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Training Customer Service

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
November 26, 2018

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Zedki KOYI


Professional Profile.

A reliable professional administrator with credible skills in producing, procuring, supporting and administering content management tools within the office environments and creative industries and showcasing the talent from industries of design and events management. A presentable team player can conduct and lead a well-advanced research team, produced expected results within the skills and time expected. A data administrator expert knowledge, steadfast and talented within the creative, human resources and management recognition with generating proven results.


Key Words

o Effective Team Support and Development, Training and Supervision of Staff o Event Management- Approval of Health and Safety Teams Certifications o Inclusive Data Analysis and Presentation, Data Query and SQL Management o Digital Marketing Communications- Optimization and CMS Tools o HTML; CSS; Digital Content Creation and Management; Content Search and Optimization o Customer Service & Account Support - Management Enterprise Software Support Tools.

Skilled and experienced at delivering presentations at seminars, training and workshops

Ability to establish rapport quickly as required when working in a team

Good communication, tactful and diplomacy during negotiations and business communication research

Approaches thoroughly and rigorously applied analytical methods with resolve-first technique

Ability to advise and assist clients by applying very good negotiation and diplomatic skills

Ability to meet the demands of heavy scheduling, covering staff shortages managing limited resources

Engages diplomatically to other project administrators’ tasks for specific adjustments and alterations

Operates officially with third party sponsorship standards, ISO validity for software lifecycle standards

Flexibly amends the brief in accordance to software specification & design needs from client’s approval

Extensive customer services and support for product /brand development with resolve-first technique

Effectively executes all tasks in very demanding environments especially of big data management. Technical Platforms & Expertise.

Windows based Systems: Word, Access; Excel; and Power Point.

Linux Distros Ubuntu; Red Hat; Mint

Audio/Sound/Visual Systems: Pro Tools, Mac Book Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Fireworks, Photoshop

Lighting Equipping Installation and Rigging

Laptops Printing & Fax Peripherals; PDA, Hand-Helds, Mobile Devices, MP3 Devices

HTML, PHP; SQL; JavaScript; CMS: LinkedIn

Accounts: Bookkeeping, Data Entry.

Health and Safety Regulations Fire-Alarm Drilling Exercises. Employment History

Market Research Executive Sept 2017 – Currently in Employment ORC International, London (Contract)

Effective defining of consumer and costumer demand in goods and services for specific clients around global markets

Pro-actively collects and analyses data and information and effectively presents it to clients, informed member of staff on customer opinions, investments and industry marketing trends and decisions

Authoritative feed-back and presentations on quantitative research consisting of working with statistics and percentages delivering quick results; qualitative research consisting of analysing opinions and providing the reasons behind certain percentages with quick decision making which involved field, interview or focus group assessments;

Involved in client survey design, collating findings and presentation back to clients with numerical, graphs and text enabling clients to understand and review decision making by preparing briefs and commissioning research with intense involvement in the moderation of targeted focus groups

Efficient articulation of plans and proposals and presenting it to the client, briefing senior directors, top level of senior management, interviewers and researchers

Rewriting and managing the distribution of surveys and questionnaires as the feedback dictates

Liaising with and telephoning clients to negotiate and agree research projects; with and managing survey staff and Supervision of research teams by monitoring the progress of research projects

Analysing and interpreting data to identify patterns and solutions, including surveys and focus group transcripts. 2

Data Administrator/IT & Data Trainer

University of the Arts, London. Oct 2012 – September 2017.

Delivers online classroom presentations that continues to enhance the reputation for the place of learning between staff, returning adults and professional continuing development for excellence.

Currently acts as the bridge providing an excellent service to an impressive domestic, staff, local and International clients actively interacting between the University’s department, governance and individual criteria.

Engages consistently within the local HR and Education Support departments to ensure that the training and courses remains well-informed, applicable and is delivered consistently across the University’s brand, designing and delivering all relevant training courses to educate users on new software systems and upgrades thriving to improve skills on existing software, delivering IT Training to international offices, either in-person or by using e.g. in-house tools providing an original and flexible approach to learning, applying a variety of services including, formal classroom sessions, drop-in workshops, one-to-one training, desk training, email support, and various eLearning tools.

Collaborated in the infrastructural environment ensuring that new ideas are welcomed within the dynamic and hardworking teaching research and IT Training Team.

Introduces and advocates for new technology that are enabling, involving, inclusive and beneficial to the day-to-day requirements approved by the university inter-department encouragement of the culture of continuous improvement.

Identifies within approved budgets new IT training, new technology and updated eLearning can help self and colleagues of all levels in completing work and tasks more efficiently involving regular tailored PowerPoint, Excel, DocX tools and other MS Office application training sessions aiding the delivering of the IT classroom induction training, ensuring that all new joiners have the necessary content, skills and knowledge to hit the ground running and immediately adding value in their new role.

Involved in regular presentation at other departments and IT Training Teams; therefore accumulating the amount of training that is delivered in engaging in a classroom, lecture hall, eLearning environment in order to meet the increasing trend include providing IT Induction training for all new joiners / candidates providing a solid understanding of all essential applications and applied extensive floor walking techniques.

Developed and design training materials, training scripts, content in eLearning modules course contents and outlines, practice exercises, instructional sheets, quick reference cards and business process mapping, in line with in- house standards or off - the shelf standards to ensure the increasing level of technological knowledge within the University’s training and coaching staff can consistently pass IT qualifications that the University are providers for hence improving productivity and minimising the trust in the IT Service Desk.

Data Solutions & Sales Consultant

Purpliaz Management Consultants. London. UK/Paris. France London Jan 2007 – Oct 2012.

Project co-ordinating within a leading events coordination, industrial design firm and equipment installation

Monitored the data flow documents for the project management team during the implementation cycle

Provision of Top-Down data content support across multi channels generating specific immediate client feedback and follow- through certified ISO standards consumer rights and client authorization

Augmented the desk top interoperability, productivity and speed on delivery for employee training

Directed field sales support teams from escalated recommendations during large scale installations

Administrative management and support of back-office systems and digital data services

Analysis of document management tools, supporting quality management skills with a team leading project

Technically coordinated test competence of software programs, such as Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Desktop Designers’ Adobe Creative Suite packages on Apple Mac and Ubuntu certifying applications within the software engineering; coordinating the overseas group support team, the 1st, 2nd line support enhancing upgrades and plug ins

Generated sales accounts and administered creative management solutions for contemporary artists

Developed a content management system guidelines for in-house and contractual manual exercises and project management

Manually certified proprietary, in-house software and off-the-shelf life cycle parameters during test phase for installation

Directed point of sales display techniques for a leading consultancy in installation engineering and curators

Communication skills training delivered to support staff during upgrade providing technical manuals Training & Education.

London Metropolitan University October 2000 - December 2003 BA (Hons) Combined Business Studies with Computing. London College of Communications January 2004 - December 2004 University of the Arts

PgDip Enterprise Management for the Creative Arts. Goldsmiths’ College, London January 2006 - December 2006 MA Communications and Media.

Kensington & Chelsea College, London

Bookkeeping & Accounts Level1 September 2017 November 2017 References are available upon request.

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