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Engineer Technical Support

November 29, 2018

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Rajeev Kumar@ITILv*

Mobile: +989*********, +918********* (WhatsApp),


rajeev. kumar9810

Professional summary

A competent telecom professional with lead role with 12 years 7 Month Global experience in area of Care Technical Support, Service Delivery, Telco-cloud, Telecom Project Management, IT infrastructure & service Management






November2017 –Till date

RAN Consultant



Care support of Airscale-RNC 3G Product/LTE/SRAN/ Project Roll-out/EME Handling 2G/3G/LTE

April 2013 to November 2017

GDC RAN Specialist

Nokia Network


Care Case Handling/EME 2G-3G/LTE Nokia product/ Care Tailored support for NAM/MEA Region

June-2009- April 2013

Senior Engineer

Aricent Technology


Software Testing of Nokia 2G-3G Product.

September 2008 – May2009

Senior Technical support Engineer

Emarson IT solution Ltd


Roll Out/O&M/Pre-sales of Cisco Products/Minicom/ Digital signage

September 2006 – August 2008

Technical support Engineer

HCL Info System Ltd


Service delivery / operation/Care Support/pre-sales of HP Servers/networking

December 2005- August 2006

Telecom officer

Bharti Airtel


Technical support/service delivery


Telecom cloud

Knowledge of Virtual Machines (VMWare, KVM,Openstack and other Hypervisor software)

Good Virtualization knowledge on Xen Server, Linux/KVM & Vmware vsphere.

Working knowledge of CBAM/CBIS/CBND

Good understanding of SDN & NFV E2E Architecture

Knowledge of NCIR cloud Management system integration, Openstack, Network Integration

Knowledge telecom cloud concept, service models, deployment models, practical Implementation, Operation.

Knowledge of Linux/Unix/HP-Unix operating system

Knowledge of Integration & commissioning of Nokia Cloud Product NDCS/NCIR, Nokia VNF (ASRNC, Cloud BTS), VOMS

Operation & Maintenance, Software upgrade, Troubleshooting of Nokia Cloud Platform open-stack(NCIR16A/17), ASRNC17/18, CBAM, RCP

Experience in embedded SW (BIOS, BMC/SAS etc.), NCIR16A/NCIR16SP1/NCIR17 for cloud RAN


Knowledge of 5G LTE Protocol Layer MaC/RLC/PDCP/PHY.

Knowledge of 5G Air-scale HW and Software Architecture

Knowledge of deployment of NB-IOT feature & solution


Commissioning & Integration of Nokia LTE Product (eNodeB, SRAN), Multiplexer, iOMS

Good knowledge about FOA process, validation and change management

Technical support and troubleshooting of LTE Platform (LTE ENODEB & IOMS) for SW upgrade/Configuration change projects.

Troubleshooting of S1-MME/S1-U Interface/degradation issue.

3G /2G

Commissioning & Integration of Nokia RNC Product (MCRNC, IPA-RNC, WCDMA BTS) & Standalone OMS

RNC (RU40, RU50, WCDMA16, WCDMA17), SBTS16/SRAN17A software upgrade/CD Implementation

Commissioning & Integration of Nokia BSC Product (BSC3i, FlexiBSC, MCBSC, Flexi MultiRadio BTS)

BSC (S12, S13, S14, S15, RG30, GSM16 &GSM17) software upgrade.

Multi-Vendor testing of A, Gb, IuCS, IuPS, IuR Interfaces for Inter Vendor Operatability (IOT) in Test Lab.

Alarm handling, Troubleshooting, and Fault restoration of 2G/3G Network Elements

System Acceptance Testing (SAT) of Nokia RNC, BSC, LTE and BTS.

Troubleshooting and Analysis of Nokia RAN product by using various effective tool like Emil, wireshark, TN38, BSCLogcol, MacTTI, BTS snapshot, Symptom report, fishing logs

Prepared Network availability/accessibility/retain ability data and traffic capacity and utilization Reports.

Performed routine checks of Call drops, Call setup issues along with KPI’s.

Performance Monitoring & Analysis of Nokia RAN products. Investigating & troubleshooting to solve the performance issues after planned activity.

Leadership Qualification

Strong analytical and problem solving skills; ability to identify problems, develop and evaluate options, and implement solutions.

Excellent verbal writing, and presentation skills; ability to communicate to a wide variety of audiences, both business (senior levels of management) and technical (3rd party vendors) as well as technical and non-technical Associates of Internal/External Customer’s.

Demonstrated ability to coach and teach other lead, Peers and associates in an ongoing effort to improve the performance of the larger team

Experience with project management (for example: planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and object

Organizational Experience

November 2017 to till date for MCCI customer in Blue Ray Telecommunication, Tehran, Iran as RAN consultant

Working as RAN Consultant Supporting Mobile communication of company, Iran customer for care support of Nokia Product WBTS/WCDMA-RNC/Air-scale RNC and LTE product.

Key Accountabilities:

Provide Care Technical support to MCCI customer for 2G/3G/LTE/Cloud RNC Product/CBAM/CBND

Responsible for solving the software upgrade related issue of SBTS/WBTS/IPA-RNC/LTE/ASRNC Product

Responsible for NDCS17/NCIR17/ASRNC17 Commissioning & integration & Troubleshooting

Provided support during SRAN16A to SRAN17 upgrades & Investigating & troubleshooting to solve the performance issues

Responsible for weekly Review Meeting/Training with customer.

Coordination with Various team like Optimization, NI, BO& FO team to resolve the MCCI-Network issue.

Working as EME Expert for MCCI-customer

April 2013 to November 2017, Nokia Network, GDC, India, as GDC RAN Specialist

Key Accountabilities:

Responsible for overall handling of Trouble Tickets at Level 2 NSN CARE related to Radio Part in NSN Global Delivery Centre.

Authoritative for trouble shooting NSN-Radio Controller products 3G WCDMA and 4G -LTE such as Ultra Site, Flexi Site, Flexi Multi Radio –LTE, SBTS, OMS, S-OMS, G-OMS,RNC2600 on IPA 2800 Platform –RU30,RU40,RU50 releases for NAM Customer and Air scale-RNC platform ASRNC17/NCIR17 for MCCI customer Iran.

Hands on experience on BMC Remedy User-Resolve, troubleshoot problems using Wire Shark, Net hawk, BMT, TN38 for RNC, Megamon, EMIL, Fishing Analysis, DSP Parser. Partial knowledge of Black Box –Boxana for NSN products.

Finding the Root Cause of the trouble at an utmost level by interaction with Higher Technical Group such as R&D if necessary and restore the fault to provide excellent services.

Direct Interaction with the customer to solve the Tickets raised by them to the level designated to me.

Provide End to End solution to the customer’s query and restore the fault.

Provide excellence services to the customer in terms of SLA.

Log Analysis and Trouble Resolution for 3G Radio and Radio Controller and LTE.

Project Support, Feature Implementation, Feature Testing, Emergency Support.

Supporting for all KPI, Hardware and Feature related Cases.

Symptom and Log Collection Knowledge on WBTS, cRNC, MCRNC, ASRNC, NCIR, LT


Onsite Project

ASRNC/NCIR-Deployment (MCCI-Iran), June2017 to November 2017, Nokia Network

Key Accountabilities

Responsible for Commissioning & Integration (IUCS/IUPS/IUR Interface) of Air-scale RNC17 in Nokia cloud platform

Responsible for NDCS commissioning & Installation.

Responsible for NCIR16A SP1 Software installation & ASRNC17 Software upgrade.

Actively involved in TOR switch configuration & IP Planning based on customer requirement

Directly involved in Troubleshooting of Air-scale RNC17 & NCIR16A SP1

Actively involved in ASRNC feature testing with customer

Actively involved in IUCS/IUCPS/IUR Interface end to end testing with customer

Actively involved in ASRNC/NCIR16ASP1 ATP testing with customer.

Actively involved SBTS Site Rehoming in ASRNC.

Onsite Project

IPA-RNC commission & Integration support (MCCI-Iran), Jan 2015 to Jul 2016, Nokia Network

Key Accountabilities:

Work directly with customer service and operations teams to drive requirements and deliver solutions to meet business goals and objectives

Commissioning, integration and Troubleshooting of IP-RNC RNC2600/WCDMA BTS/Standalone OMS

Provide support operation service like Traffic Re-homes, network retune, feature activation, performance analysis & Expansion

Prepared the acceptance documents and Method of Procedure for RNC ATP

RNC software upgrades with different CD levels and pilots.

Participation in meeting with customers for day to day activity and inputs.

New Technology support (3G/Rollout) and Service Deployment

Provide Technical support (3G, Node-B) and shared Technical information with customer.

Manage and coordinate all vendor relationships

Creates / updates procedures and documentation to meet business requirements and/or adapt to new technologies and trends

Managed installation, maintenance, integration and management of telecommunications technologies, systems and services.

Answered customer questions regarding the technical capabilities of products and service.

To provide new techniques and equipment for implementing the customer service facilities.

Care Project (Remote support)

Jan 2017 to May 2017 (APAC Region UK (MBNL) Care GDC, Nokia Network) as Case Handling Engineer

Aug 2016 to Dec 2016 (North America Region, Care, GDC, Nokia Network) as Tech-lead

Jan 2015 to July 2016 (MCI-Iran, onsite Project, Nokia Network) as 3G Expert

July 2013 to Dec 2014 (North America Region(T-Mobile) Care GDC, Nokia Network),2G- Tech -Lead

April 2013 to July 2013 (TEC Project, Care GDC, Nokia Network) as RAN Engineer

Key Accountabilities:

Actively involved in 3G –Case Handling and take Care of Case SLAs and help CSEs to achieve better Solution Rate.

Actively involved in 3G-EME (24*7) for all Globe customer.

Assists in preparing technical reports and regular investigation updates.

Assists on technical discussions, presentation of reports and resolution to customer

Prepares summary report and attends customer meetings (Technical Review Meeting and Ticket Review meetings).

Assists on the initial assessment of the issue in coordination with Technical Manager and the customer.

Provides required logs and needed network architecture diagrams to GDC Tier 2 as needed.

Initiate Weekly Operation Call meeting for both Canada & T-Mobile customers to discuss the pending and Major cases for 3G Cases (WCDMA-RNC2600), 2G BSC, (Flexi BSC & BSC3i)

Assists on the initial assessment of the issue in coordination with Technical Manager and the customer.

Provides required logs and needed network architecture diagrams to GDC Tier 2 as needed.

Actively involved in resolve the various cases like RRC/RAB/HSDPA/HSPA degradation for 3G and AMR-HR/FR KPI degradation of GB over IP, SIGTRAN Link issues on Flexi BSC for Rehoming sites.

Provide Remotely Technical Support (Tier-2) for NI of (2G+3G+LTE) sites to T-Mobile Operator in North America Region.

Remotely troubleshoot the software up gradation, Hardware up gradation of All 2G, 3G, LTE BTS sites.

Handle the Escalation and act like the Bridge manager during the Bridge call.

Assigned the tasks of responding to customer calls for evaluating and solving problem.

Handled the tasks of conducting training sessions for customers on the product and services of the organization

Provided customers with regular reports and feedback on their service requests.

Offered feedback on future product development, features and functions.

Assigned the tasks of developing and maintaining good relationships with customers.

Handled the responsibilities of designing of products to meet customers' satisfaction.

Operation & maintenance of NSN Flexi 2G/3G Flexi Multi-Radio RG 20, 30 and RU 20, 30 software release

Managing all sub-contractor of Roll-Out, their office check-up, warehouse etc.

Remotely Provide Technical support of 2G/3G technology on NSN RAN Side products (Flexi BSC, BSC3i, Flexi MultiRadio BTS in TEC Region (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ujebeksitan, Turkmenistan).

Remotely Analysis the various computer log, Black box Log, Alarms, KPI to troubleshoot the issues.

Analysis of BSC/RNC/Cell level KPIs, targeting worst cells and preparing recommendations for improvements.

Coordinating and assigning tasks to team members, providing inputs and guidance for resolution of major issues.

Alarm rectification, hardware related alarm issues.

June 2009 to March 2013, Senior Testing Engineer, Aricent Technology, Gurgaon, India

Project: RNC Performance & Testing (July 2010 to till November 2013)

Key Accountabilities:

Installation and commissioning of Nokia RNC2600 Step-1/Step-2/Step-3.

Implementation and testing RNC with ATM/IP environment.

Various feature Testing of HSDPA/HSPA Usage.

IUb/IUCS/IUPS/IUR interface Testing with RU30 SW environment

Handling and Troubleshooting of various alarms in RNC2600.

Project: BSCPet & Gemu (BSC Performance tester & GPRS emulator) (June 2009 to till March 2013)

Key Accountabilities:

Installation and commissioning of Nokia BSC3i(1000 TRX & 660 TRX), Flexi BSC

Installation and configuration of various Cards like PTI card, Dag Card, Net-hawk card which is used for BSC Testing.

Implementation and testing of new setup (Legacy setup, Packet abis) with Real BSC & Gemu (GPRS emulator) for both CS & PS calls.

Install, Commission and configure BSS (BTS/BSC/PCU) equipment

GPRS configuration on PCU and Troubleshooting.

Involved in Various Feature testing like CMST, NCCR, GSM-R features testing and implementation.

Installation and configuration of S15, S14, S12 Packages on Nokia BSC3i.

Responsible for RNW creation (70 BTS & 28 BTS ), NSEI creation( Gb over IP) for both Legacy & Packet abis Setup.

Expansion of SIGNALLING link (SIGTRAN) on A interface.

Handling and troubleshooting various alarms on Nokia BSCs.

Installation and configuration of Layer2 CISCO switch (Vlan & SPAN configuration).

Installation and configuration of various server like SVN server, VNC Server, Xen server on Linux.

Installation and configuration of Linux (RHEL4, RHEL 5.4, Red hat 9, Fedora 9, Linux Suse)

Project: TTCN (Tree and Tabular combined Notation),( May 2011 to March 2013)

Key Accountabilities:

Installation and configuration of Linux (RHEL4, RHEL 5.4, Red hat 9, Fedora 9, Linux Suse)

Installation and configuration of TTCN setup with real PCU2E environment

Installation and configuration of TTCN setup with Demi box Environment.

Implementation and testing of telecom protocols, Features with TTCN environment.

Project: IGMLC (Intelligent gateway mobile location center) (June 2009 to January 2011)

Key Accountabilities:

Installation and configuration of HP servers (rx2660, rx2600, rx4640, DL-380 G6, DL -380 G5), HP Blade server (CL7000), MSA2324fc, MSA30)

Installation and configuration of Linux (RHEL4, RHEL5.4, Red hat 9, Fedora9, Linux suse 10.3), HP-Ux 11iV2 & V3, Window XP and resolve day to day issues

Installation of various HP software’s like HP APA, HP Jprobe, HP Data protector etc

Installation and configuration of Various switches like Cisco & BIG IP ( F5)

September 2008 to May 2009, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Emarson IT solution Ltd, Noida, India

Key Accountabilities:

Pre sales Technical support on KVM switches, and Digital Signage products.

Installation and configuration of KVM Switches both IP and analog based and digital signage products (DS Vision 3000, Ds Vision HDMI, VDS, AVDS).

Responsible for provide best solutions for high density servers rooms and data centers.

Successfully handled the following projects

Future Media Digital Signage Solutions.

Tag media Digital Signage Solutions.

Nokia Siemens Digital Signage solutions.

Dabur India Ltd KVM over IP solutions.

Sept’06 to April’08 with HCL Infosystems Ltd. as Technical Support Engineer, Noida.

Key Accountabilities:

Pre & Post Sales Technical support for HCL Desktops, Laptops, Servers Services and Configuration.

PC assembling, formatting and hardware troubleshooting.

Installation and configuration of LAN.

Responsible for provide networking solution for Remote and IT Infrastructure management.

Responsible for handling Business Partners and Client with effective manner of respective location.

Interacting with various vendors for sourcing products and solutions and for closure of calls of certain products, which are supported by them.

Successfully handled the following project.

Undertook Prathama Bank Project of migration to TBM (Total Branch Mechanism) under which we have 20 branches, where I was responsible for configuration and installation of networking component (Patch panels, 16 port switches), HCL Net manager servers, HCL Busy Bee Desktops. And took charge of providing full technical support through HCL Business Partner.

Dec’05 to Sept’06 with Bharti Airtel Ltd as Telecom Officer, New Delhi.

Key Accountabilities:

Execution of billing cycle (test Dummy & final). Monitoring of processing and ensuring the timely execution of operational task.

Coordination of engineering team for getting CDRs files downloading from switch and maintaining the proper cut-off of CDR file every day.

Coordination with team members and users during issues.

Certificates & Training

Nokia Radio Certification

NCSP (MCRNC) Certified

NCSS 3G RU50 TSH, OaM Certified, NCSP 3GOaM certified

NCSP WBTS RU50 EP1 Certified

NCSA 2G/3G certified

NCSS 2G-TSH/OaM, NCSP 2G OaM Certified

NCSA LTE Certified (Nokia Product Certification

RG30/RU40/WCDMA16/17/18 Feature Certified

SRAN Basic & Advance level certified

Other domain Certification

ITIL V3Certification (IT Service Management)

HP Blade Server Training certification

Mincom Product certification (KVM & Digital Signage products)


Successfully established 1st CS/PS call of Air-scale RNC under Nokia Cloud environment in Espoo Lab, Finland

Received MCCI-Iran Customer Appreciation for Excellent Onsite Technical support for 3G Technology in 2016

Received Radio-care award for excellent Case- handling Delivery for T-Mobile Customer, USA.

Received Excellent service delivery award for West UP region in HCL Info System Ltd

Education Credentials

Bachelor of Technology – Electronic and Telecommunication- 2005(JIIT, Noida) with 65%, CGPA 5.8

Senior secondary examination from Board of secondary education, Rajasthan with 78.92%

Secondary examination from Board of secondary education, Rajasthan with 75.26%

Personnel VITAE

Name - Rajeev Kumar

Father name - Buddha Ram

Spouse Name - Anu Hans

Marital Status - Married

Permanent address - 2-Shakti Nagar behind Shiva Talkies, Bharatpur,


D.O. B - 16-Dec-1982

Passport No. - N3984155

Contact No. - +91-882*******, +98-910*******

Email –id -

Note: Please contact me for my abroad number +98-910*******) or whatsapp number

( +91-882*******)

( or skype(rajeev.kumar9810)

Date Place: Tehran, Iran

(Rajeev Kumar)

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