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Power Plant Project Manager

Jacksonville, Florida, United States
November 28, 2018

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Jacksonville, Florida 32258

OBJECTIVE: To utilize my experience, expertise, and past training to become a integral part of a team of individuals whom share similar talents.

Dear to whom it may concern,

I feel that my knowledge, past training and journeyman level expertise would enable me to merge my talents with like minded individuals in this industry.

Allen Johnson

Allen Lee Johnson


Jacksonville, Florida


Entrepreneur – Led the development of ideas from concepts to profitable business in many different facets of private & corporate environments.

Flexible –Solved a variety of strategic marketing, security & product management problems working with cross functional teams.

Goal Seeking - Thrived and trained others, in fast paced, high growth environments.

Adaptable – Broad experiences, executed projects in multiple states & in multiple faceted security, operations, and administrative environments.

Thrive-ability- Lead the development and execution of the company’s long term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value in multifaceted solutions to complex quandaries.

Responsibility - Was ultimately responsible for a variety of all day-to-day management and administrative decisions and for implementing the companies long and short term plans.

A.L.JOHNSON ENTERPRISES/ Owner W/ 30 years experience Jacksonville, Fl 10/2010 – PRESENT

A construction company for cost effective building, machining, painting and fabricating solutions for the simplest to the most complicated projects.

Machine shop division has an inventory for any machine shop needs; i.e. Arc, Mig, Lathes, Milling,,,

Aviation support division specializes in maintenance with a major emphasis to the details that make our service stand above all others.

Painting division specializes in paint prep for difficult jobs by utilizing pressure washing and sandblasting techniques for metal or nonmetal surfaces with no damage to the underling original surface or texture.

GOLDEN CORRAL, INC OPER. Partner/Owner/Corp Security Adv Raleigh, NC 02/2002 - 06/2010

Managed the development from concept to corporate launch of over 110 new recipes in conjunction with the food and beverage development dept. Analyzed the profitability of these new complex products to inform the development team of any strategies to assist in the streamlining of product portfolios.

Implemented an effective plan for multimillion dollar remodels for the region that was implemented and adopted by the corporation as a Natl. guide.

My team and I earned a coveted award by accomplishing sales increases 5 consecutive years in a row.

Received commendations from senior executives for outstanding performance in many areas pertaining to profitability.

RYAN’S INC. Area Mgr. / DIRECTOR of Security Greer, SC 01/1997 – 01/2002

Led a team for the creation of a unified database that contains data for South Carolina locations to increase profitability.

My team and I lowered and maintained management and hourly turnover for 5 consecutive years by physical year by abiding by specific internally established control systems and authorities, to lead by personal example and encourage all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws and the Company’s standards and policies, including its environmental, safety and health policies.

Created over 40 strategy reports for the executive management in the areas of new technologies and innovative strategies in the delivery, storage, prep, production & expediter positions for the company.

Raised the area quarterly sales by 11.0 %, ($2.16 mil > $2.4 mil), thru development and implementation of key re-branding strategy goals specific to the area. Presented recommendations to the board of directors that were well received.

Received commendations from senior officials for outstanding performance in the areas of customer service, sales increases, cost controls, cleanliness, turnover, and labor controls.

WARBIRDS INC. AVIATION / TECHNICHIAN Greenwood, SC 09/1985 – 11/1996

My journeyman level responsibilities consisted but are not limited to the removal, repairs, modifications, testing, troubleshooting, installations and performing final functional and operational test of complex systems and devices on military aircraft, components and accessories, with intricate component under actual or ground power such as oxygen, engine components, fueling, bleed air, utilities, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

I have assisted aircraft electricians, for nose landing gear up/down lock switches ensuring proper fit, operational, functional checks in conformance to specifications prior to acceptance by the federal government. I assist other artisans by removing and reinstalling components to facilitate other maintenance, repairs and modifications. I am extremely confident in working from overhaul and maintenance manuals, analyzing and interpreting technical directives (TD), technical publications, manufacturing blueprints, Local engineering specifications (LES), Local process specifications (LPS) and schematics. I have extensive knowledge of all hand and power tools, test equipment, hydraulic test stand and oxygen servicing unit support, I work with other artisans in performing critical task i.e. removing and reinstalling engines, Rigging flight and proper controls, troubleshooting emergency shutdown systems, power control levers and linkages.

I have a full understanding of the maintenance requirements, flight operations and what it takes to derive a quality product back to the customer. I constantly strive to improve myself and further my knowledge with every delivery back to customer. I am qualified to disassemble and reassemble Bomb bay doors, nose and main landing gear, tires, bearings, brakes, brake accumulators, hydraulic valves and fittings, hydraulic reservoirs and associated equipment, rudder, rudder torque tube‘s, rudder boost package and cables, elevators, elevator boost package, elevator torque tubes and cables, aileron, aileron bell cranks, aileron push poll rods/rollers, aileron boost package and friction disk, panels, asymmetry, Jack screws, carriages, forward and aft radomes, wing tips, wing leading edges, horizontal and vertical tail leading edges, auxiliary power unit, engine shroud’s, transfer and shut off valves, oxygen cylinders, heat exchangers, heat exchanger fans, flapper valves, doors and hatchet, upper and lower fillet faring, weapons pylons, floorboards, crew seats and aircraft ladders.

I rigged and adjust main landing gear (MLG) and doors, nose wheel steering, brakes, flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudders, engine power and emergency shut-off levers. I have practical experience installing in incorporating modifications in service changes i.e. power plant changes (PPC), power plant bulletins (PPB), airframes changes (AFC), airframe bulletins (AFB), and accessory change (AYC). I follow proper handling procedures when dealing with hazardous materials, use of personal protective equipment (PPE). I maintain a clean as you go and foreign object damage (FOD) free working environment.

Performed Painting of aircraft by mechanical removal or corrosion accumulation afterward applying corrosion control treatment. Inspected aircraft for dings, dents, corrosion, loose or missing rivets. Inspected flight controls, Windows, De-Icer boots, Propellers. Removed flight controls, inspect bearings and hinge points for excessive wear. Chemically strip, or sand and paint. All windows covered with paper and foil. All seams covered with aluminum tape. The landing gear and all plastic and fiberglass areas protected from chemicals. Acid etched and washed to enhance adhesion. 3 step prime, wash primer, 2 part epoxy anti-corrosion prime, high-build prime if needed. Apply design and N#. Detail De-Icer boots, lines. Inspect and clean windows. Paint landing gear. Apply decals. Balance flight controls and reinstalled by a certified mechanic.

Led the safety team for proper documentation and procedures to adhere to all regulations.

Trained in the equivalent military aviation maintenance training Corrosion Control course C-600-3183.


Trained and certified in all aspects of: Active Shooter Situations, Forensic Techniques, Advanced Marksman; Long-gun and Handgun, Interviewing & Interrogation, Archaeological Resource Protection, Incident Response, Commercial Vessel Boarding, Crime Scene Evidence Collection, Drug Enforcement, Hi speed Pursuit Techniques, Gang Resistance, and Emergency Prep.

Trained other officers in all aspects of: All Terrain Vehicles, Back Country Tactical Pursuit & Apprehension, and Marine Tactical Pursuit.

Installed dash cam systems, recording devices, radios, and all electronic devices in patrol cars for several agencies as a new deterrent for crime prevention and litigation prevention.

Received commendations from State and Federal senior officials for outstanding performance.


Assessed acquisition and pilferage target areas for 5 major and 21 local retail outlets in this mall. Ran mock scenarios to train senior management within each location on weak links in their security procedures, both at open and closing times.

Installed and maintained a brand new Security system for multiple retail units with the most modern CCTV systems on the market at the time.

Maintained an ongoing presence on strategic high traffic business flows to monitor shoplifting and or any suspicious or criminal activity.

Analyzed and instructed in a joint venture with each locations managers on the profitability impact by periodically holding training classes to instruct the employees on the benefits of proper warning exercises and on their display agendas.


S.C.L.E.D. Officer Training class of 01/1990


GREENWOOD HIGH– graduated top 5% of class of 657.


FBI Robert S. Muller III “Directors Community Leadership Award” Recipient Sept. 23 2008 / 04/14 FBAT “Excellence” Rating 87, 04/14 TABE “Superior” Rating 78. / Outdoor and off-road enthusiast / AOPA Since 9/2005 / SCFOP Since 01/1990 / NRA Since 11/2009 / SKYWARN NOAA Spotter since 2007 / USDA Osceola NFS Volunteer since 2007 / The IZZO Group Since 2004 / LEAN Principles / (PMP) Project Manager Professional

Professional References:

1 Julie Russell, 904-***-****, – NEMOURS MA

2 Darrel Hurt, 904-***-****, - FRCSE Gov't Employee, Aircraft Examiner and evaluator for the T34, T44 and T6 Aircraft.

3 Johnny Redfearn, 904-***-****, – FRCSE, TYONEK Employee-Team Leader

4 Carlos Syquio, 904-***-****, - FRCSE employee.

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