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Operator Customer

North Carolina, United States
December 03, 2018

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To obtain employment with a company that rewards hard working employees with the opportunity for career advancement. I also would like to prove to the perspective employer how much of a valuable asset i would be to the company.

Ability Summary

Fork-lift operator, Lawnmower, Weedeater, Pallet Jack, Cash Register, Typewriter, Jig-Saw, Air Gun, Needle Gun, Welding, Car Detailing, Load\Unload Trucks, Firewatch, Medical Transporter Employment History

Attendant Care

11/2016 - 12/2017 PCG Public Partnerships, LLC 4991 Lake Brook Drive, Suite G90, Glen Allen, VA

Assist my client getting in/out of bed. Making sure that the right dosage of medication was taken on time. Preparing meals as well as cleaning up the living quarters. Doing laundry and making sure that all doctors appointments were met. Attendant Care

11/2016 - 12/2017 PCG Public Partnerships, LLC 4991 Lake Brook Drive, Suite G90, Glen Allen, VA

Help the patient to get in and out of the bed daily. Make sure that patient is bathed and has been properly groomed. Prepare meals and keep the house clean. Dispense all medications and ensure that the proper dosages are given on time. Keep up with all scheduled appointments and attend them with the patient. Barber Apprentice

03/2002 - 08/2007 Pro Hair II Portsmouth, VA

- Responsible for cleaning work stations, sterilizing equipment (i.e., scissors, combs, clippers, and other instruments), sweeping floors and ordering supplies. - Questioned patrons regarding desired services and cut, trimmed, shaved, shaped and shampooed their hair, beards, mustaches, eyes, neck and temple hair contours according to their specifications; using various types of hair trimming equipment (i.e., clippers, combs, handhold blow driers, shampooers, scissors and razors).

- Responsible for staying abreast of the latest hair styles and care techniques and suggested solutions and treatments

(i.e., lotions, tonics, or other cosmetic supplies); to patrons to help alleviate their hair problems.

- Recorded services provided (i.e., products used and fees charged) on cashiers' tickets and received and processed payments from customers.

- Performed clerical and administrative duties such as record keeping, paying bills. Janitor and Cleaner

08/2005 - 01/2006 Management Cleaning Controls,LLC-3 Louisville, KY

- Responsible for providing general custodial maintenance ( cleaning and sanitizing ) to; floors, walls, windows, carpets, furniture, restrooms/bathrooms, changing/dressing rooms, work stations using the companies established practices and procedures.

- Tasked with emptying/cleaning wastebaskets, trash containers, ash trays, cigarette urns, replacing light bulbs, refilling restroom dispensers and attending to emergencies when necessary.

- Responsible for washing all accessible interior and exterior windows and cleaning all blinds.

- Used various hand-operated tools and power equipment to ensure that parking lot areas were free of trash and to remove snow or other debris from sidewalk and stairs in and around building entrances.

- Assisted with the setup of facilities/classrooms for meetings, conferences, and events. Made sure that buildings were secure when not in use. Checked for unlocked doors and windows and turned off lights. Shipyard Firewatch

10/1997 - 12/1998 AAROW TEMPS. Portsmouth, VA

- Responsible for conducting pre-inspections of all hot work ( welding and soldering ) job sites, removing all combustible material and filling all holes in walls or floors with fireproof filling; prior to hot work.

- Responsible for maintaining a diligent lookout for fires, sparks, smoke or excessive heat in the general area where a welder is performing hot work ( welding and soldering ).

- Tasked with remaining abreast of alarm systems and established procedures to be used in the event that a fire breaks out during hot work.

- Responsible for ensuring that the appropriate firefighting equipment (i.e., extinguishers, hoses, etc. ) is available in sufficient quantity and ready to use.

- Responsible for conducting post-inspections of all areas where sparks or flames were present during hot work.

- Responsible for notifying and evacuating occupants, contacting emergency services and activating fire-protection systems (i.e., emergency door releases, exhaust fans, etc.) in the event of a fire. CEMENT LABORER

02/1998 - 03/1998 CENTURY CONCRETE Norfolk, VA

- Tasked with providing manual labor support to brick masons; while in the performance of their duties.

- Responsible for handling, transporting and stacking bags of cement, lime, sand, grout, blocks and bricks to be used by the brick masons.

- Responsible for ensuring that cement mixtures were safely handled, properly poured, and finished in an attractive manner free of cracks and imperfections.

- Responsible for setting up concrete forms, pouring concrete into forms and stripping concrete out of forms.

- Perform other duties and responsibilities as they became assigned. PAPER PROCESSOR

09/1994 - 08/1996 LIFE TOUCH STUDIOS Chesapeake, VA

- Performed work which involved developing and processing photographic images from film or digital media.

- Created prints according to customer specifications and laboratory protocols.

- Immersed film, negatives, paper, or prints in developing solutions, fixing solutions, and water, examined developed prints for defects, and inserted processed negatives and prints into envelopes for delivery to customers to complete photographic development processes.

- Maintain records, such as quantities or types of processing completed, materials used, or customer charges, and monitored equipment operation to detect malfunctions.

- Loaded digital images onto computers directly from cameras or storage devices ( such as flash memory cards or universal serial bus (USB) devices and loaded circuit boards, racks or rolls of film, negatives, or printing paper into processing or printing machines. Education and Training

Issuing Institution Location Degree Received Course of Study TCC VA 2 Years of College or a Technical or Vocational School PSYCHOLOGY



Occupational Licenses & Certificates

Certification Title Issuing Organization Completion Date Forklift Operators License Department of Corrections 02/2011 Honors & Activities


Additional Information


Detailed References

William Kass, Attorney

William E. Kass & Associates

364 Crawford St.

Portsmouth, VA 23704


Personal reference known for 15 year(s).

Ronald Wilkins, fitness aide

YMCA City of Norfolk

32 Hobson St.

Portsmouth, VA 23704

Personal reference known for 15 year(s).

Sean Rountree, Shipfitter

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

4317 Ellington Ave.

Suffolk, VA


Personal reference known for 30 year(s).

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