising for the community.

Treasurer, Board of Directors 2013-2016

Prepared financial activities, including activity deposits, ensuring that the organization has enough funds to maintain the CCCAC mortgage payments and utilities bills.

On a personal level, my involvement with the CCCAC is a rewarding experience as it allows me to experience my culture. It also provides me with the opportunity to express and give back to this diverse cultural country. It also allows me to continue and pass on my heritage to my children and the younger generation who are born in Calgary which provides them with the sense of belonging, knowledge and expression.


Secretary/Treasurer 2013-2018

Maintained and corresponded with the different organizations within the community that showcase multiculturalism events around the city.

Involved community members to participate with the Los Copihues Chilean Folkloric Society by attending fundraisers and public events that contribute to the celebration of Chilean cultural heritage through the arts.

Prepared financial activities, including activity deposits, ensuring that the society had funds to purchase traditional Chilean costumes.

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