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Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India
6 lac and above per anam
November 26, 2018

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Experience in following lines

1. Statutory Compliances

2. Liaisoning with Government official

3. Contractor Labour Law

4. General Administration & Safety

5. Recruitment

6. Employee Grievance Handling

7. HR Policies and Procedures

8. Employee Relations

9. Training Development

10. Payroll

11. PMS & Performance Appraisals

12. Cost Leadership

13. Systems & Procedures

14. Communications & Co-ordination

15. Developing HR Team

16. Administration & Safety

Statutory Compliances

1. Ensure all systems are framed as per the legal aspects and guidelines.

2. Ensure timely completion of all statutory requirements.

3. To liaise with all inspectors including the Inspector of factories and take effective actions as per the statutory norms.

4. To ensure all the legal compliance registers are updated and filled to make them auditable at any time.

5. To keep abreast of all issues affecting staff and workers within the company and to advice the management accordingly.


1. To smoothen and set in the entire process and policy of recruitment in COMPANY right from identification of vacancy to manpower recruitment.

2. To prepare annual budget for the manpower requirement and get consent from the M.D.

3. To develop pipeline of suitable executives for recruitment through various modes like Job Portals, Campus Interviews, Social Media, Newspaper advertisements, References, Resume Bank etc.

4. To discuss with the unit head and select the right candidate.

5. Identify KRA from the concerned department HOD and prepare job descriptions.

6. To brief the new Joinee on HR norms and provide an induction kit comprising of all HR related documents.


The SA8000 standard is the industry standard for measuring social compliance, based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), international human rights norms and national labor laws. According to SA8000, there are nine requirements for social compliance, including:

1.Child labor: The factory cannot employ a child younger than 15 years of age

2.Forced labor: The factory cannot employ work or service that a person has not offered to do voluntarily and is made to do under the threat of punishment or retaliation

3.Health and safety: The factory must provide a safe and healthy workplace environment and take effective steps to prevent potential health and safety incidents and occupational injury or illness

4.Freedom of association and collective bargaining: All staff must have the right to form, join and organize trade union(s) of their choice and to bargain collectively on their behalf

5.Discrimination: The factory cannot engage in discrimination in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement

6.Disciplinary practices: The factory cannot engage in or tolerate the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of staff

7.Working hours: The factory must comply with applicable laws, collective bargaining agreements and industry standards on working hours, breaks and public holidays

8.Remuneration: The factory must respect the right of staff to a living wage

9.Management system: The factory must develop policies and procedures to implement and review compliance to the SA8000 Standard

Employee Grievance Handling

1. To handle all employee grievances amicably

2. To support managers in counseling, conducting interviews, addressing grievance disputes etc.

HR Policies and Procedure

1.Ensure Strategic policies and procedures are framed for THE COMPANY.

2. To modify policies and procedures based on the day to day legal amendments made.

3. Execute the change in policy

2.Employee Relations

1. To develop a friendly work environment.

2. To guide and resolve all Labour issues amicably

3. To initate and engage beneficial employee welfare activities.

4. To strengthen employer-employee relationship.

5. To enforce employee discipline.

Training & Development

1. Develop training calendar in accordance with business requirements and as per suggestions of management.

2. Facilitate training sessions to improve technical and interpersonal skills of employees.

3. Provide need based training to the employees based on the recommendation given by their line managers.


1.Develop and implement a payroll software so that employee self- service portal starts operating duly enabled with the real time data.

2. Improve and maintain the quality of payroll service in co-ordination with HO and finance department.

2.Performance Management System & Performance Appraisal

1. Ensure that full support is extended in PMS activities of THE COMPANY.

2. To provide guidance performance feedback and facilitate professional development opportunities for general staff and those under immediate supervision.

3. To support management in preparing performance report and job description of all PMS and Non-PMS Employees.

Cost Leadership

1. Ensure all activities are planned based on cost leadership.

2. Do prepare a cost benefit analysis data before any high value item,process or activity is recommended to the management.

Systems & Procedures

1. To insist on presence of systems in whatever is done in the group companies so that the organization becomes system dependent and make it individual independent.

2. To insist on implementation of all systems in the agreed manner without compromising to suit individual comfort levels.

3. To insist on periodic review of all systems and examine either directly or through designated persons all those which needs to be reviewed in order to make it more productive and stop from being obsolete.

3.Communication & Coordination

4.1. To maintain transparency and high integrity and all communication with all concerned which helps in establishing productive relationship with all.

2. To Keep in touch with all concerned colleagues in the company and ensure that effective information flow is maintained.

3. To keep appraiser posted on all important issues regularly.

4. To submit reports in the agreed format and as per guidelines provided

5. To understand that work responsibility does not shift if the support or solution is not coming from the other hand.

5.Team Building

1. To be a positive team player by contributing in line with organization vision, mission, values.

2. To ensure transparency in all transactions and communications.

3. To cooperate, participate and get involved effectively in all team activity of the group whenever required through appropriate contribution as applicable.

4. To encourage colleagues to resolve differences directly rather than allowing it to be accumulated.

5. To refrain from getting into non-productive and anti-item activities.

To put it in nutshell

1. Sound knowledge in administration, liaison

and recruitment

2. Sound Knowledge in Statutory Compliances.

3. Sound Knowledge in Legal Aspects.

4. Sound Knowledge in grievance handling.

5. Administrative Capabilities.

6. Interpersonal Skills at all levels.

7. Good Communication skills.

8. Reasoning ability.

9. Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation skills.

10. sound knowledge in endmass recruitment, campus interview, hostel, transport, security, canteen and time office function etc.,

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