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Accounting Manager

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
November 30, 2018

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Professional with extensive and thorough knowledge in the areas of planning, finance and administration. I have experience in corporate accounting and small business accounting. Able to lead others to achieve goals in demanding scenarios and working under pressure. Eager to work in friendly and professional environments.

Skill Summary

-Accounting and Bookkeeping

-Planning Solutions

-Intermediate English

-Internal Controller

-Report Preparation

-Fluent in Spanish

-Audit Administrative Processes

-University Professor

-Reliable, Analytical and Organized

Professional Experience


(July / September) 2018 - Part Time, (October to date: Freelance)


Tangey International LLC


Accountant & Bookkeeper

Basic Functions

Complete the audit limited of the financial statements 2017 (Jun-Dec), and verify the final tax return of partnerships (1095).

Analysis of Revenue account to validate the correct sales tax filing to Florida Department of Revenue

Validate the correct balance of Account Payables whit the appropriate documentation

Complete monthly reconciliation the banking account, including the analysis of Undeposit Funds account

Review vendor statements and correct discrepancies

Review all disbursements for proper approvals and documentation

Setup in QuickBooks the bimonthly payroll, including revisions of W-4 and I-9. The payroll process includes the filing of FTW, FICA, FUTA (SUTA) and preparing paychecks

Other duties in progress including: Inventory Products, Analysis Cost of Goods Sold account, 1099 Maintenance, Petty Cash Control, Register of Credit Card and payments, and prepare Journal entries (Prepaid Insurance and Depreciation).

Prepare and discuss the financial report with the General Manager.


(April) 2009 – (April) 2018


Inversiones DM2007, C.A.

Position (Freelance)


Basic Functions

Ensure that all accounting allocations are properly made and documented, evaluate cash management functions and verify that accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash disbursements, payroll and bank reconciliation functions are appropriate and timely.

Responsible for establishing and executing internal controls over the accounting and financial procedures of the company.

Coordinate with the external auditors the internal audits of the group of companies, including the preparation of the income tax.


(October) 2013 – (March) 2014


Inversiones Solvic2020, C.A.

Position (Freelance)

Project leader: Effective Management of the Administration (GEA)

Basic Functions

Develop diagnostics and present recommendations to optimize activities and propose new methodologies for the efficiency of Administrative Management.

Ensuring that project is run in compliance with the Organization’s requirements.

Providing guidance to project team, maintaining and integrating project plans.

Administering the project budget.

Performing quality reviews.

Establishing and maintaining the project documentation.


(October) 2013 - (September) 2014


Inversiones NVM211, C.A.

Position (Freelance)

Procurement Management

Basic Functions

Acquire goods, services to ensure the minimum and optimal levels of operation.

Monitor physical inventories and the logistics operation of offices, according to the administrative and accountant policies.

Keep updated catalogs of articles and the suppliers.

Support the annual marketing plan of sales management.


(October) 2013 - (September) 2014


Universidad Nueva Esparta

Position (Freelance)


Basic Functions

Undergraduate professor at the School of Business Administration, for the subjects of Organization and Methods, Strategic Planning, Marketing Management, Operations and Administration. Night shift.


(March) 2012 – (September) 2013


Figueira, Cusati&Asociados Consultores, C.A.

Position (Freelance)

Project leader: Administrative Services

Basic Functions

Responsible for the restructuring of the reorganization of the company, to improve the quality, time and profitability of the Customer Service processes, in administrative, tax and accounting services. The organization adopted the service line model.

Manuals of administrative procedures were prepared for each services line.


(May) 2011 – (April) 2012


Rivas, Petris & Asociados - Contadores Públicos

Position (Freelance)

External Auditor

Basic Functions

To coordinate specific processes to support the implementation and execution of the audit plan.

Responsible for the administrative and accounting audit, to ensure that systems and procedures are effective to achieve business objectives.

To ensure compliance with accounting policies, tax obligations, and compliance with formal business and legal duties.

Review and approve the reports in accordance with Auditing Standards and generally accepted accounting principles for small and medium enterprises.


(April) 2008 -(May) 2009


Sensormatic de Venezuela, C.A.


Manager of Administration and Finance

Basic Functions

To supervise, and coordinate client portfolio analysis, Human Resources processes, Call Center, and Inventory Control in stores.

To prepare the Financial Statements and notes for audit purposes under Accounting Standards applicable to small and medium enterprises were prepared.

Evaluation, structuring and implementation of Project Sentinel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), oriented to optimize the planning business resources integrating internal and external management information in all the organizations.


(November)1982 - (June) 2007


Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A.


Different levels of positions (accounting analyst, auditor, supervisor, project leader, and management).

Basic Functions

Report and updating statistics, regulatory institutions, public and private entities, and other internal organizations.

Leader of SAP reintroduction project for the company and their subsidiaries. The main objective was to implement to the full restoration of internal control of the corporation.

Elaboration of guidelines for the budget formulation for national subsidiaries framed within of the medium-term corporative planning.

Participation in countable closing committee and consolidated subsidiaries, to the preparation of the audited financial statements 2002 and 2003 (IFRS), as well as the coordination and development of SEC reports for 2002 and 2003 (USGAPP).

Coordination with the functions of Exploration, Production of Oil and Gas, Orimulsion, Coal, and Conventions of Operation Risk and Earnings Sharing in the aspects of financial order that will support continuity and optimizing the added value of these businesses to the Corporation.

Coordinated accounting closing cycles of national and international subsidiaries. The structuring of the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements of the company were coordinated, including chapters of the reports required by the SEC (10-K and 10-Q). Reconciliations to issue financial statements under International Financial Reporting (IFR) and American principles (USGAPP) were made.

Development of new accounting system, Major General Project, developed under the GL: Millennium platform. It allowed by using tools like PC-Link, Auditrack, and Report Writer were able to provide the option of information capture to various users.



Certified Bookkeeper (05138), 2017


Diploma in Teacher Training, 2013


Master’s Degree in Business Administration, 1988


Bachelor’s Degree in Economy, 1982


oIncome Tax Individual, Broward College, 2017 – Davie, FL, USA.

oEmployment Law, Broward College, 2017 – Davie, FL, USA.

oQuickBooks: Basic, Intermediate, Payroll, QuickBookkeeping & Accounting LLC, 2017 - Doral, FL, USA.

oIncome Tax Business, Broward College, 2017 – Davie, FL, USA.

oEnglish Conversation and Accent Reduction, Broward Community College, 2016 – Weston, FL, USA.

oIntensive advanced program Prevention of Legitimation of Assets, IAEP, 2015 - Venezuela

oFinancial projections of fixed income, CAPITAL MARKET, 2015 – Venezuela

oPrevention and Legitimation of Assets, NORMA MATUTE, 2014 – Venezuela

oIncome tax withholdings, CEDIM, 2014, Venezuela

oAdjustment for fiscal inflation, CEDIM, 2012 - Venezuela

oEnglish for social situations, Instituto Berlitz, 2012 – Venezuela

oFinancial English, Berlitz, 2011 – Venezuela

oIntermediate English Level, Berlitz, 2010 -Venezuela

oFinancial Statements for inflation, CEDIM, 2010 - Venezuela

oIntermediate English, Broward Community College, 2008 – Weston, FL, USA

oSAP01 SAP R / 3 Overview of the SAP, SAP, 2005 – Venezuela

oManagement Development, IESA, 2002 – Venezuela


oEnergy Statistics Workshop - JODI, 2006 – Venezuela

oBusiness Intelligence Workshop, SAP, 2005 – Venezuela

oOil & Gas Workshop my SAP Business Suite Overview, SAP, 2005 – Venezuela

oWorkshop Solution Manager, SAP, 2005 – Venezuela

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