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Manager Sales

Lake in the Hills, IL
November 30, 2018

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Richard A. Pittluck

**** ****** ******

Lake In The Hills, Illinois 60156-6742

224-***-**** Cell 847-***-****


Dear Sir or Madam:

I wish to present to you my qualifications. I have been in the management of restaurants for over 30 years. I have spent a better part of the last 30 years as a certified trainer for incoming management. I was also a District Training Manager for about 20 years of this 30. I was also elevated to the Director of Training for the franchise early 2017.

I am an assertive and adaptable professional with years of progressive management experience in the field of hospitality management. I have served as a troubleshooter, training manager, as well as filling in for supervisors and taking charge of up to 12 restaurants at one time.

As you can see from above I am not afraid to work hard. I enjoy the challenges that the industry has brought to me. I feel I would be an excellent candidate with the extensive background I have in training. I also have great organizational skills that have always been labeled as one of my assets. Most of all I have been labeled as an excellent trainer due to my abilities to adjust myself with the different levels of people I have encountered over the years. I am the type that will take the time to ensure one’s understanding to what I am teaching. This has lead to better results by them being able to follow through with the tasks on hand with greater understanding and willingness. In addition to my training abilities I have been labeled “the computer guru” of the group. When one has problems with their computer they call me for help. I have also put together several spreadsheets to assist us with daily functions such as food inventories, purchase ledgers, daily number reporting, etc..

I look forward to hearing from you to sit down and discuss my qualifications in more depth and perhaps an opportunity with-in your supervision. I have attached a resume for your reference.


Richard A. Pittluck

Richard A. Pittluck

3713 Sonoma Circle, Lake In The Hills, Ill. 60156-6742

PH: 224-***-**** © 847-***-****



Assertive and adaptable professional with over 30 years of progressive management experience for several major company operations, including strong background in management of company training program.

Confident manager who possesses the communication, leadership and interpersonal skills necessary to positively influence and inspire cooperation, participation, and maximum productivity from individuals across all authority levels; have developed numerous employees into management positions.

Proven ability to excel at almost every position held; adept at accepting responsibility for million dollar operations, analyzing problem areas, and implementing programs and procedures that generate both immediate and long-range improvements in efficiency and productivity.


General Manager (April 2018-present)-Denny’s Restaurant (Pride Restaurant Group)

Hired as a General Manager for this location

Restaurant was sitting on a completion rate of 25% of employee training completed. Got it up to 100%.

Restored the positive “Attitude” to the restaurant to help build sales by eliminating the “Bad Apples” from the roster.

Brought the staffing levels up by hiring quality help in all departments, and made sure that they were going thru the proper training sequence BEFORE they were released to “working a position”.

Instilled several L.S.M. programs to help build sales.

General Training Manager/District T.M./Director of Training (November 2001- November 2017) – Denny’s Restaurants (PFC Classic Dining Group)

Responsible for tracking the training of all incoming Manager In Training and insuring their completion of the required training by the Brand. Created a Validation System to validate the MIT’s progress throughout their training. Set the standard for the General Training Managers to follow in the conducting of the MIT classes.

Conducted Food Safety /Brand Compliance inspections of the restaurants and reported the findings to the owner and the District Managers.

Facilitated several projects resulting in the savings of some $50K per year,

Assisted in the opening of two new locations in a 56 day span in 2017.

Facilitated the training of several new on-line delivery services to our company along with the necessary tools to accomplish such.

oUpdated the company Weekly financial reporting spreadsheet to help facilitate the reporting of the sales.

oPlaced the necessary equipment in the restaurants for this to be successful and coordinated with the venders as well.

Conducted several workshops for the company including; Train the Trainer, E-Restaurant, ServSafe, etc..

Managed Volume running @ $2.0 Mil with approx. 40 Employees

Achieved over 9% Sales Growth over 2003 in 2004 Sales

Achieved training status for the Carpentersville Location

Achieving double digit growth over 2004 year in 2005 Sales.

Achieved 4 Diamond Status in Several H.Q.H.-F.S.V. inspections.

Re-wrote the companies, Weekly Financial Reporting sheet, as well as the scheduler, in addition to several Training Aides for various procedures.

Hired as a fast track “General Manager” for the restaurant.

October, 2002 took over the Carpentersville, Ill. Restaurant.

April, 2001 took over Schiller Park, Ill. Restaurant.

Increased Controllable Profits from 18.1% to 27.3% Y.T.D. (Q.T.D.=30.0%).

Decreased Food Costs from 26% to 24% Y.T.D. (Q.T.D. = 22.5%, Budgeted for 23.2%)

Y.T.D. Food Variance to Standard down to $0.13 from $0.243 unfavorable

Q.T.D. is at $0.064 (Company goal is $0.095 or better)

Decreased Labor Costs from 25% to 23.2% Y.T.D. (Q.T.D. = 21.4%, Budgeted for 21.4%)

Y.T.D. Labor Variance to Standard down to $0.0 from $0.09 Unfavorable

Q.T.D. Labor Variance at –$0.08 Favorable.

Decreased Non-Ingredient Costs from 2.8% down to 2.3% Y.T.D.

Q.T.D. N-I Costs @ 2.3% Budgeted for 2.3%.

Wrote a new policies & procedures manual for the new P.O.S. system that the company if phasing in to replace the old. Also set up the process for the restaurants to export various reports to the office.

I have been called upon to assist the other opening sites with their opening orders as well as some of the organization steps necessary to assure a smooth opening for their sites as well. In addition, I have been called on to do the “orientation” of the hourly staff for these openings, orientating as many as 135 employees at one time. In addition, I have put together a user manual on the new P.O.S. system that we are now using at Denny’s.

October 2010- Put together an food handlers workshop for the restaurant to full fill a new requirement by the Kane County Health Dept.. Then got it approved for our two locations in Kane County.

General Manager\Trouble Shooter (July 2000 –November 2001) –

International House of Pancakes

Volume @ Approx $1.25 mil with about 30 Employees

Hired as a fast track “trouble shooter” for the restaurants.

Completed training August 13 and then covered several restaurants while their respective G.M.s were on vacation.

I then went to Iowa for a month to assist with the grand opening of a new restaurant.

I participated in the “take back” of a franchised location and was brought in to assist in the conversion of this franchised rest. to a corporate location, including S.O.P.s and Administration.

P.C.M.-QSR (October 1998-July, 2000) - Travel Centers of America

Volume @ Aprox $1.2 mil with about 65 employees for the two restaurant concepts. The Truck stop as a whole had 150 employees.

Hired as P.C.M.-Q.S.R. for Elgin West T.A.(for two separate restaurant concepts)

October, 1998 Completed TAU Orientation Certification.

November 9, 1998 completed the field training for the Burger King concept.

November, 1998 Assisted with the opening of the Kingsville, Ohio Burger King.

January 16, 1999 Renewed Illinois Food Service Sanitation License.

January, 1999 thru March, 1999 Opened the Eaton(Dayton), Ohio Burger King.

February 10, 1999 completed the B.M.T. certification with Burger King Corp.

June 4, 1999 completed the Popeye’s Certification Program in Atlanta, GA.

May 27, 1999 completed the Serve Safe Certification program scoring 93% on the final.

June, 1999 Assisted with the opening of the Mt. Vernon, ILL. Popeye’s.

November 15, 1999 opened the Hampshire, Illinois Burger King\Popeye’s QSR.

Was responsible for the daily operations of two separate restaurant concepts.

During this time I have hired the management team for the Elgin West QSR, as well as the staff. I set up the various venders needed to serve the QSR’s of Elgin West, in addition to setting up the opening orders and procuring the necessary supplies needed to ensure a smooth opening. We had the “smoothest opening of a QSR” showing the preparedness of the open.

I have been called upon to assist the other opening sites with their opening orders as well as some of the organization steps necessary to assure a smooth opening for their sites as well. I have also put together a user manual on the new P.O.S. system that we are now using at Denny’s.

In addition to the above I have learned some of the other areas of the truck stop, i.e. the fuel desk and the store. I have assisted these areas in various functions while at the truck stop. I feel very fortunate to have been able to do this as to it has increased my awareness in how these areas operate and how they can affect the rest of the truck stop.

Assisted the store manager with the change over from the old POS system to the new one with scanning capabilities and inventory capabilities, Covered for the store manager during several absences.

TRAINING SHOPPE MANAGER\ Mini Supervisor (1993-1998) - Long John Silver’s, Inc.

Started as a “Fast Track” manager in training to be promoted with-in three months to my own restaurant. Served as a troubleshooter for restaurants that were not performing up to standards. Brought costs back under control and quality back up to standards in these restaurants. Became a certified trainer for L.J.S. within 14 months of joining the company and have had three assistants promoted to Shoppe managers. I was the lead manager in our area and have helped to supervise the other restaurants in my area. To help save the company money, I was asked to “take over” a second location. This meant I was responsible for the operations of two separate restaurants. In addition to the daily operations I was also a mini-supervisor with 3 restaurants reporting directly to me. I would also fill in for the supervisor when he was unavailable. This meant I could have anywhere up to 12 restaurants under my supervision.

Maintained full P&L accountability for the two operations with primary responsibilities including, yet not limited to, administering budgets, managing personnel (hiring, firing, supervising, evaluation and scheduling), developing local marketing strategies and business plans, supervising facility maintenance, procuring inventories, and maintaining the financial function (AR, AP, GL, Payroll, Reports, Taxes, ETC.)

SERVICE TECHNICIAN (1990-1993) - Ace Coffee Bar, Inc. (Elgin,IL)

Maintained a service route of several accounts.

Included the handling of inventories, monies, training and customer relations, as well as setting up new accounts.

Increased sales on several accounts

Increased sanitation on all accounts.

Improved customer relations while trouble shooting accounts.

GENERAL MANAGER (1988-1990) Ponderosa, Inc. (Waukegan, IL.)

Maintained full P&L accountability for this $1.5 million restaurant with similar responsibilities mentioned previously.

Within seven months, reduced food costs by 10%.

Increased profits over budget by 4%.

Initiated several promotional campaigns, which allowed the restaurant to maintain budgeted sales volume despite lower guest check average. Improved guest volume by 7%.

Managed the reopening of a restaurant after extensive remodeling. Effectively increased staffing level from 6 to 31 personnel and achieved the highest QSC&H score ever achieved within the Chicago area.

DISTRICT TRAINING MANAGER (1986-1988) - Taco Bell, Inc. (Carpentersville, IL.)

Directed management training program within the district, with specific duties which included maintaining budgeted P&L, serving as Acting Manager during the absence of managers, and trouble-shooting within problem operations. I also filled in and covered for the District manager when needed.

Achieved 100% completion ratio for personnel through the management program.

Introduced new management trainee certification program to senior management.

Successfully developed three assistants to G.M. positions and two Shift Managers to Assistant Managers.

Increased sales from $750,000 to $1 million through creation of new marketing strategies.

RESTAURANT MANAGER (1983-1986) - Denny’s Inc. (Bensenville, Il.)

Responsibilities for this $1 million full service restaurant functionally similar to those previously mentioned GM positions.

Coordinated combined district meeting, hosting 150-200 General Managers and 400-500 Assistant Managers, as well as project H.O.P.E. convention with 600 in attendance.


Awards Received:

Quality Assurance: Highest Quality Assurance Score of 94.6% in the District during FY1996

Certificate of Appreciation: Contributions to the Food Pantry, Hanover Township, April 1996

Team Member of the Week: Nominated by the “Market Manager, Roy Bohannon, because of my hard work to improving staffing, cost controls and training.

Best H.Q.S.C. (Hospitality, Quality, Service, and Cleanliness, 4th Quarter 1987

Flawless H.Q.S.C. Inspection 10/11/2010 by Denny’s

Outstanding H.Q.S.C. Inspection 3/31/2011 by Denny’s

Awarded 2nd Place Spring 2011 for best “Spring Spruce up” for outdoor Landscaping

Recognized for #1 overall satisfaction in the Chicago D.M.A. in Overall Guest Satisfaction with Guest Register receipt Surveys.

Awarded by Denny’s for an Outstanding inspection on 10/19/2011& Awarded by Denny’s for a Flawless inspection on 10/11/2010

MISC: ServSafe Instructor/Proctor for Teaching ServSafe.

Certified NRFSP proctor for administrating Food Safety Tests.

Licensed by the State of Illinois to teach Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC)

Proficient with M.S. Office, including Excel spreadsheets.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Business

Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, IL. 1982.

Certified in Sanitation – Serve Safe

Certified in Bassett Training- Illinois Liquor Commission

PERSONAL: Will Travel

Also: Teaches Sign Language to Various Professionals

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