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Developer Engineer

Rockaway Park, New York, United States
November 29, 2018

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Objective - Innovative, experienced and dedicated technologist with 12 solid years of experience building high- profile products and more recently have taken up the role of building technology teams. Led technology efforts and played pivotal roles on several large scale web and database applications. Believes in constantly pushing, getting hands dirty and learning while driving a culture of curiosity empathy and sincerity to create and launch amazing experiences. EDUCATION

Wilberforce University May 2005 Computer Information Systems

• Computer Science Club

• NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)


Stealth StartUp - (Logistics). 1185 6th Ave, NYC Technical Lead 3-1-18 – Present-(Consultant)


Legacy MVC 5 Application, SQL Server DB 2014, SignalR, Google Maps API, Twilio, Automapper, CodeFirst, Entity Framework 6, and Kafka were the components used to develop logistics platform that manage 500K+ of daily restaurant deliveries throughout middle eastern cities Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait City


Separating the current web architecture to be loosely coupled. Creating new SignalR implementation to latest version to support .Net Core with ending goal delivering smaller microservices to encapsulate SignalR specifically for real time updates for driver mobile application for Android and IOS platforms. Separated out domain model in core services, implemented smaller rest api services in C# .Net Core. Updated DB Schema to use GUID based identifiers instead of integer based identifiers. Implemented fleet management for many to merchant to multiple driver job dispating. Stabilized the existing architecture and code base.


Direct work with engineers in Melbourne Australia and USA Office to get code migrated from TFS to Gib. Implemented automated builds using Jenkins, Spinnaker, and AWS EC2 to create a continuous integration for both steady state application, new version 2 application and microservices to support the consuming clients apps. Created Microsoft Sql Database project to manage DB from version control for better maintainability and snapshot information for database deployment to Dev, QA, and Staging environments. Led team on API development using Entity Core and .Net core 2.1. Lead team on understanding and implementing services in CQRS(Command Query Responsibility Segregation). Lead team on securing services using AWS API Gateway, and JWT Tokens to provide secure way for accessing services with taking into account localization aspects of the user interface based on culture information. Worked directly with product to gather requirements for agile sprint based development methodology. Solstice 524 Broadway, NYC Enterprise Architect-(Consultant) 11-1-17 – 02-1-2018


Legacy financial web and desktop applications created in Java and Oracle programming and database technologies. Amazon EC2, AWS Dynamodb, and .Net Core were the components I used to lead a team to implement, with the ending result being a complete proof of concept application hosted with in AWS Cloud infrastructure.


Drove the technology initiative from scratch creating a front end web application to be in line with modern web and mobile web single page application standards. Created new information architecture for wealth management components dealing with journal entries, account transactions, and day to day wire transfers. Outlining a As-Is vs Future State architecture models to outline step by step technical roadmap detailing the how’s and why’s of moving a tightly coupled web architecture to a loosely coupled architecture, while applying domain level analysis to provide an descriptive information architecture to support these changes.


Direct work with client executives to flush out application, infrastructure and testing architectures implemented REST API using Java Spring and DynamoDB worked with front end engineers in ReactJS to build out front end and handle API response models. Setup EC2 instance in AWS, AWS codedeploy. Met deliverables with demo presentations at end of each two week sprint. InnRoad Inc. 261 W 35th, NYC Tech Lead-(Full-Time) 6-15-15 – 10-1-2017 Technology:

Authored 45+ API’s using .Net Core, .Net Native, & NodeJs. In charge of producing api’s with included swagger documentation across development teams for use. Developed shared libraries as Nuget packages hosted in JFrog Repo manager for use across development teams, shared libraries included Logging & API validation. Database technology included SQL Server 2012, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Implemented Publish/Subscribe architecture using SNS topics in AWS to scale legacy technology. Implemented AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions for high availability application infrastructure backed by asynchronous api architecture. Worked with DevOps for release management including, Jenkins for continuous integration, Kibana for application logging, .Net core APIs hosted in Pods\Docker containers in Kubernetes cluster and AWS tools. Goal of architecture to slice monolithic application to microservices base application architecture. Implemented polyglot approach as picked best technology for the job instead of sticking to one technology stack. Managed and ensured quality of QA test using postman for api testing, Implemented the API Guide for all of engineering dept. in which standards were followed before any release to higher environments which included QA, Staging, a Sales environment dedicated to supporting in-house sales team, and lastly Production environment all migrated from physical server farm to AWS cloud infrastructure. Development tools used Jira, Visual Studio 2017 with AWS Toolkit, MongoDB, SQL Server, Visual Studio Code for .Net Core, ReactJs, NodeJs, & Python. All source code managed in BitBucket, SourceTree, or Git Bash used for committing and retrieving different code bases. Leadership:

Managed 3 development teams which included attending three daily scrums, release meetings, and scrum retrospectives. Worked with Scrum Master with sprint\agile planning using Jira. Managed sprints from team bandwidth to story point complexity. Offered consistent feedback of scope changes, and overall performance. Performed code reviews on consistent basis for application and database architecture changes. Directly managed offshore developers from India & Ecuador with troubleshooting api implementations, best practices, documentation, using python but mostly C# .net core, front end architecture using Redux\ReactJs, Angular 2.0, Typescript and JQuery achieving responsive single page application design across the front end of all the tech stack. Team Builder:

First hire as Senior Software Engineer, promoted to Technical Lead. In charge of working with office recruiter to build technology team. Conducted interviews, tech screen with potential candidates. Got candidates up to speed on tech stack by conducting knowledge transfers, creating documentation and mentoring engineers on how to get application up and running using IIS configuration, providing AWS credentials, AWS workspaces, configuring SQL Server, and application access. TMP Worldwide 125 Broad Street, NYC .Net Architect-(Full-Time) 05-15-14 – 6-15-15

Developed next generation of TMP Recruitment Products in the role of .Net Architect, Talent Brew 2.0, and Candidate Headquarters (CHQ) were products upgraded to latest technology stack. I worked in a team of 15 developers in MVC 4.0 C#, AngularJs, Web API architecture using Visual Studio 2013. Database backend consisted of MongoDB\RoboMongo, and SQL Server. I implemented RabbitMQ messaging framework in order to integrate candidate data from different applications. Agile development environment with 2 or 3 week sprints, Jira was used to manage User Stories, Tickets and Enhancements; Bamboo was used to automate all builds in Dev, QA, and Staging. Developed Automation test with Selenium and Unit Test with NUnit, test build were also automated to ensure application quality. I worked directly with stakeholders, project managers, & QA Analyst. Guardian Life 7 Hanover Square, NYC .Net Developer/Architect-(Consultant) 08-26-13 – 5-12-14

Support 70+ .Net Applications with various data sources with include MS SQL Server 2008 R2, IBM DB2 and legacy mainframe systems.

DigitasLbi 355 Park Ave South, NYC

Lead Architect 11-06-12 –8-20-2013

Lead architect for Aetna Insurance, where we developed ( This site was developed using J2EE\.Net Service oriented architecture and MS Sql 2012 database backend. Played major role in entire SDLC process, Agile was the methodology used with heavy emphasis on scrum and TDD. Application was built using Visual Studio 2012, C#, NUnit, and Team Foundation Server. Mentored developers and worked with project managers throughout the cycle of the application. I led the development team that completed this application with over 1200 hours of overtime spanning almost 1 year timeframe.

United Business Media 303 2nd Street, San Francisco Net Developer/Architect(Full-Time) 02-16-2011 –10/31/2012 Responsibility includes the development of EETimes Confidential the first E-Commerce based site of its kind at the company. Developed companies first social based community site Electronic Design Network Development tools included ASP.MVC 3 with Razor view engine, dependency injection based object implementation throughout all controllers in application. SQL Server 2008 was database backend. Database architecture was built using Visual Studio 2010 Database Project solution. Design and implement analytical tracking using MSMQ Listener services for daily data informational task. All code architecture was implemented using C# in Visual Studio 2010. I was also responsible for migrating code infrastructure to Visual Studio 2012. Other responsibilities included maintaining and developing new features for the Content Management System that drove content for all our engineering based news sites including EETimes, CMS, EETimes Confidential, Electronic Design Network, Test & Measurement World, and Tech Responsible for creating an enterprise site architecture amongst all core libraries for code reusability among our multiple sites. Editors need to be able to upload and create content in one place and determine where and how it should show up in our web applications.

Lead Team in various requirements in development, Code Reviews, Scrum Leader, and TFS 2010 Management. I was also responsible of implementing Team Queries to manage work items in Sprint Planning development cycle that lasted from 2 – 3 weeks per Sprint. I worked directly with business and project managers to gage which features were most important to them and was responsible for relaying that information back to the development team during planning sessions. I was responsible for creating a service based architecture using WCF for third party vendors who wanted used our data on their sites without having direct access to our databases. I was promoted from Sr. .Net Engineer to Software Architect due to being deeply involved with every part of the software development life cycle.

Cengage Learning 1 North State, Chicago Sr. Net Developer 08-26-13 – 2-11-2011 Bridge Finance Group Willis Tower, Chicago .Net Developer 11-2007– 11-2008 Savo Group 1301 N Lasalle, Chicago .Net Developer 01-2007– 10-2007 (Contract) SKILLS

• C#

• MVC4

• .Net Core

• MS Sql Server

• MongoDB

• DynamoDB

• Grunt


• Swagger


• AWS Lambda

• Team Foundation Server

• Microservices

• Dependency Injection (IoC)

• Entity Framework

• Jira

• Telerik

• Infragistics

• Reporting Services (Crystal Reports)


• Interoperability

AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS Microsoft Certified Professional ID: 3877387 DigitasLbi Tech Employee of the Month – April 2013 VOLUNTEER WORK Teals (

TEALS (Technology Education And Literacy in Schools) is a grassroots employee driven program that recruits, mentors, and places high tech professionals who are passionate about digital literacy and computer science education into high school classes as part-time teachers in a team teaching model where the school district is unable to meet their students' Computer Science needs on its own.

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