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Engineer Manager

Egypt Lake-Leto, Florida, 33614, United States
December 04, 2018

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Ahmed Kamal -- Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

l Name: Ahmed Kamal El Din Abou-El-Yazid

l Birth date: 1980

l Nationality: Egyptian

l Phone: +201*********, +202********

l Tech Blog:

l Email: “”


l Arabic: Native

l English: Near Native fluency (Spoken and written) l French: Basic


l College Education: Ain-Shams University, Faculty of Engineering. Bachelor of “Electronics and Communications Engineering” 2002

l “Saint Fatima” English Language schools.

Professional Experience:

My Professional working experience is detailed as follows in reverse chronological order Co-Founder, Technical Manager: Cloud Niners (2008-Currnet) Cloud Niners Information Systems has been in business since 2008 and has established a reputation for quality. Cloud Niners focuses on infrastructure consultancy, operations with special focus on large scale and cloud-based solutions. Cloud Niners is Amazon’s only middle-east consulting partner, and OpenStack, Red-Hat, Oracle and VMware partner. Cloud Niners focuses on open-source standards compliant technologies

Sample technologies include:

• Operating web scale application, on a private cloud of 250 CPUs for Turkish large scale Internet business

• US/EU Patent holder on Cloud computing labs. Implemented commercially on AWS cloud

• Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, RDS...etc.) consulting. Application cloud-migration for various mixed Windows, Linux environments for commercial and governmental entities

• Operating large scale Linux infrastructure, for various US based scientific simulation orgs.

• Oracle Engineered systems, Exadata and super cluster consolidation and operations for banks Canonical (1.5years)

Role: Ubuntu Cloud-Community Manager.

Job responsibilities include:

• Being a on-top of Cloud and Virtualization technologies and trends

• Creating various forms of content to evangelize Ubuntu Cloud computing technologies

• Preparing and publishing technical demos, videos and screencasts showcasing and explaining innovations on the Ubuntu server and cloud products

• Creating public strategy for what issues to work-on, and how to advance Ubuntu Cloud

• Spur and nurture an excited community around them (virtual events, webinars...etc.) Technologies used include

• Juju next-generation Cloud orchestration framework

• OpenStack and Eucalyptus (Linux/KVM hypervisor) IaaS frameworks

• Amazon EC2 cloud to auto-deploy Ubuntu based infrastructure leveraging automated installation and configuration

• CloudFoundry PaaS framework

• Evangelizing and Guiding new community members through various technical tasks, providing IRC/forums/email support to community

ThebeTechnology/Incubaid (2 years)

• Team Manager and technically leading a team of top notch Linux System Engineers for a R&D Data-Center virtualization Team. The team services R&D for major multinationals and works closely with Oracle’s Cloud Computing division

• The team focuses on building large scale distributed computing cloud based infrastructures. The Infrastructure is mostly based on Linux operating system and various industry standard Hypervisors (Xen, ESX, KVM Sample work done includes: o Development of Large scale deployment tools for Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) o Writing python automation workflows to automate XCP management o Integrating a distributed file-system solution as the cloud backend storage o Integrating VMware ESX vSphere with cloud, with python automation workflows o Large scale data-center monitoring and performance aggregation tools o Integrating and optimizing “Remus” Fault tolerance Xen upstream project ThebeTechnology/A-server

• A-server Senior Systems Engineer, Cloud Computing Specialist: I am working as an out- sourced Senior Systems Engineer for Aserver ( and Qlayer

( acquired by ( As part of that job role, I help plan, design, configure, deploy and benchmark various patented software technologies for the efficient operations of large scale virtualized data-centers, as well as elastic Cloud compute services. During the phases of developing our technologies, we work closely with Sun Micro-Systems, which has acquired large parts of our technology base, and which remains one of our biggest customers. A sample of technologies we’re currently building includes o Cloud modeling and auto-deployment tools

o Cloud management software infrastructure

o Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) product

o Various storage backend technologies (iSCSI, Infiniband, real-time SAN replication o Large Scale Distributed, Fault tolerant, cloud file system (similar to Amazon’s S3)

o Custom Linux based Data-Center Operating System (DCOS) Microsoft (1 year)

I joined Microsoft for a Partner Support engineer role. The job’s target was to help Microsoft’s partners with projects that include Linux/Unix interoperability. The role I was fulfilling serves as the go-to person for anything Linux/Unix related within the local Microsoft subsidiary. This role has helped me analyze the requirements of large scale projects, as well as weigh the strengths/weaknesses of various leading solutions. Substantial experience was gained with Microsoft centric technologies as well Linux-Plus (2.5 years)

l Linux-Plus “” is Red-Hat's only advanced business partner in the middle- east, as well as a Sun and VMware partner. It focuses on Linux/Unix data-center services l Position: Senior Systems Engineer

l Responsibilities: As a senior systems engineer, my job description included meeting with customers, and designing solutions that met the customer needs. I have implemented various Linux/Solaris related services, as detailed in the sample work section. I have also offered on/off-site customer support and trouble-shooting services for various multi-national customers. l Achievement and skills:

Working in a RedHat-Linux/Solaris second level support consultancy firm, I am used to facing catastrophes daily. Supporting numerous customers, resulted in me enjoying a wide range of technical skills.

Consultation work for multiple governmental sites (Ministry of ICT, Ministry of irrigation,

... etc) and multiple multi-national companies (SchlumberGer, Eni Petroleum, Alcatel, Vodafone ... etc) for the implementation of various Linux/Unix network and security services.

RHCE exam score of 100%

Fedora Infrastructure Member (Volunteer/Charity)

l Fedora is RedHat Enterprise Linux's community cousin. Fedora offers the Linux community all the latest and greatest open-source technology

l Fedora Infrastructure is an on-line group of worldwide engineers, helping manage Fedora's servers, networking infrastructure, and making the developers' jobs an enjoyable task. l Position: Part-time volunteer fedora infrastructure network administrator

l Sample work done includes:

Performance tuning for web portal. Wiki migration and upgrade.

Design and implementation of a web load balancing infrastructure, stress tests.

Implementation of a differential software update system, and desktop Firewall tool



l Background: Joining the Fedora Infrastructure team, I was targeting two primary objectives. Giving back to the GNU/Linux community. And achieving top Linux Systems skills, which can only be attained through joining forces with top notch skills from around the globe Professional Technology Writer (Part-time/Hobby)

l I write for a recognized IT magazine in Egypt named “ITeye”. My writings focus on the importance of Linux and open-source software in todays IT infra-structure. l I also write for on-line technology websites, Blogs ...etc Again mostly focusing on Linux/Unix and various open-source based technologies

Mentor Graphics (2 years)

l A multi-national US CAD (Computer Aided Design) company "" l Position: Physical Extraction TME

l Responsibilities: Maintain Customer satisfaction, help customers trouble-shoot advanced product problems. During this job, I have written a lot of Unix scripts as new technology proof- of-concept. Such code would be demonstrated to customers (e.g: Samsung technologies Korea), and when accepted, becomes the draft for a formal engineering implementation. I also worked on performance analysis of cluster computational farms, among other things. l Achievement: The job required a lot of travel. I have been to (United States, England, France, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan It required dealing with key semi-conductor fabrication facilities and electronic design companies. I was handling communications with entities such as (Intel, Phillips, TSMC, Chartered ... etc). I quickly became one of the key team members, of the Cairo team. This job has enhanced my communications, and self-management skills, apart from the technical benefits.

MemsCap (1 year)

l A multi-national hardware design company "" l Position: Hardware design engineer

l Responsibilities: Design and testing of a sensor-based computerized measuring system. Day to day work was on Solaris Unix machines. My scripting skills were quickly recognized, and I started scripting the team's workflow, and automating daily tasks. The more time I spent on the job, the more I recognized I enjoyed working with computers, more than I did designing hardware. I opted for a carrier shift.

Skills Highlights, Sample work:

l RedHat Enterprise Linux Consultant. RHCE number “804************” l Extensive Linux, Solaris, Virtualization and Cloud computing horizontal expertise l Amazon EC2 cloud, automated programmatic deployment and auto-scaling l Large Scale Data-Center deployment and management experience (180 CPU) l Xen Cloud Platform, deployment, management, python scripting l Various Virtualization stacks experience (VMware ESX/VI, Xen, KVM, VirtualBox) l Custom development and maintenance of a Linux based Data-Center Operating System l Solaris Based ZFS Data-Center Storage technologies (snapshots, realtime replication, iSCSI l EMC Celerra/CLARiiON NAS experience (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, snapsure, quota ... ) l Solaris Based Network Virtualization CrossBow technologies l Realtime Block Level replication with Sun’s AVS or Linux’s DRBD l Experience with Linux/Solaris iSCSI, FC, InfiniBand stacks l Linux/Solaris Infrastructure components specialist (DNS, DHCP, Firewall, NFS, Samba l Well experienced with Apache web tier, along with nginx and lighttpd experience l LDAP experience (openldap, Sun-One, Red Hat DS, MS Active Directory) l Implementation of a derivative custom developed Linux distribution, based on Fedora l High Availability RedHat Cluster Suite implementations (Ministry of Communications) l Sun Cluster High availability based solutions for (Central Bank of Egypt) l Low level network debugging, sniffing and optimization experience l Installation and Configuration of Etisalat's data center, the 3rd mobile operator in Egypt. l Advanced firewall configuration, with rate limiting, and snort IPS features l Various Email server configurations with spam/virus scanners l Data-Center site-wide monitoring using zenoss/nagios open-source technology l Internet filtering experience, with user ldap authentication, bandwidth limiting and monitoring l RedHat directory server LDAP central authentication server l External penetration testing and post-intrusion recovery l Two level network based centralized logging servers for major Tele-Co. company. l Numerous consultation, solution designs, and customer support l Scripting skills: Good Python and bash/bourne shell scripting experience. l Moderate/Basic Perl, awk, tcl/tk, C/C++ experience l Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator MCSA Messaging l Moderate Experience designing and running MS Active Directory based Networks Training Programs Attended:

l Deploying Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

l RH033 RedHat Linux Essentials

l RH133 RedHat Linux System Administration

l RH253 RedHat Linux Networking Services and Security l SA-200-S10 Intermediate System Administration for the Solaris 10 Operating System l SA-202-S10 Advanced System Administration for the Solaris 10 Operating Environment l SA-300-S10 Network Administration for the Solaris 10 Operating System l ES-338 Sun Cluster Administration

l ES-310 Veritas Volume Manager

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