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Python Script Developer

West Covina, California, United States
November 26, 2018

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Bryan Alas Flores

Contact Information

(626) 931 - 9871

Current Address

**** *. ** ****** **.

West Covina, CA 91790

(626) 931 - 9871


California Polytechnic University, Pomona:

Bachelor’s of Science: Physics - June 2017

Minor in Mathematics, - June 2017

Focus on Applied Mathematics


Laboratory Experience:

Solid-State Physics: Studying minute measurements of quantum/atomic effects/properties using precise in- strumentation and circuitry applications to represent appropriate data. Using PNMR methods to determine Spin Lattice relaxation; measuring voltage as a function of current for a Germanium semiconductor while applying a magnetic field normal to the Ge sample; therefore determining the dominant charge carrier sign, density and mobility (Hall Effect).

Measuring capacitance & temperature as a function of voltage/current (Curie-Weiss Law) of a BaTiO3 sample

(ferroelectric behavior). High use of circuit design, Magnetrons / Electromagnets, Oscilloscopes.

Calculating quantum properties and natural constants of electrical circuitry as well as designing valuable circuitry for laboratory experiments.

All experiments have included outside research of theory, professional published results and techniques. As well as managing and integrating multiple instruments/systems at a time (including old and new SW and HD systems). Heavy use of data control and control SW (LabVIEW).

Experience in Solid-State, Spin-Lattice theory, PNMR, MRI, Semiconductors, Hall Effects, ferro-electrics/magnets, pyroelectrics, piezoelectrics.

Advanced education in mathematical wave theory including Fourier Analysis, LaPlace transforms, advances Partial/Non-Linear Differential equations. DSP theory/technical work. SW data modeling with MatLab. Coding / Software Experience

Data Analysis: MatLab/Simulink, Mathematica, LabVIEW, Igor Pro, SolidWorks, Microsoft Office Suite. Programming Languages: Python 3.5 with OOP understanding, C++, LATEX Work Experience

Content Developer at StudentNest

Part of the content development team in a nation wide tutoring institution. Developed questions for the com- pany’s tutoring website which focused on pedagogical learning. On-Site Tutor at StudentNest

Worked at continuation/probation schools and group homes to tutor high school age students in english, math, robotics and anything in between.

Spoken Languages

English (full professional proficiency), Spanish (limited working proficiency, Full comprehension), French (limited working proficiency, advanced comprehension).


Acoustical Society of America (ASA)

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics-SIAM

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