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Engineer Manager

Bremerton, Washington, United States
December 03, 2018

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Bill Helton

**** ****** **

Bremerton, WA


I have just completed the Bicsi Outside Plant Design Engineering course. Not long

ago I completed the AT&T Central Office Design and Engineering course.

I am an experienced and versatile Telecommunications Specialist providing 20+

years in the Telecom industry. I have experience in network engineering, design,

construction, operation and maintenance of asynchronous and Sonet

telecommunication systems. I also have a wide variety of technical expertise that

includes, but is not limited to, experience with TDM, OC-3, OC-12, testing

SCADA, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Visio, T1, SS7, SIP, Cisco and Juniper routers and

switches and more. I also have 8 years of 2-way radio experience with EF Johnson

factory training on Trucked radio and US Army trained on Microwave radios. I

have assisted a variety of Telecommunications companies and government

agencies thru large transitions and updating their network infrastructure and

documentation. I pride myself on my in-depth knowledge and I am looking for a

position in a results-oriented company. I have a Bachelors Degree equivalence in

Telecommunication Network work experience.

Jan 2018 to Current

Telecom Specialist, Community Transit, Everett, WA, overhauling and upgrading

IT Facility and network. Overseeing a crew of 4 technician and acting as quality

control for all work on this project. Work includes upgrading all cabling, coax,

routers and servers.

Oct 2017 to Jan 2018

Contracted to Level 3 Telecommunication – Telecom Engineer – Assist with the

conversion from Level 3 to Century Link after purchase of Level 3 by Century

Link. This included identifying Fiber optic circuits, migrating them the Centruy

link equipment and the remove of all of Level 3 equipment from the 24th floor of

the Westin Building.

Mar 2017 to Oct 2017

Contracted to Amazon - Telecom Engineer for Installation - Installation of data

networks for Amazon new buildings. Planning and design as well as quality


July 2016 to Mar 2017

Cynet System for King County - Telecom Engineer – Seattle, WA. VOIP

conversion project. Changing over to VOIP. Compete audit of all remaining

Centrex and regular POT line for all of King County. Duties included determining

all used and unused circuits for all County building and their end user configation.

Oct 2015 to July 2016

Century Link (contractor) -Federal Way, WA. - Lead Telecom Tech. Overseeing

and supervising crew of 5 for migration of circuits for network consolidation.

Duties included all personnel matters for payroll equipment management and


Oct 2013 to Sep 2015

Dell for Boeing – Bellevue, WA -Telecom Network Engineer: Adds, Moves and

Changes as well as Trouble shooting, installations and removal of telecom

Network equipment from all of the Boeing plants in the greater Seattle, Everett and

Bellevue, Washington area. Tracing circuits on a Main Frame for removal. This

included testing of Cisco routers, switches and ACD.

May 2013 to July 2013

Ericson for Verizon Wireless ~ Spokane, WA

Cell Site Engineer: Test, Audit and Modification of cell sites for Verizon Wireless

in the Spokane, WA area. This was on site work and involved all aspects of cell site

performance and upgrade. Project put on indefinite hold.

Jan 2013 to May 2013

TEKSystems for Avista Utility Company ~ Spokane, WA

Telecommunication Network Engineer: Designing and building Fiber Optic

Networks, WAN and LAN for Hydroelectric Utility network and control. Covering

OC-3 and OC12 GE JMUX with, DWDM transport network, Telco, CAC and

Sycamore Channel Banks for SCADA, PROTECT and Control circuits for Electric

Production as well as Voice and IP networks for entire company. Working with MS

OFFICE, Visio and AutoCAD for design work. In charge of the Channel Bank

Replacement Project. Working on projects with Bonneville Power Authority.

August 2011 to Dec 2012

Glotel Inc for Frontier Communication ~ Everett, WA

DSL Test and Repair Support Representative: Test and Repair (Tier 2) activities for

consumer, small business, wholesale ISP Non-Affiliate customers for high speed

internet service as well as multi-line business customer. Analyze customer CPE

and facility issues, network facility issues for high speed internet customers

utilizing a variety of menu and non menu-driven systems to isolate test and repair

problems on routers switches and restore customer service. While at Frontier we

learned 2 completely different sets of programs some with Unix scripts. Using

Verizon programs, I was completing 45 – 50 cases a day. When we switched to

Frontier programs I was completing 25 – 30 case a day. I was the top producer, I

was completing 135% of quota and that was 15% ahead of the next person.

April 2009 to July 2011

Albano Telephony Services ~ Greater Seattle

Telephone Network Representative II: Sales, installation, programming and test

and repair of business telephone systems and Programming Avaya IP PBX’s, new

customers as well as customer transitions of business telephone systems and data

networks. Installation, test and repair of data cabling, patch panels and hub

connections for internet and LAN/WAN networks in new construction pre-wire for

business and residential properties.

July 2008 to April 2009

Integra Telecom Inc. ~ Kent, WA

Service Assurance Representative II: Call Center troubleshooting, Test and Repair

of DSO, DS1 DSL and T1’s from the customer prem. to the Santera T-9000 VOIP

switch, Lucent 5ESS Switch and Ureach Voice Mail, troubleshooting SS7 as well

as updated documentation. Being Quality Control over finial provisioning before

circuit installation and as part troubleshooting techniques. Assisted with

maintenance and test, repair and programming of Avaya IP PBX Telephone system,

testing Adtran Multiplex and Paradyne modems in the remotely and maintaining

customer rapport and satisfaction.

Mar 2008 to July 2008

Glotel Inc. (for AT&T Mobility) Contract Position ~ Redmond, WA

VOIP Network Design Engineer: Designed VOIP Network Systems for SONUS

GSX 9000 Soft switch, construction of EDP (Engineering Design Packages) for

GSX 9000 with SS7, SIP and all associated equipment including TETRA 440-4,

220-4 and RAID as well as all necessary low voltage wiring and Cable Routing

Tables to complete the EDP. Programming AVAYA IP PBX and completion of

IWOS’s associated with the EDP documentation and responsible for the weekly

Available Channel Report.

Sep 2007 to Mar 2008

Healy & Co for T-Mobile ~ Bothell, WA

Telco Coordinator Contracted (for Cell Site Construction): Provided T-1 and DS3

coordination for new cell site construction, worked with databases T-CATS,

Homer, Granite UNIX and Insite. Delivery of CKTS on time and fully tested as

part of the GSM /UMTS network. Provided updated documentation and solution

for orders in Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Hawaii.

May 2007 to Sep 2007

Tek Systems for Comcast Cable ~ Bothell, WA

Network Design Engineer: Engineering of network design packages for capacity

expansion of Comcast networks in the North Seattle area in an outside and inside

plant setting. Involved with Video on Demand, analog Video, DACS, RF networks

and low voltage wiring configurations. Constructing designs in AutoCAD and

Visio as well as maintaining equipment documentation. Engineer, design and

support corporate and field operational teams in conducting trials for new

infrastructure designs and including fiber runs for outside plant.

Oct 2005 to May 2007

Rightech, Inc. ~ Seattle, WA

Project Manager: Supervision of the construction of several projects in various

locations in Puget Sound; oversaw the installation of equipment, from Network

Design Packages, such as Tellabs 1100 Channel Bank and 2300 TDS, Alcatel 1630

DACS, Fujitzu OC-48, MLS-100 Nortel Switch in a new Data Center supervising

a crew of six employees. Responsibilities included wiring plans configurations,

routing techniques LAN/WAN and Quality Control of the cable termination and

low voltage wiring work.

March 2004 to Oct 2005

Zetron, Inc. ~ Redmond, WA

Custom Systems Engineer: Supervised the construction, programming and test of

PC based, multiple positioned centralized communication systems for large

complex organization such as Continental Air, Lancaster, Kitsap County

Government and Disney World Security. Combined telephone, SS7, 2-way radio,

SCADA, and video using fiber optic, UNIX, firmware, GPS, T-1’s and digital

systems to provide complete communication for large dispatch centers. Creation of

rack elevation and computer console drawing in Visio as well a cable run list and

bill of materials using MS Office applications for a complete specification and

installation package. While at Zetron I managed the creation of a Mockup Lab for

in house problem solving to aid with field installation.

July 2003 to Feb 2004

General Dynamics, Network Systems ~ Bremerton Naval Shipyard, WA

Project Manager/Network Engineer Inspector: Oversaw the construction of the

NMCI project to replace the internet infrastructure for the entire Naval Base in an

outside and inside plant setting. Using detailed engineering drawings and assisting

the Project Manager with daily responsibilities, the project was completed and

tested using Cat 5 station data cabling, fiber links, routers, switches, and LMU’s.

April 2002 to March 2003

US Air Force, Dial Central Office ~ Andersen AFB, Guam

Telecommunications Systems Manager WS-10: Supervision of 16 man crew in

MLS-100 Nortel switch and telephone and LAN installation, troubleshooting test

and repair of inside and outside plant. Equipment included SL1 Nortel Switch,

Nortel OC-12, Programming AVAYA IP PBX, Intuity and Definity Audix Voive

Mail Systems, and Black Box T-1 to fiber converters. Also responsible for all DCO

building and telecommunication infrastructure which included with low voltage

wiring techniques for feed and station data cables, for the entire Air Base in

accordance with SOW.

October 2001 to April 2002

Rome Research Corp., Navy Computer and Telecommunication Station ~ Guam,


Lead Technical Control Technician: Operation and Troubleshooting of worldwide

satellite and broadcast Network, incorporating crypto, telephone, SS7, T-1’s and

DS3’s, weather and tactical

circuits. Provisioning of all new circuits using Fireberd 6000, HP 3551, and ANCC

system to test and control with circuit monitoring provided by SSA and OTAM.

August 2000 to January 2001

GST Telecom, Inc. (Time Warner Telecom) ~ Seattle, Washington

Network Operation Technician: Responsible for Alcatel1630 & 1631 DACS and

Nortel OC-48, and OC-12 circuit provisioning, cross-connections, and testing of

path and circuit connectivity for activation. Testing of Pots I/O Trunks, SS7, ISDN,

T-1s and DS3 service and private lines; also assisted with maintenance and repair

of Avaya PBX telephone system. Using UNIX via Procomm Plus Digital

Lightwave’s remote access

manager, ReAct, Granite and Remedy Data bases, I also assisted with MAPING

Nortel DMS-500 digital switch. As the temporary Site Manager, I was also

responsible for site operations and maintenance.

September 1999 to August 2000

Telecom Network Specialists, INC. ~ Everett, Washington

C.O. Network Engineer: Developed and maintained engineering design packages

for central offices nationwide. Using Visio, AutoCad 14, AutoCad LT, OCR Pro

100, Image Composer, M\S Word, Excel and other software to construct

engineering including rack elevation drawing, cable run list and bill of material

(BOM) specifications for Nortel OC-12, OC-48, 800A access node, Fujitsu

FLM1200, 2400 and Tellabs Titton 5500 and including fiber runs for outside plant.

December-1998 to September 1999

TAD Telecom, Inc. ~ Various Locations Nationwide

Installation Supervisor: Oversaw the installation of central office equipment such

as Cisco System Routers 6100, 9000, and Fujitsu OC-48, 12 along with other


April 1998 to December-1998

H L Yoh & Co. for GST Telecom (Time Warner) ~ Seattle, Washington

Team Leader: Inspection and audit of telecommunications products for a major

fiber optic network company (GST Telecom). Direct experience with Alcatel,

Northern Telecom, Ciena, Cisco, Telect, Nortel OC-3, 12, 48, 192, and DMS 100

& 500. Received training with Sonet, ATM, WAN, smaller local area networks,

(LANs) and LMU remote testing.

March 1993 to March 1998

Future Technologies ~ Santa Rosa, California

Business Owner: Sales, service, and installation of a variety of electronic hardware

such as business telephone systems both key and hybrid, voice mail systems, voice

paging systems, programming Mitel and Lucent PBX’s and peripherals. Security

equipment including video surveillance for commercial, industrial, covert, door

access control, and personal security. I consistently used CAT 5 and CAT 3 cabling,

hubs, and patch panels for schools, colleges and other businesses, some with over

1,000 user networks. These systems required engineering, installation,

programming and repair. At this time, I created a web site for area artist using

Netobject Fusion.

September, 1990 to March, 1993

Protech Inc. ~ Petaluma, California

Business Co-Owner: Responsible for the telecommunications and video

department of a security and telecommunications business. Sales, service, and

installation of a variety of electronic hardware such as business telephone systems

both key and hybrid, voice mail systems, voice paging systems, Programming

Mitel and Lucent PBX’s and peripherals. Security equipment including video

surveillance for commercial, industrial, covert, door access control, and personal

security. I consistently used CAT 5 and CAT 3 cabling, hubs, and patch panels for

schools, colleges and other businesses, some with over 1,000 user networks.

October, 1988 to September, 1990

Cellisys Inc. ~ Santa Rosa, California

National Satellite Network Manager: Start up company involved in computer

linked cellular roamer verification and billing data. Responsibilities included

construction, alignment and programming of 400 watt base hub satellite terminal.

Coordinated with manufacturer representatives for wide area V-Sat network.

Interfaced with engineers for high speed data feasibility testing. Advised on

construction of computer interface for remote site equipment. Also served

intermittently as Telecommunications Supervisor in business telephone section.

U.S. Army Experience:

Signal Corp. as a Microwave Radio Technician which included a nine month

Electronic School in Ft. Monmouth, N.J.. I was then assigned to the Integrated

Communication System, Bang Pla, Thailand and received an Honorable Discharge

at rank of Specialist E-5.


Modesto Jr. College ~ Modesto, California

Completed 1 1/2 year courses in electronics and business administration

Allen Hancock College ~ Santa Maria, California

Completed Associate Science Degree in electronics

Multiple classes completed for Bachelor of Science in electronics and business


I am in excellent health and my interests include scuba diving, fishing, bicycling,

wind surfing

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