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Manager Quality

Fort Wayne, IN
November 29, 2018

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Experienced Operations and Quality Management Professional; Strong Continuous Improvement Practitioner; Broad Knowledge of Organizational Business & Automotive Cultural Practices; Lead Teams and Organization to meet Customer & Corporate Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Employee Involvement objectives


REV Group, Inc 2018

Director of Quality ($500mil, 1,200 employees), Decatur, IN 2018 Responsible for managing the Quality functions for a 1,200 person, 4 plant/multi-shift RV assembly operation. Major processes include: RV assembly, welding, painting, full product functional testing, water infiltration test, warranty support.

Quality areas of focus include:

• Customer Complaint analysis and corrective actions

• Improved quality inspection skills by strengthening visual standards, cross-training and checklists

• Implement quality data collection and metric systems

• Implement weekly and monthly continuous improvement Quality Circle teams

• Aggressive cost restructuring of 37 person quality department by 30%

• Implemented warranty improvement team leading to 15% reduction in current MY product performance

• Implemented a Stop-Ship process to contain suspect units in WIP, yard and drive service areas Poseidon Barge, LTD 2013–2017

Operations/Quality Manager ($25mil, 65 employees), Fort Wayne & Berne, IN 2013–2017 Responsible for managing the Quality and Manufacturing functions for a non-union 65 person multi-plant/multi-shift sectional barge & accessory operations. Major processes include: welding; blast & paint; steel fabrication and hydraulic assembly; rentals & sales

Quality areas of focus include:

• Customer Complaint resolution and corrective actions (Reduced customer complaints by 46%)

• Quality Management System development and Implementation

• Implement Process improvements such as an ECN, Deviation, Supplier Corrective Action, and Alert Notice Systems

• Supplier Development through first-article approvals, PPAP submissions and incoming receipt verifications

• In-Process quality requirement/Control Plan development and inspections

• Finished Good pre & post rental assessments, repair management and customer charge backs

• New Product development, verification, and testing process. Operations areas of focus include:

• Implemented Safety and Environmental programs (Reduced Recordables by 83%). Implemented & lead safety teams and monthly safety inspections.

• Developing, monitoring, and executing production schedules to meet customer demands

• Implemented weekly performance (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, EE involvement) review meetings and metrics with the production leadership team and monthly all-employee operational reviews

• Implemented System improvements such as Welder Pay-for-Performance compensation system, Hourly Performance Reviews, Hourly Attendance system, Manpower & Capacity Planning systems, Labor Hour tracking vs. Standard process

• Implemented process to get hourly team to suggest ideas for improvement and reduce labor hours per barge

(Reduced Labor Hours per Barge by 15% and implemented 62 ideas for improvement in 2016)

• Implemented inventory control and cycle counting systems (Reduced Physical Inventory losses by 87%). Tenneco 2009–2013

Quality Manager ($500 mil Automotive Sales, 475 employees), Ligonier, IN 2009–2013 Responsible for managing all tier 1 automotive exhaust quality functions at the Tenneco, Ligonier, three-shift, facility leading to increased customer satisfaction & responsiveness, flaw-less launches, reduced customer defect levels and reduced cost-of-quality. Major processes include: welding; tube mill; pipe cutting, bending and forming; automated assembly & welding; high & low volume assembly

Quality Manager duties included:

• Met all Ford & Chrysler expectations from launch to OE plant support to service support. Other customers served: Jaguar, Navistar, John Deere (Improved and Maintained Ford & Chrysler score cards to healthy and non-probationary levels)

• Led quality functions leading to the MAJOR launch of Ford P473 exhaust systems ($140 million in sales/year) and Chrysler KL program ($110 million is sales/year)

• Led Quality Management Systems activities necessary to maintain TS 16949 certification and improve QMS

• Led continuous improvement teams (8D, Kaizen, Staff monthly Business Metric reviews, SAP implementation)

• Led and support corporate quality standardization initiatives

• Led quality team to handle traditional quality functions such as: product/process launch quality planning

(PFMEA, Control Plan, Capability Studies, etc.); Customer's and Supplier PPAP's; SREA customer change management processes; annual PVP&R testing and dimensional layouts; calibration & fixture validation; customer corrective actions; product auditing; Internal and LPA auditing; monthly Customer Scorecard reviews.

• Managed Supplier Quality Engineering, Quality Engineering product/process launch & support; on-site OE customer representative; 3 shifts of Quality Technicians; CMM Lab; Met Lab; and Document Control Coordinator

Eaton Truck Components 2005–2008

Operational Excellence Manager ($150 mil Truck Sales, 250 union employees), Auburn, IN 2006–2008 Product Line Manager ($150 mil Truck Sales, 75 union employees), Auburn, IN 2005–2006 Operational Excellence Manager

Responsibilities: led all Quality and Lean functions leading to increase, tier 1 class 7 & 8 truck customer, satisfaction & responsiveness, successful product launches, and reduced customer defect levels. Major processes include: stamping, heat treat; machining; packaging; medium-to-low volume assembly Operational Excellence Manager duties included:

• Met all customer expectations (Ford, GM, PACCAR, Freightliner, Navistar) and resolve Quality & Customer issues

• Reduced customer defect rates through increased focus on process control, effective corrective actions, and Layered Process audits; (Reduced defect rates by 91% - 1,017ppm to 82ppm)

• Managed Quality Engineering, CMM Lab, Metallurgical Lab, Quality Tech, and Receiving Inspection functions (3 shifts; 2 QE’s, 6 unionized hourly associates)

• Led all Quality Management Systems activities to maintain TS 16949 and Q1 certifications

• Elevated quality department customer service levels by implementing operational performance measures and monthly Management Reviews (Won two quarterly Eaton Corporate Plant Quality awards)

• Led all Eaton Lean System activities including Value-Stream Mapping, improving Process/WIP flow, and leading Kaizen teams while placing a major emphasis on employee involvement and improving 5S (Passed all yearly corporate Lean Assessments, facilitated 22 Kaizen events, implemented hourly ideas program that suggested 5 implemented ideas per person)

• Led plant efforts execute & improve the Eaton Business Excellence (EBE) and Eaton Truck Specific Quality systems (Won two Eaton corporate Malcolm-Baldridge style EBE Premier awards) Product Line Manager

Responsibilities: led Production & Maintenance teams (3 shifts; 75 unionized hourly associates; 10 unionized skilled trades; 6 salaried Supervisors and Mfg. Engineers) necessary to meet and improve the plants and customer’s safety, quality, delivery, cost, and employee relation objectives.

Product Line Manager Duties included:

• Led Supervision team to plan & schedule production/WIP; assure on-time delivery; manage manpower performance, total headcount, and over-time scheduling; improve productivity, safety, and 5S; increase employee involvement; and promote positive employee relations (achieved 98% on-time delivery; 82ppm defect rate; dramatically improved 5S; implemented hourly gain share process).

• Led Manufacturing Engineering team to successfully implement new products; improve existing products/processes; reduce quality and scrap issues

• Led Maintenance team to support the production & engineering teams through preventative maintenance, minimizing down time, and completing special projects.

• Led operations effort to outsource stamping, heat treating and gear machining departments. Kimball International/Siemens VDO Automotive 1995–2005 Focused Factory/Production Manager ($50 mil Electronic Sales, 150 employees), Auburn, IN 1995–2005 Production Supervisor ($50 mil Electronic Sales, 45 employees), Auburn, IN 1993–1995 Focused Factory/Production Manager

Responsibilities: Led tier 1 automotive production team of 120 non-union hourly associates; 14 salaried Supervisors, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, Material Planners, Demand Planners, & Maintenance Associates) necessary to meet and improve the plants and customer’s safety, quality, delivery, cost/financial, and employee involvement objectives. Major processes include: wave & hand soldering; surface mount device; plastic over molding; urethane encapsulation; coil winding; wire harness assembly; temperature cycle testing; high volume automated assembly; low volume manual assembly Focused Factory/Production Manager Duties included:

• Led Focused Factory team to meet customer (Ford, BMW, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Siemens) Quality, Delivery, and Cost issues expectations.

• Led Focused Factory team to meet P&L targets and establish yearly expense & capital budgets.

• Led plant efforts to implement Safety/5S, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Kaizen, and Employee Involvement teams

(Reduced Safety Incidences by 69%; Warranty Returns from 152ppm to 24 ppm; Delivery from 95.1% to 99.8% on- time; and Scrap Costs from 2.32% to 0.86% COG)

• Implemented production performance measures and Employee Suggestion Program (production team implemented 570 Employee Suggestions; conducted 53 Kaizen Projects leading to $1.1 million in cost savings; Implemented cell level performance measurement boards, QOS, & 5S programs)

• Developed company procedures and assure production team compliance to support TS16949 and Q1 certifications.

• Led Manufacturing Engineering and maintenance teams to implement new products.

• Led $5 million Transfer of Work project to insource a customer’s plant operations.

• Led SAP implementations (Domestic & Foreign) as Production Process Owner; Started Global SAP User Group.

• Led production team to launch products for BMW, Ford, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Siemens, and Code 3 Production Supervisor

Responsibilities: Led Production Team on 2nd shift (45 non-union hourly associates) to meet company and customer safety, quality, delivery, cost, and employee involvement objectives. Production Supervisor Duties included:

• Lead production team to work safe, build a quality product, and deliver the product on time.

• Plan and Administrate manpower; Coach for improved performance; Development, implement, and utilize performance measures; Lead Quality & Productivity Improvement teams. Franklin Electric 1991–1993

Kaizen Facilitator ($60 mil Fractional Horse-Power Motor Sales, 125 unionized employees), Bluffton, IN 1991-1993 Responsibilities: Train & Facilitate Kaizen teams at Franklin Electric’s Bluffton, Indiana facility. Major processes include: stamping, heat treating; machining; die casting; coil winding; painting; wire harness assembly; packaging; high and low volume assembly & testing

Kaizen Facilitator Duties included:

• Help the management team develop the Kaizen initiative, training materials, and Identify lean opportunities.

• Conduct Kaizen events; facilitate & train Kaizen teams; follow-up on open action items to completion.

• Facilitated 24 projects; $500,000 saved, $750,000+ proposed in productivity gains Philips Electronics Netherlands/Magnavox 1987–1991 Manufacturing Engineer/Quality Engineer ($50 mil Electronic Sales, 150 employees), Auburn, IN 1987-1991 and JIT Facilitator

Responsibilities: perform engineering duties to support, improve, and implement production tier 1 automotive processes. Major processes include: wave & hand soldering; surface mount device; plastic over molding; urethane encapsulation; coil winding; wire harness assembly; temperature cycle testing; high volume automated assembly; low volume manual assembly Duties included:

• Industrial Engineer: create Plant Layouts; perform Time Studies/Capacity analysis; improve process flow & WIP reduction projects; implement improvements in productivity and ergonomics; perform cost estimation & bidding.

• Quality Engineer: solve quality problems through DOE, ANOVA, SPC, and statistical analysis; help complete PPAP’s; implement a networked computerized quality data collection system.

• Manufacturing Engineer: support and improve production line functions; implement new equipment; plan and implement new products and processes

• JIT Facilitator: Lead JIT Project; Lead and train Productivity & Quality Improvement teams. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, 1987 • Purdue University Master’s in Business Administration, 1992 • Indiana University CERTIFICATIONS

Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), 1991 • ASQ

Certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM), 1993 • APICS Six Sigma Green Belt, 2003 • Kimball Electronics

Eaton Business Excellence Auditor, 2006 • Eaton Corporation Internal Quality System Auditor, 2009 • Tenneco

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