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Engineer Microsoft Office

Newark, New Jersey, United States
December 04, 2018

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A results-oriented LAN/WAN/MAN Engineer with experience in maintaining, installing and designing of system network environments including personal computer hardware, mainframes and software. Proven management experience in systems development, implementation and maintenance while supervising personnel in the installation and configuration of network/system architecture in accordance with current standards.


New York State Courts, Queens Supreme Court: 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, NY


LAN/WAN Administrator

Responsible for large, complex or multiple local area networks, supervising subordinate on local area network administration and management of multi-vendor client/server technology environments.

Responsible for wide area networks in order to ensure availability to all users, planning, implementation and design of networks in accordance with Department of Information Technology.

Responsible for configuring complex local and wide area networks, video Conferencing routers, hubs, VOIP, install operating systems application software and hardware. Resolving network problems with communication media, and network equipment.

Chemical Banking: 270 Park Ave, NY,NY

LAN/WAN Analyst


Responsible for designing and implementing LAN/WANs for various business units. Planning and execute deployment of network PC for 1300 users, determined optimum configuration of windows by customizing QEMM, DOS, INI files, virtual and network drivers. Collected user requirement and developed solutions taking into account banks, guidelines, cost effectiveness and available resources. Provide support for users on a wide variety of PC and LAN/WAN projects. Implemented WANs using Routers, Gateway and Bridges (CISCO, WELLFLEET, BAY NETWORK, CSU/DSUs) for various business units Novell and Lotus Notes Servers.

Developed and implemented automated security and back-up procedures. Set standards for procurement of hardware and software, performed LAN management and capacity planning. Work with vendors and in-house resources to develop solutions on various networking problems.

Gitano Group: 250 Carter Drive Edison, New Jersey

LAN/WAN/MAN Administrator


Responsible for buying, negotiating prices and paying for PC’s software, motherboards and accessory boards, modems, networks and communication equipment. Responsible for all daily operations of NOVELL Netware V3.x Server LAN/WAN environment

Designed, maintained and supported 20 file servers and all operating netware for over 2500 users throughout the world. Performed installation, customization and optimization of Novell servers. Install and customized routers and bridges including the monitoring and troubleshooting of Novell file servers connectivity of users to the HP 9000 Mainframe for production purposes

Implemented Company –wide Microsoft Electronic Mail Systems., familiarity with equipment such as Digital data scope, Digital Multimeter, modem test sets, Break-out box, LAN Analyzer, Sniffers etc.

Air Cruiser Company: Wall Township, New Jersey



Testing of aircraft slides and flotation rafts for domestic and international airlines

U.S. Army 219th Military Intelligence Company: Fort Monmouth, New Jersey

Computer Operation


Responsible for the creation of a database system for easy access of intelligence information

Responsible for the installation and maintenance of the AS 400 system. Trained new system users in the use of the mainframe system.

U.S. Army 56th MP Company: Fort Richardson, Alaska

Communication Technician


Responsible for the maintenance and operation of all military police communication equipment, computers and mainframe. Responsible for the installation of phone and computer system at various sites.


Communication School -1983

DeVry Technical Institute- 1990 Certified Novell Engineer- 1996

Topology: Token Ring, Ethernet, ARCNET, FIBER OPTIC

Operating Systems: Netware V2.X, 3.X4.X,OS2 2.11, UNIX DOS V5.0,6.0 NT 3.51, 4.0

Other Systems: Lotus Suit Microsoft Office 365, Apple talk, MAC’s, Windows10 and older versions, CC Mail, Lotus Notes, Perfect Office, Novel GroupWise.

Protocol: TCP/IP, IPX, SPX, X.25, RIPII, OSPF, NLSP, VOIP, SAT Phone

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