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Manager Management

Tampa, Florida, United States
November 30, 2018

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IT Executive recognized for developing and articulating strategic vision, building high-performance teams, creating reusable technology plans, supporting emerging technologies, and turning complex interdependencies into manageable projects that capture maximum ROI, supportability, and lower complexity. Adaptable executive providing direction and insight to technical and engineering teams in fast paced, deadline-driven, and rapidly changing environments.

Technology industry leader and engineering principal, pioneering and managing complex solutions designs and cloud based application. Known for seamlessly coordinating and collaborating with peers in the C-suite, internal stakeholders, customers and third-party partners to execute global planning, capacity/cost projections, IT governance and Business Intelligence solutions. Consistent achiever of aggressive business goals, on time, and on budget.

Hands on leader helping large and small, public and private organizations leverage planning, profit growth, cost management and reduction, client relations and project management through strategic IT management. Proficient in creating technology plans, redesigning IT organizations and processes, developing and marketing new solutions, conducting market research, and organizing extensive planning processes. Agile learner, capable of turning failing IT initiatives into reference projects.


Strategic Planning and Business Process Re-engineering – Spearheaded the development of business and technology strategy, and the creation of high quality strategic business plans and recommendations. Directed large-scale operational improvement opportunities, such as ITIL v.3 implementation and the successful staging and prioritization of specific projects for long-term integration and interdependency management with a focus on complexity reduction.

Technology Infrastructure Architecting – Improved infrastructure design, value maximization using total cost of ownership procedures and principles, project portfolio prioritization and staging, vendor and contractor management, and project management. Recognized as outstanding advisor and capacity builder of executive management in critical issues and trends in technology that impact future success.

Leadership with Outstanding Financial and Performance Results – Consistently acknowledged for building, training, and developing high performance teams. Formulated and articulate a vision of strategic direction and motivate team members to execute on that vision. Led multi-disciplinary teams to generate significant business results.

Visibility of organization’s financial health of ongoing projects - Established complete program tracking and control of Capital Planning and Investment (CPIC) for complex organizations such as the Department of the Treasury, enabling assessment of projects status and financial health. Launched Enterprise Program and Project Management Offices, centralizing reporting, scheduling and planning. Incorporated dashboards for rapid, accurate reports, making recommendations for adjustments in projects where needed. Visibility and follow up actions resulted in average of 35% gross margin per project.


SiteREADY Aug 2016

SiteREADY is an award-winning professional services firm focused on the integration of technology into the workplace.

Sr Managing Technology Consultant Tampa, FL (USA)

Hired to broaden s portfolio and services, strengthening client engagement and cross sales, promoting full advantage of all services, converging real estate/facilities teams and IT teams for the implementation of workplace technology. Providing guidance to clients regarding technology, IT infrastructures, and enabling major business processes through enhancements to technology, processes, governance, and overall technology direction in order to meet business objectives effectively and efficiently. Tampa, FL (USA)

oLead requirements gathering, technology architecture, program roadmaps, and managed monthly budgets ($1.5MM - $6MM)

oMigrated non-scalable architecture to robust, high-volume, and high- availability options. Retooled network and hardware to leverage previously untapped asset capabilities. Eliminated data center single points of failure within both physical and logical realms.

oCreated and implemented SharePoint Project management strategy for Price-WaterHouse-Coopers.

oFormulated Technology Strategy, Direction, and Road Map to support the business strategy for WellCare inc.

oDirected planning and project management of multiple strategic initiatives, e.g. selection and implementation of systems innovations/replacements, infrastructure improvements, risk management, data security/privacy controls, etc.

oLed development (.net, SQL) team creating the base architecture for Wellcare enterprise Dashboard.

oManaged large infrastructure projects reducing cost and environmental availability. (Azure, Active-Directory, Citrix)

Rotscheid Consulting Aug 2010-Jun 2015

Client: BayNova LCC Mar 2015-Jun 2015

Specialized consulting firm providing diversified Services in information technology to both the Civilian and Defense markets.

VP Solutions Manager (Short Term Contract)

Managed Solutions Team and responsible for all aspects of developing solutions for Federal and State government. Performed in a fast-paced and agile environment.

oDeveloped technical Response for a Proposal to enhance NASA’s document management and workflow systems

oDeveloped functional and technical directions for NASA Products and Services portfolio supporting a wide range of business functions throughout NASA’s community.

Client: Phacil Incorporated & Client: BayNova LCC Feb-2014-Mar 2015

Technical account leader and manager of company’s Sales Cycle across multiple strategic Federal and non-Federal accounts. Led a 14 head strong technical team in a fast paced, deadline-driven, and rapidly evolving environment that included Architecture and Design Solutions for more than 20 federal and civilian projects with a combined value of $280 million.

Sr. Solutions Architect Arlington, VA, (USA)

Led technical account and managed company’s Sales Cycle across multiple strategic Federal and non-Federal accounts. Developed and maintained relationships with technical counterparts within multiple organizations, while working closely with Sales, Marketing and Product Management personnel. Directed a strong technical team in a fast paced, deadline-driven, and rapidly evolving environment that included Architecture and Design Solutions for more than 20 federal and civilian projects with a combined value of $280 million.

oDeveloped Technology Strategy, Direction, and Road Map for project implementation for Federal and civilian organizations

oArticulated and guided Business Development and Expansion for the full and open market place spanning a value of 125 million

oFormulated solutions for Federal and non-Federal environments regarding Cyber security, security policies, ITIL framework implementations, Software development, Disaster recovery operations, etc.

oLed a solutions and development teams providing a wide range of solutions (cloud, service desk, agile development and program/project management) for local and federal government

Client: CSE incorporated Mar 2013-Nov 2013

Specialized consulting firm, focused on IT governance and PMO support, enterprise architecture, enterprise modernization, enterprise development, data management service, business intelligence, systems engineering, financial and quality management, National Security and IV&V. Client portfolio includes NASA, DSA and Healthcare providers.

VP Infrastructure and Application Development/CIO Lanham, MD (USA)

Drove transformation to a centralized IT service through an IT Shared Services Organization. Developed and executed IT vision, goals and initiatives across platforms to ensure organization’s long-term mission and sustainability. Collaborated with C-level executives and provided technology vision and leadership for development and implementation of organization wide IT initiatives that included Enterprise Document Management, Shared Development environment and Business support structure.

oLed a governance structure that aligns IT initiatives with business priorities while balancing resource constraints (human and fiscal) to optimize IT investments (the IT Portfolio). New structure produced annual IT plan and budget that were integrated into the system planning and budgeting processes.

oConceived and executed strategy and plans for the technical infrastructure and application architecture for CSE and customers. Plans included standards and protocols for data exchange, communications, software and interconnection of information systems.

oLed Development teams creating supporting software for CSE inc.

oManaged the Information Technology Shared Services Operation (SSO) and developed a permanent reporting structure and a service delivery model for the SSO. Established processes and metrics necessary to make the SSO successful.

Client: Paragon Technology Aug 2010-Mar 2013

Specialized consulting firm, focused on IT governance and PMO support, enterprise architecture, enterprise modernization, data management service, business intelligence, systems engineering, financial and quality management, and IV&V.

(VP) Sr. Managing Consultant Washington, DC (USA)

Client: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Advised on the definition and execution of IT management methodologies, which encompassed strategic planning, complex organizational structures, technical project management, as well as business process modeling and re-engineering.

oWorked with senior management, business stakeholders and technology teams to coordinate solid architectures necessary for successful support of information systems and products.

oConducted analyses of business architecture models currently documented by the Department and providing recommendations for inclusion in the target architecture using the principles from FEAF and DoDAF.

oLed the development of the entire NIH-DIR BSD Project, (web, mobile) recovering backlog and delivering within budget and on time, with overall results highly acknowledged by client.

oPlayed an integral role in the redesign and implementation of NHLBI Project Management Office, based on Microsoft toolsets reducing the overhead with 10%and project risk.

oLed development teams supporting the NIH_Dir projects

(VP) Sr. Managing Consultant Washington, DC (USA)

Client: Department of the Treasury

Advanced department’s position as a trusted business process partner for all supporting bureaus, while establishing business relations and focusing efforts on delivery of high-level program methodologies, such as Enterprise maturity reporting, and implementation of Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) to support an Enterprise Single Sign-on implementation. Provided business and technology leadership throughout the organization

Oversaw customer relationship management functions (CPIC). Advised senior leaders in defining portfolio and services catalog based on ITIL v3. Supervised 10 senior project managers.

oChampioned design and development of shared services organization.

oDefined new financial reporting structure for federal E300 and E53; supported ACIO regarding TEICAM, E300, and HSPD12, decreasing the reporting cycle with 6 days

oDrove the deployment of replication technology from primary data center to disaster recovery site that increased critical application recovery times by over 150%.

oLead the Enterprise Architecture and Engineering group that is focused on best practices, reusable architectures and the definition and adoption of Open Source platforms, and running the engineering for Portals, SOA, Web 2.0, Collaboration, Content Management and Mobile strategies.

Research Data, Inc. Mar 2007-Aug 2010

Leader in the data collection, data management, and database marketing industries, comprising four preeminent companies in their sectors: Lewis Creative Technologies, Conquest Graphics and ProvideACas.

VP/CIO Infrastructure and Application Development Richmond, VA (USA)

Managed all aspects of organizational development. Established the company’s strategic vision and PMO. Directed projects ranging from $750K to $14M. Administered all IT-related functions and built high-performance technology workforce. Controlled IT budgets for all Research Data’s four business divisions. Oversaw managers in project management, development, operations, security, and IT support units. Mentored project, development, database, and production teams, ensuring project completion within time and budget requirements. Provided technology direction and established technical standards and policies.

oImproved throughput 32% without increasing headcount by performing complex design and impact analysis, solving engineering-related problems and providing technical leadership.

oDesigned and implemented a B2B (Vista Print Like) e-commerce environment to enhance operational efficiency which resulted in 25% cooperate profits

oLed Development (4 DBs, 10 .net) teams creating Research Data Ecomm environment

oDesigned and established new datacenter that reduced footprint by 45%.

oFacilitated 10% market share increase by increasing new product development by 22%.

oDesigned and implemented Digital strategy in relation with the E-commerce implementation.

Bank of America Mar 2006-Mar 2007

Second-largest American financial institution by assets, serving clients in more than 150 countries and holding relationships with 99% of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies and 83% of the Fortune Global 500.

Vice President of Information Technology (Consulting) Richmond, VA (USA)

Directed and advised in the restructuring of mortgage workflow processes, overseeing planning and development of technologies and infrastructure. Headed engineering design, maintenance, and application activities. Provided recommendations to senior management regarding long-term information systems and technology strategies, covering cost/benefit analysis, update of existing technologies, and adoption of new technologies.

oImproved quality of process outputs by utilizing Six Sigma methodologies, identifying and removing causes of defects, and minimizing variability in mortgage and business processes.

oIncreased customer satisfaction by 15%, by streamlining the Mortgage internal process proven by annual customer survey.

oDirected initiatives to transform the IT division into a Services based model, using ITIL principles. Part of a core team to implement the Incident Management, Change Management and Problem Management processes.

Virginia Department of Public Health (VDH) Apr 2002-Mar 2006

Government agency which mission is to protect health and environment of citizens for Virginia (VDH).

VP/CIO Information Technology Richmond, VA (USA)

Led Department’s entire IT-related function throughout the State of Virginia, including all video conferencing, communication streams, and satellite broadcasting. Managed $16.4M annual federal budget to support implementation of emergency systems. Devised IT strategic plans for VDH and consolidated IT functions. Managed $16.8M in CDC technology grants for Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R) organizations; designed and implemented several platforms to support EP&R activities in times of distress.

oRedesigned IT organization to support new business demands, developed business processes and workflows to enable realignment; established statewide communications infrastructure.

oDirected design and implementation of VDH’s disaster recovery center supporting a VDH IT’s functions through out Virginia

oDesigned, managed and implemented connectivity between 35 districts.

oImproved quality of service by converting legacy FoxPro instances to Microsoft SQL, resulting in 99.89% availability toward VDH customers

oInstrumental in creating a standard operational frameworks and governance structures

oLed a collaborative effort to develop an integrated strategic IT plan with respect to applicability and relevance to various department needs, including Grants Management, Finance, Communications, Development, Emergency Preparedness and Response, CDC, Administration, Human Resources etc.

Prior experience:

SuperValu Inc. 2001- 2002

Executive Change Manager Information Technology Richmond, VA (USA)

Dutch Department of Defense 1980-2001

Senior Information Technology Manager/CIO Maasland, The Netherlands


Master’s, Management & Information Technology - University of The Hague (TU)

Master’s Information Engineering - University of The Hague (TU)


University of The Hague, The Netherlands - Guest Lecturer, Applied Mathematics

University of The Hague, The Netherlands - Guest Lecturer, ITIL Process versus functional

University of The Hague, The Netherlands - Guest Lecturer, Software Development from Development to Production


COBIT-5 business framework – Paragon Tech, 2008

FEMA Certificates COOP management and Planning – VDH-CDC, VDH, 2006

Lean Six Sigma Workshop – Bank of America (USA), 2006

Six Sigma GB 2001

Enhanced Data Center Security the Netherlands 2000

Disaster Management, FEMA certifications (USA), 2005

Storage Area networks, HP, 2005

FEMA Certificates Emergency Planner – VDH-CDC, VDH, 2005

ITIL advantage Workshop – Department of Defense, The Netherlands, 1999

Agile Workshop – Department of Defense, The Netherlands, 1998

ITIL Workshop – Department of Defense, The Netherlands, 1998

Project Management Prince2 – Department of Defense, The Netherlands, 1998

Dutch Project Management & IT Professional’s Institute (RI) (The Netherlands) 1998 – current

Organizational Design – Department of Defense, The Netherlands, 1995n



Fifteen to twenty years of progressively responsible experience developing and leading systems engineering, information technology, and/or mission-oriented solutions and service offerings in intelligence-related markets

Inspiring leader with strong interpersonal and relationship development/management skills in order to lead, influence and interact with individuals at all levels of the company

Strong working relationships with professional organizations and industry peers. Keeps up-to-date and informed regarding technology best practices, trends, industry standards, and competition

Broad experience and knowledge of current and emerging information technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, space resiliency, information sharing, data mining, secure network design, data analytics, and engineering processes including CMMI, agile development and ITIL

Dynamic presentation and public speaking skills, excellent written communication skills

Comfortable working with senior executives and display ability to develop relationships at all levels

Demonstrated ability to establish technology investment budgets and establish strong reporting mechanisms to monitor and control these expenses

Ability to articulate ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences

Business development experience including strategic planning, opportunity identification and shaping, capture and proposal development


Systems: Windows(95-Win10), Windows(server 2010-2016), MVS-ESA, Z/OS, Exchange/SP Server

Languages: Visual Basic, .net, C#, C++, ASP, HTML(5), JaveScript, PHP, MS-VS, shell scripting/utilities, SOAP, RSS, REST,

Databases: Microsoft SQL

Software: MS Office, Visio, Project, Visual, Adobe, Sharepoint,

Communications: TCP/IP (DNS, SMTPHTTP, X11, 802.11, etc.), IPv6, Ethernet

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