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Nursing Assistant Certified

Honolulu, HI
November 29, 2018

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Tripler Army Medical Center 05/09 – 08/12

■ 84 hours per pay period, $15.25 +cola.

■ Certified Nursing Assistant. Performed basic nursing skills on the telemetry floor. Performed EKG’s, assist with admissions and discharges of patients.

■ Jarret 1 Rd, Honolulu, HI 96719.

■ Sgt. Mcguire: 808-***-****.

Specialized Nursing Services, Inc.10/06 – Present

■ 32 hours per week, $15.25 - $17.00.

■ Certified Nursing Assistant. Performed CNA nursing skills, stationed at Kuakini Hospital. I worked in different departments of the hospital; Telemetry (PCU), Geriatrics, Oncology, MED/ Surg, ICU, CCU. I am able to follow instructions of patient care plan. Completed each tasks successfully and independently, under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Performed skills such as basic grooming, record of I/O; JP’s, Chest tube, NG, bowel and bladder outputs. Assist with admissions and discharges of patients. Assist RN with dressing changes and report any significant changes with patient to assign RN. STaking of vital signs, insert enemas, suppositories or fleets, collection of specimen, respond to call lights promptly and complete patient documentation.

■ P.O. Box 655, Kaneohe, HI 96744.

■ Kelly: 808-***-****

Private Duty Home Health Aide 12/05 – 08/08

■ 40-80 hours per week, $15.00 - $20.00 per hour.

■ Certified Nursing Assistant. Performed advanced nursing aide skills, such as, tube feeding, digital stimulation, performed sterile procedures of inserting monthly super pubic catheters/ drainage bag, wound care, tract care, suction/ inline and dressing changes. Also recorded I/O’s, ROM, dispense of medication, basic grooming, transferring patient from bed to wheelchair and GT feeding procedures. I was able to perform other skills: prime tubing with antibiotics/ flush with Heparin to client, BID for 14 days. I also trained other CNA’s about the client’s routine.

■ 5362 Papai Street, Honolulu, HI 96821.

■ Mary Valenti: 808-***-****.

Ohana Na Hale Adult Day Care, Honolulu HI, 96819 07/07 – 08/08

■ 40 hours per week, $3,200 per month.

■ Administration and Certified Nursing Assistant. Performed office skills, computer skills, budget/ finance planning/ payroll, data entry; admission and discharge documentation, and scheduling. I provided basic nursing skills; shower, vital signs, feeding, oral and incontinence care to clients with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s disease. I also implement client’s care plan, ADL’s and behavior assessment, arts/ crafts, and supervision.

■ P.O. Box 240573, Honolulu, HI 96821.

■ Rochelle Rodrigues: 808-***-****

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Aloha Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility09/04 – 08/05

■ 40 hours per week, $10.25 per hour.

■ Certified Nursing Assistant. Performed CAN skills; grooming, bathing, shower, vital signs, feeding, dressing, incontinence and oral care, transferring, admission procedures. I also had the opportunity to establish a positive relationship with residents and the faculty staff.

■ 45-545 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI 96744.

■ Quadra Kim: 808-***-****.

Kapiolani Women and Children Hospital 05/03 – 02/04

■ 40 hours per week, $13.14 per hour.

■ Clinical Assistant. I performed ward clerk duties in the Neonatal Special Care Unit. Duties consist of secretarial duties, computer skills, utilizing software programs; Karelinks/ SMS to input patient data. Data consist of admissions, discharges, transport of infants, medical records, Doctor orders; blood products information, surgical and medical supplies, and x-ray orders. Completed SPD slips and updating patient records. Transport specimen to lab, performed Quality Control Checks of medical equipment and supplies. Assist RN’s with direct patient contact with infants.

■ 1319 Punahou Street, Honolulu, HI 96719.

■ Mavis: 808-***-****.

Blood Bank of Hawaii 10/02 – 03/03

■ 40 hours per week, $12.00 per hour.

■ Phlebotomist. As a team, we performed phlebotomy and basic nursing skills, under a fast paste environment. We were able to maintain good and quality customer services to our blood donors. Utilized universal precaution and safety measures among both donors and the staff faculty. I also performed routine procedure of screening processes for the eligible donors, collection of blood and of stripping and packing of the blood products. I am able to recognize changes of donors, while under procedure and performed any emergency task, when necessary. Sometimes, I would volunteer to travel to other Islands to support community blood drives.

■ 2055 Dillingham Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96817.

■ Contact Number: 808-***-****

Saint Francis West Medical Center 11/01 – 10/02

■ 40-52 hours per week, $11.12 per hour.

■ Certified Nursing Assistant. Demonstrated advance nursing skills and duties within all departments of the hospital. Assisted patients with grooming, collection of specimens, vital sign monitoring, IV fluids and tube feeding, urine outputs, chest, NG and JP tubes. Assisted RN’s with bandage changing of wounds, chest and tracheal areas. Recorded patient ADL’s, data and I/O’s in medical charts. Assist with patient admission and discharge records. Utilizing hospital equipment; Hoyer Lifts, walkers, wheel chairs and gurneys, and vital sign machines.

■ 91-1000 Fort Weaver Road, Waipahu, HI 96797.

■ Gail Harbor: 808-***-****.

Straub Hospital and Clinic 01/98 – 01/ 00

■ 40-60 hours per week, $11.00 per hour.

■ Certified Nursing Assistant II. I had the opportunity to practice basic and advance nursing skills/ duties with direct patient contact. Skills were performed around universal precautions; infection control and patient’s rights. I also learned the basic medical terminology and the proper training for advancement of a CNA II. As, a CNA II, I was able to participate in patient treatment activities, wound care, endoscopy, straight cath, skin care, bowel stimulation, expiration procedures, TF, under the supervision of a RN. I demonstrated nursing skills and completed all assigned duties independently and as a team player.

■ 888 S. King Street, Honolulu, HI 96812.

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Certificate of Professional Development January 22, 2011 – February 06, 2011

(ARCH) Module 12: Common Diseases, Nutrition & Medication. (ARCH) Module 13: Specialized Populations, Rehabilitation Services, Recreational & Diversional Activities, Abuse, and Neglect & Keeping People Safe. (ARCH) Module 14: Regulations, Policies, Accounts, & Community Resources. CPR and AED Certified 08/07/2013

Completed the cognitive and skills evaluations in accordance with the curriculum of the American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers Program.

Nurse Aide Certificate 09/07/2012

Completed competency evaluation as a Nurse Aide and the requirements of state certification. Skills

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