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Customer Service Manager

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
November 27, 2018

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Syed Javeed Pasha

#117,1st Main Road Sharfunnisa Manzil,

B M Layout Pillana Garden Near Dhobi Ghat

Bangalore Ц 560045



Skype name: syedpash3

Professional Profile

A commercially aware and highly successful retail store manager with a proven track record in driving business forward whilst delivering high retail standards. A consistent track record of improving efficiency, maximize profits whilst minimizing costs. Ability to manage daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources to ensure maximum efficiency.

Career Scan

April-2017 with Spar International (Artee Group) Nigeria (West Africa) ., As (Branch Manager)

Oct 14-Mar17 with Vishal Retails (Air Plaza Retail Holding Pvt Lte) A TPG Group., Bangalore as ( Store Manager)

FebТ11-Sep14 with Bharti Retail Ltd., (Bharti-Wal-Mart), Bangalore as Assistant Manager

OctТ09-FebТ11 with SPAR Intl Pvt Ltd (Land Mark Group Dubai), Department Manager, Bangalore

SepТ05-OctТ09 with Pantaloon India Limited, Department Manager, Bangalore

JunТ03-SepТ05 with Snowhite Garments, Senior Shop In-charge, UAE

MarТ01-JunТ03 with Life Style International Pvt Ltd, Chief Cashier, Bangalore


Retail Operations:

Customer Management

Ensures an excellent level of customer service is a priority at all times by executing and achieving the Customer Experience consistently through regular assessment, coaching and follow-up with team.

Maintains visibility and leads by example on the selling floor to answer customer questions and supports all selling functions.

Maintains all visual merchandising standards, directives, promotions, and overall cleanliness and organization of the sales floor and stockroom.

Staff Management

Managing Staffs and improve their productivity.

Maintaining staff discipline with regards to their personal grooming, timings, uniforms and customer service.

Guiding staff on product knowledge, product handling, selling skills and customer care.

Keeping staff motivated and ensuring that they work as a well knit team.

Stock Management

Ensuring that the stocks are replenished from the outriggers and there are no gaps.

Market survey & analysis on product attributes, pricing & other happenings.

Co-ordination with the goods receiving department for stocks and new arrivals.

Co-ordination with the suppliers for stocks and delivery status.

Co-ordination with buyers for stocks, requirements, new range, offers and defectives.

Controlling negatives sales by ensuring right barcodes snickering, right receiving & safe packing of products.

Raising purchase orders for stocks required for sales.

Quarterly Inventory & Perpetual Inventory:

Preparation for stock inventory.

Pre reconciliation of stocks & corrections of negatives and billing errors

Systematic inventory & effective planning to avoid errors

Reconciliation of stocks for all errors


Spar International (Nigeria West Africa)

Analyzed sales data, including profit and loss statements, to compose a store budget

Protected store assets and merchandise by adhering to company Standards of Operation (SOPs)


Expert at managing in-store logistics and inventory control

Manage 173+ employees with total business transaction 153Millon,Including scheduling, Monitoring tasks and over view the payroll

Collaborate with vendors and Merchandisers to ensure smooth operations and consistent stock levels

Implemented Employee of the Month program to boost staff morale and encourage excellent service; reduced customer complaints 30%

Performed monthly inventory to identify top-selling items and improve ordering; reduced budget 15% in less than one year

Responsible for improving Team members operations efficiency through Training and Coaching


Vishal Retail ( Air Plaz Retail Holding Pvt Ltd ) A TPG Group

Handling Complete retail operations and store sales and customer service .

As astore Manager has to monitor both Life style products and Agri products like FMCG food & Non Food, Foot Wera, Apperals, Consumer durables, Household Products, Homefurniture Items,

Able to inspire store staff to keep ahead of the competition.

Responding to and commets and resolving customer complaints

Ability to increse profitability through excellent service and the effective management of Retail space .

Responsible for the daily managing of staff and the assigning the duties throgh fixture Help Tool

Developing, researching and implementing marketing strategies.

Maintaining awareness of market trends and monitoring local competitors.

Handling 22000 Sq ft area with the help of 60 members of staff. with 1 ASM, 3 Department Managers 6 Team Leaders 9 Brand Plromotors .

Manage and address shrinkage and stock loss.

Bharti Retail Limited,(A Bharti & Wal- Mart Joint venture), Bangalore, India

Assistant Manger Operations & Apparel Feb2011 Ц September 2014

Responsible for improving Team members operations efficiency through Training and Coaching

Plan & manage focus category targets achievement

Meet Focus Category Targets by proper merchandise presentation and proper planning

Ensures the Implementation of VM standards

Provide ongoing support and maintenance, including analyzing data, current systems and processes, and identifying opportunities for improvements.

Responsible for the execution of all SOPs and to ensure upkeep of the store in terms of standards, customer service, visual merchandising and in-store communication.

Ensure minimum Сout of stockТ inconvenience to customers through efficient indenting and follow-up with category managers.

Shrinkage control through proper Stock Management on floor including Ordering, Product Handling & Stock Movement

Ensure proper security control of stocks in the store


Pivotal in achieving Best Manager of the Month Award In (November 2017) Spar Nigeria

Awarded as a Great Job in the Month of July 2011

Awarded as a Happy to Help 200% in Month of June 2011

Awarded as a Growth Through Sustainability in Month of November 2012

Awarded for Best Visual Merchandising

Single day highest in FMCG Non-Food. Highest Sales In the month of May -2010.


BТsc from NIE College of Science, Mysore University

Certification in Retail Store Operations from Wal-mart International.

Well versed in UNIX based software УSmartФ.

Well versed in SAP retail functions

Personal Dossier

Date of Birth : 3rd December, 1976

Languages Proficiency : English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam

Passport No. : Valid

Nationality : Indian

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