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Pharmacist Retail / Clinical

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
November 29, 2018

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Dr. Michael B. Taub, RPh, Pharm. D., B.Sc. Pharm.

**** ****** *****, ***. *, Baltimore, Maryland, 21209

Phone: 989-***-****

Summary Statement: Highly experienced retail / clinical pharmacist, polished with management and leadership experience. Talented, bright, reliable and hardworking pharmacist seeking work to improve patient health care and provide superior customer service, and be a strong leader and create strong teams. 14 years of pharmacy experience. Nine (9) years experience as a licensed pharmacist with management, community/retail, clinical hospital, consultant drug information, and clinical research experience. Also, five (5) years experience as a pharmacy intern and pharmacy student technician with community/retail, clinical hospital, and consultant drug information experience. Citizenship: Authorized to work in the US for any employer. Full US citizenship. Pharmacist Education and Training

Doctor of Pharmacy 2013-2016 - University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy Aurora, Colorado Degree conferred: August 19, 2016 GPA 3.92 Summa Cum Laude - Rho Chi Honor Society Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 2005-2009 - University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Degree conferred: June 5, 2009

Pre-Pharmacy Coursework – Honors Chemistry 2004-2005 Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario Licensure and Certifications, Current and Past

● Maryland Pharmacist and Vaccine License No. 25504 Jan. 2, 2018 – Dec. 31, 2019

● Ontario Pharmacist Class A Past License No. 606389 July 2010-March 2018

● West Virginia Past Pharmacy Intern License No. IN7905 July 2015- June 2018

● Standard First Aid Basic Life Support and CPR Certified AHA April 2008 - present

● APhA Immunization Certification in USA March 10, 2017- present Pharmacist Work and Pharmacy Professional Experience Cross Keys Pediatrics LLC, Baltimore, Maryland - January 2018 - present November 2018 Pharmacist and Medical Practice Office and Operations Manager

● Duties include pharmacist, management tasks, and providing superior customer service

● Taking patient histories by gathering medical information, administering immunizations to patients, medication management, prescription oversight, communicating lab results to patients, providing evidence based therapeutic recommendation to physicians, and discussions with pharmaceutical reps on new drugs and services as needed

● Ordering and checking of vaccines and medical office supplies

● Managing of the practice financials, profit/loss (wages, sales) solving insurance payor issues

● Flexible schedule of assisting a physician operate an over 20 year established and financially successful medical practice in Maryland, with multiple medical providers

● Responsible for managing the team and communicating tasks to physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants/ secretaries

● Manage work flow, inventory, carry out supervisory responsibilities

● Planning, assigning and directing work, scheduling, appraising all staff performances, rewarding and coaching

● Addressing complaints and resolving problems

● Involved in increasing financial profitability of medical practice through addition of health services, managing suppliers/vendors, integration of electronic medical records, and hiring other medical providers/staff based on business needs

● Profits have increased over $250,000/year to date, and will increase by $350,000/year plus by end of 2019 due to management decision making

Cross Keys Pediatrics LLC, Baltimore, Maryland - March 2017 to Dec 2017 Medical Practice Transaction Manager and Pharmacist Exam Studying

● Involved in acquisition of a medical practice in Maryland while studying for North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam and Maryland Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam o Participated in negotiations, by email, telephone, and in person discussions with medical practice broker, physician practice seller, lawyer, accountant, physician buyer, and bankers regarding medical practice purchase

o Assisted in developing a solid business plan to increase profitability of medical practice under guidance of a physician and obtained loan term sheet for financing Self Employed Company, Morgantown, West Virginia July 2015 - Oct 2016 Pharmacist and Drug Information Consultant / Teacher

● Drug Information – Consultant / Teacher for United States Medical Licensing Exam o Provided numerous evidence based drug information responses from current guidelines for treating disease states to a physician

o Provided numerous drug information responses regarding medications o Communicated clinical medical management of sample patient cases West Virginia University Medicine and West Virginia University Drug Info Centre, Morgantown, WV Clinical Hospital Pharmacy Inpatient and Outpatient- Advanced Practice Experience APPE PharmD Pharmacy Intern

● Perioperative Services Neurocritical Acute Care - WVU Medicine July-August 2016

● Clinical Medical Oncology at Ruby Memorial Hospital - WVU Medicine May-June 2016

● Clinical Hospital Ambulatory Oncology WVU Medicine - April-May 2016 Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center

● Clinical Hospital Management at WVU Medicine Feb-March 2016

● Clinical Drug Information at West Virginia University Drug Info Centre Jan-Feb 2016 o Learned about USA healthcare operations at a USA hospital from a pharmacy manager o Attended drug shortage meetings, financial meetings, and pharmacy and therapeutic committee meetings o Made rounds on complex clinical patients at WVU Medicine Hospital o Worked up complex patients using patient lab data, identified drug therapy problems, and made helpful recommendations to physicians, PAs, NPs, and pharmacists o Monitored drug therapy using therapeutic clinical drug monitoring of medications o Provided numerous drug information responses to physicians and pharmacists o Provided pharmaceutical counseling on medications o Verified medical prescriptions for pharmaceutical and legal accuracy under supervision o Delivered informative and exciting presentations to pharmacists Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall Pharmaplus, and Independent Community Pharmacies Staff Pharmacist, Ontario, Canada

● Community/Retail and Consultant Relief Pharmacist in Ontario, Canada Aug 2010- June 2015

● Community Pharmacist FT, Walmart Canada Corp Kemptville, Ontario Dec 2010- Mar 2012 o Five years pharmacist experience working in very busy retail pharmacies as daytime, evening, and overnight pharmacist, (independently and with technicians), highly energetic performance and team leading capabilities demonstrated

o Learned from various pharmacy managers about pharmacy operations to improve profitability o Prioritizing daily, and weekly tasks among technicians to achieve excellent customer services, and reach management goals in the assigned time frame

o Provided direct patient care in a high-volume pharmacies; supporting the efforts of Pharmacy Manager in regards to wait times, prescription count

o Ensured patient safety at all times while maintaining pharmacy professional practice o Increasing financial profitability of pharmacies through implementation of medication therapy management, immunizations, and health clinic services, while demonstrating superior time management skills to maximize workflow of pharmacy

o Providing exceptional customer service at all times, making customers happy, and demonstrated excellent communication skills with pharmacists, doctors, pharmacy technicians, patients, and other health care professionals using various means of verbal and written communication o Provided accurate and thorough, pharmaceutical counseling and drug information on prescription medications, over the counter medications, herbals and disease states o Identified, solved, and made recommendations for drug therapy problems, while improving patient safety and lowering patient costs, by improving health

o Collaborate with other health care professionals to monitor, review, and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of drugs and drug regimens and refer patients if needed o Verified medical prescriptions for pharmaceutical and legal accuracy, received new prescriptions via phone and interpreted written prescriptions from prescribers, transferred prescriptions to and from other pharmacies, dispensed medications and compounded medications, filed prescriptions according to pharmacy regulations, processed/ sending drug order and receiving drug order, also a narcotic signer o Provided pharmacy technician training to increase workflow of pharmacy Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Maryland Summer 2014 Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacist Observer Inpatient

● Pediatric Clinical Oncology/ Stem Cell Transplant/ ICU Observer Experience with Pharmacists Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Maryland Summer 2014 Pharmacy Clinical Research Oncology Assistant

Pharmacy Clinical Research in Bunting Blaustein Cancer Research Building Project: C/EBPα Mutation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

o Worked along a pediatric oncologists’ tremendously exciting research pursuits into some of the most challenging aspects of pediatric oncology

o Investigated using cell lines and mice the regulation of normal bone marrow development and transformation to acute myeloid leukemia by transcription factors / cytokine signals o Techniques included Western Blotting, quantitative real time PCR, DNA plasmid sub-cloning, and use of transgenic mouse models

o Discussed about ways to develop 'magic bullet' drugs that target the underlying causes of transformation, either in addition to or in lieu of chemotherapy and radiation Bayshore pharmacy and Rexall Pharmaplus pharmacy, Ottawa, Ontario Community Retail Pharmacist Intern - 7 months experience

● Bayshore community/retail pharmacy in Ottawa, Ontario June-July 2010

● Rexall community/retail pharmacy in Kanata, Ontario Dec 2009 - April 2010 Baycrest Hospital for Geriatric Care, Toronto Ontario Hospital Pharmacy Inpatient Technician Job- 3 months experience

● Baycrest Hospital for Geriatric Care Toronto, Ontario May-July 2007 Shoppers Drug Mart Retail Pharmacy, Drug Information Research Centre, and Baycrest Hospital Inpatient for Geriatric Care Experiences. Toronto, Ontario

Advanced Structured Practical Experience Program- 4 months experience 4th Year University of Toronto Pharmacy Student Intern

● Shoppers Drug Mart community pharmacy, Mississauga, Ontario April 2009

● Drug Information and Research Centre Toronto, Ontario March 2009

● Baycrest Hospital for Geriatric Care in Toronto Jan-Feb 2009 St. Michael’s Hospital and Rexall Pharma Plus retail pharmacy, Toronto, Ontario Introductory Hospital Inpatient and Community Retail Pharmacy Practice Experiences Pharmacy Student Intern

● St. Michael’s Hospital Toronto Ontario, 2nd Year Pharmacy 2006-2007 University of Toronto Student

● Rexall community/retail pharmacy, Toronto, Ontario, 1st Year Pharmacy 2005-2006 University of Toronto Student

Additional Skills and Expertise: Energetic, Friendliness, Interpersonal Skills, Ethical, Reliability Teamwork, Team leader, Medication Therapy Management, Project Management, Retail Pharmacy Operations, Retail Management Clinical Pharmacy Operations and Hospital Pharmacy Operations Medical Practice Operations, Logistics Immunization Certified, Vaccine Immunizer, Vaccine Administration, Medication Administration Pharmacy Consulting, Decision Making, Clinical Skills Pharmaceutical Counseling, Patient Counseling, Customer Satisfaction, Prescription Dispensing, Packaging, Labeling, Compounding, Documentation, Reporting, Filing Prescriptions Insurance Claims Processing, Policy Administration Opening and Closing Pharmacy Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Pharmacokinetics, Drug Packaging, Drug Distribution, Inventory Management, Order Processing Pharmacy Management, Formulary Management, Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Quality Assurance, Pharmaceutical Sales, Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Design and Development, Investigation Referrals to other health care professionals, Organization, Orientation, Strategy Development, Organizational Development, Performance Management Hiring and Training, Educating, Computer Skills, Electronic Health Records, Data Analysis, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Epic, HTTP Honors, Awards, and Scholarships

● Achievement Award – University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy May 2017 o Award for academic and extracurricular pharmacy committee participation excellence

● Rho Chi Alpha Theta Chapter Pharmacy Academic Honor Society April 2016-present

● Allied Health Professional Development Fund AHPDF Scholarships for 2013 - 2016 University of Colorado PharmD program

● University of Toronto Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Honors 2009

● Horace David McCord Memorial Scholarship for high academic standing upon entry 2005 Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

● A average, GPA 3.9 at Carleton University (2005 Deans Honors list)

● E. W. R. Steacie Scholarship and Donald R. Wiles Scholarship in Chemistry 2005

● Carleton University J. M. Holmes Entrance Scholarship in Chemistry 2004 Leadership Positions and Leadership Role Activities Experience

● PharmD Student Committee and Ethics Conduct Code Committee 2014-2016 University of Denver Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy

● Admissions Interviews Committee for University of Colorado PharmD program 2015 - 2016

● Pharmacist Mentor for Pharmacy Students in Pharmacy 2014 - 2016 Mentorship Program. University of Toronto Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Community Service Activities

● Participation as a pharmacist and pharmacy student for multicultural patient populations in health clinics 2005- present

o Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Cold and Flu, Immunization Clinics, Asthma, Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss, Osteoporosis and Bone Health

● Participated in expired, unwanted medication returns for pharmacy and disposed of according to pharmacy laws 2005- present

Professional Associations and Memberships

● Rho Chi Alpha Theta Chapter Pharmacy Academic Honor Society April 2016-present

● American Pharmacists Association Member 2014-present Pharmacy Projects with Clinical Activity

● Stability Data List of Refrigerated Pharmaceuticals in Main Pharmacy for July-Aug 2016 Ruby Memorial Hospital - WVU Medicine

● IV Room Cleaning Gap Analysis for Ruby Memorial Hospital - WVU Medicine Mar 2016

● Night Robot Tech Responsibilities List for WVU Medicine Mar 2016

● Myelogram Medication List Project for WVU Medicine Mar 2016

● REMS Project at WVU Medicine Mar 2016

● Chemotherapy Prep Chart for WVU Medicine Feb 2016

● Use of Phenoxybenzamine in Pheochromocytoma Medication Use Evaluation Jan 2016 for WVU Medicine

● Evolocumab Drug Monograph for WVU Drug Info Centre Jan 2016

● Request for Information or Clarification and Communication of Drug 2010 Therapy Problems Form, prepared for Rexall PharmaPlus Community Pharmacies. Kanata, Ontario,

● Practice Issue Tool Guide. Medication Reconciliation for Pharmacists Mar 2009 prepared for Baycrest Hospital for Geriatric Care, Toronto, Ontario


● Sugammadex – PowerPoint Presentation – presented to ICU pharmacists August 2016 at Ruby Memorial Hospital

- WVU Medicine

● Cancer Pain Management - PowerPoint Presentation - June 2016 presented to oncology pharmacists, residents, and students at Ruby Memorial Hospital - WVU Medicine

● CPXcitement in AML Vyxeos (CPX-351) in High Risk AML April 2016 Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Powerpoint Presentation - presented to oncology pharmacists and residents at WVU Medicine

● IV Automation Technology for WVU Medicine PowerPoint Presentation - Mar 2016 presented to assistant director of pharmacy operations at WVU Medicine

● Appropriate Use of Intravenous Immunoglobulin at WVU Medicine - PowerPoint Mar 2016 presented to assistant director of pharmacy operations at WVU Medicine

● Orkambi (Lumacaftor/Ivacaftor) for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis Dec 2015 PowerPoint Presentation – presented to WVU Medicine resident pediatric physicians and pharmacists at University of Colorado

● Dextromethorphan for Self-care of Non-productive Cough PowerPoint Sept 2015 Presentation - presented to pharmacists from University of Colorado

● Comprehensive Patient Care CPC Presentation on Heart Failure - April 2015 presented to pharmacists from University of Colorado

● Comprehensive Patient Care CPC Presentation on Upper GI Bleed - Nov 2014 presented to pharmacists from University of Colorado

● Comprehensive Patient Care CPC Presentation on Diabetes - Dec 2013 presented to pharmacists from University of Colorado

● Proton Pump Inhibitors and Clopidogrel Powerpoint Presentation - Mar 2009 presented to pharmacists at Baycrest Hospital for Geriatric Care, Toronto, ON

● Liraglutide vs. Other Medications for Type 2 Diabetes Presentation- Jan 2009 presented to pharmacists at Drug Information Research Centre, Toronto, ON

Research and Posters

● Edited and peer reviewed a research article for Annals of Pharmacotherapy April 2016 Efficacy and Safety of Aprepitant as Add-on Therapy: Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials in Children and Adolescents

● Edited research manuscript on Treatment of Severe Mucositis Pain With April 2016 Oral Ketamine Mouthwash - WVU Medicine - Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center

● Research Poster – Johns Hopkins Hospital. Bunting Blaustein Cancer June 2015 Research Building, Baltimore, Maryland - C/EBPα Mutation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

● Capstone Research Project - 2013 Relationship between Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetic Complications Due to Noncompliance associated with Multiple Diabetic Medications

● Hypertension Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Poster April 2009 Blood Pressure with Clinic Activity - Presented to patients and pharmacists at Shoppers Drug Mart Community Pharmacy Mississauga, Ontario

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